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Fred Thompson TV Ad: Marie (30 sec)

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT... ABC News: "Thompson Rallies Conservative Christians"

Excerpts from "Thompson Rallies Conservative Christians"
ABC News
Political Radar
December 14, 2007

ABC News' Christine Byun Reports: Standing inside the Mississippi State Capitol Rotunda, a cluster of conservative Christian leaders voiced their support for Republican candidate Fred Thompson, praising his "fortitude" of character.

"[Former] Senator Thompson's pursuit of the presidency is not ego-driven ... and [he] does not attempt to re-invent himself or change his language depending on his audience," Reverend Phillip Knight said, adding, "It appears to me, the only candidate that can act, isn't."

Knight and Dr. Benny Tate, founders of the Wesleyan Center for Strategic Studies, promise the endorsements of 100 conservative Methodist pastors in the coming days. They also say they have been calling Iowa-area church leaders, rallying support for the former Tennessee Senator, who has been overshadowed by fellow Southerner-in-the-running, Mike Huckabee.

"We don't need a leader in the White House with a sporadic splash but we need a man with a steel spine," Tate said.

After meeting with Thompson, the two men said they were impressed with the former Senator based on his stances on issues like abortion, same-sex marriage and U.S support for Israel. Tate says Thompson's record as a "tax-cutter" also elevates his appeal as a presidential contender, one of the reasons why he's supporting him over Huckabee.

"We believe Americans can manage their money better than their government can," Tate said.
Knight, who says he has prayed with Thompson and his wife, Jeri, believes Thompson has been "mischaracterized" by Christian conservative leader, Dr. James Dobson, who questioned Thompson's faith and candidacy in an email a couple months ago.

Christian conservative leader Gary Bauer, who was not present for the endorsement and is not endorsing a candidate at this time, says it's not too late for Thompson. When reached by ABC News, Bauer said Thompson could "end up beating expectations."

"Fred Thompson would make a really strong president based on issues of concern to Christian conservatives," Bauer said, explaining that Thompson's support for appointing conservative judges has impressed him.

To View The Entire Article Please Visit :

Ask Fred - Fixing the Tax Code

Fred Thompson Receives Endorsement of Wesleyan Leaders

Reverend Phillip Knight and Dr. Benny Tate Support Thompson

McLean, VA - Today, at a press conference at the State Capitol in Jackson, Mississippi, Fred Thompson received the endorsement of the leaders of the Wesleyan Center for Strategic Studies, the Reverend Phillip Knight and Dr. Benny Tate.

"Senator Thompson is clearly the most capable and the best qualified to lead America," said Reverend Knight. "While some of the other candidates seem to be admirable people with some excellent traits, Senator Fred Thompson has remained consistently conservative regarding our values. In the areas of defense, fiscal policy and moral truth, Fred Thompson has never ventured down the path toward liberalism."

The Reverend Phillip Knight and Dr. Benny Tate founded and lead the Wesleyan Center for Strategic Studies. The idea for the WCSS was formed from the Wesleyan Leaders Summit, an annual meeting of the leaders of the conservative Wesleyan/Methodist denominations from across America. The objective of WCSS is to give the conservative Methodist movement a stronger voice regarding the issues that directly affect the life and soul of America. Groups involved with the WCSS include over thirty different Wesleyan/Methodist denominations and groups.

"Senator Thompson has a history of not wavering or wobbling on issues such as life, lower taxes and a strong defense," said Dr. Tate. "He says what he means and means what he says. I am honored to endorse the man I believe is best suited to be the President of the United States, Senator Fred Thompson."

"I am honored and blessed to receive the endorsement of these two men who represent 40 million people around the nation from 42 different Wesleyan denominations," said Senator Thompson. "I thank Reverend Knight and Dr. Tate for the leadership they have provided in the Wesleyan church. We share the same values and conservative principles and we understand that our basic rights come from God, not government. I look forward to working with these men to spread our shared message of consistent conservatism along the campaign trail."

Thompson Campaign Announces Kentucky Leadership

Broad state legislator support demonstrates strength of Thompson's team

McLean, VA - The Fred Thompson Campaign today announced its Kentucky leadership team, spearheaded by Representative Jamie Comer (R-Tompkinsville) and State Senator Julie Denton (R-Jefferson). The esteemed group of legislators includes five Kentucky State Senators and the majority of Kentucky Republican State Representatives, including Senate Majority Whip Carroll Gibson and House Minority Leader Jeff Hoover.

