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Another Victory For The Huckabee Team

I am going to try and put down a couple of thoughts on Gov. Huckabee's huge victory today. This is a victory because Gov. Huckabee had everything going against him today, but he shocked everyone with a strong second finish. Think about this, Gov. Romney has brought in over $43.5 million compared to Gov. Huckabee's $1.3 million. Gov. Romney has been running TV and radio ads for months in Iowa. He has had permanent staff members and family members going around Iowa getting his message out. It is reported that Gov. Romney rented up to 150 buses, paid for some supporters hotel rooms and food, he has received more media attention than Gov. Huckabee, and received considerably more time during the debates. What did it get him? A win by only 1929 votes. Hardly the decisive blowout that we have been hearing about from the mainstream media for weeks now.

Now compared to this massive juggernaut all Gov. Huckabee had was a dedicated staff and supporters, a successful record as Governor of Arkansas, and the IT factor. You are probably wondering what the IT factor is. If you have ever heard Gov. Huckabee you know what I am talking about. It is hard to quantify into simple terms, but it is the feeling when you meet someone or hear them speak and you know they are just like you and that they understand the real world. They make you actually care about what happens to them.

The only other politician I have felt this way towards was Ronald Reagan. His fight with Alzheimer's and his death hit me like a ton of bricks just as if he were a part of my family and from the out pouring we witnessed millions of others felt the same way. We were lucky to have lived during Reagan's Presidency, but we are even more blessed to see the rise of Gov. Huckabee and have a chance to be a part of it.

The nation has a deep divide over how to address almost every major issue and many people have given up on the process altogether. Then here comes this obscure Governor with a reassuring voice, who has a bold new agenda to make America whole again. He has the ability to not only expand the Republican Party, but to articulate his views in a straight forward, non-combative way that can bring about real change and progress in Washington.

While Gov. Huckabee has proven that he is a true fiscal conservative by effectively managing his meager funds, he will require an increase in financial support so that he can get his message of positive change out to as many people as possible. So if you can donate even a few dollars to the Governor please do so now and if you are a blogger and are interested in being part of a truly grassroots movement then please submit your blog for Gov. Huckabee's blogroll. My wife and I have made many friends due to our involvement in Gov. Huckabee's campaign. Now I would like to highlight some of our favorite Huckabee blogs that have great posts out on Huckabee's victory tonight:

Mike Huckabee '08

Massachusetts for Mike Huckabee

A Buck For Huck

One Mom

SC 4 Huckabee

Bob Vander Plaats after the Straw Poll

Press Release: Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee Offers Prayers of Hope for Trapped Utah Miners and Their Families

August 11, 2007

Ames, IA – Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee offered words of support for the six miners trapped in a mine shaft in Huntington, Utah, while participating in today’s Republican Party of Iowa Straw Poll.

“Janet and I extend our thoughts and prayers to the miners and their families during this heartbreaking time of uncertainty. In a time like this, everything else takes a back seat – and we are reminded once again of the value of life and family. It’s comforting to see how our great nation, and people around the world, have embraced the families of Crandall Canyon and are praying for the safe return of their loved ones.”

Bob Vander Plaats from the Straw Poll

Iowa Straw Poll

The Politico's Johnathan Martin has some interesting information on what all of the campaigns have in the works to bring people in today. It should be an interesting place to check throughout the day.

Mike Huckabee's chief lure is music. And conveniently for a candidate who doesn't have a lot of cash, Huck BHOBs (Brings His Own Band). He'll play bass for Capitol Offense as they rock out to a variety of old-school covers. "I don’t know what the other campaigns are going to do," Huckabee said in a brief chat yesterday at the state fair, "but they’re gonna have a hard time hearing over us." [read more]

Gov. Huckabee's team has been constantly updating their blog and will be throughout the day. There are already several interesting videos posted and you can get a real feel for the behind the scenes preparation. Let's keep Gov. Huckabee and his campaign in our prayers throughout the day.

Straw Poll Live On C-Span

On C-Span at 11:30 AM Central they will be carrying the Iowa straw poll live.

Need Tickets, Want Tickets, Contact Governor Huckabee's campaign in Iowa.

