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Press Release: Mike Huckabee Presidential Campaign Calls for Stations to Pull Club for Growth Ad

August, 04 2007

Little Rock, AR – Attorneys for Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee have contacted Iowa television stations, urging them not to air an attack ad from by the Club for Growth because of its factual inaccuracies about the former Arkansas governor’s record.

According to the letter written by Campaign Attorney Jill Holtzman-Vogel, “Club for has deliberately designed this ad to scare your viewers about the Governor’s views on fiscal issues. In reality, Governor Huckabee cut taxes 94 times and returned almost $400 million to Arkansas taxpayers, including the first broad-based tax cut in the history of the state.”

“The Club for Growth is a special interest group that has its own agenda. They’re recognizing the same momentum for our campaign that we are,” said Huckabee Campaign Manager Chip Saltsman. “That’s why they are trying to distort the Governor’s record as a fiscal conservative with an ad filled with fiction to mislead Iowa voters before the August 11th straw poll.”

Vogel cites several examples of how the Club for Growth’s ad, “Bill Clinton or Mike Huckabee”, is deliberately false and misleading.

“Governor Huckabee has a consistent record as a fiscal conservative. While governor, he doubled the state’s standard deduction and the child care tax credit. Some taxes he eliminated altogether, such as the marriage penalty and the capital gains tax on the sale of a home. He reduced the capital gains tax for both businesses and individuals. He indexed the income tax to protect people from paying higher taxes because of ‘bracket creep.’ He left the state with almost $1 billion in surplus, setting the stage for further tax reductions. He cut welfare rolls by almost fifty percent, while balancing the state budget every four years.”

Vogel closed by urging station managers to refrain from running the ad. “Because your station is responsible for the airing of any advertisement known to you to be false, we urge you to remove “Bill Clinton or Mike Huckabee” from your broadcast schedule immediately,” Vogel writes in the letter to station managers.

Governor Huckabee's Latest Blogger Conference Call

Yesterday Gov. Huckabee hosted another blogger conference call. This is another example of how accessible he continues to be as a candidate. One Mom actually asked a question of the Governor and did a transcript of the conference call.

Question from One Mom: I’d like to ask you a two part question about education. The first part is about Homeschooling. What would you do as president to guarantee a parent’s right to choose the form of education they deem best for their children? 2nd Part – what will you do with “no child left behind”?

MH: Don’t want to over-centralize education to the federal govt, this must remain in the hands of the states. It should however be the President’s job to be an advocate for a parent’s right to choose …. these are their children, not the government’s children. I would promote that by making it clear that every state needs to accommodate parent’s rights to choose which ever form of education the parent deems appropriate (homeschool, private/parochial school/charter/public). [read more]

Friday, August 03, 2007

Media Advisory: Governor Mike Huckabee To Participate In Iowa Presidential Debate On August 5

August, 03 2007

Little Rock, AR – Former Gov. Mike Huckabee will debate his GOP rivals in an ABC debate in Des Moines on August 5. The Aug. 5 debate, being co-sponsored by ABC News and ABC5/WOI-TV, underscores the importance of the Iowa caucus, Huckabee said.

“I strongly believe the people of Iowa and this country deserve the chance to see the candidates debate the issues that are important to them,” said Huckabee. “I have spent a great deal of time sharing my conservative message on the campaign trail – but I think it’s equally important for voters to see how my views and values compare to the other candidates.”

The live televised debate will take place at 8 a.m. CT / 9 a.m. ET. (Check local listings for details.)

Mike Huckabee on Fox Online

NRCC Press Release - UPDATED

Friday, August 03, 2007

Democrat Disarray: House in "Chaos" After Democrats Deliver Benefits for Illegals
Democrats break campaign promises, strong-arm their vulnerable members into flip-flopping on immigration

WASHINGTON– In clear violation of yet another campaign promise, Democrats manuevered last night to forcibly reverse the outcome of a vote that would have barred illegal immigrants from receiving taxpayer-funded benefits. After a majority of the House initially passed the measure barring illegal immigrants from receiving taxpayer funded handouts, Democrat leaders stepped-in to strong-arm their politically vulnerable members into switching their votes in order to defeat the measure and deliver benefits for illegals.