Representative Jamie Comer, a farmer and businessman, will serve as the Kentucky Executive Director of the Fred Thompson campaign. Representative Comer is currently serving his fourth term in the Kentucky House of Representatives. "I am proud to serve as the Kentucky Executive Director of Fred Thompson's presidential campaign, said Representative Comer. "He is exactly the kind of consistent conservative leader our country needs from his pro-life voting record to his strong positions against illegal immigration."

State Senator Julie Denton, a former small business owner, will serve as the Kentucky Women for Thompson Chair. Senator Denton currently is the Chairman of the Kentucky Senate Health and Welfare Committee and the Vice-Chairman of the Kentucky Senate Banking and Insurance Committee. She said, "I am proud to chair the Kentucky Women for Thompson coalition. His consistent support for small businesses through smaller government and lower taxes affirm that Fred Thompson is exactly the right man for the White House."

"I am grateful to have such strong support from my fellow Southern friends", said Senator Fred Thompson. "The strong support of these distinguished legislators will help lead me to victory in the Kentucky primary and in the Republican nomination for the presidency of the United States."

The Kentucky leadership team includes five State Senators and twenty State Representatives who will serve as Kentucky State Co-Chairs. These distinguished leaders are:

State Senator Carroll Gibson

State Senator Julie Denton

State Senator Gary Tapp

State Senator Elizabeth Tori

State Senator Richard "Dick" Roeding

State Representative Sheldon Baugh (Russellville)

State Representative Kevin Bratcher (Louisville)

State Representative James Comer (Tompkinsville)

State Representative Tim Couch (Hyden)

State Representative Ron Crimm (Louisville)

State Representative Jim DeCesare (Bowling Green)

State Representative Myron Dossett (Pembroke)

State Representative C.B. Embry (Morgantown)

State Representative Bill Farmer (Lexington)

State Representative Danny Ford (Mt. Vernon)

State Representative Jeff Hoover (Jamestown)

State Representative Russ Mobley (Campbellsville)

State Representative Brad Montell (Shelbyville)

State Representative Lonnie Napier (Lancaster)

State Representative Marie Rader (McKee)

State Representative Steven Rudy (West Paducah)

State Representative Charles Siler (Williamsburg)

State Representative Tommy Turner (Somerset)

State Representative Ken Upchurch (Monticello)

State Representative John Vincent (Ashland)

Ann Coulter on Huckabee's rise and Hillary's fall

If the issue of activist judges and the pro-life agenda is important to you, like it is to me, then take the time to watch this video.

H/T: HotAir.

Veteran Charity Abuses - Where Does Your Chairty Stand?

Hat tip to Michigan Redneck and ARRA News Service for posting on this subject. Apparently a lot of veteran charity organizations are not spending donated dollars in a manner the donor may be expecting. Due to outrageously high overhead and irresponsible appropriation of funds most of your charity dollars may not be getting to the veterans or their families.

Many people who give to these charities have very little to give in the first place, but give what little they can believing that they can help make a difference in the lives of these veterans or their families. What a shock it is to find out all we are accomplishing is padding the pockets of CEO's making a salary bigger than the President of the United States!

These are supposedly nonprofit charities, sounds like lots of profiting and little charity to me. I wonder if this information should put there nonprofit status into question?

Below is the report card issued for 29 veteran and military charity organizations by American Institute of Philanthropy, a leading charity watchdog. The letter grades reflect the percentage of funds spent fundraising costs and the percentage of funds spent on charitable activities. Obviously those who received an A (in red) are those actually serving our veterans and their families and those who received a D or an F (in bolded black) are those serving themselves:

Air Force Aid Society (A+)
American Ex-Prisoners of War Service Foundation (F)
American Veterans Coalition (F)
American Veterans Relief Foundation (F)
AMVETS National Service Foundation (F)
Armed Services YMCA of the USA (A-)
Army Emergency Relief (A+)
Blinded Veterans Association (D)
Disabled American Veterans (D)
Disabled Veterans Association (F)
Fisher House Foundation (A+)
Freedom Alliance (F)
Help Hospitalized Veterans/Coalition to Salute America's Heroes (F)
Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund (A+)
Military Order of the Purple Heart Service Foundation (F)
National Military Family Association (A)
National Veterans Services Fund (F)
National Vietnam Veterans Committee (D)
Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society (A+)
NCOA National Defense Foundation (F)
Paralyzed Veterans of America (F)
Soldiers' Angels (D)
United Spinal Association's Wounded Warrior Project (D)
USO (United Service Organization) (C+)
Veterans of Foreign Wars and foundation (C-)
Veterans of the Vietnam War & the Veterans Coalition (D)
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (D)
VietNow National Headquarters (F)
World War II Veterans Committee (D)

Founding Fathers Quote

The Revolution was effected before the War commenced. The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people; a change in their religious sentiments of their duties and obligations ... This radical change in the principles, opinions, sentiments, and affections of the people, was the real American Revolution.

