Saturday, July 28, 2007

GOP Debate, Sunday, August 5

One Mom has a great post up on the upcoming GOP Presidential Debate. Here is a segment:

This may be the best kept secret in television, but yes you read that right… On Sunday August 5th, 2007, the Republican GOP Candidates (and yes, our man Mike Huckabee is going to be there) will be debating on ABC on the George Stephanopoulos weekly talk show, “This Week”. [read more]

Friday, July 27, 2007

Real Leadership On The Fair Tax - UPDATED

At a time when this country desperately needs bold, new ideas on tax reform Mitt Romney still refuses to take a position on the Fair Tax and while other GOP candidates have come out and said that they would sign the Fair Tax into law only one has shown real leadership on the Fair Tax. Governor Huckabee has been all over the news, town-hall meetings, and Internet explaining the need for the Fair Tax. He is telling people how it will improve their standard of living and bring capital back into the United States from off shore. This is yet another example of the strong leadership Governor Huckabee would bring to the White House.

*I support the FairTax.

*As Governor of Arkansas, I cut taxes and fees almost 100 times, saving the taxpayers almost $380 million. I left a surplus of nearly $850 million, which I urged should go back to the people.

*Our massive deficit is not due to Americans' being under-taxed, but to the government's over-spending.

*To control spending, I believe the President should have the line-item veto.

*I believe in free trade, but it has to be fair trade.

*Globalization, done right, done fairly, can be the equivalent of a big pay raise by allowing us to buy things more cheaply.

I'd like you to join me at the best "Going Out of Business" sale I can imagine - one held by the Internal Revenue Service. Am I running for president to shut down the federal government? Not exactly. But I am running to completely eliminate all federal income and payroll taxes. And do I mean all - personal federal, corporate federal, gift, estate, capital gains, alternative minimum, Social Security, Medicare, self-employment. All our hours filling out forms, all our payments for help with those forms, all our shopping bags filled with disorganized receipts, all our headaches and heartburn from tax stress will vanish. Instead we will have the FairTax, a simple tax based on wealth. When the FairTax becomes law, it will be like waving a magic wand releasing us from pain and unfairness.

The FairTax will replace the Internal Revenue Code with a consumption tax, like the taxes on retail sales forty-five states and the District of Columbia have now. All of us will get a monthly rebate that will reimburse us for taxes on purchases up to the poverty line, so that we're not taxed on necessities. That means people below the poverty line won't be taxed at all. We'll be taxed on what we decide to buy, not what we happen to earn. We won't be taxed on what we choose to save or the interest those savings earn. The tax will apply only to new goods, so we can reduce our taxes further by buying a used car or computer. [read more]

If you are ready for a bold, new direction and actual reform in Washington then support Governor Mike Huckabee. The best way to make an immediate impact for the campaign is by making a donation or if you live in Iowa attending the August 11th Straw Poll. [more information]


Press Release: Mike Huckabee Says Fair Tax will Increase U.S. Competitiveness

July, 27 2007

LITTLE ROCK, AR – Former AR Governor Mike Huckabee today gave the following statement in response to a U.S. Treasury Department report issued on July 26, 2007, during a tax competitiveness conference held in Washington, D.C.:

“The Treasury Department concludes that our current corporate tax system reduces our country’s ability to compete with Europe, Japan, and other developed countries. Specifically, it states that our tax system ‘disrupts and distorts a vast array of business and investment decisions,’ which in turn ‘lowers the capacity of the economy and reduces living standards.’ Yet it does not address this problem.

“Unfortunately, this is just another example of why the American people have lost faith in their government and are demanding change. There IS a solution – implementing the Fair Tax – but bureaucrats in Washington won’t even suggest it, let alone fight to get it passed,” Huckabee said.

