Saturday, June 23, 2007

Gov. Huckabee on Fox 10:30 AM Central

Media Advisory: Former Gov. Mike Huckabee to be Guest on Fox News Channel
Saturday, June 23, 2007, Little Rock, AR

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee will be a guest on “Fox News Sunday” tomorrow morning at approximately 11:30 a.m. ET / 10:30 a.m. CT with host Eric Shawn or Uma Pemmaraju to discuss presidential politics. Among other topics, they will discuss the latest developments with Guantanamo Bay.

I would like to encourage everyone to email Fox after they watch Gov. Huckabee and to encourage them to have Gov. Huckabee back on often. This does work, my wife and I have been emailing Laura Ingram's show since the end of February and she finally had him on stating it was due to the fact that several people had been emailing her. As we continue to see, once people actually get to hear Gov. Huckabee they are hooked. So it is worth a few minutes out of your day.

The Betrayal of General Peter Pace

I am sick and tired of good members of our military falling victim to political correctness. Human Events has a great article that really goes into what was behind the Bush Administration's betrayal of this great general. Basically it comes down to the fact that he believes homosexuality to be immoral. So during wartime the Bush Administration has decided to replace a highly decorated, combat Marine General with a Navy Admiral who has no experience what-so-ever with ground combat simply because General Pace has moral beliefs that Bush himself claimed to have to get elected. Please remember that General Pace did not in any way act in a prejudicial way toward anyone. He was simply asked what his own private beliefs were and one's private beliefs should never be censured.

The official reason, supposedly, why he was not renominated is that the White House did not want a reconfirmation fight. But, we know this White House has no problem picking fights with Congress or their own base. Look at how they stuck behind Rumsfeld after his many failures, including initially shrinking the size of our armed forces, and how they are still attacking their base over the amnesty bill. So I am not buying it. I believe that it simply comes down to General Pace is not one of President Bush's friends from Texas so he offered him up on the alter of political correctness.

Friday, June 22, 2007

State of Huckabee's Campaign

Huckabee's campaign manager today did about a 20 minute question and answer session, but I seen that Kevin Tracy and Colorado for Huckabee already have 2 good posts up on it. Colorado for Huckabee has a transcript and Kevin Tracy has a general breakdown. All that I am going to add is that it sounds like we are going to be in for a very good second quarter for fundraising and that we will be headed into the Iowa straw poll in great shape.

Comment Policy

I thought this was obvious so we have not covered it before. This blog will post any comments, even those that disagree with us, as long as they do not contain bigoted comments, salty language or links to inappropriate sites. If you want to disagree with me for my support for Israel or say that my wife has betrayed her race by supporting border security and not amnesty I am sure you can come up with a way of doing it without resorting to bad behavior. Also, if it is not in English I cannot verify it's contents and therefore will automatically delete it. We appreciate that your time is valuable so as long as you will follow the above rules we will promptly publish your comments.

Huckabee Campaign Manager To Take Questions

11:18 AM - June 22, 2007
Former Tennessee GOP Chairman and current Mike Huckabee for President Campaign Manager Chip Saltsman will be on Team Huckabee's
Blog Talk Radio at 3:30 PM ET, and will be taking questions regarding the campaign.

Please leave questions in this thread, e-mail them to or call in at 3:30 ET, 2:30 CT at (646) 716-7223.

We look forward to seeing you on the call!

Make Your Voice Heard; Support Mike Huckabee

Huckabee is off to a great start. He already has at least 150 of his goal of 1500 contributions in 10 days. With 9 days to go I would like to remind everyone that Kevin Tracy and Sloane Reality are still matching donations until they max out the legally allowed limit. Kevin Tracy is only $545 from reaching his limit as of yesterday so let's max it out. This is a rare opportunity where you have two people on their own offering to match your contribution no matter how small.

It is so easy to do, all you have to do is donate at Explore, then go to Kevin Tracy and Sloane Reality and leave a comment telling them how much you donated and it will be matched. Another opportunity out there for you is that Massachusetts for Huckabee will allow you to guest blog for a day if you make a contribution to the Huckabee campaign; see their blog for details.

