Monday, June 25, 2007

A Brief Escape From Reality

I wasn't going to write a post on this issue, but it is so important I can't let it go. What the heck was up with Stargate SG-1's series finale? The first 5 minutes were great; they show up at the Asgard home world where they are informed by Thor that their race is dying and they are going to give Earth all of their advanced technology. A few moments later a bunch of Ori warships show up and start attacking the humans. The Asgard beam back to their planet and commit mass suicide by blowing up their planet in order to keep their technology out of the hands of the Ori. Then the Ori chase the humans, shooting several times, before the humans decide to return fire and manage to destroy an Ori warship. Basically the even shorter version of the episode is the Ori are able to track the power signature of the advanced Asgard systems recently installed aboard the ship. Right before the humans are going to be destroyed they activate an Asgard device that slows down time aboard their ship where they are then stuck for years before disabling all of the advanced technology they got from the Asgard and making their escape.

I am so sick and tired of all these Sci Fi shows never having the good guys shoot back until right before their shields are going to fail (like anyone would do that in real life). Could you imagine the U.S. Air Force being handed some of the most advanced technology in the universe by aliens and then voluntarily giving it up? As to this series finale, in particular, where was General O'Neill? What is the talk about the Ori being alive, supposedly they had been wiped out a couple of episodes ago? And, what happened to real endings when a series ended? They did not even give them 2 hours, only the regular 1 hour. The whole episode played like a mid-season filler. I have been watching the Stargate Franchise since the original movie and through all 10 seasons of the TV series. I could not have been more disappointed. I know this is not a subject we normally cover, but you can't take yourself serious all of the time. And, to any Ron Paul supporters out there; No, Stargate is not real.

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