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"Hope For America" - The Story Of Mike Huckabee

I got this video from jCircadian. This is an extremely moving and honest look at Gov. Mike Huckabee.

Presidential Cancer Forum

One Mom has a unique and very good post on the Presidential Candidate Cancer Forum being hosted by Lance Armstrong. For those who don't know One Mom is a public health professional so she has the experience to express an educated opinion.

On August 27th (Democrats) and August 28th, Lance Armstrong is hosting the first ever Presidential Candidate Cancer Forums. These will be televised by MSNBC. MSNBC’S Chris Matthews will co-moderate with Lance Armstrong; Iowa state elected officials to host. [read more]

Media Advisory: Former Gov. Mike Huckabee to appear on Fox News Channel on Sunday

August 18, 2007

FYI -- Former AR Governor Mike Huckabee to appear on Fox News Channel on Sunday, August 19 at approx. 12:50 pm ET. The Governor is campaigning in New Hampshire to build upon his strong showing in the Iowa Straw Poll. He will discuss '08 politics and other topics.

Media Advisory: Mike Huckabee Returns To South Carolina After Strong Showing In Iowa Straw Poll

August 18, 2007

LITTLE ROCK, AR – Former Governor Mike Huckabee (AR) will campaign in South Carolina on August 21 and 22, following his strong showing in the Republican Party of Iowa Straw Poll. Gov. Huckabee will make the following appearances:

(NOTE: Subject to change.)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

12:00 p.m. ET – York, SC – Speaks to supporters at luncheon, The Palmetto Room, 22 N. Congress Street. Contact: Joe St. John, Tel: 803-371-0083

1:40 p.m. ET – Rock Hill, SC – Guest on WRHI Radio, 1340 AM.

3:00 p.m. ET – Fort Mill, SC – Speaks to supporters at Beef O’ Brady’s in Baxter Village, 940 Market Street. Contact: Joe St. John, Tel: 803-371-0083

4:00 p.m. ET – Charlotte, NC – Guest on “The Danny Fontana Show” on WDYT 1220 AM.

5:30 p.m. ET – Fort Mill, SC – Speaks to supporters at pre-game reception prior to throwing out the first pitch for the Charlotte Knights vs. Norfolk Tides baseball game, Knights Stadium, 2280 Deerfield Dr. Contact: Joe St. John, Tel: 803-371-0083

7:05 p.m. ET – Fort Mill, SC – Throws out the first pitch at the Charlotte Knights vs. Norfolk Tides baseball game, Knights Stadium, 2280 Deerfield Dr.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

7:30 a.m. ET – Greenville, SC – Meet Mike Huckabee Breakfast and media availability at Tommy’s Ham House, 214 Rutherford Avenue. Contact: Adam Piper, Tel: 803-237-0974

12:00 p.m. ET – Spartanburg, SC – Meet Mike Huckabee Lunch and media availability at The Beacon Drive-In, 255 John B. White Blvd. Contact: Adam Piper, Tel: 803-237-0974

Michigan To Move Up Primary

It appears that Michigan is going to move its primary up to January 15. Of course, this will probably push Iowa up to December, which is something their Governor was reluctant to do. I feel this will greatly help Gov. Mitt Romney in the nomination process as he already has strong showing and organization in New Hampshire and Michigan. He just recently won the Iowa and Illinois straw polls and definitely has the best Republican organization, media and fundraising machine in the race.

It will be all that much more imperative for Gov. Huckabee supporters to spread the word on their own and take initiative on their own in these early primary states. I am becoming more and more convinced that the race is going to come down to Gov. Romney and Gov. Huckabee. Fred Thompson not only waited too long, but he appears older and older in every interview. I don't think the Republican base will support Sen. McCain or Mayor Giuliani. Of course, if Congressman Gingrich were to enter the race that would throw everything up into the air. The bottom line is we are going to have less time to get everything accomplished.

Lead In Children's Toys

As I am sure you already have information on the recalls due to lead levels in some children's toys and baby bibs (and who knows what will be next?). I wanted to provide a few links with information and encourage all parents, grandparents or anyone who has contact with these items to go through what you have and get rid of anything in question. The Internet is readily available to find information on specific items you may question. The vinyl bibs that have tested with high levels of lead should be of specific concern. Retailers are pulling them from their shelves, however there may already be some in your household.

With all we do to protect our children it is hard to imagine that manufacturers would use materials they know to be unsafe for children. Some of these items are from China and makes me wonder how these items were not tested before they were put on the shelves for sale. Apparently the department in charge of this is severely under staffed and this is the result. We will have to do some research and a little work ourselves.

If your child has recently tested at unexplained lead levels in their blood or you are concerned about the possibility of your child having been exposed you should consult your child's physician.

Statements by Democrats on Iraq

Bush has made mistakes in executing the war in Iraq, but at least he is not a liar like these Democrats.