If you held off on donating to Huckabee's campaign because you have heard that he was stuck in the second tier, here are a few facts that will help make your decision easier. Gov. Huckabee has just pulled ahead of John McCain in Iowa and is within the margin of error with McCain in another poll. He has been widely hailed as having the best performance in all 3 debates and he is just coming off of a very successful fund raising campaign in Texas. He is also finally starting to receive the media attention he so deserves, including the Laura Ingram Show. So if you want a true, principled candidate who has a positive vision for the future of America then Gov. Mike Huckabee is your man.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The National Republican Congressional Committee

The NRCC has their new website up and running as of Tuesday. Not only has the Republicans in the House been standing up to the Democrats and finally starting to earn their pay, but they are listening to the grass-roots with this website. It has a blog that will be updated daily and that you can guest blog for. It has a fully interactive action center that allows you to be as involved as you could possibly want to be. Here is a partial list of some of the new features of the website:

*The latest video's from the NRCC including the Democrats Ethics Report

*Social Networking Tools that allow you to connect online with like-minded people

*Links to The Real Democrat Story micro-site where we have information on the top targeted races

*Our Blog that is posted to daily including posts from Members of Congress

*The Republican Congressional Agenda

*An online action center with information on how you can get involved

*A secure online donation page and information on why your support is so important

While you may be angry at the betray of the White House and the RINO's in the Senate, the Republicans in the House are listening.

Press Release


Catholic League president Bill Donohue commented today as follows:

“In Delaware, a bill was passed yesterday that eliminates the two-year statute of limitations in cases involving the sexual molestation of minors. But the law does not apply equally to the public sector. Sen. Karen Peterson, the principal sponsor of the bill, took umbrage at our charge that unequal justice is at work. Yet today she is quoted as saying that the bill allows victims to sue the state if they can meet the high standard of ‘gross negligence.’ How sweet. She further admits that the state has the right to claim sovereign immunity, and that it is up to the courts to decide whether it should apply. Thus did she verify our charge that there are two standards in play.

“Yesterday, Rep. Greg Lavelle, who is sponsoring a bill that would mandate an equal playing field, called our office requesting data on public school teachers who abuse kids. Today he is quoted as saying our response ‘offended’ him. Indeed, he even went so far as to commend his colleagues for taking ‘all necessary steps to be sure that all children in Delaware are protected regardless of where they go to school….’ Really? That being the case, he should withdraw his bill. To top it off, a lobbyist for the Diocese of Wilmington chimed in by criticizing the Catholic League. It remains to be seen how Catholic officials will react when the lawsuits start coming and the public school teachers get to walk. Must be a tight-knit club in Delaware.

“Meanwhile, as we pointed out on June 5, Michigan taxpayers are being forced to pay $25,000 for footbaths so that Muslim students can exercise their religious right to wash their feet. Not only is the ACLU defending this, so is Fox News regular Geraldo Rivera. He conceded last night that there are church and state problems, but then waxed sentimental over the allegedly besieged Muslims. In the end, he could not bring himself to criticize the privileged position afforded Muslims vis-à-vis others.

“The elites have shown their real colors and it’s not a pretty sight. Dishonesty, cowardice and bigotry make for a really sick stew.”

Kiera M. McCaffrey
Director of Communications
Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights
New York, NY 10123
212-371-3394 (fax)


Just 3% of Americans viewing Congress's handling of the immigration issue in favorable terms.[Read More]

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Gaza Under Strict Islamic Law

Missionaries and women in the Gaza Strip have been warned that Gaza is now under strict Islamic law; women are to dress accordingly and missionaries have been threatened that should they try and convert any Muslims they would be dealt with harshly. We are also now learning that during the violent take over of the Gaza Strip by Hamas two unarmed UN aide workers and two unarmed peace activists were gunned down. Shortly after all of this started you had the World Council of Churches gather and announce a plan to exert as much pressure as possible to force ISRAEL to leave so-called occupied lands. When is the world going to wake up and realize who the real evil in this world is?

