Saturday, March 25, 2006

What Happened to Kids First?

Here is a though from my wife.... In today's society, with all of the programs, training and protections we have in place, how is it that children keep slipping through the cracks? We have one of the most valuable and priceless parts of our lives depending upon us to guide and protect them. We do everything we right, we teach our children right from wrong and build their confidence and pray that when they are grown they will be intelligent, confident, independent indviduals. Then something goes wrong, we read about it every day. A child is emotionally and sexually abused by a stranger, a family friend and now their teachers! Instead of finding justice, closure and a way to heal we now have judges abusing these children all over again by letting these child pedifiles off with a slap on the wrist, or probation and now in some cases without even having to register on a sex offender list because they have an illness! They are sick alright, to take a child's innocence and happiness and destroy their very soul with no remorse or consequence. I say the judges who let these pedifiles off has the illness and should be removed from a position where they can destroy so many lives.

Transforming the Military

While I generally applaud the transformation that has been taking place in the military, I feel that we may be getting rid of too much heavy armor. Especially with the rate that China is arming. We won't be fighting just the War on Terrorism. Unfortunately, there will probably be conflict with China and North Korea in the near future. We will need our armored units intact. I also can't believe that the Navy is, once again, trying to retire the last two Iowa Class battleships. These vessels, with further modification, make excellent command and control vessels. Beyond the sixteen inch guns, which we badly need in any sustained amphibious assault, there is considerable internal volume to which the latest weapons systems could be easily installed. By removing the aft turret you could build a permanent hanger deck to house helicopters for interdiction missions. They would also be a great asset to our special forces units and a considerable asset in "show the flag" missions. Let me know what you think. God bless the Army.