August 10, 2007

Please contact our Iowa office concerning tickets for the Saturday August 11, Iowa Straw Poll. If you still need tickets please signup with us online at

Iowa HQ- 515-288-3708Iowa Email:

Gov. Beasley Reports in from Iowa

Friday, August 10, 2007

Catholic League News Release


Tomorrow in Mexico City, Amnesty International is expected to approve an abortion-rights policy at its biennial conference; the policy was adopted this past spring.

Catholic League president Bill Donohue commented as follows:

“Responding to criticism from the Vatican, as well as from American bishops, Amnesty issued a news release on June 14 saying that it does not promote abortion as a ‘universal right’ and ‘remains silent on the rights and wrongs of abortion.’ More recently, Kate Gilmore, Amnesty’s deputy secretary-general, has criticized the Catholic Church’s opposition, holding that ‘our purpose invokes the law and the state, not God.’

“This is simply dishonest. While it is true that Amnesty has thus far withheld support for abortion as a universal right, the very fact that it has—for the first time—engaged this issue (on the pro-abortion side) means that it has broken its silence. Regarding Gilmore’s remark, it is disingenuous to pretend that abortion is a religious matter: it is a human rights issue.

“In 1948, the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 3 of which says, ‘Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.’ Article 25, section 2, reads, ‘Motherhood and childhood are entitled to special care and assistance.’ In 1959, the same body issued the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, and in the Preamble of Resolution 1386, it explicitly says, ‘Whereas the child, by reason of his physical and mental immaturity, needs special safeguards and care, including appropriate legal protection, before as well as after birth….’ (Our emphasis.) And in 1989, the same entity proclaimed the Convention on the Rights of the Child, stating in Part I, Article 6, that ‘States Parties recognize that every child has the inherent right to life.’

“In short, Amnesty International has betrayed its mission by violating the most fundamental right of all—the right to be born. Practicing Catholics should withdraw their support of this phony organization.”

Kiera M. McCaffrey
Director of Communications
Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights
New York, NY 10123
212-371-3394 (fax)

Media Advisory

August 10, 2007

Little Rock, AR – Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee will be a guest tonight on Bloomberg News’ “Money and Politics” at 5:10 p.m. ET / 4:10 p.m. CT to discuss the upcoming Republican Party of Iowa Straw Poll.

Gov. Huckabee will also be a guest on CBS “Face the Nation” with host Bob Schieffer on Sunday Morning at 10:30 a.m. / 9:30 a.m. CT. to discuss the outcome of the Republican Party of Iowa Straw Poll. Please check local listings for broadcast time.

One Mom On Governor Huckabee

One Mom has an article on Governor Huckabee and it is worth reading.

When I first saw Mike Huckabee on television being interviewed, my initial thoughts were of President Reagan. I found in Mike Huckabee a man with a sincere heart, a gift for open, honest (yet always kind and fair-minded) communication with whomever he was talking. I saw a man with a passion and love for this country that I have not found in any politician since Ronald Reagan left the Oval office.

Mike Huckabee is running for President of the United States of America because he believes he has a responsibility to serve and to work to make our country greater and stronger … and just maybe restore a little of the brightness to the city on the hill that we have lost in recent years. And the thing you need to know my dear reader, is that Mike Huckabee is the very person who can restore honor to the office of President … hope to our citizens … economic strength and opportunity for all of us … security to our borders … a renewed strong relationship with our allies around the world.

As a parent - a homeschooling mom - and as a Christian, I firmly believe that should any candidate (from any party) other than Mike Huckabee be elected as our next President, we will face greater concerns with terror at home and abroad, and we will face worsening economic conditions for all but the very rich (Mike Huckabee is not one of the very rich candidates, he will fight for those of us working and in many cases struggling in this current economy). If Mike Huckabee is not elected President, we face bigger government infringing on more and more of our freedoms. [read more]

The Big Four

Thursday, August 09, 2007

More Praise For Gov. Huckabee

Ken Blackwell wrote a piece on that absolutely lays out the case for why Gov. Huckabee should be our President or at the very least considered for Vice President. He puts into context Gov. Huckabee's entire record and why he believes Gov. Huckabee will reach moderates and swing voters while holding the base.

The only disagreement I have with former Secretary Blackwell's great article is that he states that the candidate who could benefit the most from Gov. Huckabee as VP is Rudy Giuliani. As I have stated many times before I could never vote for any ticket that had a pro-abortion candidate on it like Giuliani just as I know many other conservatives feel the same.