You don't see in modern times Jews and Catholics storming Muslim countries and ordering people to convert under the threat of execution. Still the main-stream media is almost entirely silent on this subject. Almost every report I have seen to day starts off with how the Bush administration has failed in the Middle East, or how Israel has somehow provoked the Palestinians, or some stupid comment from Jimmy Carter about Hamas being a legitimate government rather that the terrorist thugs they really are. The links included in this post are extremely important, please take the time to inform yourself on this crisis. Only by informing ourselves of the evil that surrounds us can we prepare to confront it.

Map of Gaza Strip from CIA World Fact Book.

Media Accounts Of The Huckabee Campaign

I haven't seen anyone put these out yet, so here are a couple of the more recent accounts of the Gov. Huckabee campaign:

The Plano Star Courier has an article detailing Gov. Huckabee's recent fund raising event in Plano, Texas. has a great article on Gov. Huckabee's performance in the debates and that all he lacks is funding.

Sherwood Voice has a really interesting article on Mrs. Huckabee's life and experiences as a candidate's spouse.

These three articles are all worth your time and the first and last article touch on areas that I really have not seen much on.

Press Release

Mike Huckabee Applauds Presidential Veto Of Federally-Funded Embryonic Stem Cell Research Legislation

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Little Rock, Ark – Former Gov. Mike Huckabee (AR) said Wednesday that he applauds a veto by President George W. Bush of legislation to loosen restrictions on federally-funded embryonic stem cell research.

“Without the President’s veto, this controversial legislation, which is wrong on moral grounds and based on inconclusive scientific research, would have become law. I commend the President for his strong stand in support of life,” said Huckabee.

Huckabee said he also supports an executive order by President Bush to direct the Health and Human Services Department to promote additional research into cells that might regenerate into different types of cells that could potentially be used to battle human disease.

“Vital scientific research can and is being conducted without the destruction of life,” said Huckabee.




House lawmakers in Delaware approved a bill yesterday that eliminated the two-year statute of limitations for victims of child sex abuse, but it does not apply to public school teachers. An attempt by Rep. Greg Lavelle to pass an amendment waiving immunity for government workers failed (he will try again). The bill now goes back to the Senate. Leading the charge to protect the teachers is Sen. Karen Peterson.

Catholic League president Bill Donohue commented as follows:

“The degree of corruption in the Delaware legislature is matched only by the selective indignation its lawmakers have for child rape. The legislators are owned—lock, stock and barrel—by the teachers unions. Teachers can grope all they want. They can rape little kids. And now they will be protected by making it harder to prosecute them. Yet the most reliable data on this subject, presented by Dr. Charol Shakeshaft of Hofstra University, show that public school employees have the highest rate of child sexual abuse in the nation.

“This sick game was tried last year in Colorado. Three bills were introduced trying to stick it to private institutions while giving public ones a pass; thanks to public pressure, they did not succeed. When a bill was introduced that would blanket all institutions equally, one of the lawmakers owned by the teachers unions called the Catholic Church’s bluff and said the bishops wouldn’t support it. He was wrong. And so why did the bills fail? Not because of resistance from the Catholic Church, but because of the teachers unions.

“If there were a law that said Catholic teachers should get immunity from a bill that makes it easier to sue them for child sex abuse cases, there would be screaming and yelling the likes of which we’ve never heard before. But when public school teachers get the green light, all is well in the bowels of the legislature. We are contacting the lawmakers today.”

Support Rep. Lavelle: This is a national issue. And let his chief opponent know what you think:

Kiera M. McCaffrey
Director of Communications
Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights
New York, NY 10123
212-371-3394 (fax)


71% disapprove of the way Congress is handling its job.[Read More]

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Gov. Huckabee Ahead Of McCain

There is a great site called Iowa Votes 2008 that has several Huckabee videos that I have not seen anywhere else and a detailed description of all Gov. Huckabee's accomplishments throughout the years. It even has an area where you can choose who you want to be Gov. Huckabee's Vice Presidential running-mate.

