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Chris Matthews Fearful of Huckabee?

I have dutifully sat through 2 days of Hardball with Chris Matthews and both times the promised interview with Mike Huckabee has been rescheduled. I saw something very interesting during Matthews' interview with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. He attacked Huckabee and conservatives for believing in creation (as I do) and sarcastically asked if we were neanderthals. The important part isn't him deliberately misstating that Darwinism, global warming and embryonic stem cell research is proven science (unless you are all hiding monkey tails; and unless there are SUV's on Neptune and Mars causing their warming; and unless embryonic stem cells all of a sudden stopped causing tumors in tests, as opposed to the benefits seen in adult stem cell research; then this science he refers to is greatly flawed). What is important is that he not only repeatedly delayed the airing of his interview with Mike Huckabee, it is that out of all the Republican candidates he chose to attack Huckabee.

I have put a lot of thought into why he would choose Huckabee to attack and the only thing that makes sense to me is that he sees how Huckabee connects with the every day person and that his campaign is gaining momentum every day. I believe that he knows Mike Huckabee is the real threat out of all the Republican candidates. Of course there is another possibility; after being in Washington for several years he may have forgotten what real convictions and a real man looks and sounds like. Either way it is a good sign for the Huckabee campaign.

Huckabee Is Electable - Update

The other day I wrote a blog explaining how Huckabee could win over the Midwest, in particular Wisconsin and Michigan. Today on there is an article by David Strom on the amazing turnaround for the Republican Party in Minnesota since their horrendous defeat in 2006. Obviously Minnesota has been a Democratic state in the last couple of presidential elections, but this goes to show what I had previously wrote that the Midwest is ripe for a principled, conservative candidate and I believe that candidate is Mike Huckabee.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Debate In Summary - Part II

Life can sometimes get in the way of even the most important things. I did not want to delay writing this post, and I hope the delay does not cause it to lose any of its importance. The remaining candidate summaries are of those I feel did the worst. I watched with as open of a mind as I could (which is hard when I heard McCain's absurdity) and I feel that my summary is honest and unbiased, however it is opinionated.

GILMORE - Gilmore stated the Middle East is becoming unstable and Saddam had to be removed from power. However, he feels that we need to work with Europe and Iran about Iran's unstable situation (I though it was US policy to not negotiate with terrorists). He did make the comment that Rudy McRomney would not be a conservative ticket and that he is a conservative with a record. Gilmore called for energy independence with more drilling and using other energy resources, which he felt every nation should be a part of; and called for conservatism to also meet this challenge. He touched on the importance of national security, immigration and the tax and spend crisis's and attached Hillary for wanting to do away with tax cuts.

BROWNBACK - Brownback said that there should be no diplomatic discussions with Iran. He called for no new paths to citizenship and the need for border enforcement, including interior enforcement. At the same time he did support the amnesty bill, with conditions. Brownback did chime in that he believes we are created in God's image, although he felt he did not know how the earth was created, and that he felt that this did not have to conflict with science. When asked how he would use Bush as a former president he said he would speak with Bush about what he would like to do and possibly send him as an ambassador to disaster areas and attacked Clinton for not assuming the proper role. Regarding Iraq he said we should not leave in defeat, but stay until Iraqi's are in control, he also would separate Iraq into 3 territories and was bringing forward a bill on the issue. The stand for life was the most important issue he felt faces America and that a pro-choice candidate should not be nominated.

MCCAIN - McCain he never looked so wrong for America. Although, he did support stopping Saddam for attempting to gain weapons of mass destruction, and that sanctions did not work. He also, surprisingly, stand up for the new policy in Iraq and that it should be given a chance to work to prevent chaos and terrorists from taking over. He spit out the old, tired rhetoric that to do nothing about the immigration crisis is amnesty. He made the mistake of asking if there was anyone who had a better idea to deal with immigration to let him know and received a wave of hands raised in the audience. It was no surprise when he stated he does not support English as the official language, but says they should learn English first (what would be the point? No one would enforce it.). He praised our military as the best, but that there just are not enough troops and supported the current "don't ask, don't tell" policy the military has because it is working. For Iraq he did not feel dividing it into 3 territories was a good idea, and blasted the conflict for being mismanaged although he felt we cannot fail. He completely lost all credibility when interjecting a sarcastic "muchas gracias" comment before he ranted about Spanish being spoke in his state before English and how it has enriched them. He did claim he would vote no on any bill that had earmarks and pork (I'd like to see a candidate actually follow through with that promise). To further his failure he says there should be no borders or fence (should we put up neon signs for the terrorists, murderers, rapists and drug dealers).