This is what Republican leadership fail to recognize about their base; it is not a billboard issue for us, it is about ending the state sanctioned slaughter of defenseless and innocent babies, protecting our rights and securing our country's future. Other than that I agree with this article.

There’s another governor from Hope, Ark., seeking to become the president of America. He’s Mike Huckabee. And while many would think that his hometown is the only thing Mr. Huckabee has in common with President Clinton, they share one other thing as well: Mr. Huckabee knows how to appeal to both the party base and middle America at the same time.

Just as New Hampshire made Bill Clinton the comeback kid in 1992, this weekend’s Iowa straw poll could do the same for the charismatic, but underfunded Mr. Huckabee, especially since Messrs. Giuliani and McCain have backed out of it and Mr. Thompson isn’t even in it.

At first glance, Governor Huckabee seems to be a ready-made ideal candidate for social conservatives. He’s an ordained Baptist pastor, with a seminary degree, lifelong conservative views on religion, abortion, same-sex marriage, and the Second Amendment.

Yet at the same time, Mr. Huckabee has the ability to explain his views on divisive issues in a way that doesn’t alienate those who differ with his policy stances. [read more]

Great Clips of the Governor

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Why Catholics Should Support Huckabee

If you are a moderate or a liberal Catholic, Opinionated Catholic has a must-read post for you.

Huckabee has really caught some fire since the last debate. I am trying to target my Catholic for Huckabee posts to both Catholic Democrats and Catholic Republicans. I think his message and his views are ones that call to all of us.

If you are a Catholic Democrat ,I ask you to consider voting for Hike Huckabee in your state's primary. Some states are open primaries which means even as a democrat you can vote in the GOP primary. IF you have questions on that leave a comment with the state you live in and I will find out the answer.

I have a feeling that most people that read this blog are anti abortion. For the sake of the Pro-Life movement, I think it is in everyone's interest to make sure we have a PRO-LIFE GOP nominee. THe GOP has not had a pro-choice nominee since Gerald Ford. The primaries are so front loaded this year that pro-lifers cannot wait to get involve and starting thinking about these matters. [read more]

First Primary Votes In December?

The Wall Street Journal Online is reporting that it appears that South Carolina and New Hampshire are going to move up their primary dates. With this happening, more than likely Iowa will move their caucus into December; before Christmas. This could not be better news for Gov. Huckabee's campaign. This blows out of the water everything the mainstream media has been claiming about this race. Gov. Mike Huckabee, who does not have millions of dollars to waste, would now be able to put everything he has into Iowa. With a win in Iowa he would have extra media exposure and no doubt donations to compete in Florida, New Hampshire and South Carolina.

It almost seems like divine intervention is at play considering all of the things that are happening and propelling Gov. Huckabee forward as the anti-establishment candidate. I have no doubt that when Gov. Huckabee gets elected President he will remember that it was the everyday man and woman who got him elected and not the mainstream media or corporate interests. So to everyone out there who believes that it is too early to get behind a candidate we more than likely have only 4 months until the first votes are cast in the Primary. Do you want your voice to be muted and business to continue as usual in Washington D.C.? If you want a bold new direction then please go to Gov. Huckabee's website and make a donation.

Media Advisory: Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee to be a Guest Today on MSNBC’s “Hardball with Chris Matthews”

August 08, 2007

Little Rock, AR – Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee will be a guest on MSNBC’s “Hardball with Chris Matthews” today at 5:10pm ET / 4:10 p.m. CT. Topics will be Gov. Huckabee's standing in recent ‘08 polls and the upcoming Iowa Straw Poll.

New Republican Presidential Rankings

Republican Race '08 has their new Republican Presidential Rankings out and I believe they are spot-on.

1. Mitt Romney

Well Mitt's use of the almighty dollar puts him at the front of the pack in Iowa and for that case in the race itself. Romney has made sure he is not unknown going into the straw poll. But is Mitt really how Iowa wants? Polls have shown that Romney's message has just not spoke loudly in Iowa. Not nearly as much as his name and face. Lets face the facts, Mitt Romney cleans up well and is an extremely good public speaker and puts out a great image on television looking like a family man who is just another average American, the only part of that, that will come back to bit him is in the Straw Poll and Caucus the voters get to see the candidates in real life and in real life Mitt does not come off anywhere as good as he does on television. Money and popularity have gotten Romney to the top spot, but it is not likely that he will take Iowa just to the fact that Iowans have through out history filtered the phonies out of the race. And that's all Romney is. A pretty talking head phony.

2. Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee has been on an unbelievable tear as of late. It looked as if he was about to take a big hit after the second quarter fundraising figures came out. Huckabee had finished in the bottom 3 of Republicans and it looked like his campaign was about to go into panic mode. However Mike had different plans. Just as the name of his latest book, his campaign has risen From Hope to Higher Ground. After the ABC News debate from Iowa it seems as if Huckabee has an excellent chance at not only placing highly at the straw poll, but even winning the poll in Ames. During the Iowa/ABC News Debate Dr. Frank Luntz (one of the nations top political pollsters) used the new real-time dial technology that let's voters give an immediate feedback to what they think about what the candidate is saying. Dr. Luntz said that Huckabee's numbers went through the roof when attacked the Suadi royal family and their involvement and funding of terrorism with money coming from US oil revenue and that America needs to be independent on energy within 10 years. Read this small portion of a article... [read more]

What America's Foundation Rests Upon

Here is an article from a couple of days ago by one of my heros, Judge Roy Moore. It is a must read for all Christians. This is something that Gov. Huckabee understands and the establishment in Washington will never acknowledge.

Many people in our country have a bleak view of the future. Political corruption, immorality, terrorism, threats to American sovereignty and the prospect of continued wars in the Middle East contribute to this dark outlook. However, long ago Jesus warned us that "wars and rumors of wars" must come to pass, "but the end is not yet." Neither do the formidable obstacles that confront us today signal the end of America in view of God's providential design for our nation.

Throughout the Revolutionary War, American soldiers felt God's providential presence. On Aug. 29, 1776, not long after our war for independence against Great Britain began, things appeared hopeless for the American cause. Colonial forces under the command of Gen. George Washington on Long Island, N.Y., had suffered a great number of casualties. Although saved from complete defeat by heavy rains, the ill-equipped army found itself surrounded on three sides by an overwhelming British force commanded by Gen. William Howe. Outnumbered 3 to 1, with their backs to the mile-wide East River that was controlled by the British Navy, the Continental Army's situation was "perilous" and presented "most formidable obstacles," according to Col. Benjamin Tallmadge of Connecticut. [read more]

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Media Advisory: Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee to be a Guest on National Radio and Television Programs on Wednesday, August 8

August 07, 2007

Little Rock, AR – Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee will be a guest on the following national radio and television programs on Wednesday, Aug. 8:

7:40 a.m. ET / 6:40 a.m. CT – Guest on FOX News’ “Fox and Friends” with hosts Brian Kilmeade, Allisyn Camerota, and Steve Doocey to discuss our nation’s air traffic control system and other issues.

9:15 a.m. ET / 8:15 a.m. CT – Guest on the nationally-syndicated radio program, “The Laura Ingraham Show,” to discuss the upcoming Iowa Straw Poll. Check your local listings for broadcast or listen live via the internet on . (If you can't get Laura Ingraham locally, you can listen to her online at 9 AM Central to 12 PM at 660 KSKY Radio)

Other interviews TBA.

For more information, please visit:

Press Release: RPW Chairman Applauds Green Ambassadorship

August 6, 2007

RPW Chairman Applauds Green Ambassadorship

MADISON – After Mark Green was confirmed as ambassador to Tanzania by the United States Senate Friday, the Chairman of the Republican Party of Wisconsin, Reince Priebus said Green’s departure would be a loss for Wisconsin, but a great addition for Tanzania.

"On behalf of every Wisconsin Republican, I would like to thank Mark Green for everything he gave to our great state. He will be missed deeply.

Our Party has thrived under Mark’s leadership and I have no doubt he will carry on his proud tradition of hard work and dedication as he reaches outside our state to continue making a difference. His experience and commitment make him extremely well-suited to serve the great people of Tanzania and I am sure he will serve them as admirably as he served Wisconsin. I can’t think of a better man for the job.”

The Senate confirmed Green’s ambassadorship after Senator John Kerry lifted his hold on the nomination Friday.

