Sunday, April 30, 2006

Save Darfur By Saving Iraq

I have been watching the rally today to save Darfur. While I believe this to be a wonderful and just cause, I cannot help but see the far left liberals using this horrific situation to further their own cause. Today they are yelling for action and tomorrow they would be screaming that we do not belong there, just as they did with Iraq. Nancy Pelosi stood up and called for the genocide and rape to stop (as it should), but she has already forgotten and moved on from the rape chambers and mass murders under Saddam Hussein.

Action does not count if you go in show a little muscle and leave when the bad guys run and hide. As shown by what is happening in Iraq those bad guys all come back eventually, either after we have left or to fight us if we are still there. What good does it do to go into a country to "save the people" if you then leave before you eliminate the enemy. You cannot eliminate an enemy in 3 months and you cannot allow an enemy to live if you want to stop his reign of terror. We will waste millions of dollars and countless lives if this action is not done correctly.

So let's save Darfur, but lets do it right no matter what or how long it takes and support the President to do the same in Iraq. The Democrats should be ashamed of themselves using the mass suffering of a people to gain support for their party. If their party really cared about human rights and suffering they would acknowlege and stop the infanticide here in America.

Here's a Real Hero

Corpsman 2nd Class Juan M. Rubio was awarded the Silver Star Medal for his actions in an ambush in Iraq in January 2005. After being wounded twice, and under enemy fire, he proceeded to crawl over and provide medical care to marines and then helped to evacuate them to safety. You sure don't hear this on the evening news, but you should. Corpsman 2nd Class Rubio obviously showed the committment and self sacrifice that is imbodied in all of our nation's heros. In coming months we would like to highlight more heroic actions from our service men and women stationed through out the world.

The NBA and Toyota Thanks our Armed Services

April 18, 2006, the NBA and Toyota announced that they would be sending the 2006 finals trophy to five US bases as thank you to our armed forces. I would like to in turn thank the NBA and Toyota for making our troops a priority and not forgetting their selfless service.

The Real Gas Hog

To all of those people complaining about gas prices, that would be all of us, I would like to go over a few facts and then ask a favor. First of all, we have all been quick to blame the oil companies (even me before I learned the truth) for price gouging. After all, they are making billions in profit, are they not? However, the real problem began 30 years ago when the Democratic party did everything in their power to stop all oil exploration in US territory and to so heavily regulate the construction of new oil refineries that it is almost impossible to build one.

President Clinton had 8 years to make America energy efficient and he made no attempt to do so. President Bush immediately tried passing comprehensive energy legistaltion to include drilling in ANWR and it was blocked. On top of this, we in Wisconsin are paying a whapping 51.3 cent state and federal gas tax PER GALLON. The oil and gas companies are only making 8 cents cents per gallon in state and federal taxes. So, if the oil and gas companies are making billions how much is the government burning? If Governor Doyle and the Democrats, like Russ Feingold, are really serious about sovling this issue they will stop blaming the oil companies and throw their support behind a gas tax freeze through out the summer. They will also re evaluate their partisan blocking tactics on drilling and support the refinery that Shell is proposing to build in Texas.

Contrary to the liberal propaganda that has plagued our society for so long oil exploration and drilling has become safe and friendly towards the environment. Obviously this would not be a cure all for our energy problems and we would still need to increase fuel efficiency on all classes of vehicles and encourage solar energy. However, I am tired of all of the liberal attacks on SUV's. This blame game and skirting of the issue needs to stop. For large families, like my own, there is no other alternative. You cannot fit 6 children and 2 adults into a battery operated tin can. Children are a blessing from God who need to be protected and not thrown into a death trap.

This leads me to the favor I would like to ask of all Americans. Please contact your governor and US senators and house members and request that they support drilling in ANWR and a gas tax freeze through out the summer and remove restrictions on the construction of oil refineries in the US while pushing higher fuel efficiency standards for ALL vehichles.

Left Wing Media Wake Up

I was stupid enough to watch the White House Press correspondence Dinner. The tone was immediately set when Ambassador Joe Wilson and his wife Valerie Plame (Oh whoops! Am I allowed to say that?) were invited to sit as guests of ABC News. Obviously a sign that ABC News is "not biased in any way". Besides that fact that Valerie Plame was never covert (so her cover could not have been blown) and that her husband is a proven liar with a liberal agenda, this just stinks of a liberal stunt. The President's routine was actually funny with his look a like speaking aloud what was on the President's mind while the President gave his politically correct speech.

Then Stephen Colbert, who is normally very hilarious, started a tirade of anti Bush jokes that were extremely inappropriate and partisan. Had I been the President, I would have walked out. I do not think it is remotely appropriate to joke about 9-11 or the war on Iraq. Especially while our military personnel are dying in the latter. I found his whole routine extremely distasteful and it made me wonder why America is willing to put up with the left wing slant from our supposedly non biased free media. Colbert was obviously playing to the audience and I am quite certain it did not come off well with the everyday American who still thinks that the office of the President should be respected.