PAUL - When is he going to give up and drop out? He ranted, once again, how it was a mistake to go into Iraq and we should pull out as soon as possible. He says there should be a fence on the southern border, but not the northern border (there's a good national security policy), and did stated that amnesty forces states to pay for the strain on education and the health care system. He stated we should have less federal laws on religion concerning church vs. state and that it should be decided at the local level (wow, a legitimate point). He also believed that the "don't ask, don't tell" policy of the military was a good one and that disruptive behavior should be dealt with the same whether it is homo or heterosexual. Then the loss of sanity again; stating that we need to just set a good example for Iraq, leave and make them take over and stop patrolling their streets and using guns (great idea, now instead of just mass murdering each other they can have at our troop too). He actually believes this is the biggest moral issue facing America, the preemptive war! Oh, and did you know Iran has done NOTHING to harm us and we should leave them alone, stop policing the world.

This was by far the worst conducted debate I have ever watched on CNN. The moderator was so completely biased and mismanaged the time given to the candidates. By the way, did you notice when there is a Republican debate the important issues like health care and education are not brought up. Instead they ask meaningless questions on evolution and former president's roles. I don't know about you, but I know I didn't evolve from monkeys. But, I think I do see evidence they have evolved from jack***es. In my opinion if you are not going to moderate fairly and conduct a debate equally you may as well not waste your time even holding it. Regardless of the misconduct, Huckabee was brilliant and was by far the winner. If you are interested in seeing how Huckabee would have handled himself in a real debate go to

Gov. Mike Huckabee Media Advisory for June 7th

4:00 p.m. CT – Gov. Mike Huckabee Guest appearance on MSNBC’s “Hardball” with host Chris Matthews. (NOTE: This taped interview will be broadcast on Friday, June 8th.)

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The Debate In Summary - Part II (Delayed)

Due to an unexpected work obligation Part II will be delayed.

Huckabee Is Electable

I have been reading quite a few conservative blogs today and I noticed that among people who are not familiar with Gov. Huckabee there is a lot of concern whether he can win over moderates and Democrats. So I am going to attempt to answer some of those questions by using my state of Wisconsin and Michigan as an example. President Bush narrowly lost Wisconsin both times (in 2000 by only 5,700 votes and in 2004 by 14,000 votes) and I think I have a theory why. Every time I see President Bush give a speech in the Midwest he emphasises tax cuts. While it is true most of us are sick of our tax and spend, liberal governors it is not enough to win over moderates or liberals.

So now I am going to lay out why I believe Gov. Huckabee will not only win Wisconsin, but also Michigan, a major accomplishment for a Republican. One thing that is hard to explain to anyone who does not live in Wisconsin is how badly we need to improve our infrastructure. There are few highways North of Milwaukee and Madison. Also broadband is absent in large areas of the state. Not only has Gov. Huckabee dealt with infrastructure issues in Arkansas, but he has a plan for dealing with it nationwide. Unfortunately, it has not been mentioned in any of the debates.

Another issue is conservation. We live just off of Lake Michigan and contamination and invasive species are of huge concern to a large portion of the population in the Great Lakes region; as is care and management of our forests. Again Gov. Huckabee has a passion for conservation issues, which will really help him with moderates and liberals not only in Wisconsin but in the entire Midwest. Additionally throughout Wisconsin a lot of moderates and liberals do hunt and own fire arms. This is an especially strong area for Gov. Huckabee as he is not only a hunter, but in my opinion interprets the original meaning of the founders correctly that our right to bare arms is not limited to hunting, but also to keep our country free. Health care is another issue where Gov. Huckabee is in line with Midwestern values. He believes that more attention and money should go to prevention instead of focusing on sick care.