A member of the United States House of Representatives from 1998 to 2006, Green served on the House Judiciary and International Relations committees. He later gave up his seat to run for governor. Prior to his time in Congress, Green served in the Wisconsin State Assembly from 1992 to 1998. Green recently rejoined the Godfrey & Kahn law firm in Green Bay where he works to help Wisconsin companies create jobs.

I was a volunteer for Mark Green during his campaign for Governor and I am happy he and his family have a chance to continue to serve this country.

Press Release: Rep. Kagen Votes Against Tools to Fight Terrorism

August 6, 2007

MADISON – Representative Steve Kagen voted against a bill that provides important tools to help fight terrorism, opting to please his Party bosses in Washington instead of protecting his constituents in Northeast Wisconsin.

“Thanks to the Republicans in Wisconsin who voted to amend the outdated FISA law, Wisconsinites can feel confident that our intelligence community has the tools they need to fight terrorists. Its just too bad Steve Kagen wasn’t one of the 41 Democrats who had enough sense to put the safety of their constituents ahead of their Party bosses,” said Mark Jefferson, Executive Director of the Republican Party of Wisconsin.

Kagen voted against a bill to amend and update the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) of 1978. It clarifies the law allowing U.S. intelligence officials to conduct surveillance on foreign targets located overseas. It does not affect surveillance laws on U.S. soil. The bill passed the House by a vote of 227-183, with 41 Democrats breaking ranks from Speaker Pelosi because they understood the necessity of the measure to keep up with changing technology.

“In our constant fight to keep our country safe from terrorism, I am extremely concerned Congressman Kagen couldn’t see past partisan politics to understand the importance of a bill that simply brings our terrorism surveillance into the 21st century,” said Jefferson. “Kagen’s constituents deserve to know why pleasing Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are more important than their safety.”

The Looming Threat

I am writing this post today on an urgent matter that is virtually being ignored by our current leadership and most of the candidates running for President. Most people will acknowledge that our military is stretched to the breaking point. We don't currently have the troops to properly occupy Iraq, let alone fight another enemy. While Russia and China are arming at an alarming rate the U.S. is asleep.

Our leadership refuses to acknowledge that we must immediately start arming our military and start expanding it as Reagan did in the 80's. Even the mainstream media is starting to acknowledge the threat out there. Russia is in the process of reactivating two of its naval bases in Syria, which was closed down at the end of the Cold War. This gives Russia basing directly in the Mediterranean Sea. It also puts them just north of the strategically important Suez Canal. Russia, China, and several Caspian Sea region nations will be conducting joint military exercises this week. This will of course help them work out command and control issues and inter-service cooperation.

Russia has also set aside £100 billion over the next eight years to purchase arms, on top of their current budget. Also, due to the fact that Russia and China have lower personnel costs and cheaper manufacturing expenses their money goes a lot farther than ours. They also report their defense budgets in a unique way that does not factor in up to 40% of actual defense expenditures, so that the gap between U.S., Russia, and China defense expenditures is not nearly as wide as it appears at first glance. Additionally, Russia has announced this past Sunday that they will be producing a whole new generation of intercontinental ballistic missiles for their submarine service.

I think I have more than proven my point. The threat exists, it is not hypothetical. Now it is up to you, you must contact your representatives and every candidate running for office and demand to know what (in detail) they plan to do to provide for the security of this country and to make sure we maintain our military superiority. If we fail to hold our leaders accountable on this issue, it will come down to two choices; do you want to die in the initial assault or die in a Russian or Chinese concentration camp?

All Photos provided by the Department of Defense

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Media Advisory: Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee to be featured on MSNBC

August 06, 2007

Little Rock, AR – Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee will be a guest on Tuesday, April 7th at 11:00 a.m. ET / 10 a.m. CT on MSNBC’s “Super Tuesday: Polls, Politics and the People” with host Matt Lauer. Topics will include presidential politics and the campaign’s recent momentum in Iowa.

A Great Break Down Of The Debate

Conservative Guy did a very thorough and interesting breakdown of the debate. I especially like his opinion on how Huckabee and Tancredo did.