Prayers Needed

A Marine helicopter went down in Arizona killing four and injuring a fifth. Let's keep their families and friends in our prayers. They lost their life in honorable service to their country, they should be honored. Let's keep the injured Marine in our prayers for a quick recovery. [read the story]

Friday, August 17, 2007

John Kerry Vaulnerable In Senate Re-Election Bid

Cape Cod Today has one of the most interesting an uplifting articles I have read in a while. They have polling that shows John Kerry is vaulnerable when paired against Jeff Beatty, who is a combat veteran, a Republican, and is challenging Kerry for his Senate seat. I have been trying to tell fellow Republicans that '08 is not going to be like '06. The Republican leadership got away from conservative principles and they took the spanking they deserved. Almost everyone of those races was lost by a few thousand votes. Now in '07 and '08 we have several conservative candidates like Jeff Beatty, Jon Bruning, and Bobby Jindal. Now it is incumbent upon all of us to support these candidates and other conservatives in every way possible.

Just 60 days after forming an exploratory committee to defeat John Kerry for the US Senate in 2008, Jeff Beatty is receiving favorable support from voters across Massachusetts. A July poll conducted by the renowned Zogby organization shows Jeff Beatty to be in a virtual tie with the junior senator and former presidential candidate. [read more]

T.J. Yates Named North Carolina's Starting Quarterback

Chapel Hill, N.C. ----- Redshirt freshman T.J. Yates has been named North Carolina's starting quarterback for its season opener against James Madison on Sept. 1, head coach Butch Davis announced on Thursday. [read more]

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Huckabee On The Record Last Night

One Mom has done a transcript of Gov. Huckabee on Greta Van Sustren's On The Record. It was a short, but very good interview.

GV: Congratulations on your Straw Poll finish Governor. Compare for me what you spent and what Mitt Romney spent in Iowa.

MH: we spent about $150,000 over 8 weeks in Iowa. No one knows for certain what Governor Romney spent, but estimates are between 3 and 4 million dollars. We paid for no advertising and actually received more votes than what our camp had purchased tickets for. From Saturday to Tuesday of this week we had over 1000 new donors and raised more money in 4 days then most of the previous 4 weeks. [read more]

On To New Hampshire And South Carolina

Huckabee 08 - A Man of Hope has an interesting post on New Hampshire and South Carolina.

NEW HAMPSHIRE:Yesterday, the New Hampshire Union Ledger Editorial Page said this about Governor Huckabee:"FINALLY, PEOPLE are starting to hear about Mike Huckabee. On Saturday the former Arkansas governor finished an impressive second in the Iowa straw poll, an early test of strength for Republican presidential candidates. He demonstrated real grassroots support, and now Republicans outside of Arkansas and Iowa are starting to take note. [read more]

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

More Positive News For Gov. Huckabee's Campaign

The great news keeps coming in from the Huckabee campaign. They told the Washington Post that they have had at least a thousand new donors since Gov. Huckabee's second place finish in the Iowa Straw Poll. We can also look forward to better organization and additional endorsements I agree with the article which states that organization and donations were the areas lacking for the campaign.

In the last few days, Huckabee has appeared on "Hardball with Chris Matthews," "Kudlow & Company," "Hannity & Colmes," CBS's "Early Show," "Your World with Neil Cavuto" and the Laura Ingraham radio show. That's more television time than Huckabee received in the first six months of the year.

All of that media exposure is the short-term benefit of Huckabee's second-place finish. Most voters -- even Republicans in the early states -- probably hadn't heard of Huckabee until this past weekend. The former Arkansas governor has not run any paid media (radio or television advertising) because, frankly, he didn't have the spare cash. Thus, exposure via a series of interviews on cable and broadcast television is invaluable. To read the article in its entirety click here.

As I was surfing blogs today I came across Little Miss Sunshine's article about her thoughts on the straw poll and she has some very positive remarks for Gov. Huckabee.

Mike Huckabee - Huckabee truly WAS the guy to see. Coming in second place, Iowans were right to punish Giuliani, Thompson, and McCain by giving their votes elsewhere. Huckabee, the dark horse, came out with likely one of the least expensive displays (Sam Brownback's air conditioned tent was $30,000 alone!), using his own band -and playing a mean bass for all to see and hear, and providing little more than water and the Hope Watermelon to satisfy the voters' hunger and thirst. I missed his speech inside, but appreciated his accessibility after the excitement passed and the long wait of the afternoon dawned. His ease in working the crowd, despite two handlers, resembled that of a minister among his congregation after a particularly inspiring Sunday sermon. As a Baptist minister, it's not surprising, but his ability to connect in just a few seconds of eye contact allow for the political move-on to the next person without offense. In his own words, "David did pretty well against Golliath with one smooth stone." [read more]

I have been telling people that Gov. Huckabee would play extremely well in the Midwest and that states that have went Democrat like Wisconsin and Michigan would be very much in play. After searching the web today I believe it even more so. Even Democrat bloggers compliment Gov. Huckabee while saying that they still plan to vote Democrat. I believe we can change some of their minds by next November.

Sloane Family Blog

If you are looking for something different to read or like seeing what other families are up to then visit Sloane Family, you can even pick up a few grilling tips while you get to know their family a little.