One thing that you are not hearing about in the National media is that Michigan's experiencing severe buyers remorse from re-electing Gov. Granholm. It wold take too long to write about all of the serious issues facing Michigan, but if you are interested in learning more go to The opportunity for a Republican to win Michigan and Wisconsin will never be better, but we must have a candidate that will not only run on cutting taxes and a strong national defense. But a candidate that has a bold and visionary plan for all facets of American life. I know of no other candidate who has committed to make America energy independent within 10 years, which is huge in Wisconsin considering the high gas taxes we pay. The bottom line is that as I go through Gov. Huckabee's stands on the issues, including education and the arts, he matches up perfectly with the everyday Americans and he does it without surrendering his conservative principles.

The Day After:More Praise For The Gov.


From New Hampshire talk show host Jennifer Horn:

Governor Mike Huckabee pulled off a strong finish in the GOP debates tonight, even if Wolf Blitzer treated him like an ex-boyfriend you broke up with by phone. After directing the first question to the Arkansas Governor, Blitzer appeared to have forgotten his address, virtually ignoring him for most of the first half of the debate. Huckabee was not to be denied however. He started strong with his signature "Give Hope a second chance" campaign remark and came out strong every chance he got. During part two of the debate - the town hall style question and answer session - Huckabee emerged as the leader of the pack, strong on defense, strong on immigration, strong on life. In fact, he blew everyone on stage out of the water when it came to expressing his interpretation of what it means to be pro-life. He was eloquent, passionate and spoke from the heart on an issue that is critical to the conservative base. Mike Huckabee was not only the voice of reason on the stage tonight, he was the voice of strong character and moral leadership as well.


I'd like to focus on another man who got rave reviews: Mike Huckabee, the former governor of Arkansas. He's coming across as funny, articulate, and deeply anchored in basic American values.

From Lonestar Times:

Showed some passion, admonishing Mr. Blitzer for not allowing him to comment on immigration, which paid off later. Excellent answers on why the GOP has fallen from power, on gays in military, on faith. Good showing, if forced to pick a “winner”, I’d go with him.

Tom Roeser, Op-Ed contributor from the Chicago Tribune and former VP of the Quaker Oats Company had this to say:

"the Baptist preacher who was governor of Arkansas for ten years. The third conclusion was that the most eloquent sound bite came from Huckabee where he defended his belief in God-one of the great down-to-earth yet inspiring presentations I have ever heard. ....He is the most genuinely folksy, witty, engaging and interesting political figure since Ronald Reagan .And I have been with Reagan one-on-one. This guy Huckabee’s got it, let me tell you. Don’t let anybody tell you this guy is a rube and a jester, nothing more. Time magazine earlier this year named him as the best governor in the United States."

Written by Team Huckabee

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Debate In Summary - Part I

First of all I could not have been more disappointed with the conduct of a debate. This was one of the worst run debates I have seen. The bias leaned so hard toward Giuliani, McCain and Romney that it was like a love fest. At the same time the obvious attempt to cut out the so-called second tier candidates could not have been more apparent. On the bright side the possible intervention from above was a funny and unexpected twist. Lightning was interfering with the microphones during the first part of the debate. At one point lightning struck and cut out Giuliani's microphone as he began his comment on abortion causing the candidates standing next to him to move away as if they would be struck along with him. A coincidence? I think not. In fact, the lightning subsided shortly after. As far as question/answer opportunities given to each candidate Rudy McRomney was given twice the opportunity/time as the so-called second tier candidates and in my opinion was a shameful misconduct of the debate. Now for my break down of the debate:

