Thursday, April 26, 2007

Navy and Marine Corps Update

To start off, some great news from the Navy, the latest missile defense test was successful. It is the first time the system has knocked down two targets at the same time. On Thursday the USS Lake Erie simulated protecting a friendly nation from a ballistic missile, while at the same time protecting itself from a simulated cruise missile fired from an enemy plane.

In a couple of small setbacks for the Navy the USS Freedom caught fire early on Wednesday. The fire started in an area where workers were using welding and grinding equipment and burned for around an hour. The extent of the damage and cause of the fire is not yet known. I have personally seen this ship with my family only a few months ago and she is absolutely beautiful. This minor set back will be taken care of and should only delay delivery to the Navy until sometime this winter.

Also, the USS San Antonio (a ship we have wrote about previously) has failed to complete her sea trials due to Navy inspectors finding defects during a final comprehensive review at Norfolk Naval Base. Considering the technological advances of the ship it is no surprise there have been setbacks. These are impressive ships and well worth the time and money as the benefits they will bring to the Navy and Marine Corps are priceless.

In closing, we would like to congratulate Sergeant Major Carlton W. Kent on his promotion to Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps and thank Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps John L. Estrada on more than 34 years of honorable service to this great country and to the Marine Corps.

NRSC Comes Out Swinging

Finally, the National Republican Senatorial Committee has come out on the attack. They have produced a series of highly effective videos going after liberal senators like Mary Landrieu, Jay Rockefeller, and Tom Harkin; stating that they have sold out to the far left of their party. It is nice to see the NRSC being proactive in an effective way. The Democrats must pay a price for the complete betrayal of our country and our fighting men and women. As a veteran I cannot believe a Senate Majority Leader would stand up in front the media and state that we have lost the war. These videos are worth your time; use the links below.

Huckabee's Son Arrested

David Huckabee, Mike Huckabee's son, was arrested at an Arkansas airport after forgetting that he had a handgun in his carry-on bag. Normally I don't write about politicians children, but I know the liberal media will run away with this in the aftermath of Virginia Tech. All it boils down to is we are all human and we all have lapses of memory and it would be a shame if anyone took advantage of this unfortunate situation for political gain.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Huckabee Gains Momentum

I have been sick so I wanted to get to a couple of items that I did not get to in a more timely fashion. Between April 18 and 21, four Republicans counties in South Carolina conducted a Presidential Straw Poll. The results are as follows: Mitt Romney 32%, Mike Huckabee 17%, Duncan Hunter 14%, Rudy Giuliani 12%, John Cox 8%, John McCain 6%, Sam Brownback 6%, Fred Thompson 2%, Newt Gingrich 1%, Tom Tancredo, Ron Paul and Jim Gilmore all received less that 1% of the votes.

This is very obviously a good sign as we have Huckabee in second place and another good conservative, Duncan Hunter, in third place. Here is strong evidence of Huckabee's continuing momentum. Considering the number of events he has been hitting lately, and fund raisers, this momentum should turn into a significant increase in funds and grassroots support.

Senate 2008 Update

Here is some positive news for conservatives out there. In a recent poll Attorney General Jon Bruning of Nebraska, who is considering challenging Chuck Hagel in the Republican Primary in 2008, leads Hagel 47% to 38% statewide. When Republican Primary voters learned of Senator Hagel's recent vote for a time line to withdrawal from Iraq and his recent and irresponsible comments that the impeachment of the President is an option, Bruning lead statewide by 24 points (55% to 31%, with a margin of error of + or - 4.3%).

This is obviously great news. We need more true conservatives to challenge the RINO's within the Party. We have gone too long being fed the adage of "Let's just grow the Party now and worry about getting conservatives later". We have seen what we got in return. We got a Senate that was too weak to stand up to the Democrats on important issues like judicial filibusters and border security. Let's make up for the mistakes of the past and elect true conservatives who will accomplish the will of the people and defend the conservative movement then the Party will grow itself.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Citizens' Right Under Attack in Wisconsin's Senate Again

Senate Bill 104, sponsored by Senator Spencer Coggs (D-6) would require private citizens to conduct all private transfers of firearms in Milwaukee County through the Federal Firearms Licensee. Please immediately contact the members of the Senate Labor, Elections and Urban Affairs committee and let them know you expect them to vote against this bill. Below is the contact information for the members. This bill would have the effect of easily trapping law abiding citizens into breaking a senseless law. It also makes it that much easier for more stricter gun laws and restrictions to be passed. This will lead to their ultimate goal of disarming every law abiding citizen, since we all know the criminals will still have their firearms. I truly do not want to live in a society that is micromanaged by its government.

Labor, Elections and Urban Affairs Committee
Senator Spencer Coggs (D-6), Chair
(608) 266-2500 capitol
(414) 442-0739 district

Senator Robert Wirch (D-22), Vice-Chair
(608) 267-8979 capitol
(262) 694-7379 district

Senator John Lehman (D-21)
(608) 266-1832 capitol

Senator Glenn Grotham (R-20)
(608) 266-7513 capitol
(262) 338-8061 - staff

Senator Alan Lasee (R-1)
(608) 266-3512 capitol
(920) 336-8830