Taxes And Foreclosures Up In Wisconsin

There was and extremely interesting post for anyone who lives in Wisconsin on The Right Side of Wisconsin: Foreclosures increase 25% WBAY-TV. We are seeing the affects of Doyle's bad stewardship of this state. Every time we drive through town there are more and more abandoned homes. Even my liberal neighbor has now resorted to putting a sign up saying 'No More Tax'. I just hope that everyone remembers that while we cannot vote Doyle out for three more years we can take the State Senate back next November.

While the article mainly deals with aggresive lenders, which is a national problem, the people who are losing there homes around here cannot afford to pay their property taxes. They are seeing that due to the high taxation of this state that businesses are moving away and wages are stagnant. Even more well-to-do home owners are finding it hard to afford the property taxes and are desparately trying to sell their homes. Gov. Doyle could help reverse this trend simply by cutting taxes and fostering a pro-business environment.

This is slightly unrelated, but does fit in with this post. Americans For Prosperity Foundation and Arizona Congressman Jeff Flake held a town hall conference call last night that I was a part of and when the question came to infrastructure the Congressman mentioned how much money is being wasted on bike paths (I am sure we all have seen more than a few of these) and Museums instead of on bridges and highways. I still believe that part of the failure to create more jobs in Wisconsin is our lack of infrastructure coupled with the high taxes.


There is a billboard on Manhattan’s West Side Highway, at 44th Street and 12th Avenue, that shows a large wire hanger with the inscription, “Your closet space is shrinking as fast as her right to choose.” The ad was placed by Manhattan Mini Storage, owned by Edison Properties.

Catholic League president Bill Donohue spoke to this issue today:

“New Yorkers are accustomed to Manhattan Mini Storage posting billboards that bash the Bush Administration, but when it makes the leap from partisan politics to crude cultural commentary, it is stepping on dangerous turf. Why a storage company finds the need to advertise its support for abortion is a story all of its own, but when it seeks to depict the pro-life community—which is primarily Catholic and Protestant—as oppressive, then a line has been crossed.

“Those who like this billboard would no doubt be aghast at the sight of a billboard that featured a bloody baby who survived a botched abortion. They would be even more incensed if the picture were accompanied by the remark, ‘This is what happens when abortion fails.’

“Manhattan Mini Storage is not only guilty of crudeness, but of cowardice. To wit: Why didn’t it have the guts to identify the object of her ‘shrinking’ choice?”

Contact the general manager of Manhattan Mini Storage by sending an email to

Kiera M. McCaffrey
Director of Communications
Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights
New York, NY 10123
212-371-3394 (fax)

News: NBA Commissioner David Stern Press Conference

COMMISSIONER DAVID STERN: Good morning. We're here today to discuss the ongoing investigation into certain allegations about NBA referee, Tim Donaghy.

What I propose to do is to tell you what our procedures are with respect to referees and gambling; what we can or cannot tell you and why there are certain things we can't tell you that might have made it easier not to have this press conference at this time, but we thought it was our obligation to have it; what previous actions we have known about with respect to Mr. Donaghy, what we did about those, and what we are permitted to say about Mr. Donaghy and the investigation and when we learned about those facts. And then I'll open it up to questions and spend quite a bit of time here to satisfy you on all of the things that I'm able to.

The first thing that I would like to say is that our rules are crystal clear; that referees may not either gamble on our games; or, provide information to anyone about those games. We, you know, have a rule that says you're subject to discipline, which would most likely be expulsion from the league and the job. We educate our referees intensely. We have training camp presentations, we have brochures we distribute work rules , they are visited by security, and we give them copies of compliance plans and the like that make it clear that not only aren't they permitted to either gamble or provide information to people; they may not even provide other than to their immediate family the details of their travel schedules or the games they are going to work. [read more]

What Will It Take To Finally Secure Borders?

What is the most important issue of the 2008 election? Hands down in poll after poll it is border security and immigration. Nothing could have made that more apparent than the reactions we saw going into the Iowa Straw Poll over the murder of three Newark, N.J., college students and the shooting of a fourth by an illegal Peruvian national. Immigration officials were aware of this man’s illegal status, the fact that he had a fake social security number, that he had been charged with the rape of a girlfriend’s 5 year old daughter, and an unrelated assault charge and he was allowed to remain in the U.S. to commit these horrible crimes.

We have laws on the book right now that prevent this from happening, but no one wants to enforce them. Excuses from financial burden, to lack of resources, to discrimination are used to prevent illegals from being arrested, charged, or deported. In many cases when an illegal is arrested for a crime, law enforcement officials are ordered by Immigration agencies to immediately release them. Our own Homeland Security and Immigration Departments are failing us and have no remorse or accountability for their actions (or inaction in these cases).

The case mentioned is only one of hundreds of thousands similar to it. The Bush administration would like you to believe that illegals are just poor, good folk looking for a better life. Well that is not always the case. For those who it is the case we must make legal immigration status easier to obtain, but we must secure our borders and we must know who is crossing them. These crimes do not generally affect those people making the decisions for the rest of us. If they did we would have a lot more representation and protection from our government.
If illegal immigrant crime struck the family or friend of our government officials, our immigration laws would be more strictly enforced.