Unfortunately for those Democrats who switched their votes, their actions were caught on tape. Hoping that nobody was watching them in the dead of night, Democrats Nick Lampson (TX), Harry Mitchell (AZ), Kirsten Gillibrand (NY), and Zack Space (OH) were all caught getting their arms twisted by their leadership and voting against the measure after initially supporting it.

Let’s go to the tape!

With the Democrat-led Congress’ approval ratings sagging to all-time lows, it is no wonder why the American people have grown so tired of business as usual in Washington. On an issue as simple as keeping taxpayer benefits from going to illegal immigrants, Democrats refuse to put partisanship aside. When will they finally start getting the people’s work done?

UPDATED: Republican Whip Blunt Addresses the House Floor

The Gas Hogs Must Reign Themselves In

Carbon Credits, Emissions Trading, Carbon Offsets; my head is spinning trying to keep them all straight. Give me a break, this is the most ridiculous concept I have ever heard of. Maybe the original intention was a good one, but all this has turned into is an excuse for rich, self-indulgent and irresponsible gluttons to pretend they don't violate their own preachings and contribute to their claims of a man-caused global warming. Let me tell you how ridiculous their arguments have become; some are claiming that carbon dioxide emissions from human sources need to be greatly reduced, controlled or even stamped out. They are referring to those emissions mainly from farming and manufacturing.

"Generally understood, but rarely publicized is the fact that 95% of the greenhouse effect is due solely to natural water vapor. Of the remaining 5%, only 0.2% to 0.3% of the greenhouse effect (depending on whose numbers you use) is due to emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases from human sources."

They are willing to go to some pretty absurd and extreme measures to remove this 'Earth Killing Gas'. So what, are we now going to have to stop breathing since with every breath we expel carbon dioxide? What will the plants do when they are starved of their live giving gas? I bet those trees planted with those carbon offsets don't do very well in the liberals global warming free world.

The fact is that "Carbon dioxide is an important greenhouse gas because of its ability to absorb many infrared wavelengths of the Sun's light, and because of the length of time it stays in the Earth's atmosphere. Due to this, and the role it plays in the respiration of plants, it is a major component of the carbon cycle." and "even the most aggressive and costly proposals for limiting industrial carbon dioxide emissions would have an undetectable effect on global climate."

So while these Earth polluting gluttons jet around the world in the private jets, and ride in their SUV caravans parading down the road like royalty sucking up the gas, they preach to us and expect us to pack our children into tin can cars like sardines and fork out thousands to make our homes energy efficient. Who is the one who makes the biggest effort and can afford it the least? Whose tin can car will end up underneath the wheels of the Gas Hogs' caravan?

Don't get me wrong, we all have a responsibility to take care of our environment and contribute as little as we can to man-made pollution, but don't tell me I cannot chose to drive a minivan or SUV and protect my family. What sense does it make to drive two vehicles? That is twice the gas, twice the emissions and a much greater risk of my children dying in an accident.

You can't buy your way into heaven and you can't erase your glutenous polluting by paying for Carbon Credits. Are you really that naive or do you really think that you are so special that you live above the laws of reality? Come back down to Earth and walk your walk with the rest of us.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Gov. Huckabee On The YouTube Debate

To all of you YouTube people out there, the other candidates may not think that you are worth their time, but Gov. Huckabee does.

If you would like to learn more about Gov. Huckabee, click here.

John McCain's Hypocrisy Continues

Because John McCain is a fellow veteran I have always tried to temper my remarks, but this man is quickly turning himself into a joke. The straight talk express must have gotten a flat. Now the Senator is behind a 'Border Security First' Bill. This is obviously just a political ploy. By the way two of his amnesty buddies, Senator Graham and Senator Kyl, are co-sponsors to the Border Security First Bill. John McCain had only two things going for him, in my opinion; he is a war hero and he sticks by his convictions not matter what the political price. Well, he just threw his convictions out the window.

WASHINGTON - Republican presidential hopeful John McCain on Thursday backed a scaled-down proposal that imposes strict rules to end illegal immigration but doesn't include a path to citizenship.