“The Fair Tax would eliminate corporate taxes and instantly make U.S. goods up to 25% more competitive. Right now, we are the ‘square peg trying to fit into the round hole’ of international trade. The rest of the world isn’t going to change, so we have to. With the Fair Tax, we’ll ship our goods and services overseas, instead of our jobs. American companies will be far less likely to move off shore and foreign companies will be far more likely to come here. The Fair Tax will reward productivity, promote investment, and make all of us more prosperous," he said. “I strongly support the Fair Tax now – and I will continue to do so once elected President.”

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Catholic League News Release


In last night’s episode of the FX drama “Rescue Me,” Denis Leary’s character had an exchange with a new firefighter about the Bible. He said the Bible is to Catholics what “The Godfather” is to the Mafia. Continuing, Leary blasted the Catholic Church for being corrupt, maintaining that the 12 years he spent in the Church was effectively like being in prison. The biggest gangster on the face of the planet, he contended, was the pope.

Later in the episode, another firefighter returns to his apartment, one he shares with his girlfriend, a former nun. He finds her having sex—while wearing a habit—with his cousin.

Catholic League president Bill Donohue commented as follows:

“Imagine what would happen if every Catholic priest, nun, brother and lay person in the United States who volunteers his or her time in hospitals, clinics, hospices, after-school programs, camps, soup kitchens, day care centers, mental institutions and the like were to go on strike for one day. Would the Denis Learys of this world still be painting them as corrupt and oppressive, led by the world’s biggest gangster? Or would they suddenly realize the yeoman work these selfless people do every day?

“One more thing: What kind of creative genius at FX is responsible for portraying an ex-nun having sex with her habit on? Do they know of any ex-Muslim women who have sex wearing their hijab? For that matter, do they know of any imams who would make Al Capone look saintly? Why is it always us? Don’t these guys believe in diversity? Or could it be that they know, deep down in their hearts, that we are the one, true religion? After all, that would account for their dismissive attitude toward all the other competitors.”

Kiera M. McCaffrey
Director of Communications
Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights
New York, NY 10123
212-371-3394 (fax)


July 26, 2007 - 12:01 PM

DES MOINES, IA – A new radio ad by Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo makes false claims about Mike Huckabee’s conservative record on amnesty and should be pulled off the airwaves, said the former governor’s campaign manager on Thursday.

Campaign manager Chip Saltsman said that the ad pulled off the airwaves “because it clearly distorts Mike Huckabee’s conservative record on amnesty.”

“While I respect the Congressman’s record on many issues, he has a history of making shocking statements to provoke publicity. Nevertheless, this radio ad is grossly misleading and it should be pulled off the air,” said Saltsman.

Huckabee, who served as a governor of Arkansas for 10 ½ years, has a strong record on conservative issues, including his support for the 2nd Amendment and gun control rights, pro-life legislation and other social conservative issues.

Huckabee has repeatedly stated his position against amnesty for illegal immigrations, stressing that his top priority is to get the U.S.-Mexico border under control. “We also need to enforce existing laws on the books, which includes enforcing penalties against illegals who have committed crimes,” Huckabee said.

“With all due respect to Tom, he needs to practice truth in advertising,” said Huckabee.

The Continued Disintegration Of John McCain's Legacy

Senator John McCain's media team resigned today, yet another blow to his campaign. The Senator has no one but himself to blame. He is the one that chose to make a career out of attacking conservatives, the religious right, and about 80% of Americans who want a secure border. Ultimately the Senator has destroyed his legacy. He will be remembered for nothing more that mediocrity and betrayal.

The Gang of 14 was a stab-in-the-back of all Republicans and McCain/Feingold was nothing more that an all out assault on free speech for all people. Had he gotten his way on the Amnesty Bill we would have a completely open border with millions of illegals coming across every year and would have given instant amnesty to hundreds of thousands of criminals like sex offenders, murderers, drug dealers, and gang members.

He also, over the years, gave cover to the far-left by siding with them against his own party. Senator McCain is a great war hero and no one can ever take that from him, but he was a complete and utter failure as a Republican. I can only hope that Senator McCain will realize that it is over and bow out gracefully. I hope that this will be a lesson to other Republican RINO's; do not attack your base, you will only marginalize yourself. It is only when you stand on strong conservative principles that your legacy will go on.