Instead we have President Bush and Congress on HOLIDAY, while our children and families are being raped and murdered. How many 5 year olds and young promising students must we loose to illegal alien crime before they are concerned enough to do something about it. Are you willing to do something about it? I pray it has not already affected you and yours, but whether it has or not you must contact your representatives and demand that our immigration laws be enforced and our borders be secured. We cannot afford to keep paying the price; money cannot pay for the blood already shed.

News: Setting the Record Straight - Bobby Jindal Works Tirelessly for the People of Louisiana

Bobby Jindal Works Tirelessly for the People of Louisiana

“This smear campaign produced by the political hacks who ran negative ads for Edwin Edwards is false and we have proven that conclusively. These guys are so incompetent that they can't even get their own smear campaign right. They are insulting the intelligence of Louisiana voters. Bobby will bring real change to our state government and there is nothing they can do to stop it.”-Timmy Teepell, Bobby Jindal Campaign Manager


MYTH: “Bobby has voted to spend nearly Social Security trust fund in 2005 and 2006”

FACT: There have been no votes concerning the Social Security Trust Fund during the entire time Bobby Jindal has been in Congress.

MYTH: “He has voted for more than $2 trillion spending in Iraq”

FACT: WRONG. Since September 11, 2001 (before Jindal even took office), Congress has appropriated $610 billion to date to support our troops by funding continuing operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, and to increase funding for veterans health care benefits. [Congressional Research Service. July 16, 2007.]

MYTH: “[He] voted twice for $200 million bridge to nowhere in Alaska”

FACT: Jindal along with the ENTIRE Louisiana Congressional delegation, both Democrats and Republicans, voted for this bill [H.R. 3, the SAFETEA-LU bill] on March 10, 2005, after successfully securing funds for the 1st District and the state, totaling more than $200 million. The bill passed the U.S. House with a super majority of 417 to 9.

Again, on July 29, 2005, Jindal joined the entire Louisiana Delegation both Democrats and Republicans to vote in favor of the Conference Report of the SAFETEA-LU transportation bill, which included $540 million for Louisiana, including $200 million for I-49. The bill again passed with a super majority of 412 to 8.

IN FACT, Jindal voted to PROHIBIT FUNDS from GOING TO THE “BRIDGE TO NOWHERE,” with in a June 14, 2006 vote to support the FY07 Transportation-HUD Appropriations bill. Section 129 of this bill explicitly “prohibits any of the funds provided in or limited by this Act from being used by the State of Alaska to develop, plan, design, or construct a bridge connecting the Island of Gravina and the community of Ketchikan or the Knik Arm Bridge.”

MYTH: “Voted twice to kill ethics committee investigation into members of Congress connected to the Abramoff scandal.”

FACT: The two bills this attack vaguely references were actually ill-disguised partisan maneuvers by Nancy Pelosi.

On April, 2006, Nancy Pelosi entered in legislation as a partisan maneuver to stall the passage of campaign ethics reform legislation – the 527 Reform Act of 2005, which she voted against. Additionally, the Bipartisan Ethics Committee was already fully authorized to investigate House Members involved in the Abramoff scandal at this time. [Congressional Record; HRS 762, Vote #87, 4/5/06]

FACT: HRS 213 on April 14, 2005 was the same day of passage as Jindal’s legislation to prevent the Internal Revenue Service from taxing FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grants to assist those Louisianians affected by flooding (H.R.1133; 4/15/05). This legislation had to pass by the April 15th deadline to avoid families having to pay taxes that could cause bankruptcy or force them to sell their home. Pelosi’s procedural maneuvering would have jeopardized the passage of this legislation and resulted in monetary loses for Louisiana residents. Additionally, the Bipartisan Ethics Committee was already fully authorized to investigate all ethics violations at this time. [HRS 213, Vote 106, 4/14/05]

MYTH: “Voted with Tom Delay to weaken House ethics rules in 2005.”

FACT: House Resolution 5 of January 4, 2005 created the Homeland Security Committee on which Jindal currently serves. [Congressional Record, January 4, 2005, Page H7, H Res 5 Vote]

FACT: The provisions in House Resolution 5 which defined the rules for the 109th Congress in the U.S. House were later reversed in April (months later) and the rules were restored back to the 108th Congress. Jindal supported returning to the tougher rules of the 108th Congress that included automatically sending complaints to a special investigatory subcommittee; barring members under investigation from using the same attorney as others being questioned in a case. [H. Res. 240; 4/27/05]

MYTH: “He has taken money from people under indictment - $50,000 from a Tom Delay fundraiser”

FACT: The fundraiser referenced here was HOSTED by Chris Whittington’s predecessor – at the home of LOUISIANA DEMOCRATIC CHAIRMAN Jim Bernhard on Highland Road in Baton Rouge, on Monday, September 27, 2004.

MYTH: “[Taken]…$6,000 from cronies of Jack Abramoff.” FACT: This money was donated to Xavier University of Louisiana in New Orleans, on January 19, 2006.

MYTH: “There is little evidence he has accomplished anything in Washington, DC.”