Massachusetts for Mike Huckabee is reporting that on the latest Mason-Dixon Poll, Gov. Huckabee polled at 7%; ahead of John McCain who was at 6%. This is the second poll to come out in the last week where Gov. Huckabee is either within the margin of error or ahead of John McCain whose campaign is going down quick; maybe he really don't know better than the conservative base.

Issues Important To Me

I have a few thoughts I have to get off my chest. Pardon the jumping around from subject to subject, but I have a lot that has been building up and I have to get it out.

First, (regarding the amnesty bill) I would like to spew back some of the anger from Trent Lott of Mississippi, who supports the bill, who said: “Talk radio is running America. We have to deal with that problem.” What a crock and how transparent can you be? He would love it if they could shut up the opinions of private citizens, and conservatives using talk radio and blogs. Then they could go back to their free reign of corruption and spending without any accountability. We are in a new era and RINO's and Democrats can't stand it. It is about time. I say increase the pressure, breathe down their necks and make them squirm.

Also, what about Mr. Noe Aleman the border agent who was granted the unconditional adoption, along with his wife, of his wife's three nieces only to be arrested for a typographical error. An article by WorldNetDaily goes into more detail stating:

"Agent Aleman then immediately reported what he and his wife thought was a typo error at the Hawkins (TX) Citizenship and Immigration Services office. He was advised by an immigration attorney … to ask for an adjudication officer and seek an extension of the 'parole' as it is known. Noe did exactly as he was advised, which he was informed by the immigration attorney, who guaranteed him that it would not be a problem having already gone through the adoption process with the Texas State District Court in El Paso," the activist group said.
But when the Alemans later were told their visa had been approved, Aleman was arrested when he arrived to pick it up and charged with harboring illegal aliens, and their three daughters were taken into custody by the government, later to be deported, FOPB said.
"Here is just a sampling," said Ramirez, "of what Sutton’s prosecutors did to the Aleman family and how their civil rights were violated:"

This, along with the prosecution of Campeon and Ramos, is a huge and grotesque miscarriage of justice and has been sanctioned by U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton appointed by Bush. I cannot believe how our justice system has moved from 'innocent until proven guilty' to 'guilty unless you can be proven innocent'. Pretty scary in a society where juries convict you on fabricated circumstantial evidence and because essential evidence is being kept from those jurors. Just look at what Nifong did in the Duke Lacrosse case.

Then you have female teachers getting away with statutory rape of their male students while their male counter-parts (and older and less attractive female teachers) are convicted and sentenced to jail terms. So now, it is against the law as long as you look like Paris Hilton? Even she got jail time (thanks to a judge willing to do his job) for her much less atrocious crime. I don't care what you look like, it is emotionally and spiritually damaging our children. I don't see these judges making the same allowances for "good looking" male teachers having sex with their female students. Are they trying to say that we as women are weak, mental and unable to control ourselves or are these judges hoping for a little gratitude from the accused?

Finally (for tonight) I am sick and tired of hearing liberals justify amnesty and guest workers by claiming that they only take jobs that Americans won't do. If there are no Americans to take these jobs then why is unemployment in some areas of this country up to 13%? Of course, this number is and artificial number since we all know many Americans never apply for unemployment benefits and are not included in these statistics. With many American jobs going overseas and more going to illegal aliens Americans are left with no alternative but to take 2 or 3 low wage jobs, collect unemployment or their spouse is left to make up the gap if they are unable. There is no such thing as a job Americans won't do. The correct phrase would be jobs Americans are not allowed to do because they must be paid fair wages. Why hire and American and pay him a fair wage when your government will allow you to pay an illegal under the table for half the pay? In fact, presentations are given by an immigration law firm how to NOT find a qualified American worker when going through the Perm process. Lou Dobbs has touched on this issue himself.