The move away from a comprehensive measure is an about-face for the Arizona senator, who had been a leading GOP champion of a bill that included a guest worker program and would have legalized many of the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants living in the U.S. It failed earlier this year. [read more]

Press Release: Mike Huckabee’s Campaign Manager Speaks out Against Club For Growth Ad

August, 02 2007

Little Rock, AR – Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee’s Campaign Manager, Chip Saltsman has issued the following statement in response to a Club for Growth television ad that attacks Gov. Huckabee’s Record on Economic Issues:

“When you go hunting, you aim for a trophy buck – not a dead animal. We are flattered that the Club for Growth is recognizing the same momentum for our campaign that we are, but saddened that they have again decided to shoot blanks instead of bullets by trotting out the same reckless and thoroughly discredited attacks that responsible journalists have repeatedly rebuffed.

“Governor Huckabee cut taxes 94 times and returned almost $400 million to Arkansas taxpayers, including the first broad-based tax cut in the history of the state. He doubled the standard deduction and the child care tax credit, eliminated the marriage penalty and the capital gains tax on the sale of a home, and reduced the capital gains tax for both businesses and individuals. After serving as governor for more than ten years, Gov. Huckabee left the state with almost $1 billion in surplus.

“More than 80% of the voters supported a 4-cent tax on diesel fuel to fix the roads. Similarly, the voters approved a 1/8 cent increase in the sales tax to preserve their natural and cultural heritage. The Governor would have violated his oath of office if he did not go with the will of these voters. He did not raise taxes -- the people did.

“Governor Huckabee did not raise spending by 50%. With respect to the spending that the Governor had under his control, spending rose about six-tenths of one percent a year during his ten-and-a-half year tenure. As far as taxing the internet, in 2004, Gov. Huckabee joined with 43 other governors in asking Congress for help in creating a level playing field for Main Street businesses and preserving revenues for schools as well as state and local government.

“It’s sad that a group would risk its credibility by leveling such absurd charges on a conservative governor who led his state to its first broad-based tax cuts and who implemented the cost saving measures of the Murphy Commission, which he appointed on his first day in office.”

Press Release: Huckabee Campaign Manager Speaks out Against Attacks from Brownback Campaign

August, 02 2007

Little Rock, AR – The following is a statement from Huckabee Campaign Manager, Chip Saltsman, in response to negative comments form the Brownback campaign concerning an e-mail sent by Rev. Tim Rude:

"It's time for Sam Brownback to stop whining and start showing some of the Christian character he seems to always find lacking in others. He has attacked Governor Huckabee for something that a Huckabee supporter said in an email sent to two individuals. The person who originated the email has apologized and is not a member of the Huckabee staff. For Brownback to claim that the Governor "owes him an apology" is nonsense and indicates that if Brownback is going to fall to pieces every time a supporter of the Governor says something he doesn't like, he clearly isn't tough enough to be President. The Governor strongly disavowed the statement by the supporter, but that wasn't enough for Brownback. He continued to cry about it. The irony is that unlike Senator Brownback, I have been a Catholic my entire life, as have several of the senior staff members in the Huckabee campaign. Governor Huckabee enjoys strong support from Catholics and for good cause. If Senator Brownback wants to start apologizing for inappropriate things said, perhaps he could pull the "beam out of his own eye before taking the speck out of someone else's" by apologizing for the website ‘Baptists for Brownback’ that states that Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Fred Thompson and others are ‘Hell bound.’

“We don't condone or support attacks on people for their faith--whether it comes from our supporters or from his. Senator Brownback surely has better things to do than police the private emails of a single supporter who said things for which he later apologized and which should have been sufficient for most Christians to accept. As a lifelong Catholic, I was taught that when a person apologized, we were to forgive him and go forward, not shop for other apologies from people not even involved in the original sin. It's time for these silly accusations to stop and for all of us to focus on leading the country and solving problems that the American people care about.”