FACT: Jindal had the most House-passed bills or resolutions of the 43 Freshmen U.S. House members in the 109th Congress. Thirty percent of the freshmen in that Congress did not pass any legislation. Of the other Louisiana House Freshmen members. ·

H.R. 4761, Deep Ocean Energy Resources Act of 2006. The legislation would generate revenue sharing for states that allow offshore oil and/or gas drilling that can be used for coastal restoration. Passed the House 232-187 on June 29, 2006. Passed the House of Representatives. Senate Compromise Language Included in Public Law 109-432. ·

H.R. 3668, Student Grant and Hurricane Disaster Relief Act. Provides waiver authority to the Secretary of Education to prevent low-income students from being forced to begin repaying their grants and scholarships if Hurricane Katrina forces them to interrupt their studies. Became Public Law 109-67 on September 21, 2005. ·

H.R. 3863, Natural Disaster Student Aid Fairness Act. Provides the Secretary of Education waiver authority to allow higher education institutions to forgo local matching funds in federal campus based aid funds (Federal Work Study, Perkins Loans and Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants) and to provide the opportunity for impacted schools to receive greater redistribution of unused funds nationally. Became Public Law 109-86 on October 7, 2005. ·

H.R. 3975, Hurricane Regulatory Relief Act of 2005. Pending Senate action. Removes burdensome regulations and eases red tape in order to provide continued educational opportunities for impacted students, and employment opportunities for displaced workers, especially teachers. Passed the House by voice vote on November 16, 2005. ·

H.R. 5013, Disaster Recovery Personal Protection Act of 2006. Prohibits any agency using federal disaster relief funds from seizing firearms from law-abiding citizens in their cars, homes, and businesses. Passed the House 322-99 on July 25, 2006. Included in the FY07 Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Conference Report passed by Congress and Became Public Law 109-295. ·

H.R. 6106, education waiver legislation that continues to ease financial commitments for state and local school districts recovering from last year's hurricanes through fiscal year 2007 by waiving the state/local matching requirement for federal funding for certain education programs. Passed by Congress and Became Public Law 109-323. ·

H.R. 3208, the Disaster Relief Equity Act of 2005, codifies into law the mandate for FEMA to provide disaster relief assistance to eligible faith-based educational organizations. Included in the FY07 Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Conference Report passed by Congress and Became Public Law 109-295. ·

H.R. 6001, directs FEMA to implement an identity verification system that assures disaster assistance payments are made only to qualified individuals. Successfully added $1 million to the FY07 Homeland Security Appropriations bill to fund this provision. Included in the FY07 Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Conference Report passed by Congress and Became Public Law 109-295. ·

H.R. 5547, establishes Gulf Coast Recovery Offices to expedite recovery in Louisiana and the Gulf Coast by housing the appropriate personnel to eliminate backlog and enhancing the administering of assistance programs, providing long-term recovery plans, and conducting advice on mitigation and preparedness planning. Included in the FY07 Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Conference Report by Congress and Became Public Law 109-295.

Already in the 110th Congress, Jindal has worked with colleagues across the aisle to pass a number of amendments. Those include: ·

Amendment to the Gulf Coast Hurricane Housing Recovery Act of 2007 (HR1227). The amendment requires the Housing Authority of New Orleans, or any other manager of replacement dwelling units, to deny the return of individuals who have been convicted of dealing drugs, a sex crime, or a crime of domestic violence, or who pose a direct threat to public safety, such as gang members. It will also provide right-of-return priority to any individual or household who is in compliance with existing public housing resident requirements, including community service and work requirements, or for the purpose of family reunification. ·

Amendment to the Small Business RECOVER Act (HR 1361). According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, over 125,000 businesses were disrupted by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005. In Louisiana alone, over 81,000 small businesses were damaged or economically impacted, with 18,700 businesses catastrophically destroyed by the storms. The amendment will provide small businesses affected by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita with the option of receiving a four year deferment period to payback their disaster loans. ·

Amendment to the FY08 Homeland Security Authorization Act (HR 1684). Electronic Medical Tracking: Requires the DHS Chief Medical Officer to coordinate with the Department of Health and Human Services, efforts to identify and deploy medical assets (including human, fixed, and material assets) used in preparation for or response to national disasters and catastrophes, and to enable access to patient electronic medical records by medical personnel to aid treatment of displaced persons in such circumstance, in order to assure that actions of both Departments are combined for maximum effectiveness during an emergency consistent with the National Response Plan. ·

Amendment to the FY08 Homeland Security Authorization Act (HR 1684). Protecting Levees: Requires a report on the vulnerabilities of the Nation's levee system to terrorist attacks. ·

Amendment (Co-authored) to the FY08 Homeland Security Authorization Act. Rural Homeland Security Training Initiative: Requires the Secretary to establish a program within the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center to expand homeland security training to rural law enforcement agencies. ·

Amendment to the FY08 Department of the Interior and Environment Appropriations Act (HR 2643). Directs an additional $2.5 million in funding for the Environmental Protection Agency's "Gulf of Mexico Program." This program provides funding each year in grants to states, universities, and private entities to develop techniques and science needed to restore and protect the Gulf of Mexico. The grants can be used to develop solutions to the Dead Zone (hypoxia) problem in the Gulf, as well as for water quality, public health, nutrient reductions, and coastal restoration.

MYTH: “Ranked by the non-partisan system of power rankings as 432nd of 439 members in Congress on effectiveness.”

