Friday, March 31, 2006

USS San Antonio

Welcome to the fleet, to the USS San Antonio (LPD-17) and her crew. She is a beautiful ship at 684 feet long and 105 feet wide. She has a crew of 360 and carries 720 marines. She will operate the V-22 Osprey, landing craft and the Marine Corps' newest fighting vehicle the EFV. For self defense she has the MK46 30 mm close end gun system and the RIM 116 rolling air frame missle. But, as any marine or sailor would tell you, the most important feature she has is an improved birthing system that allows you to sit up and includes over 40 percent more storage space. She is absolutely beatiful.

Four Killed in West Bank Bombing

Isreal was hit with another terror bombing. This one taking the lives of four innocent Isrealis. The bomber had disguised himself as a religious Isreali hitchhiker. When he was picked up he blew himself up, killing his four innocent victims. The Hamas terrorist group, oh I am sorry, "the legitimate leaders of the Palastinian government" is quoted as saying the attack is a ''natural response to Israeli crimes.'' The only crime is that Hamas is allowed to exist, let alone pretend to be a legitimate government. Our prayers to the families of the Isreali victims.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Lineup Rocks

We caught the host of the Lineup a couple of times this week, including on "Hannity and Colmes". Fox has hit a gold mine. Kimberly Guilfoyle completely blew Colmes out of the water. She had him stuttering and practically speechless. I completely agree that the Florida teacher should have been punished for raping that 14 year old and I cannot believe that Colmes tried to say it was alright because she was going to be in counseling. Counseling does not fit the crime or act as a deterant for future predetors. Then on The Lineup it was nice to see someone stand up for the Holloway family, when an Aruban police chief completely disgraced himself and tried blaming the victim for her own demise and insinuating that she had taken drugs. I am quite certain drugs were involved, after all there is a report from a witness seeing bottles in the bar labeled for women only. Gee, I wonder what that bottle is for? What it comes down to is the Aruba completely botched this investigation and you have to wonder if it was not intentional. After all, what better way to get the spot light off your problems and encourage tourism again than making it out like Natalee overdosed herself on drugs and alcohol. Next they will be claiming that she buried herself too. Well, I got off the topic a little. I want to strongly recommend the Lineup to anyone who is tired of polictical correctness and spin. If you would like to check out The Lineup for yourself go to:

A Possible Chance With Iran

The Iranian government announced it wants to have a dialog with the United States on Iraq. While it is certain this is to deflect international pressure off their nuclear program, it is a valid opportunity to have a genuine dialog with the Iranian government for the first time since 1979.

Bush Strikes Back

President Bush is finally responding to the critics in the so called main stream media. His press conference the other day was his best ever. The President appears revived and full of energy. I hope he keeps on the attack. If we can get immigration reform through and if he adds some new blood (such as Condoleeza Rice as the Vice President) it will re energize the base for '06'. Dick Cheney has been a great Vice President, however we need a heir apparent that we can all get behind early on because '08' is going to be a tough fight (but one we can win).

Feingold's at it Again

I believe that Senator Feingold has lost touch with reality. My wife and I have rented a home in Green Bay Wisconsin, so we are very familiar with the good people who live there. I cannot believe that they would support the censure of a president who has done everything within the law to protect us. This is obviously a cheap political stunt designed to enhance Feingold's presidential appeal to the far left wing and I don't believe it will receive any traction. But, it does illustrate why it is so important to support President Bush and make sure we turn out in mass for the '06' elections.

Border Security and Immigration

Here is a hot topic! Border Security and Immigration go hand in hand and has been taken too lightly for far too long. We applaud the Republicans in the House for finally taking up this issue. Let's hope the Senate does not water it down into an amnesty for millions of illegals. Passing legislation on stricter border control is necessary for many reasons. The first and most important being that illegal immigration puts these people at risk of being taken advatage of. Illegal immigration also puts a strain on the US economy, education and the health care systems. By making legal immigration easier to obtain the flow of legal immigrants would then be able to contribute to these systems without jeopardizing our nation's security. Being of Hispanic descent myself I feel that illegal immigration puts all of us of Hispanic origin in a poor light with those who are greatly concerned about this issue. My husband is of Native American descent and we both hope that the Congress takes this opportunity to make it easier for legal immigration into the US, while at the same time increasing security at the Northern/Southern borders and US ports. This can be accomplished through a variety of options. I personaly think it needs to be a combination of a security wall, increased border patrol personnel, some sort of trained-volunteer corps, electronic sensors, unmanned aerial vehicles and perhaps some limited use of state national guard units. Next is the national security issue. People overlook this as a non issue. What could possibly be a national security risk at the border? There are drug smugglers, common criminals (including murderers and rapists), foreign operatives seeking stealth entry in the US, the possibility of any terrist or rouge nation slipping across the border at will. It was just a short while ago that Iran threatened that the US could be hurt. What if the US had a confrontation with North Korea? They could easily sneek operatives and weapons through the Norther and Southern border. Let's not forget that the Nazi's attempted sabatoge on US soil during WWII and it was only through the stupidity of their agents that no major damage was inflicted. You cannot allow unchecked entry into a country that has so many enemies and sought after resources. Finally, if legistlation is passed to tighten the borders, we must not allow those already here illegally to remain. They must be deported and required to obtain legal status so they may contribute to our economy. They should receive preferential treatment in obtaining citizenship as an incentive to return and complete the legal process. We do not want to send the message that if you can avoid border patrol and legal processes you will be rewarded.