Friday, April 06, 2007

Packers - Initial Impressions for 2007

First and foremost, I want to point out that my predictions for last year (at the bottom of this blog) were spot on at 8 and 8. After the draft I will be posting my 2007 predictions, but so far the defensive players we will be getting back this year look very strong. The weakness appears to be on the offensive side. I think Brett Farve is past his prime and a liability and Rogers should be given a real chance to lead with an offensive line that will do their job and protect him. Oh, and by the way for all of you Rogers haters out there the Packers organization has made it clear this week that Rogers is not going to be traded and he is the quarterback of the future.

But, back to the weaknesses on the offensive side of the ball. Obviously with Green gone we will have to draft a running back. I am not convinced that we need a lot of help at the wide receiver position due to the fact that I believe that Jennings will have a better year and Driver is always solid. I think that if we can pick up a deep threat later in the draft that will solidify this position. The offensive line will be a year stronger and smarter, so I don't believe we will need too much help there. We do need a drastic improvement at tight end, which leads us to quarterback. Coach McCarthy announced that he is going to work even harder at improving Brett's decision making to try and cut down unnecessary interceptions. Just because you are behind in a game does not mean you can start winging the ball all over the place. Well, that is all for now; after the draft I will continue a more detailed report and predictions for the 2007 season. GO PACK!

Help Stop The Betrayal

Our government has betrayed every US citizen and more importantly the border agents who put their lives at risk to protect our borders. We cannot ask men and women to risk their lives or bodily harm to protect us and then stand by as they are prosecuted for doing their job because of political agendas. We all need to contact our representatives and bring as much light to this terrible betrayal and demand that our border agents be protected, supported and given the authority to do their job effectively. To make doing this a little easier for you, as we all have busy lives, I have provided several links to contact your representatives on this issue. Please join us and all of those who support protecting our borders and the border agents who patrol them.;;

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Huckabee Working Overtime To Get Message Out

If you listen to all of the talking heads over the last few days Huckabee not only has no chance, but is about ready to call it quits. Of course, we know none of this is true, since he has already signed onto the first Republican debate this summer and he has been hitting events in Arkansas and Missouri throughout this week and will be on CBS' Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer this Sunday at 10:30 AM ET. You are going to hear it said over and over again that because he only raised $500,000 that he has no chance. This is only true if we don't get motivated and get the word out to as many family and friends as possible. What is truly exciting about Huckabee's bid for the Presidency is that it is only going to happen if us grassroots activists get behind him and put in a little overtime ourselves. This race is too important to sit on the sidelines and wait for someone else to do the work. Let's elect a president, this time, that we will be telling our great grandchildren about.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Mike Huckabee For President

My wife and I would like to officially endorse Mike Huckabee. To be honest, I had not given him any attention until I seen him give his speech at CPAC. He amazed me with how elegant he spoke and his interests included not just the important social issues, but also conservation, health care for children and education. I feel this is a refreshing break from the big business wing of the Republican Party, which has given us so many RINO's in the past. I immediately told my wife about Governor Huckabee and had her watch the replay of his speech on CSPAN. She came to feel the same way about him as a candidate. We googled his name and watched every online video and as many news reports that we could find (the good and the bad). I am definitely convinced that Governor Huckabee is the best conservative candidate for President. I could easily see Governor Huckabee, with his non-abrasive style, easily winning over moderates and conservative Democrats (like President Reagan used to); giving us a landslide electoral victory. Just in ending, my wife has never given to a political campaign before. Even though we could not give much we both made sure to donate to his campaign. It's that important.