FACT: Rankings by do not take into account the bills a member passes and therefore is a flawed comprehensive interpretation of effectiveness. Additionally, they said their 2007 rankings (referenced above) were based in part on “running for higher office” and the “member's minority party status.” []

MYTH: “He has missed key votes in Washington”

FACT: Bobby Jindal has a HIGHER than 95% voting record in Congress.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Real Change $$ For Positive Change

Have you noticed the attacks on Gov. Huckabee have increased in intensity? If you have, don’t be discouraged. This is actually a good thing; it means Gov. Huckabee is now a true threat to the liberal agenda and they know it. Like a trapped animal that feels threatened, they are lashing out at what is threatening them; Gov. Mike Huckabee.

Gov. Huckabee is finally viable to the world with a real chance at the nomination, and is on the receiving end of a lot of fear from other campaigns. Although uncomfortable and unpleasant, it is where he wants to be politically. Now, we must help him reach the next step and that cannot happen without donations. I believe a lot of Gov. Huckabee’s supporters have held back financially out of some small doubt or wonder if he would have a real chance.

Now, you have your proof so run with it. Pull out the checkbooks and don’t hold back. Give what you can afford to give and keep this momentum going. Don’t let Gov. Huckabee sink now that he has proven he can become your nominee. Even with minimal funds, his message and character was more than enough for the people of Iowa. To get to the White House, though, he will now need the real money to come into his campaign. So please dig deep into those pockets and give “Real Change $$ For Positive Change”.

Press Release: Mike Huckabee Comments On Decision By Tommy G. Thompson To Withdraw From 2008 Presidential Race

August 14, 2007

Little Rock, AR –
Former Governor Mike Huckabee (AR) made the following statement in response to last night’s decision by former Secretary Tommy G. Thompson to withdraw from the 2008 presidential race:

“Tommy Thompson has been a true friend and mentor to me for many years, dating back to when I first became Governor of Arkansas in 1996. He is a forward-thinking leader who implemented innovative, effective and successful ideas such as school choice, expanding health care access for low-income families and welfare reform in Wisconsin. Those policies became models for national reform in the 1990s and beyond. He was a great Republican Governor for a record four terms, who was dedicated to the principle of federalism and finding solutions at the state level in the “laboratories of democracy.” He was an outstanding chairman of the National Governors Association. He also served our nation with distinction as the 19th U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services.

“During the recent days and weeks on the presidential campaign trail, Tommy articulated practical, creative solutions to address our nation's most pressing challenges, especially health care and the War in Iraq. I’m particularly proud of his dedication and personal commitment to underscoring the need to find a cure for breast cancer. Janet and I wish Tommy and Sue Ann the very best – and I look forward to talking to him in the near future.”

President Huckabee For A Strong America

Gov. Mike Huckabee is the most electable candidate in the race. A strong statement in such a heated race? Yes, it is and here is why I believe it to be true: Gov. Huckabee is a man of morals with a strong conviction of right and wrong, he understands what America needs and how to provide for those needs, his ideas are innovative and challenge the status quo, he can reach over dividing lines and help others understand that what needs to be done is what is good for America, he is knowledgeable, experienced and articulate, and he is a warm, sincere candidate that will truly lead for the people.

Gov. Huckabee understands the struggles of real Americans who manage each day with health problems, financial disaster and family issues that are destroying our society. Not only does he understand, but he has a plan to help. Gov. Huckabee understands what the Founding Fathers intended for America to be. They loved the idea of America they sacrificed and even bled to breath life into her. Even those who support other candidates, once they hear Gov. Huckabee, are drawn to him. Those who support his campaign can be proud and stand strong in knowing that their hard work will pay off. No matter how bleak a situation may look, what others deem impossible is always possible.

The more I hear others make claims that so-called second tier candidates don’t have a chance, the more I am challenged to work harder. Look where it has gotten Gov. Huckabee; in many arenas he is now considered a top tier candidate. No matter how you look at it, he has done it and with your help he will be the next President. We need President Huckabee, to bring America back to the strong, prideful and honorable country she used to be. We need President Huckabee so America can heal and grow again.

Are You A Daniel Webster?

In the sort of times we are in, these days, Christians and conservatives cannot afford to sell their soul to the devil. I am reading and hearing a lot of Republicans making statements that a conservative candidate, like Mike Huckabee, should jump at the chance to be on a Giuliani ticket as VP. To be honest, I have a hard time even believing someone who can make that statement is truly Republican.

If a candidate can sell out his or her beliefs and values, like they were poker chips, to get on a Presidential ticket then they are not the candidate for me and they should not be the candidate for any conservative. In fact, our recent poll has shown that 35% of our readers would not compromise their values by voting for a conservative on a RINO ticket, such as a Giuliani ticket, and 50% would rather vote for an Independent candidate. Did Jesus bow to Satan for all the power and riches in the world? Then why should a truly conservative candidate sell out and bow to liberalism for power and glory?