HUCKABEE - Jeffrey Toobin, CNN Senior Analyst just said Gov. Mike Huckabee's answers were most eloquent of EITHER debate, and called him"breathtaking". Erick, head blogger at, "Hands down, my friends, hands down, Mike Huckabee won tonight's debate." I believe Mike Huckabee did the best in this debate. Despite the obvious attempt by the moderator to make him look like a religious leader instead of a political candidate he was articulate and determined to communicate with America. During his first response he pointed out that although Regan ended the cold war and brought down the Soviet Union the Middle East takes credit for it and they are like a dangerous animal. He responded he believed in God's creation over evolution. He responded with grace and firmness when asking why a presidential candidate would be asked this question. He then confidently responded that he does believe in God and that he is the creator. He said he would not back down from this. Another question completely unrelated to a presidential debate of whether he believed the earth was created in 6 days was also asked. He responded that he did believe this, however since he was not present during the creation he did not know if this was 6 literal days or 6 periods of time that represented days. When asked if he would change the "don't ask, don't tell" policies in the military he responded that all bad conduct is covered by the existing policies. I agree, why fix something that is not broken. He also pointed out the GOP's problems were their own doing and became apparent when they were fired by the American people. He spoke about their failure on the immigration issue and border security and their corruption. He used the example of airport security being what border security should be. Huckabee stood up for himself and correctly accused the moderator of giving him the moral issue questions, however stated he would rather have moral over immoral questions. He believes the most important moral issue facing American is the abortion issue and that we must respect all levels of life. This includes children without homes, elderly being abused in nursing homes and terrorists using people as suicide bombers to kill. He responded to his next question attacking excess taxes, and litigation and regulations bringing down business. Huckabee disagree that legal immigration should be stopped, but rather that we need to secure the border using airport or stadium security as an example letting in one person with documentation at a time just like other countries require. Huckabee probably had his best performance yet, however his questions were the most limiting of any of the debates. It was also disappointing that he was never given the opportunity to speak about his recently released energy policy making America independent within 10 years.

TANCREDO - Tancredo came out with his response to Iraq stating that he would tell Iraq they need to take responsibility to make their government work and the work would have to be done by them and not by America. He was forceful that the consequences of the immigration bill would be disastrous and the effects would be lost jobs, strain on our education system, strain on our hospitals and health care system and would endanger America's very survival. He stated we must hold English as the only language as it binds us together and he would go after Republicans who voted yes on any amnesty bill. Finally the truth was spoken when he put the record straight that there are no jobs that Americans would not take if there was not an illegal working it for less. He pointed out how when illegals are taken out of jobs, Americans line up to take their jobs back. He is for a bigger fence on the border and believes (as many do) that the present fence construction is being purposely slowed down until the amnesty bill passes. His view on the role of former presidents is the same as he has been told and says Bush should not darken his door. He articulated that conservatives should do more to save the environment by making it profitable to improve conservation practices. When asked if he would do ads in Spanish he responded no that English as a language was important and that bilingual countries don't work. He did point out that McCain supports all forms being printed bilingual. He outed Bush for running as a conservative and governing as a liberal. He welcomed legal immigration and pointed out this meant cutting ties with the past and country they came from and assimilating into American society and that we need to stop the open border to enforce this.

THOMPSON - Thompson would let Iraqi's vote on whether we stay or leave. If they voted that we stay he would encourage the 18 different Providences to elect their own government similar to our state governments and would split the oil proceeds between the people the Providences and the Iraqi national government. During this response Wolf the moderator attempted to cut him off inappropriately and abruptly interrupted but would allow Rudy McRomney much more response time, however Thompson did not let him get away with it. He stated that we need to secure the border first and should not give amnesty as this immigration bill would, and deal with those here illegally only after the border was secured. When asked he said Fred Thompson should enter the race then pointed out that he has the highest veto and tax reduction record of those on the stage and that their records would show who were the true conservatives. When asked what the role of Bush as a former president should be he responded that he would use Bush in a lecture series to the youth promoting integrity and public service. He gave a huge thank you for the health care question, I agree. He disputed most monies going to sick care and not to prevention and education and management of chronic disease to reduce costs. He would also promote a paperless system that would reduce costs by 10 percent. This was by far his best debate performance. He spoke confidently and in an even tone and was extremely articulate. Can you say Vice President?