Mike Huckabee (8%) - Mike's great oratory skills helped him get the point across, and stay on message in this debate... He may have been the only candidate who did not stumble on their words, trying to make sure that they weren't waffling on an issue. The one thing that Mike Huckabee did not do is place the emphasis on the fact that he is polling third in the state, and gaining momentum. Mike's shining moment was when he stated that we need to spend our billions of dollars building our own infrastructure, and building democracy at home, before we try it around the world... in response to a question about our crumbling and aged infrastructure, i.e. the NY steam pipe explosion and the Minneapolis bridge collapse. [read more]

What do you think? Who do you feel won the debate and why?

Our 30,000 Hit

Late last night we broke 30,000 hits. We started this blog April 1, 2007, and most of the hits have come during the last two months. So we want to say thank you to all of our readers and supporters. 2006 posts are from our previous blog.

International Traffic May Have Contributed To Bridge Collapse

WorldNetDaily is reporting that international truck traffic may have contributed to the collapse of the Minnesota bridge and it is only going to get worse if the NAFTA highway goes into effect.

WND has unearthed a Federal Highway Administration report dating back to 1998 that warned increasing NAFTA truck traffic was expected to create a safety concern with bridges in states along the I-35 NAFTA Superhighway, including Minnesota.

The study concluded that, "The I-35 Corridor's multimodal transportation hubs – where air, rail, river, and truck cargo converge – make I-35 ideally positioned to be a major route for what is expected to be increasing levels of international trade activity." [read more]

The Changing Perceptions On Iraq

Michael Barone has an interesting article on on the changing perceptions on the war in Iraq. I personally think that it is sick that a political party is actually calculating their political gains based on us losing. It now looks like they may have miscalculated.

It's not often that an opinion article shakes up Washington and changes the way a major issue is viewed. But that happened last week, when The New York Times printed an opinion article by Brookings Institution analysts Michael O'Hanlon and Ken Pollack on the progress of the surge strategy in Iraq.

Yes, progress. O'Hanlon and Pollack supported the invasion of Iraq in 2003 -- Pollack even wrote a book urging the overthrow of Saddam Hussein -- but they have sharply criticized military operations there in the ensuing years.

"As two analysts who have harshly criticized the Bush administration's miserable handling of Iraq," they wrote, "we were surprised by the gains we saw and the potential to produce not necessarily 'victory,' but a sustainable stability that both we and the Iraqis could live with." [read more]

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Press Release: Mike Huckabee is Decisive Winner of GOP Debate

Former Arkansas Governor is Tied for Third Place Among Declared Candidates

August, 05 2007

Des Moines, IA – Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee came out as the obvious winner in today's Iowa Republican debate in Des Moines, Iowa, according to news reports. The victory comes on the heels of Huckabee's strong showing in the latest ABC News-Washington Post telephone poll of 402 likely caucus-goers (conducted July 26-31). The new poll places Huckabee in a tie for third place among declared candidates – and gaining momentum.

The campaign welcomed the good news, which comes in the final week before the August 11th Ames Straw Poll. "Iowa voters saw Mike Huckabee define himself again today as a candidate with executive experience and a message focused on a strong, safe, economically vibrant America . He has what it takes to restore America's greatness," said Bob Vander Plaats, who chairs Huckabee's campaign in Iowa .

According to ABC News and the Washington Post, Huckabee did particularly well, also placing third for his understanding of the problems, likeability and being close to voters on the issues. The survey has a margin of 5 percentage points. He also is an appealing candidate to Evangelicals, placing second at 17 percent, followed by Fred Thompson, Rudy Giuliani and John McCain.

"Americans, and in particular, Iowans, are having a chance to see that Gov. Huckabee's message is right on target on Iraq, health care, national infrastructure and other vital issues of importance to our country," said Campaign Manager Chip Saltsman, who noted that Huckabee returned to Iowa on Aug. 1 and will campaign extensively around the state through the Aug. 11 straw poll.

On the issue of Iraq, Huckabee told ABC host George Stephanopoulos there is a successful compromise in the debate over staying in or pulling out of Iraq . "Certainly there's a middle ground George. And the middle ground is that we win this war and we do it with honor," Huckabee said. "We don't just stay indefinitely. We put some pressure – just like we have been the last week, with Secretary Rice and Secretary Gates – on the Saudis."