Not everyone is going to agree with me, and I would never expect that in a free world. I will say this; being conservative does not make you Republican and being Republican does not make you conservative. This line should not be blurred so that a candidate can STEAL some votes. Be honest and courageous enough to take a stand for your beliefs. If you are a liberal then stand up and declare it with pride, and if you are a conservative then stand up and fight for your values and never give in no matter what GOOD you may think can come from it. Nothing good can come from trying to balance on the fence between good and evil.

Packers 2007 Predictions

I am going to keep this short and sweet because I don't think anyone reads my Packers Posts. Anyway, I have spent hours researching for my predictions. Due to the horrible draft class this year (please prove me wrong Pack) we were unable to fill any of our deficiencies at tight end or running back. We also do not have a deep threat in the passing game. The other depressing news is that Brett Favre is back for another season.

The positive side is A.J. Hawk and our defense look great and appear ready to become a dominant defense in the NFL. My predictions, should Brett Favre remain the starting quarterback for the entire season, is 6 and 10. Should Aaron Rodgers become the starting quarterback, within the first five games, I predict a record of 9 and 7.

While we will still have the problems mentioned above, Rodgers' mobility will help make up for the short falls because the defense will have to keep one eye on him, which will open up running and passing lanes. I only hope that Brett Favre comes to his senses and claims that he is injured so that he can save the humiliation of being benched.

A Round-Up Of Huckabee's Bloggers

My friend and favorite blogger Mike Huckabee '08 has a very insightful post on how even Rush Limbaugh is disconnected from the conservative base.

I have sworn I would never listen to Rush Limbaugh again a few times now. Today was another one of those times. I listened in awe this afternoon as he trivialized and basically mocked Huckabee. Unbelievable. Here is the transcript (you’ll have to imagine his snarky tone):

RUSH: We gotta talk about the Hawkeye straw poll in Ames, Iowa. It was expected that Romney would win. Number two was Huckabee. Now, I mentioned this at the top of the program. It’s a big deal for Huckabee, and I don’t want to trivialize this — the winner or whoever, or runner up or any of that, or Iowa. I don’t want to trivialize this. It’s just so early. It’s six months until the first primary, 15 months ’til the actual election. Three of the four leading candidates didn’t even participate. But the excitement with which the political press is treating this… I think they’re living lives of quiet desperation. They really have one-track, singularly focused lives. By the way, every voter in this thing had to pay. I’m still going to play the audio sound bites from this because it happened out there. I should also mention that most campaigns pay the voters, so that’s why I saw a headline today: “Romney Bought His Victory,” and I’m not trying to put him down. Don’t misunderstand this. Tommy Thompson dropped out of the race. He’s more qualified than any of the Democrat candidates. I’ll tell you what’s really interesting to me about this, and I still have to temper this with the fact that three of the top four weren’t there. You had Romney as the winner. You had Mike Huckabee came in second. What do they both have in common? What do Romney and Huckabee have in common? They’re both governors. They are not senators. Senators do not… It’s a long hall. JFK was the last Senator that got elected president, from the Senate. So anyway, we have a montage to get things rolling here. The Drive-Bys have fallen in love with Huckabee. They’re referring to him now as “McCainesque,” and they’re making a big deal out of his surprise win. [read more]

Another one of our favorite bloggers SC4Huckabee has had a series of great posts over the last couple of days. Here is a link to one that breaks down why Huckabee won Iowa, but while you are there make sure you check out the other posts.

Here is an article and breakdown by USA Election Polls that puts the facts into Governor Romneys sour win and why Governor Mike Huckabee is the true victor of the Iowa Straw Poll. Nobody has said it better then this outline, I know the Romney crowd will moan and groan about this but Mr. Romney himself should know that his victory was somewhat sour. Mitt is a businessman, and these numbers are low for him to claim a major victory no matter how many spins he or his campaign try to put on it. [read more]

My friend over at A Buck For Huck, another one of our must read blogs, has a couple of great posts including A Few More Good Reads.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Rodgers Out Performs Favre

Aaron Rodgers led the Packers to a 13 to 9 victory over the Steelers. He passed for 18 of 27 with 168 yards and one touchdown. He should have had two, but the receiver stepped out of bounds before catching the ball. He led the Packers on three scoring drives and had a run of 20 yards. He finished the night with a quarterback rating of 95.9.

Brett Favre, in four possessions, failed to convert even one first down and he achieved only 12 yards of offense. He appeared to have no chemistry with the wide receivers and tight end. he also showed that he has no mobility outside of the pocket what-so-ever. Accuracy was also an issue throughout his limited playing time.

Aaron Rodgers, in contrast, appeared to have great chemistry with his second offensive unit and showed exceptional mobility. He was able to buy more time consistently throughout the night by using his ability to quickly move outside of the pocket. While protection appeared to be an issue for him, he praised his offensive line in the post game press conference. Something we are not used to seeing from Favre.

Tomorrow I will be releasing my 2007 predictions. I will point out that last year I nailed it dead-on. I predicted on our old blog last year an 8 and 8 record should Favre play out the season. Unfortunately, I was right. This year it looks even more bleak, but I will leave that for tomorrow's post.

Why Catholic Should Vote For Mike Huckabee - Part II

Opinionated Catholic has just come out with Reason Number 2 that Catholics Should Consider Voting For Mike Huckabee--- Pro life from Womb to the Tomb, the second part to an extremely well written explanations of why Mike Huckabee should be the candidate for Catholics.