John Adams

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Shipwreck Believed To Be Captain Kidd's Ship The Quedagh Merchant

The underwater archaeology team, from Indiana University believe they have located the wreckage of the merchant ship Quedagh Merchant, captured by Captain Kidd in January 1698 and renamed the Adventure Prize. The wreckage was located 70 feet off the coast of Catalina Island in the Dominican Republic in less than 10 feet water making it hard to understand how it had not been discovered before as it appeared to be untouched by looters.

"I've been on literally thousands of shipwrecks in my career," Beeker said. "This is one of the first sites I've been on where I haven't seen any looting. We've got a shipwreck in crystal clear, pristine water that's amazingly untouched. We want to keep it that way, so we made the announcement now to ensure the site's protection from looters." [read more]

The truth of whether Captain Kidd was really a privateer (someone who captured pirates) or a pirate has long been a controversy. When Captain Kidd found out he was wanted as a pirate he ditched the marked vessel Quedagh Merchant in the Caribbean and sailed for New York on a sloop to clear his name. Upon his return Captain Kidd was arrested and sent to England where he was executed for piracy and murder. It is believed that Quedagh Merchant or the "Adventure Prize" was scuttled and set fire by Kidd's crew.

His story is very interesting and a possible tragedy. Here is some history and a theory on the life and death of Captain Kidd.

Founding Fathers Quote

We have staked the whole of all our political institutions upon the capacity of mankind for self-government, upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves, to control ourselves, to sustain ourselves according to the Ten Commandments of God. The future and success of America is not in this Constitution, but in the laws of God upon which this Constitution is founded.

James Madison

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Hands Down

Here is a great video that just proves the point; Fred won the debate hands down.

Fred Thompson Campaign Apologies

To: Interested Members of the Media
From: Karen Hanretty, Deputy Communications Director
Date: 12/13/2007
Re: Fred Thompson Campaign Apologies

In light of Mike Huckabee's heartfelt apology to Mitt Romney for making reference to Romney's religion in the New York Times Magazine, we at the Thompson Campaign would like to offer Huckabee our own heartfelt apologies for some references we've made about his record as Governor of Arkansas.

We apologize for pointing out that as Governor of Arkansas, Huckabee offered in-state tuition to illegal immigrants. That's something he'd probably just as soon no one talk about.

A recent Washington Post-ABC News Iowa poll of Iowans likely to vote in the Republican caucus stated illegal immigration as their top issue of concern, tied with the war in Iraq.( )

We apologize for pointing out that in 2002 Huckabee wrote Pres. Bush a letter asking him to lift the Cuban embargo. It's easy to see how Huckabee might have missed the finer points of a 40-year embargo. While he obviously knew enough about the embargo to ask that it be lifted, Huckabee clearly didn't know enough to ask that it not be lifted. So for that, we're sorry.

In 2002, Governor Huckabee strongly advocated lifting the embargo against Cuba saying it "harm[s] our own agricultural and business interests," "has not helped the people of Cuba" and has "provided Castro with a convenient excuse for his own failed system of government." (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 3/29/02)

We apologize for referencing that 47% tax increase Huckabee imposed on Arkansas taxpayers when he was governor. That must be really awkward for him, now that he's running in a GOP primary election. We notice he never points it out to voters.

Average Arkansan's tax burden increased by over 47% between 1997 and 2005 (or $933 per person). (Arkansas Democrat Gazette, 10/9/07)

We apologize for telling reporters that a BA in Biblical Studies from Ouachita Baptist University doesn't, in fact, make Huckabee more qualified to fight the war on terror than say...Fred Thompson.