Huckabee said the Iraqi people need to take on more military and financial responsibility for themselves, and America need to end its dependence on foreign oil. "If we can feed ourselves, if we can fuel ourselves, if we can manufacture the weapons to fight for ourselves, we're a free people. If we can't do those three things, we're not free," Huckabee said to a round of applause.

In the area of health care, Huckabee stressed the need to focus on prevention rather than intervention.

"You know, if you want to know how to fix it, I've got a solution. Either give every American the same kind of health care that Congress has, or make Congress have the same kind of health care that every American has," Huckabee said.

Huckabee said "it's time for a major overhaul of our tax system" and urged others to support the Fair Tax.

"The reality is, if we could have the fair tax, you take $10 trillion parked offshore, bring it home, you rebuild the 'made in America' brand, you free up people to earn money, to work, you don't penalize them for taking a second job, you don't penalize them for investing, you don't penalize them for savings," Huckabee said.

"As Gov. Huckabee travels across Iowa , his message is connecting with the people," Saltsman said. "This poll shows that his momentum is growing and we expect that to continue in the weeks and months to come."

A Buck For Huck's Reactions And Predictions

A Buck For Huck has a great post on his Reaction To Debate...And Straw Poll Predictions. I agree with almost everything he states in the post.

Well lets start with the Debate...Mike was good...Truth be told...I think that was the worst of his 4 debates...BUT...According to Frank Luntz people/guinea pig experiments, Mike still won!...This is why Mike is so great...HE CAN ARTICULATE...Even on bad days he still has the mojo...As far as the others go...Mitt had moments but on the whole...he did too much explaining...Switchback had some good points...he just can't speak well...He pandered to the base about family that...Which I am for...big-time for...But he just can't speak...But he will be a Great Senate Ally...McCain I thought showed his age...I think McCain-Age-Amnesty=President...But you can't seperate the age and the amnesty...Tancredo is also one of my favorites...He would be a Great VP...But in reality...He will have to settle for House Majority Leader... [read more]

More Great Reviews of Huckabee's Performance

Mike Huckabee '08 has an Great post on peoples reaction to Gov. Huckabee during the debate and it is worth reading. He also has a link to videos of Gov. Huckabee's answers during the debate.

One Mom Breaks Down Blogger Conference Call

One mom has a detailed break down of the Blogger Conference Call.

MH: We will be heading to Sioux City after this phone call. We have moved into a strong 4th position in a new ABC Poll. Right after the debate … Frank Luntz (Fox News), reported from a focus group in Iowa that showed that I won the debate.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank George Stephanopoulos whodid an excellent job in ordering the debate. It was substantive discussion and they did a good job to give all the candidates an opportunity to be heard. They did an excellent job. [read more]

ABC Poll

Mike Huckabee '08 has a link to the ABC News Poll. So go on over and vote for Gov. Mike Huckabee. Also, while you are over on Mike Huckabee '08 check out the great posts.

Sloane Reality's Take On Huckabee Blogger Conference Call

Sloane Reality has a quick break down of Gov. Huckabee's Blogger Conference Call after the debate. We will link to the audio when it is posted and will have an article out later today.

Initial Impressions Of The Debate

I believe Gov. Huckabee had a strong performance today and had a chance to answer a broader range of questions. Massachusetts for Mike Huckabee has a post up stating that Frank Luntz declared Gov. Huckabee the winner of the debate based on audience reaction. As far as the moderator George Stephanopoulos goes, I feel he interrupted way too often and while he had better questions than in previous debates he still did not distribute time equally, in my opinion. Overall I would like to see some conservatives start moderating some of these debates. By conservatives I do not mean big business RINO's or libertarians.

Giuliani Must Go

Giuliani needs to just be truthful to himself, since the rest of us are not being fooled by his words, and switch to his true party; Giuliani is not now nor has he ever been a Republican. He is a Democrat through and through. In fact, I demand that he stop disgracing our party and leave. His views perfectly fit into the liberal goals of the Democrat party so I am sure they will accept him with open arms. How dare this man claim to be a Republican!

No one claiming to be pro-choice, anti-gun (in any form) or for gay marriage, in any form has what it takes to be a Republican and anyone who can support these views by voting for Giuliani want nothing more the Communism and should consider changing their party affiliation. Even when called out in the debate on his stands, he simply went over what his stands were. We know what his stands are, conservatives have issues with then and he is unapoligetic about them. How can your defense be the very fact that you believe the opposite of your party.

