Tuesday, April 04, 2006

LPD 21 USS New York

Here is a 'feel good' story for you. The LPD 21 USS New York, of the San Antonio class, was partially constructed from the steel of the World Trade Center at the request of New York Governor Petaki. I can think of no greater tribute to the men and women who died on September 11. This warship will carry over 700 combat ready marines all over the world. As the New York will carry MV-22 Osprey aircraft, she will have the ability to send marines even into landlocked countries in support of the war on terror.

When the terrorists knocked down the World Trade Center they thought they had dealt a crippling blow to US morale. Instead they have inspired a new generation of Americans to stand up and defend freedom across the globe and to once and for all destroy any terrorist regime that dare to threaten any American citizen. I have no doubt that the brave souls who were lost are looking over this country and will keep watch over the USS New York. It appears that they may have already done that, for when Hurricane Katrina hit the shipyard, where she was under construction, I have read that she had suffered no major damage and I recently read in a news article that 200 of the construction workers who had been working on her still have no housing and are living at the shipyard.

People do not make that kind of sacrifice for objects, they are willing to make that sacrifice because of what that twisted steel means for this country and for the families who lost their loved ones. Please NEVER FORGET the innocence that was lost that day. The USS New York will soon to be followed by the LPD 24 USS Arlington and the LPD 25 USS Somerset. These ships will honor the attack on the Pentagon and United flight 93.

Delay Quits

Word has leaked out that Tom Delay is expected to announce, tomorrow in Texas, that he will be dropping out of his house race and is expected to resign in May or June. An unnamed source has claimed that Delay will announce his reason as being the increased likelihood that he would lose in the general election. Unfortunately it probably has more to do with the Abramoff scandal than any polling data on the race.