In an interview with CBNNews in November , Huckabee said "...I truly understand the nature of the war that we are in with Islamo fascism. These are people that want to kill us. ... And I don't know if anybody fully understands that. I'm the only guy on that stage with a theology degree." ( )

Fred Thompson Receives Endorsement of Vermont Right to Life

State's National Right to Life Affiliate Supporting Thompson

McLean, VA - Today, Fred Thompson received the endorsement of Vermont Right to Life.
"Every Democratic candidate for president is pro-abortion, and a leading Republican candidate is pro-abortion," said Sharon F. Toborg, Vermont Right to Life Committee Chairwoman. "Now is the time for pro-lifers to rally around the one pro-life candidate who can win, and that candidate is Fred Thompson."

The Vermont Right to Life Committee is the state affiliate of the National Right to Life Committee, the nation's largest pro-life group with affiliates in all 50 states and over 3,000 local chapters nationwide. In November the full board of directors of NRLC met to consider the positions of the Republican candidates for president and ultimately supported Thompson based on his pro-life voting record and his ability to win. Vermont cast its vote in favor of endorsing Fred Thompson.

"Unlike endorsements by single individuals, this endorsement was made by representatives of statewide pro-life organizations across America which themselves are comprised of local community chapters and grassroots activists," stated Dr. Wanda Franz, President of National Right to Life Committee.

"I'm blessed and honored to have the endorsement of Vermont Right to Life for President of the United States," said Senator Fred Thompson. "From the Heartland to the South and now the folks in the Green Mountain State, right to life organizations have voted to endorse my candidacy because they know I have stood with them yesterday, I stand with them today, and will stand with them tomorrow. They know I have the ability to win this election. They know I believe in the sanctity of life and as President I will do all that I can to do to protect life."

Fred Thompson is pro-life. He believes in the sanctity of human life and that every life is worthy of respect. He had a 100% pro-life voting record in the Senate and believes Roe v. Wade was a bad law and bad medicine and ought to be overturned. He consistently opposed federal funding to promote or pay for abortion and supported the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act, the Child Custody Protection Act, and President Reagan's Mexico City policy. While Fred Thompson supports adult stem cell research, he opposes embryonic stem cell research. He also opposes human cloning.

Statement from Fred Thompson on the Florida Marriage Amendment

McLean, VA - Fred Thompson released the following statement regarding the Florida Marriage Amendment:

"I applaud the work of Florida Coalition to Protect Marriage. Their efforts will give the people of Florida a voice on this very important subject. I strongly believe in the time honored principle of marriage being a union between one man and one woman, the foundation of any civilized society. Florida's Marriage Amendment will have my support in 2008. As President, I will appoint judges who apply the law, not make it up from the bench. We should not be held subject to judicially created social policy, and I will use the bully pulpit of the Presidency to defend the institution of marriage."

Candidate Statement | Fred Thompson

Fred Thompson Endorsed by Dr. Gary Cass

Key Florida Leader Supports Thompson

McLean, VA - The Fred Thompson campaign today announced the endorsement of Dr. Gary Cass.

"It is my distinct pleasure to give my personal endorsement to Senator Fred Thompson for President of the United States," said Dr. Cass. "Fred Thompson's natural style and consistently conservative voting record will distinguish him from the others. This powerful combination has gained him the support of the largest pro-life organization in America, the National Right to Life Committee PAC. In an increasingly dangerous world, our nation needs a proven, conservative leader who will stand strong for America and our way of life. Fred Thompson is that leader."

Dr. Gary Cass is the former Executive Director of the late Dr. D. James Kennedy's Center for Reclaiming America. As an ordained minister of the Presbyterian Church of America, Dr. Cass is currently Chairman and CEO of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission. Dr. Cass has been an entrenched pro-life activist for many years. In 2002, Gary received the California Life Coalition's Pro-Life Service Award for demonstrated excellence in his commitment to protecting life.

"I am blessed and deeply grateful for the endorsement of Dr. Cass, who is held in high regard by conservative Evangelical Christians across the country," said Senator Thompson. "I appreciate the confidence that Dr. Cass has placed in me and the ideas I have for our country. As the campaign heats up, his prayers for me and my family offer us great comfort and strength."