HUNTER - Hunter would ensure that Iraqi's were properly trained to take over for US troops. He also believes that direct dialog with Iran is the right thing to do to stop weapons from coming over their borders and to end their nuclear program. He would authorize the use of nuclear weapons to prevent this if talks failed. When the candidates were asked if they would pardon Libby he responded heroically that he would first pardon Campeon and Ramos. When asked what he would do to bring our troops home he first pointed out his son's service in Iraq and Afghanistan. He would ensure that when we left Iraq was an ally and not in a state in which they would become an enemy. He would ensure the Iraq army could stand up in the combat zone before pulling out. When asked about the cost of prescription drugs he stated they were too expensive and that providing health care across state lines would help reduce costs. He feels the Republicans need to reunite with families to change the party. He would not follow the Arnold Schwarzenegger example of leadership and pointed out that those Republicans who do work closely with Democrats, like Rudy McRomney, are under Kennedy influence. An alright debate performance. I really thought Hunter would be a better candidate, but have been disappointed that he has not established himself.

ROMNEY - Romney supported the war based on information he had at the time and refused to respond to the question would he respond the same with the information we had today. He did state that Iraq needed to be stabilized before troops come home. He stated he would keep the use of nuclear weapons in Iran as an option if after standing back to find a way move Islam to peace. McCain had accused Romney of flip-flopping on immigration. Romney was asked to respond and stated that we should enforce the immigration laws we currently have. He pointed out that Z visas would allow all illegals to live in the US permanently placing them in front of those applying legally to be citizens. He also called for enforcement of employment verification. When confronted with his pro choice change he stated that he became pro-life after he felt Rowe vs. Wade went too far and now supports options such as abstinence education. When asked about his Mormon faith he stated he was proud of his faith which was has the same values as the country. Speaking of high gas prices he stated the need for energy independence by having big business use profits to build new refineries to replace the old ones and touched on drilling in ANWR. Referring to the "don't ask, don't tell" policy of the military he agreed that the policy should not be changed in the middle of war. He was concerned that many people cannot afford health care policies and felt the government would just make a mess out of the system. His solution is to insure people privately and make them personally responsible. He was confronted on his claim to want English as the official language while running ads in Spanish. He stated he was not anti immigrant rather anti illegal and wants the border secured. His focus is the future and a forward vision. His worse performance yet, he was extremely articulate on most subjects, however on a few issues he left me scratching my head.

GIULIANI - Giuliani responded he would still vote to go into Iraq even with the information we have today. He would also, make it clear to Iran that nuclear weapons are unacceptable, and that we would leave all options on the table; he state that conventional weapons would work. He stated that the immigration bill was bad legislation. He stated he read all 400 pages of the bill and that things are being said that are not in the bill. He stated there should be a database to track all illegals in the country. When responding about abortion his microphone cut out due to lightning. Giuliani responded by looking around as if he were going to be struck and the candidates near him move away as if they were going to be struck. lighting interfered several more times. It was the joke of the evening that it was a divine message. Maybe it was not so much of a joke after all. He claimed again that it is wrong but that government should not tell women they don't have a choice. He responded when asked that global warming was real and man caused and that we should reduce energy dependence. He felt it was not the time to discuss "don't ask, don't tell" and stated that military leaders can deal with it. He stated the the health care system was government and employer run and needs to be a private choice, however the Democrats socialized version was wrong and would be expensive with no choice or control. He responded that the most important social issue was sharing our God given gifts with the world. He had a good debate, but I could never vote for a pro gun control, pro abortion candidate.

Part II to follow tomorrow evening.

Debate Setup

Just a couple of quick notes before the debate, which starts at 6 PM Central. As always we will have polls up after the debate to see who you felt won or lost. Also feel free to leave comments on why you feel they won and who didn't measure up. I have suffered through a couple of hours of CNN's pre-debate coverage. So far I haven't heard any mention of Huckabee and almost no mention of second tier candidates. Just a lot of talk about Fred and the usual three. I was shocked they are hitting Giuliani on abortion and his flip flops on immigration. They are predicting a pretentious debate; we can only hope.