Twenty years from now the only thing people will remember of Senator McCain is that he betrayed his own party. No one will remember that he fought hard for our soldiers in Iraq or that he was a strong pro-life supporter, and he did it all to himself.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Moral Case For Supporting The War In Iraq

Here is a very well thought out post on being Catholic and supporting the war in Iraq by Opinionated Catholic.

"The issue of Iraq is often discussed in the Catholic blogsphere. However for many it is always March 19 2003. That is the day before we went into Iraq. The discussion always hinges it seems if the entry of our armed forces into Iraq was proper. As I keep saying no matter what your stand we are way past that point.

I hate to say it but many people seem to think that any problems such as wide spread genocide, chaos, and political instability that would happen by immediate withdrawal can just be absolved by saying "well it was Bush's fault". Well, I take the viewpoint that we cannot be like Pontius Pilate and wash our hands and dress that up as some great Catholic morality." [read more]

I have grown extremely tired of Christians and especially my fellow Catholics picking and choosing what parts of the Bible they will follow.

Huckabee's Campaign Comes Out Swinging At The Iowa Democratic Party

Gov. Huckabee's campaign issued the below statement yesterday. It is nice to see the campaign aggresively fighting for the truth. This is yet another positive sign from the campaign that they are in this fight long term. Don't Forget the Iowa Straw Poll is August 11, and the campaign could use donations and volunteers. If you live in Iowa and would like to support the campaign at the poll just click here.

July, 24 2007

Little Rock, AR – The Mike Huckabee presidential campaign issued the following statement in response to comments by the Iowa Democratic Party about Huckabee’s record as Governor of Arkansas:

“Mike Huckabee has a proud record of dramatic innovations in health and health care during his tenure as Governor of Arkansas. In fact, he’s been consistently honored as the national leader in health innovation, including recognitions by the American Heart Association, the American Lung Association, the American Diabetes Association, and the American Association of Retired Persons,” said Iowa campaign spokesman Eric Woolson.

“Frankly, I find it ironic that the Iowa Democrat Party is lambasting Governor Huckabee’s record in Arkansas – especially given this same record has, in fact, been lauded by Democrat Governor Tom Vilsack and Senator Tom Harkin, not to mention Bill Clinton,” said Woolson.

Woolson pointed out that Huckabee’s health achievements led to his being named one of the country’s five best governors by Time magazine, Public Official of the Year by Governing magazine, and receiving the National Excellence in Public Health Award from the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials. Last year the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation held a special event to praise Arkansas as the only state to have reversed childhood obesity rates, he said.

“Given the Iowa Democratic Party’s irresponsible rhetoric on this issue, it’s critical that Iowans have a chance to look at the facts about Governor Huckabee’s impressive health care record in Arkansas,” said Woolson.

? Governor Mike Huckabee created the ARKids First program which today covers almost 200,000 children who previously were uninsured, and has cut the rate of uninsured children by more than half.

? Governor Huckabee created ARHealth Net, an innovative program that provides basic benefits to small businesses that did not previously offer health insurance. The program is a partnership among the federal and state governments, small businesses, and their employees.

? Governor Huckabee led the effort that made Arkansas the first state in the country to require that the Body Mass Index of every school child be measured annually.

? He led the successful banning of vending machines from all elementary schools. Access to vending machines in junior and senior high schools has been reduced, and half the choices in the machines must meet certain health criteria.

? During Governor Huckabee’s tenure immunization rates improved dramatically. First Lady Janet Huckabee led this effort and visited all 91 health offices in the state. In 2003, the state was forced to provide a new “philosophical” exemption to its immunization law after a federal court declared the previous law unconstitutional. According to the Arkansas Center for Health Improvement’s 2006 Annual Report, this new exemption resulted in a “significant increase in the number of immunization exemptions requested, compared with the two previous years.” The increase in exemptions resulted from parents’ exercising their freedom of choice as the federal court mandated and was beyond the control of the Governor. He urged all parents to continue to immunize their children.