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They Said It... "The Winner: Fred Thompson"

Chuck Todd: "the candidate who had the best afternoon I think was Fred Thompson"

"The winner: Thompson" (American Spectator, 12/12)
"Winner: Thompson" (Jim Geraghty, NRO, 12/12)

"Frankly, the candidate who had the best afternoon I think was Fred Thompson. This was easily his best debate performance and he seemed to shine in this subdued format." (Chuck Todd, NBC First Read, 12/12)

"Winner: Fred Thompson. Good substance, good personality, and his I won't raise my hand for an answer question reminded me of Reagan say 'I paid for this microphone.' Fred definitely won." (Right Wing News, 12/12)

"He had the sharpest tone and sounded like a leader" (NBC First Read, 12/12)

"This guy looks like he could eat most of the rest of the field for lunch." (Jim Geraghty, NRO, 12/12)

"Seriously, it's like Thompson came to the debate in Des Moines today to do two things: Kick butt and chew gum. And it appears he's all out of gum." (Mark Hemingway, NRO, 12/12)

"Fred Thompson is easily having his best debate; the format suits him well; it's very issue oriented and doesn't allow for too many back-n-forths and gives Fred a chance to shine." (Chuck Todd, NBC First Read, 12/12)

"Fred the Truth Teller....That's been his emphasis today, and a compelling one." (Rich Lowry, NRO, 12/12)

"Fred Thompson was smart, funny, irascible and consistent, and probably helped his standing here." (Ambinder, The Atlantic, 12/12)

"Judging by This Debate So Far... Romney's main threat in Iowa should be Fred Thompson." (Rich Lowry, NRO, 12/12)

"Thompson is sounding like he's decided this debate's format stinks, and so he's going to protest by mocking the mockery it has become. It's the most life he's shown in a while." (Jim Geraghty, NRO, 12/12)

"He seems, so far, a bit more rejuvinated than prevous ones." (Jim Geraghty, NRO, 12/12)

"'I want to take a chance on telling the truth to the American people.' Very nice line from Fred."
(Rich Lowry, NRO, 12/12)

"Finally, Fred wakes up and shows a little passion: 'When the enemies of this country are at the negotiating table, who do you want representing you? Whoever that guy is, that's the guy you ought to vote for for President.' One of his stronger moments." (Jim Geraghty, NRO, 12/12)

"Asked for a show of hands on global warming, Thompson finally stands up. 'I'm not doing any hand shows today.' A few folks applaud. Fred: You gonna give me a minute to answer it? Moderator: No. Fred: Then I'm not gonna answer it. This gets a smattering of applause. And yup, I'm applauding at home." (Jim Geraghty, NRO, 12/12)

"NEA... Another 'good for Fred' moment." (Kathryn Jean Lopez, NRO, 12/12)

"'The biggest obstacle is the NEA'....Another good Fred line..." (Rich Lowry, NRO, 12/12)

"Fred does come off as a sincere, solid man, with good instincts, who you want to see more of on more than Law & Order repeats." (Kathryn Jean Lopez, NRO, 12/12)

Thompson Shows Leadership At Iowa Debate

This was by far Senator Thompson's best debate performance to date. I think the reason some people feel he was off in earlier debates is that rather than sitting around in a stuffy debate talking about what should be done Senator Thompson wants to actually get out there and do it.

The moderator for this debate was absolutely horrible. It was like being stuck in school all over again. She asked boring and mundane questions and rarely let the candidates interact with each other, but the worst part was when she threw out a global warming "got ya" question where she wanted all the candidates to raise their hand to answer what is a very complex question. This is where Fred Thompson stepped up. He led by stating he would not answer merely by raising his hand. Amen. We have been looking for that for quite a while.

As boring as this debate was we did find out some key things. Fred Thompson can be very articulate and definitely has the leadership needed to move his agenda for America forward. I felt the big loser of the debate was Mike Huckabee who really fell flat and appeared to be pushing a big government agenda, which is disappointing. Mitt Romney had a good debate, but no one else really stood out. All in all this was Thompson's moment to shine and he accomplished that.

As a side note, Thompson really appears to be enjoying himself on the campaign trail lately and appears to be ready to come out swinging and fight for the Presidency. I continue to grow more and more impressed with him. We need a man with great ideas who is also willing to fight to get those ideas passed in this do nothing Congress we are stuck with. That is definitely Thompson.

H/T: jCircadian

They Said It... "David Yepsen: Thompson Registers in Register's Debate"

"Fred Thompson did himself the most good in Wednesday's debate among Republican presidential candidates in Iowa.

"Thompson, a former Tennessee senator, was specific, good-humored and exuded an executive persona during the 90 minute session that was sponsored by the Des Moines Register and broadcast by Iowa Public Television.

"... [H]e had the most to gain Wednesday by turning in a presidential performance and he produced. With three weeks until the Jan. 3 caucuses, it may help him pick up some last minute support in Iowa."