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Republican Presidential Debate June 5, 2007

After watching how CNN conducted the Democratic Presidential Debate Sunday, we now have an idea of how they will conduct the Republican Presidential Debate Tuesday at 6 PM Central. To start with, the people they consider to be the front runners will receive preferential placement on the stage and will also be heavily favored on the questions and the time they are allotted.

I actually do not believe this will be a problem for Mike Huckabee. Huckabee has already proven he can get the most out of the few minutes allotted to him. This kind of bias from the news media will not stop unless we continually contact them and demand that they not try to artificially limit our choices.

Huckabee Continues To Expand On His Immigration Plan

Here is a great article on how Huckabee is reaching out to voters and explaining how he would fix the immigration crisis. He also touches on the need to put American workers first when negotiating trade deals.

Real Leadership From The Church

Here is a link to a great Catholic leader's response to Giuliani's position on abortion.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Outlook For 2008; Bright And Sunny

I had been concerned that the Republican Party had not learned it's lesson from 2006, but after the President's considerable missteps on immigration conservatives are finally standing up to him and condemning him for the massive expansion of the federal government, the erosion of state's rights and his far left policies on immigration. This gives us a great opportunity in 2008 to bring the Party back to it's conservative principals.

I know right about now there are a lot of you saying President Bush is a good man. He is a good man, I even named my son after him, but he is not a conservative. He showed us right from the start of his Presidency that he would not stand for conservative principals when he signed McCain/Feingold. Nominating Rumsfeld was also a huge misstep. Most people have forgotten that one of the first things Rumsfeld did was cut the number of heavy armored units. This latter came back to bite us.

Then 9-11 happened and we all rallied behind the President and the early betrayals were forgiven. After being reelected the President no longer attempted any pretense of being a conservative. He refused to dramatically increase the size of the military, he nominated Harriet Myers to the Supreme Court, we had the Dubai Ports deal, the complete failure to reign in spending and his refusal to confront the Democrats on anything other than Iraq. Now we have an amnesty bill that is a complete sell out of the American people.

This is not all bad though because the people are dissatisfied with the liberal policies of President Bush not with conservative ideals. Mike Huckabee and other conservatives running for office should distance themselves from the President and his policies. By espousing conservative ideals and embracing a bold new agenda we can move this country forward and we cannot lose.

Families First

Are you an ignorant, racist, bigot who does not want what is best for America? If you are a hard working American opposed to President Bush's amnesty bill that is what the President, the majority of the US Senate and the Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff think. Instead of trying to make rational arguments for why they feel this bill is not a sell out of everything we hold dear, they have resorted to name calling and fear tactics to quite the opposition.

What they are not understanding is this is not a conservative, liberal or race issue; this is an American issue. Our government has continually failed to secure our borders and provide a livable wage to America's workers. We are continually told that we are too lazy to do the jobs available and that because of low unemployment numbers we need to import millions of under paid, under educated workers. It only takes a few seconds to see the flaw in this logic.

First of all, yes Americans will not work as slave labor, we must have decent wages so we can support our families. There is NO job that Americans are not already doing or that they would do if they could provide for their families with. Just look at all the Americans working 2 and 3 jobs, just like we are. Most likely their second job is a low wage fast food or retail position. As far as low unemployment I have known several people, including myself, who have not applied for unemployment benefits when they have lost a job. Also, when your benefits run out you are no longer counted in the unemployment figures even if you still do not have a job.

This leaves many people in the position of having to take a low wage job that does not support their family and leads to families applying for government assistance. This is also what will happen to the slave labor class of families that will be imported by this amnesty bill. They will be forced to apply for government assistance to support their families while the elitists continue to make larger and larger profits, which is the whole point of this amnesty bill.

The Republican Party is selling out the American worker to line the pockets of their big business friends. The Democrat Party is also selling out American workers for some of those same big business friends and both parties believe it will gain them additional voters. In other words both are trying to exploit not only a low wage imported worker class, but also low wage American workers by putting big business and their political careers ahead of the prosperity of families.