I must quit now while I am ahead. At least before I blow a fuse. I am very passionate about somethings and must speak my mind. By the way, I am of Hispanic descent and have very strong beliefs about immigration. It is the greatest gift an immigrant (like my ancestors) can receive from this country and we are cheapening it by throwing it at anyone who can sneak across our borders. Shame on you America.

Thank You, From The Maritime Sentry

We want to think all of our new readers. You helped us set a record breaking pace today. We had over 400 more hits than our previous high. If you like our blog, and we hope you do, there are some other blogs that we like and you may find interesting: Mike Huckabee '08, Massachusetts for Mike Huckabee, Kevin Tracy, New York For Mike Huckabee 2008, Mike Huckabee President 2008, and Mike Huckabee - The Exploratory Committee.

These are all very well written and interesting blogs that cover many of the same topics that we do here. We also have other interesting blogs in our link list. If you have any suggestions please leave your comments.

Is There A Child Still In Danger?

Hot Air, on June 17, posted a video showing Fox News' Julie Banderas suggesting that maybe the false accuser in the Duke Lacrosse case should lose her child as punishment. It was never taken as a serious comment, but I am feeling pretty politically incorrect these days so let's take a look at it. It actually makes sense if you look at it from the perspective of what is in the child's best interest. The reason for not prosecuting the false accuser is that she has a mental problem, implying that she cannot reason right from wrong, otherwise she should still be charged. If she is really that unstable then why does she still have custody of her child and why does she still have a driver's license?

You cannot have it both ways. She is either sane enough to know right from wrong and should be charged or should be receiving treatment and should have her parental and driving rights rescinded until she is better. Otherwise the authorities are putting her child and society at risk, after all if she really that mentally incompetent what's to stop her from harming her child or making dangerous driving decisions. It has also been suggested that she really believes the rape occurred, due to her mental condition, so what is to stop her from making other false accusations and ruining other lives?

Monday, June 18, 2007

Christians Under Assault In Gaza Strip

Not satisfied with just killing fellow Muslims, Hamas gunmen have now started harassing Christians and burning at least one church, Catholic School, Christian symbols and Bibles. We need to keep our Christian brothers and sisters in Gaza in constant prayer. All of this comes on the same day as the reports that Egypt is allowing mass amounts of weapons to be smuggled into Gaza. All of this is going to make it harder for Israel not to intervene. The U.S. is releasing previously held funds to the legitimate Palestinian government in the West Bank, run by Fatah who has expressed to Secretary of State Condalezza Rice a willingness to recognize Israel. The time will never be better to push for peace between Israel and the Palestinian authority as they have a more pressing threat from Hamas.

The U.S. should push them to reform corruption and to truly seek peace with Israel. If they meet those requirements we should continue to increase the amount of aide and technical assistance to the Palestinian authority. If the Palestinian authority can improve living conditions in the West Bank, reign in corruption, and complete real steps toward peace with Israel this will put increasing pressure on the Hamas run Gaza Strip as Hamas is only concerned with hatred and not governance and the welfare of their own people.

Map of Gaza Strip from CIA World Fact Book.

Huckabee's Interview With Laura Ingram

Laura Ingram finally interviewed Gov. Huckabee and said it was because of the mass amount of emails she received. My wife and I are two of them who have been emailing her constantly. The interview went extremely well and dealt almost entirely on immigration. At one point Laura asked Gov. Huckabee if he had flip-flopped on immigration because she had received emails that said he had. Gov. Huckabee responded that his position was consistent and that while he felt the borders had to be enforced and there needed to be punishment for breaking our laws that the children of illegals should not be punished for their parents crimes. At the end of the interview Laura said she would have to have him back on and Gov. Huckabee responded absolutely and that he would like to talk about the fair tax next time; Laura assured him they would.