Consistent Conservative (60 sec)

Statement from Thompson for President Communications Director Todd Harris

Fred Thompson: 1

Debate Format: 0

"I am not sure how these other candidates plan to defeat al-Qaeda when they can't even take on Carolyn Washburn. The format of this debate was more of a joke than a Mike Huckabee foreign policy answer.

"But Fred Thompson easily cut through the clutter. Between marginal candidate outbursts and moderator questions dripping with liberal presumptions, Thompson rose above all of it to be, in a word, presidential.

"It is a three-way race in Iowa and today's debate performance will only solidify Fred Thompson's standing in the top three. We plan to spend almost every day between now and January 3rd proving to the people of Iowa that Fred Thompson is the one consistent conservative in this race who can beat the Democrats in 2008."

Pope Condemns Global Warming Doom And Gloom

I am incredibly impressed with the Pope and the stand he has taken on this issue. We need more leadership to stand up in the face of this wave of obsessive, liberal curriculum being adopted without any basis.

Pope Benedict XVI has launched a surprise attack on climate change prophets of doom, warning them that any solutions to global warming must be based on firm evidence and not on dubious ideology.

The leader of more than a billion Roman Catholics suggested that fears over man-made emissions melting the ice caps and causing a wave of unprecedented disasters were nothing more than scare-mongering.

The German-born Pontiff said that while some concerns may be valid it was vital that the international community based its policies on science rather than the dogma of the environmentalist movement. [read more]

Poll: Wisconsin Voters Favor Thompson, Clinton

H/T: Fred Thompson News

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Iowa Debate Tomorrow - December 12 At 1 PM CT

Here is part of a letter I received from Fred Thompson's campaign today:

I wanted to remind you the last debate before the Iowa Caucuses is tomorrow. It will be on Iowa Public Television live at 1 p.m. CT with a replay at 7 p.m. You can also watch it on CNN, Fox News, C-SPAN3, and at Or you can listen to it on C-SPAN Radio or Fox News Radio. Fred just keeps getting better and better and this should be his best performance yet. I don't want you to miss it.

Let's all try and make it a priority to watch this debate. It is important you let your family and friends know about it. Many are no doubt not decided and this could help make the difference. With so much on the line we cannot afforded to sit by and allow a liberal to win the republican nomination. Fred Thompson is a proven conservative with a detailed agenda for moving this country forward. It is up to us to help get the message out. Don't forget the Phone For Fred Party on December 13. Click here for the information.

Poll Shows Fred Thompson First In Wisconsin

Every day people have known for a long time that national polls are not accurate. Now with the Internet so available and people having options other than the mainstream media to get their information maybe polls will begin to be conducted properly.

First and foremost you must conduct polls in a manner that seeks the truth rather than manufactured results. Rather than polling nationally they should be done at a state and local level to achieve more accurate results.

The University of Wisconsin conducted a survey of Wisconsin voters that shows Democrats favor Hillary Clinton and Republicans favor Fred Thompson. These are results the mainstream media would like to avoid, as Thompson being the front runner does not fit into their liberal agendas too conveniently.

His conservative stands and policies would be counter productive to the far left's head-long push to destroy everything America was meant to be. They would love for America to believe that Rudy Giuliani is ahead, like they wanted us to believe that Kerry was ahead. The truth is that here, on the ground, in Wisconsin, we have been hearing that more and more people support Thompson, even some voters who are more liberal and moderate are planning on voting for Thompson.

Whether Democrat or Republican those with conservative values, patriotic beliefs, and feel that America was meant to be so much more than she is today see that Thompson would serve and protect the founding principles upon which our country was built. He would return her and her military to the former glory and prominent status in the global picture she once had.

With a margin of error at 7.4 percentage points the survey done by the University of Wisconsin shows that 39% of Democrats and independents lean toward Clinton as their candidate followed by Barack Obama at 26% and John Edwards at 15%. I believe that by the time the last vote is cast in the Primaries Clinton and Obama will lose favor with the voters and John Edwards will become the Darling of the Democrats. That pill is easier to swallow than the Castor oil and horse pill that Clinton and Obama have become.

The survey also shows that 30% of Republicans and Independents favor Thompson followed by Giuliani at 25% and John McCain at 15%. I see Giuliani and McCain dropping like hot bricks in the eyes of the voters. The closer we get to the Primaries the more voters pay attention to the stands of the candidates.