Gov. Huckabee On CBS

Gov. Huckabee was on CBS Evening News last night and even though I personally do not watch CBS I have to admit the interview was the best one I have seen yet. The interviewer was actually interested in finding out who Gov. Huckabee is and how he approaches his stands on the issues. To put it another way, how interviews used to be done. I actually feel I learned more than I already knew about Gov. Huckabee. Read more on the story and watch the video, it is worth your time.

For any casual Huckabee supporters or new supporters Gov. Huckabee's innovative idea for satellite guidance for our airline industry is not something new he has actually been talking about it for a while. He also once again effectively articulated his message of being a uniter and not a divider, which is what is needed to move important legislation in the partisan divided Congress. If you would like to help Gov. Huckabee become the next President there are many ways you can be involved in his campaign; to name a few you can make donations or volunteer your time.

One mom was the first to offer her reaction to the interview. Read her post here.

Isreal Was Closer To Victory Than Originally Thought

Captain's Quarters had a brilliant post on how close the Israeli army came to destroying Hezbollah. This is yet another example of political correctness preventing victory. We must come to the realization that to fight a war you must fight to win. You cause more civilian deaths by not quickly and ruthlessly destroying your enemy as was pointed out in Captain's Quarters post all that happened when Israel held back is that Hezbollah moved all of their operations into civilian areas and prolonged the war. We seen the same thing happen in Vietnam and Iraq. The longer you must fight the war the more civilians that will be caught in the middle.

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Prayers Needed In Minneapolis

There was a terrible bridge collapse in Minneapolis today. If you don't live in the Minneapolis area please pray for the people affected by this tragedy. If you live in the Minneapolis area they are requesting blood donations and help to the local Red Cross.

MINNEAPOLIS (AP)—The entire span of an interstate bridge collapsed into the Mississippi River during evening rush hour Wednesday, sending vehicles, tons of concrete and twisted metal crashing into the water.

The Interstate 35W bridge, a major link between Minneapolis and St. Paul, was in the midst of being repaired when it broke into several huge sections.

"There were two lanes of traffic, bumper to bumper, at the point of the collapse. Those cars did go into the river," Minneapolis Police Lt. Amelia Huffman. "At this point there is nothing to suggest that this was anything other than a structural collapse."
[read more]

Mr. President, If It Is Good For Iraq Why Isn't It Good For The U.S.?

I could not believe my eyes today when I was reading The Washington Times "Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates, in a rare joint mission to the Middle East, yesterday urged Saudi Arabia and other neighbors of Iraq to adopt tougher border controls to stem the flow of foreign fighters into Iraq."

So the Bush Administration does believe in border security, but only for Iraq and not the U.S. So while the Bush Administration is over there fighting for secure Iraqi borders the U.S. borders remain wide open with everyone from murderers to sex offenders able to cross at will. I believe the President needs to rethink his position and he can start by freeing Ramos and Campeon.

It would be beneficial to the Administration to finally listen to the American people. They could secure the border within 3 months if they put their mind to it. Instead they are cutting the number of National Guard troops on the border. Do they even consider that children will be dying in the hot desert this summer while their parents try to cross over the border? I understand that President Bush honest does care about Hispanic people, but he could do a lot more for them by securing the border and then reforming our legal immigration laws. He must also immediately start putting meaningful pressure on the Mexican government to reform. If the Mexican government then continued to not make progress U.S. aide to Mexico's government should be cut and transferred to the people through responsible organizations.

All plans for the NAFTA Superhighway should also be scrapped before the massive eminent domain abuses, that will be required to achieve it, begin. It is obvious that by removing the National Guard from the border and pushing the superhighway the President is trying to achieve and unofficial amnesty that would allow millions more in the U.S. without requiring them to assimilate into American society. This will have the effect of permanently placing these illegals into an easily exploited and abused underclass.

Michael Steele On The Republican Party

Here is an interesting article I thought everyone may be interested in.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Michael S. Steele
Washington Times

These days the news media are filled with reports about influential Republicans breaking with President Bush and the administration on big issues like the war in Iraq and immigration reform. The conventional wisdom among political pundits seems to be that this is a sign of Republican weakness and uncertainty, a cynical political calculation based on the President's declining poll numbers and a Democratic resurgence in Congress. That's a convenient explanation, but one that is far too simple and shortsighted.