I would also like to bring your attention to an interview Gov. Huckabee did with a local Washington DC channel. Kevin Tracy recorded the interview and has the video on his site. This interview is definitely worth your time. I feel it is even better that the CNBC interview. It covers important issues like immigration, education and energy independence. Gov. Huckabee really seems to excel in these one on one interviews.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Good News, Huckabee Is Gaining Momentum

The last three polls I have seen has Huckabee at 3% in one and at 5% on the other two. This is after he had been consistently stuck at 1%. In the latest South Carolina poll I found it very interesting that John McCain polled at 7% while Huckabee polled at 5%, which is within the margin of error of John McCain (a so-called front runner). This shows that his message is getting out. He continues to attend several fund raisers a month and I have never seen his grass-roots supporters so fired up. For example you have Kevin Tracy and Sloane Reality each matching donations and Mike Huckabee '08 is soliciting an interactive brainstorming session to get grass-roots supporters more involved online. There is a lot of other bloggers for Huckabee who are doing similar things, our links list has some of our favorites you can check out.

Pardon Libby Now

We just wrote the other day how President Bush should do the right thing and pardon Scooter Libby. Well I just came across a great new article by The Politico; a liberal website for sure, but the article is good. I definitely think it is time that President Bush reads the writing on the wall and does the right thing. While he is at it there are also three border patrol agents who deserve pardons themselves.

NAFTA Strikes Again

Here is an article that once again shows how the American worker is being hosed by NAFTA.

Pray For Israel

I just read that Israel is preparing for military operations inside the Gaza Strip to crush Hamas militarily should car bombing or suicide attacks start again. I feel Israel would have every right to go into Gaza and to kill every last terrorist Hamas member. Due to the high density population of the Gaza Strip, 1.4 million, and the extremely small area of 25 miles long and 4 to 7 miles wide it would be an extremely tough fight for Israeli armed forces. Because they actually do try and avoid civilian casualties, unlike the cowards of Hamas who will fire from behind women and children. The truth of the matter is that once collateral damage begins to mount the world media, which in my opinion is already anti Semitic, will make it out that Israel was the aggressor. Just like Ron Paul and Rosie O'Donnell like to claim that the U.S. was the aggressor in the Middle East. So I encourage everyone to pray for Israel and the innocent Palestinians who are not associated with Hamas or Fatah and who have been failed by their government. It always seems that the innocent children get caught in the crossfire.

Father's Day Under Attack

First and foremost, Happy Father's Day. Also, I want to express my appreciation and respect for all the fathers (biological and non-biolgical alike) who put the in the time, love, generosity and sacrifice it takes to raise their children. I have noticed, however, that recently there has been an assault not only on Father's Day, but on fathers themselves. As a conservative woman and a wife I say shame on all of you for giving into the liberal abuse of men. I have been hearing comments on how women do the real work and deserve the honor, while men are portrayed to be bumbling idiots compared to animals. Yet I can read daily about mothers killing their children and betraying their families to have sex with minors, but you don't hear the liberal media attacking them. On the contrary, we hear how they are so mentally disturbed and how we show pity them right out of justice for their crimes.

On the other hand I have witnessed men who take on the role of the stay at home parent, for many reasons, judged by society and even their friends and family as lazy and suspicious. The liberal, feminist movement is just not happy with demoralizing men and pushing women into an false sense of needing accomplishment outside of the family to be someone; now they must attack the very essence of being a man, a father and a role model to their children. With moms out of the home and dads being pushed into exile from their families who does this leave to attend to the children? The liberal, judgemental, destructive, selfish agenda of society.

I hear many saying that Father's Day doesn't even matter and how Mother's Day is the real celebration. Well I say this, enough with society pushing our father's out of our families lives and stifling their God given role as the head of the household. In a society wreaked with fatherless children who are effected for life and the lives destroyed by families torn apart we should be praising those fathers who have stayed and keep their families united. They should be put upon that pedestal for a day and reassured their efforts are not for nothing and they are making a difference in each child's life. Happy Father's Day to my husband. Thank you for being such a strong and nurturning part of our lives. We would not be same without you.