The liberal, and in some cases anti-religious, views of some candidates will leave a bad taste in the voter's mouth. Candidates willing to accept any degree of amnesty will also lose ground as weary voters will not cave on important issues once they are in the voting booth.

I see Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney battling it out for second and Thompson retaining and solidifying first. Since Thompson's run for the Presidency was not based on religious or liberal values he does not have to fear the inevitable boomerang effect in his numbers. The more voters learn about his immigration, American sovereignty, pro-life, educational, energy independence, military, and foreign policy stands his numbers will only have one place to go; up.

Morton Blackwell Endorses Fred Thompson for President

Virginia National Committeeman Supporting Thompson

McLean, VA - Today the Fred Thompson campaign announced that conservative leader and Virginia Republican National Committeeman Morton Blackwell is endorsing Senator Thompson for President of the United States.

"Of all the candidates who have a chance of winning the Republican presidential nomination, Fred Thompson is my choice," said Morton Blackwell. "Senator Thompson has the most conservative instincts on the public policy issues that are important to America."

Morton Blackwell is well known in conservative circles as the Founder and President of the Leadership Institute, an educational foundation, which trains young conservatives for leadership in the political sphere. Prior to founding the Leadership Institute, Mr. Blackwell was Barry Goldwater's youngest elected delegate to the 1964 Republican National Convention in San Francisco. He was a national convention Alternate Delegate for Ronald Reagan in 1968 and 1976, and a Ronald Reagan Delegate at the 1980 national convention. He currently serves as a Virginia Republican National Committeeman.

"I am grateful for the endorsement of Morton Blackwell, who is one of the most respected leaders of the conservative movement in America," said Senator Thompson. "His long history in the conservative movement matches my own journey. We were both early supporters of Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan and we have been consistent conservatives since. I appreciate Morton's confidence in my commitment to conservative principles, my vision for our country, and my ability to lead it."

Monday, December 10, 2007

Founding Fathers Quote

It is not enough that honest men are appointed judges. All know the influence of interest on the mind of man, and how unconsciously his judgment is warped by that influence. To this bias add that of the esprit de corps, of their peculiar maxim and creed that 'it is the office of a good judge to enlarge his jurisdiction,' and the absence of responsibility, and how can we expect impartial decision between the General government, of which they are themselves so eminent a part, and an individual state from which they have nothing to hope or fear?

Thomas Jefferson

Thompson Campaign Announces Young Professionals for Fred Leadership

George P. Bush to Chair Young Professionals Organization

McLean, VA - Today the
Fred Thompson campaign announced its Young Professionals for Fred Thompson national and local leadership. George Prescott Bush will serve as the National Chair of the organization, while Nicolee Ambrose will serve as the Executive Director of the Young Professionals for Fred Thompson National Steering committee.

"As a young professional, I am pleased to support Senator Fred Thompson because of his consistent conservative record in public service and sincere vision to pursue a reform-based domestic agenda in Washington D.C," said George P. Bush. "From addressing grave forecasts in connection with the efficacy of Social Security to the recent endorsement he received from the National Right to Life Committee, Senator Thompson has demonstrated in short order that he is the most reliable spokesman for conservative values in this presidential election cycle."

George Prescott Bush currently serves as Chief Operating Officer of N3 Opportunity Fund, a Texas-based investment partnership. Prior to joining N3, Mr. Bush practiced corporate law in the Dallas office of Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld, the nation's 10th largest law firm. After graduating from law school, he clerked for the Honorable Sidney A. Fitzwater, a U.S. District Judge for the Northern District of Texas. Mr. Bush received his undergraduate degree from Rice University and obtained his Juris Doctorate from the University of Texas School of Law. In 2000 and 2004, he campaigned as a surrogate speaker on behalf of his uncle, President George W. Bush.

"Fred Thompson is right on the issues and that is one of the many reasons I am proud to support him for President," said Nicolee Ambrose. "As both a working mother and a young professional, I am thrilled Senator Thompson is tackling the tough issues that will most impact America's future: Social Security reform, tax reform, border security, and national defense. Furthermore, it is refreshing to witness Senator Thompson's unshakeable belief that government is not the answer to every question."

Nicolee Ambrose is Chairman Emeritus of the Young Republican National Federation. She was an award-winning Financial Advisor for American Express. Nicolee received her Bachelor of Arts in International Relations at Johns Hopkins University and a Master of Music in Opera Performance from Arizona State University.