This summer's high-stakes debates over Iraq, the war on terror, immigration and all the rest are really nothing new, and are certainly not unhealthy. From our party's founding in the turbulent years before the Civil War until today, independent thought and new ideas have been what Republicans have been all about. [read more]

Response to: Want to see the IRS disappear?

Are You Truly Free?

The chaos and unlawful actions of our justice system needs to end now. The very existence of the Hate Crimes Law is unconstitutional and an automatic setup on the slippery slope of abuse. This law violates the very nature of our First Amendment in the Bill of Rights:

First Amendment – Freedom of religion, speech, press, and peaceable assembly as well as the right to petition the government.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

The saddest part of this whole issue is that the PEOPLE have allowed it to happen. Where is the outrage and the out spoken back lash to demand this wrong be righted? You cannot set a law that discriminates against any group of people, it must be equal opportunity or it is unconstitutional. This should have been made apparent when slavery was abolished and women gained the right to vote.

You cannot allow Muslims to place swastika in protest to Jews, so-called art displays to submerge Christ on the cross in a jar of urine, or Mexicans to burn the American flag and say these are expressions of freedom of speech and then turn around and charge someone with a felony for placing a Koran in a toilet. This is automatically discrimination, unless all of the others are also charged with felonies. You cannot allow black on white crime, illegal alien on U.S. citizen crime, Islamic on Christian crime or the murder of millions on innocent babies and say these are not hate crimes and expect us to swallow that a Jew placing a Koran in the toilet is a crime. That is a line of bull and we all know it and we all need to call the skunk for what it is. It is time to stop cowering to every group who wants to control us using fear, threats and God forbid racism.

It is being reported that 23-year-old Stanislav Shmulevich of Brooklyn faces jail time for it. He’s a Pace University student arrested on Friday on hate-crime charges after he threw a Koran in a toilet at Pace University on two separate occasions, according to police.

This is one of the most disgusting displays of prejudice and discrimination by law enforcement I have had the unfortunate experience of knowing. I condemn all of those involved in this fiasco and call all Christians and Catholics, and everyone who has been discriminated against to condemn this blatant attempt to rip our rights away from us one at a time. This censorship must end before our freedom of speech is a distant memory and an American Gestapo busts your door down and arrests you for believing you should be free.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Catholic League Responds To Bigoted Comment By Rev. Rude - UPDATED WITH GOV. HUCKABEE'S STATEMENT

The Catholic League issued a statement today condemning the bigoted remarks of Rev. Rude. As a devout Roman Catholic I can say with absolutely no doubt that Gov. Mike Huckabee would never condone the actions of Rev. Rude. One of the reasons my wife and I decided to support Gov. Huckabee is because he is not the type of politician to issue vicious and unwarranted attacks. Gov. Huckabee is a man and a politician who knows what he believes and has absolutely no problem articulating his positions without having to stoop to this level.

I am sure everyone knows that every presidential campaign has thousands of supporters and a candidate cannot be held responsible for irresponsible remarks their supporters may make. I commend the Catholic League for very clearly pointing out that they do not believe that Gov. Huckabee would ever support these actions. As far as Sam Brownback, there are many reasons why Christians and Catholics should not support him such as amnesty and his habit of dirty, cheap political tricks. Being Catholic is not a legitimate reason to not support him unless you have issues you need to resolve with God. Here is the Catholic League's press release:


A letter is being circulated among evangelicals in Iowa asking them not to split the Christian vote between former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and Kansas Senator Sam Brownback; they are urged to vote for Huckabee, an evangelical, over Brownback, a Roman Catholic.

The letter stems from Walnut Creek Community Church in Windsor Heights. It says that unlike President George W. Bush, and his father, both of whom had to learn “how to speak to evangelicals,” Governor Huckabee is “one of us.” The missive continues as follows: “I know Senator Brownback converted to Roman Catholicism in 2002. Frankly, as a recovering Catholic myself, that is all I need to know about his discernment when compared to the Governor’s. I don’t know if this fact is widely known among evangelicals who are supporting Brownback.”