? Governor Huckabee created the Healthy Arkansas initiative to encourage Arkansans to stop smoking, eat healthier diets, and exercise more. As chairman of the National Governors Association, he chose health as his personal initiative issue and expanded Healthy Arkansas into the Healthy America initiative.

? He used radio addresses, speeches, news conferences, media interviews, and web sites to spread the Healthy Arkansas message. He developed local plans in all 75 counties.

? Governor Huckabee made smoking cessation tools available to all Medicaid recipients at no cost. He created an innovative program to get better disease management information to diabetics.

? Governor Huckabee led efforts to improve the health of state employees and made these programs a model for the private sector to implement. He eliminated co-pays and deductibles for state employees to have diagnostic procedures like mammograms, colonoscopies, and prostate cancer screening. He expanded state health plans to include medically-supervised weight loss. He made smoking cessation tools available at no cost. He offered state employees and their spouses a reduction in their health insurance premiums if they agreed not to smoke and took an online health assessment. He provided exercise breaks during the work day.

? He successfully led a 2000 ballot initiative that devotes all of Arkansas’ tobacco settlement funds to improving Arkansans’ health. Arkansas is the only state that has used every single federal tobacco dollar for health programs and issues.

? He successfully led the fight in 2006 for passage of the Arkansas Clean Air Act, guaranteeing people smoke-free environment at work. Arkansas was the first state in the South to pass such a law.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Betrayal Of The Base

Bobby Eberle of GOPUSA has a truly insightful article today on why the Republican candidates are struggling for money and support. Here is an portion of the article:

In a new story by the Associated Press, Arizona Sen. John McCain says he is "happy" about the state of his presidential campaign. If his current state of affairs makes him happy, I'd hate to see what it takes to make him sad. In reality, his woes and the inability of other Republican candidates to separate themselves from the pack shows what happens when a conservative base feels ignored and betrayed.

Once the heir apparent to the Republican presidential nomination, McCain has suffered a series of personnel setbacks leaving him having to shuffle staffers into new locations. McCain also is lagging in fundraising compared with some of the other candidates. [read more]

The next betrayal I want to tell you about is a betrayal that we can stop from ever happening. Rudy Giuliani, if elected, in my opinion, would unleash an assault on the Second Amendment like we have never seen. Mike Huckabee '08 has a great post on Rudy Giuliani and the Second Amendment. The video allows you to hear Rudy Giuliani in his own words.

A New Dawn For Presidential Debates And An Opportunity For Huckbee

I hate to do it, but I am going to give the Democratic Debate tonight an A. Anderson Cooper, CNN's moderator actually kept the Democrats on topic and on time, for the most part. I originally thought that a YouTube debate would be a joke, but instead it showed what real Americans are thinking and I believe it also made the Democrat candidates appear as cardboard cut-outs with voice boxes. There were a few exceptions, but for the most part the questions asked by everyday Americans were better thought out and more articulate than the responses by the candidates.

It also marked the first debate where the Democrat candidates were asked real questions instead of the softballs they have been receiving. Through the whole debate I kept imagining how great Gov. Huckabee would be in this format. Can you imagine it? Because that is what you are going to have to do if we do not help Gov. Huckabee win in the Iowa Straw Poll August 11. If you live in Iowa please sign up to attend, the Governor will help you with transportation to the event. If you don't live in Iowa then your donations will help pay for the tickets, transportation and the expenses of running the campaign. If we do not do everything within our power to get Gov. Huckabee elected we are dooming our country to 4 more years of politics-as-usual. - I Like Mike!

