Monday, April 16, 2007

Prayers For the Virginia Tech Family

My wife and I would like to offer our prayers and sympathies to the families who have been effected by the campus massacre today.

I would also sincerely hope that no one would try to take this tragedy and score cheap political points. More thoughts to follow at a more appropriate time. Please keep those involved in your prayers and God Bless.

Huckabee on the Issues

Huckabee has a great YouTube site featuring several issue oriented videos that run about two minutes each. So if you have two minutes and wonder where Huckabee stands on important issues check out the link below.

Conservatives Call For Attorney General's Resignation

Time online has a good article on the conservative group, American Freedom Agenda, calling on the Attorney General to resign and President Bush to accept his resignation. While I personally do not think Gonzalez should step down over the firing of political appointees, I do feel that he has been a complete failure as Attorney General. Failures such as Federal Prosecutors prosecuting Border Patrol Agents and Sheriff's Deputies for protecting our borders and themselves and the FBI's abuse of it's new Patriot Act powers. Anyone who knows anything about Federal Agencies knows their tendency to abuse their power and that they must be better kept in check by those who oversee those agencies.,8599,1610738,00.html