This issue was addressed today by Catholic League president Bill Donohue:

“Discernment. Evangelicals have it, and Catholics do not. But are those evangelicals who express themselves this way capable of discerning the difference between persuasiveness and abrasiveness? Do they really think all Catholics are rote-minded robots who let the Vatican do their thinking for them? We thought we’d gotten beyond such nonsense, but apparently some stereotypes are proving hardier than others.

“Like Sam Brownback, Mike Huckabee is a man of character, and as such he would never choose to be associated with such bigotry. The blame for this incident lies squarely with Rev. Tim Rude, pastor of the church. Unfortunately for him, he has now compounded his problem by saying that he did not intend his e-mail to be made public, and that in any event, ‘All I was trying to say is that Protestants should vote for Protestants.’ Great. But now that his gig is up—everyone knows about his stealth campaign against Brownback—the time has come for Rev. Rude (what a great name!) to fess up and apologize. He might also take this opportunity to explain his lack of confidence in the ability of Protestants to discern whom they should vote for in the election.”

Kiera M. McCaffrey
Director of Communications
Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights
New York, NY 10123
212-371-3394 (fax)


Press Release: Former Gov. Mike Huckabee Issues Statement About Campaign Supporters

July, 31 2007

LITTLE ROCK, AR – Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee Tuesday issued the following statement in response to media inquiries about an e-mail issued by Rev. Tim Rude in Iowa:

“We are glad that Rev. Rude issued an apology and clarification for his comments. They were not authorized by, disseminated by, approved by, or condoned by the campaign. Our campaign enjoys strong support from Catholics as well as evangelicals, and for that matter, from people whose support is not faith-based at all. I have spoken in Catholic churches and maintained a strong relationship with Christian brothers and sisters from many denominations.

“While I’m deeply grateful that many people of faith support me because they know I represent views compatible with theirs, I know that there are many others who support me because of an effective record of achieving results. Either way, I’m grateful for the support.

“I consider Sam Brownback a Christian brother and know that he feels likewise toward me. Like Senator Brownback, several key members of my staff are Roman Catholic. As believers, we don’t have time to fight each other. We need to focus on having a servant’s spirit and bringing hope to those who have given up.”

Gov. Huckabee has reported that Rev. Rude has apologized and I accept his apology as every Catholic should as we are all guilty of mistakes. Now let's band together and get onto important issues like ending abortion and securing our borders by electing Gov. Huckabee. - D. Roman

Think You Know Church and State, Watch This

I got this great video from Sloane Reality. It shows Gov. Huckabee accurately explaining the Founders' original intent of so-called Church and State.

Here is a link to Religion Under attack, a post we did earlier this year in which we placed several of America's greatest leaders quotes on God's place in American society.

An Overlooked Accomplishment

Here is an article on one of President Bush's accomplishments that gets overlooked.

NICE, France (Reuters) - Libya's ties with America are improving but some issues still block full normalization despite the release of six foreign medics in a move long sought by the West, Muammar Gaddafi's influential son said on Monday. [read more]

A Moving Story of Hope

WorldNetDaily had an extremely inspiring article that I think everyone should read.

There's a devastating sickness abroad in our land.

HIV? No, that's very serious and alarmingly widespread, but it pales in contrast to the sickness I'm talking about here. Polio? No, the Salk vaccine seems to have brought that scourge under control. Cancer? No, although hundreds of thousands of Americans are afflicted with this dread malady – and too many die – it's not the sickness I'm not talking about.

I'm referring to a sickness that is taking the lives of some million and a half young Americans every year, and has claimed an estimated 40 million lives since 1973. I'm talking about abortion. [read more]

Monday, July 30, 2007

Huckabee On CNN

Gov. Huckabee and Gov. Richardson debated each other today on CNN. One Mom has the Transcript and break down. Gov. Huckabee, once again, showed how politics should be conducted. He and Gov. Richardson debated important issues like Iraq and health care. While both had differing positions, they debated in a respectful manner that put both sides out there for the voters to decide for themselves. There was more substance in this short debate then in the full length debates.