I had the privilege of speaking with Vincent, of Gov. Huckabee's campaign today. I wanted to share some of the positive information to encourage anyone who may be holding back on supporting the Governor. First of all, the Governor attended fundraisers in Texas and Nevada and is receiving a great reception as he travels throughout Iowa. Also the Governor's campaign will be releasing a statement in response to some of Senator Brownback's antics. Whenever the Governor appears before a group of voters he wins them over with his honestly, commitment to family values and true understanding of the Constitution. You will not be able to find a more electable candidate who also has an unwavering, conservative agenda and a true commitment to institue the Fair Tax.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Senator Feingold wants censure

Yet another reason why I am embarrassed to have Senator Feingold as my Senator.

WASHINGTON - Liberal Democratic Sen. Russ Feingold said Sunday he wants Congress to censure President Bush for his management of the Iraq war and his "assault" against the Constitution. [read more]

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Breakdown of the Iowa Straw Poll

The Quad-City Times has a detailed breakdown of what is going to happen at the Iowa Straw Poll. Obviously we want Mike Huckabee to win the event, but it is not just going to happen. It is going to take hard work, and donations. You may not live in Iowa, but do you know anyone who does? Have you encouraged them to support Mike Huckabee? If you don't know anyone in Iowa you can still help by making any size donations or volunteering on the ground. This election is truly going to decide the next 20 years of American history.

You are probably wondering how I came up with 20 years. It is because of the Supreme Court. I believe that we will have upwards of 3 vacancies in the Supreme Court within the next 4 to 8 years. We have four staunch conservatives on the court right now, one swing vote and four far-left liberals. We just need one or two more votes to overturn Roe vs. Wade and several decades of judicial activism. The good news is that several of the conservatives are relatively young and in good health; which means if Huckabee were elected, between his appointments and the conservatives already on the court we could be looking at about 20 years of sound Constitutional decisions. - I Like Mike!

DES MOINES — Iowa Republican leaders expect 40,000 Iowans to show up for the party’s August straw poll, an event they’re billing as the first true test of the presidential campaign.

“This is where the caucus process really kicks off,” Chuck Laudner, executive director of the Republican Party of Iowa, told reporters Thursday. “A quarter to a third of caucus attendees will be at this event.” [
read more]

Don't Throw Your Vote Away

I am not going to spend a lot of time or effort saying this, but it needs to be said. In an election as important as the '08 election anyone who votes for a so-called top tier candidate, like Giuliani, McCain, Thompson or Romney, may as well flush their ballot down the toilet. Everyone keeps saying they are looking for electability in a candidate, but they have no clue what they are saying. Electability is the ability to win the Presidency, not just the nomination. People may think Giuliani is a popular and stand-up guy, but he will never get the conservative base out to vote.

Without the conservative base a Republican candidate will lose their bid for the Presidency against the Democrats. No one who claims to be a conservative (I mean a real conservative with Godly morals and values, not these knock-off RINO's who use the word to appeal to voters) can ever support abortion, or vote for a candidate who supports abortion or has no problem with it, if it is law. Giuliani will never be a conservative and will never be accepted as one. The conservative base will not vote for him and if there is no viable third-party candidate to throw their support to they will stay home as opposed to trashing their values by voting for him. Anyone who tries so hard to remain neutral on an issue that threatens as many lives as abortion will be spat out by the conservative base. Even God refuses those who become lukewarm in their walk with him and does not accept those who try to balance themselves in the middle of the morality.

McCain has proven himself a liberal gluten by holding his events at questionable establishments with questionable hosts and hostesses. His campaign would make a better Vegas show than a bid for the Presidency. A conservative walks the walk, when no one is looking. These so-called top tier candidates talk the talk (in some cases) then walk in the completely opposite direction. Romney, while a good man, cannot win the Presidency against the probable Democrat nominee. Too many Republicans and conservatives have issues with him and I believe he does not have the polarity to draw the numbers in that would be required for the win. Thompson's years as a lobbyist and his apparent work on behalf of the abortion movement, whether intentional or not, and advanced age will hurt him. I guess I am guilty of misspeaking on this article; I said I would not spend a lot of time. Well, I got a little carried away. I would rather be carried away on the chariot of righteousness then on the back of the Scarlet Beast of the Great Prostitute.