As I mention earlier Mike Huckabee is pro-life even when it is tough. Catholics realize that being pro-life is more than just the unborn. It is from the womb to the tomb.In 2004 George Bush got a majority of the Catholic votes largely because he proclaimed that message. Hispanic Evangelicals , a voting bloc that was crucial last time, also share with their Catholic brothers and sisters this outlook in great numbers. Huckabee is a person that hears and understands that view. [read more]

The Case For The Next VP

The news media is always trying to stick Gov. Huckabee in the VP box; so we thought it would be fun today, after Gov. Huckabee's big victory, to say who we think should be Gov. Huckabee's VP when he becomes President. This is also a serious subject as we have not had a good VP in my lifetime. Just think about the VP's we have had; George Bush Sr., Dan Quayle, Al Gore, Dick Chainey.

Now tell me, which of those Vice Presidents brought new support and energy into their political parties? The answer is none of them, which is why we feel that Gov. Huckabee needs to make a bold new choice for Vice President and we have nailed our list down to two people; Gov. Sarah Palin and former Congressman J.C. Watts. For now we will be doing an initial posting on Sarah Palin and later we will post on J.C. Watts.


There is a lot to admire about the Governor and we have a long time until the election so we will just cover the highlights for now. The thing that immediately jumped out to me is that she has always fought against corruption no matter what her position in life. She is strongly pro-life (a must for me and my wife), a strong supporter of the military (even to the point of saying she would support her son if he decided to join, a rare thing considering we are at war), she is a life long member of the NRA, and she is only 43 years old, which means that she would only be 44 when sworn into office. She would only be 52 when it came time for her to run for President.

She is also the mother of four children, which means she can relate to what families are going through during these hard times. Her and her husband are not filthy rich individuals who have led a life of luxury, just like Gov. Huckabee and his wife. She would have the ability to reach out to voters that currently are not being reached by the Republican Party such as young women in college and moderate Reagan Democrats (also a strong suit of Huckabee's).

Also, should Hillary be on the Democrat ticket, as seems to be the consensus, we will have to have a woman on the ticket who can hit back at all of Hillary's hateful attacks without the accusation of being a sexist. This was a problem with the 2006 Senate races where the Republicans put up a male candidate against a female candidate. She would also add to the Huckabee ticket a bold new direction to the Vice Presidency and would help him heal the deep partisan wounds this country has suffered since the Clinton Presidency.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Romney's Campaign Acting Like Sore Winners

Now I like Gov. Romney, but this is ridiculous. His campaign is running to the news media and claiming that Gov. Huckabee did have buses because his name appeared at the top of a list put out by the Fair Tax organization that listed all the candidates that supported the Fair Tax. The Fair Tax organization had bused their supporters in, but they cannot endorse a candidate; only list those candidates who support the Fair Tax and Gov. Romney had been invited to support them which would have put his name on the list also.

So quit being sore winners and realize that the media cannot anoint a winner of the primary. You actually have to convince the voters that you are the right man to lead this country like Gov. Huckabee is doing. This also proves that it is not only money that gets votes, but that hard work and honesty can thrust the right candidate to victory.

Media Advisory: Mike Huckabee Claims Victory at Iowa Straw Poll

August 11, 2007

AMES, Iowa – Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee claimed a “historic victory” at Saturday's Republican Party of Iowa Straw Poll, saying he has substantial momentum heading into the next phase of the campaign.

Despite a clear financial disadvantage, Huckabee said he came in second place on account of several factors, including his experience as an executive leader, the strength of his message and his vision for the future.

"This caps off a great week here in Iowa . My goal in Iowa was to introduce myself to voters in the Hawkeye State and create enough momentum to send our campaign to New Hampshire and South Carolina . We’ve met, and exceeded, that goal with limited resources both in terms of money and staff," Huckabee said. "Tonight’s results prove that our message of results-driven optimism resonates with real people; that our organization can put together a successful effort; and that Iowa is winnable for us. We over-performed by having more votes and tickets purchased and having no paid media, unlike other candidates.”

Huckabee added his gratitude to the men and women of Iowa for their participation in the straw poll, while looking forward to a return visit to the Hawkeye state.

"I have to tip my hat to the dedicated caucus-goers who put up with this heated frenzy and came out to vote," Huckabee said. "I am deeply grateful to all the families who invited me into their homes, met me in coffee shops and diners, shared their stories, and listened to my ideas on improving .

"I am looking forward to returning to Iowa to work even harder to lift our campaign to victory by showing Americans there is a higher ground to be reached by bringing hope back to with fairer taxes, a working health care system, energy self-reliance, and reinvestment in ’s future," he added.

Donations For Huckabee

Now, we go to work like never before. How exciting to be involved in such a surprisingly powerful movement. Gov. Huckabee really pulled it off and all of us who have been involved have every reason to feel pride and excitement. Now, we need to put our efforts into getting donations for Huckabee. That is why we have a new slogan to help get Huckabee donations: "Real Change $$ For Positive Change". We hope this slogan will play a big part of helping Huckabee achieve the Presidency.