Abortion And Amnesty International

California Catholic Daily has an article on Amnesty International new pro-abortion stance and it is worth reading.

(CNA) -- Amnesty International remains defiant about its new pro-abortion stance despite receiving worldwide criticism for its decision to abandon the group’s long standing neutrality on the issue, and has decided instead to embrace abortion as a human right.

Amnesty was founded in 1961 by a Catholic convert, the late Peter Benenson, and has enjoyed the support of Catholic organizations and individuals in its campaigns against torture and capital punishment. It has also received praise in the past for staying clear of the abortion issue, which the organization has viewed as "outside its mandate" for the last 50 years.
[read more]

A Disgrace For The Top-Tier Is An Opportunity For Huckabee

I had decided to not do a post on Giuliani and Romney possibly skipping the CNN YouTube debate. However, I have not seen my concern addressed so I will take a stab at it. The Republican Party to me is the Party of Ideas and now we have some of our Republican candidates unwilling to debate in this new setting. What this says to me is that they have no new ideas and they are unwilling to answer questions from the average American. Any candidate who is unwilling to participate in this debate is not deserving of the nomination. If they can't handle a question from a snowman who has more integrity than most of the mainstream media then how are they going to handle the grilling questions they will receive everyday once they are the nominee?

On the positive side this will give several second tier candidate, who no doubt will attend, an opportunity to actually get some decent time. I originally considered waiting to post this until Huckabee announced that he was going to attend, but I see no way Huckabee would not be there. He has been trying to get people to ask him questions while the so-called top tier candidates have been ducking them. He also has an agenda with positive ideas such as energy independence within 10 years, the Fair Tax, and a culture of life from conception through natural death and he is not afraid to explain and defend his bold and new ideas. If your candidate has decided that they are too good to participate in the debate and you are interested in a candidate who is willing to fight for the nomination then click here to learn more about Governor Huckabee.

Media Advisory

Former AR Governor Mike Huckabee to Appear on CNN’s “The Situation Room” with anchor Wolf Blitzer at 4:00 p.m. ET / 3:00 p.m. CT to discuss presidential politics and other topics.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

40 Days For Life

WorldNetDaily has a great article on the upcoming 40 Days For Life Program. This program will be a nation-wide, around the clock prayer vigils at abortion clinics. A much more limited version of this program has already saved lives. I was proud to read that their Wisconsin team is ready.

Pro-life volunteers are getting ready to pull out the heavy-duty artillery in their war against abortion, with a 40 Days for Life plan scheduled this fall that will flood abortion clinics across the country with prayer, 24 hours a day, for the length of the campaign.

Volunteer Director David Bereit told WND the campaign already has been used in several cities, with impressive results, and leaders felt the need to coordinate a national effort that will run Sept. 26-Nov. 4. [read more]

This is a great program because even if you cannot be directly involved you can pray for their success in the days leading up to the event and you can lift up your prayers to end abortion during the event. I truly believe that one of the most important things is for us to stand up for those who cannot defend themselves.

Photo provided by the great Catholic resource site of

A Great New Blog

A friend of mine just started a great new blog called jCircadian. It is very politically incorrect. So if you are tired of reading the same old tired articles and are ready for a fresh new perspective then head on over to it and remember to leave your comments.

Rove Has Got It Wrong

Robert Novak reported in an article he did for human events that Karl Rove is telling Republican House candidates for 2008 that 2006 was more about corruption in Congress than the war in Iraq. Personally, I think that is a line of bull. When I was working the call centers most of the voters I had contact with were extremely upset over Iraq.

Some of our staunchest conservative supporters felt that we did not go in with enough troops and that we were foolish to disband the Iraqi army. While the moderates were furious and felt this war could not be won by military force, but had to be won with political solutions. The liberals thought Bush lied and went to war to get Iraq's oil, or to avenge the attempt on his father's life.

Don't get me wrong, there was the occasional complaint about the corruption and I personally was disgusted with how the Republicans in Congress had acted from the time Bush was elected through 2006, but if the Republican party is going to win in 2008 they must address all of the mistakes of the past and not just corruption. I guarantee you on top of the voters' minds will be Iraq.