When asked during the debate what he would restore to the White House Giuliani began that as Mayor of New York... As Mayor of New York he said if she asked he would give his daughter the money for an abortion, he dressed in drag on several occasions (I will leave that interpretation up to you), he supported Civil Unions (which is gay marriage no matter what fancy name you give it, just like abortion is still murder), and they sued gun manufacturers (in violation of the 2nd Amendment). I ask all conservatives true to conservative ideals and the foundation of American itself to demand that GIULIANI MUST GO!

C-Span To Re Air Republican Presidential Debate

If you missed the debate this morning C-Span will be re airing it on Road to the White House: Republican Presidential Debate (6:30pm Eastern/5:30 Central)

Huckabee On The Issues

For anyone who just watched the debate or anyone just interested in more information on Gov. Huckabee we have put together a couple of highlights of his stands on various issues.

2nd Amendment Rights:

*The Second Amendment is primarily about tyranny and self-defense, not hunting. The Founding Fathers wanted us to beable to defend ourselves from our own government, if need be, and from all threats to our lives and property.

*Second Amendment rights belong to individuals, not cities or states. I oppose gun control based on geography.

*I consistently opposed banning assault weapons and opposed the Brady Bill.

*As Governor, I protected gun manufacturers from frivolous law suits.

*I was the first Governor in the country to have a concealed handgun license.
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Crisis Management:

*You need to know that your President will calmly and confidently lift you up in a crisis. During the massive emergency of Hurricane Katrina, when local, state, and federal governments were in melt-down, I stepped forward and directed the rescue and relief of 75,000 victims. Our island of success in a sea of failure was one of the reasons Time magazine named me one of America's five best governors.

*I will remove FEMA from the Department of Homeland Security and restore it to Cabinet status, so that the Director reports directly to me. My FEMA Director will have sterling credentials, including extensive, hands-on experience in disaster response.

*I will reassess, tighten, and strengthen the focus and mission of the Department of Homeland Security. When the Department was formed, it brought together 180,000 people from 22 agencies, and its size and structure have proven to be unwieldy and inefficient.

*I will address the many unresolved issues from 9/11, such as the security of our ports and our chemical plants. I will not allow the federal government to pre-empt stricter state standards enacted for your protection.
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Energy Independence:

*The first thing I will do as President is send Congress my comprehensive plan for energy independence. We will achieve energy independence by the end of my second term.

*Achieving energy independence is vital to achieving success both in the war on terror and in globalization. Energy independence will help guarantee both our safety and our prosperity.

*We have to explore, we have to conserve, and we have to pursue all avenues of alternative energy: nuclear, wind, solar, hydrogen, clean coal, biodiesel, and biomass.
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*Iraq is a battle in our generational, ideological war on terror.

*The Democrats deny that the war in Iraq is part of the war on terror even as we fight Al Qaeda there. Al Qaeda seeks permanent bases in Anbar province to plot and train against us.

*General Petraeus and our troops are giving their all to provide a window of opportunity for the Iraq government to succeed, while the Democrats are running for the exit doors.

*The surge is a military means to achieve the political end of sectarian reconciliation among the Iraqis.

*Setting a timetable for withdrawal is a mistake. This country has never declared war until "a week from Wednesday," we have always declared war until victory.

*I am focused on winning. Withdrawal would have serious strategic consequences for us and horrific humanitarian consequences for the Iraqis.

*I support a regional summit so that Iraq's neighbors become militarily and financially committed to stabilizing Iraq.
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Health Care:

*The health care system in this country is irrevocably broken, in part because it is only a "health care" system, not a "health" system.

*We don't need universal health care mandated by federal edict.

*We do need to get serious about preventive health care.

*I advocate policies that will encourage the private sector to seek innovative ways to bring down costs.

*I value the states' role as laboratories for new market-based approaches.

*When I'm President, Americans will have more control of their health care options, not less.

*As President, I will work with the private sector, Congress, health care providers, and other concerned parties to lead a complete overhaul of our health care system.

*Our health care system is making our businesses non-competitive in the global economy. It is time to recognize that jobs don't need health care, people do, and move from employer-based to consumer-based health care.
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