"We are so pleased to announce our Young Professionals for Fred leadership," said Randy Enwright, National Political Director. "George P. Bush has been a strong advocate for conservative values throughout his career and I thank him for his leadership in serving as Chair of this organization. I look forward to working with this team as we work to spread Fred Thompson's message of consistent conservatism along the campaign trail."

For more please visit

Young Professionals for Fred Thompson Leadership includes:

George P. Bush

Will Alexander
Nicolee Ambrose, Executive Director
Clay Barclay, Southeast Regional Director
Ken Emanuelson, Southwest Regional Director
Harrison Frist, Northeast Regional Director
Stephen Gele, Chair of Fred Force
Kyle Jones, Western Regional Director
Joseph Konzelmann
Baxter Lee, Chair of Fred Founders
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Fred Nosed Out The Remainder

This is truly a great video done by three very talented young ladies and I could not agree with the sentiment of the song more.

Catholic League News Release


Catholic League president Bill Donohue commented today on the box office results for “The Golden Compass”:

“Our goal was to stop ‘The Golden Compass’ from meeting box office expectations, and we succeeded. The anti-Narnia flick pulled in $26.1 million in the U.S. and Canada. Now compare that to ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’: it took in $65.5 million its first weekend out. Indeed, the recent Disney movie, ‘Enchanted,’ took in $33.3 million during its first weekend. And when we consider that ‘Golden Compass’ cost $180 million to produce, and another $30-$40 million in advertising, the inescapable conclusion is that our boycott worked. No wonder the New York Times said today that instead of the movie giving Hollywood a much needed shot in the arm, ‘It got more like a punch in the face.’

“All we heard from the chattering class over the past few weeks was that our boycott would have the reverse effect of enticing more people to see the film. Yet as USA Today reports, ‘Rolf Mittweg of New Line Cinema, which released Compass, concedes that the religion controversy might have had an effect.’ It sure did.

“The disappointing numbers make it far less likely that New Line Cinema will want to produce the film version of The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass, the second and third volumes of Philip Pullman’s trilogy, His Dark Materials. That’s good news for Christians, in general, and for Catholics, in particular.

“Let this be a lesson to militant atheists like Pullman: keep your hollow beliefs to yourself. And ease up on demonizing Catholicism—no other religion has done more to promote human rights, science and goodwill. Why not make a movie about that?”

Kiera M. McCaffrey
Director of Communications
Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights
New York, NY 10123
212-371-3394 (fax)

Fred Thompson's Plan For Rearming America

One of the greatest challenges facing this country is the disintegration of our military power. Our military has been stretched to the breaking point. We simply have asked too much, from too few, for too long.

I was greatly disappointed when after 9-11 President Bush failed to immediately recognize the need to rearm. Years later we now have a force that has been exhausted. Luckily there is relief in sight and there is something that you and I can do to benefit our brave armed forces. In less than a month the first votes will be cast. Unfortunately I will not be able to cast mine until February, but it will be for Fred Thompson. For all of you who do have a chance to vote in the early primary states I encourage you to vote for Fred Thompson. Read his issues and you will find a true conservative leader with a positive vision .

As a veteran I eagerly waited for each of the campaigns to lay out a detailed strategy for rebuilding our armed forces and in my opinion Fred Thompson is the only one who has done that. He does not have the tunnel vision that appears to be affecting most of our politicians who cannot see past the War on Terrorism. He understands there is a threat on the horizon from an arming China and a rearming Russia. Here is his blueprint for rebuilding our armed forces and providing for the security of this nation.

Revitalizing America's Armed Forces
Fred Thompson's Plan to Strengthen the Long Term Security of the United States

The threats to the United States today are more complex, dispersed, and opportunistic than ever before. Terrorists and terror states observe no rules and have no restraints of conscience. The enemy understands only the language of power. While the central front in the war against Islamic extremism is in Afghanistan and Iraq, it is clear that our enemies extend far beyond those borders. The gravest danger is terrorists or terrorist states acquiring weapons of mass destruction. But other, more traditional, more conventional challenges await us as well. To overcome these dangers, we need a clear and consistent strategy to address them, and the means to be successful.

With the fall of the Soviet Union, many falsely assumed that unquestioned American military superiority was unneeded. Indeed, many Democrats saw the 1990s as an opportunity to take a holiday from history, and as a consequence, our government began one of the largest unilateral reductions of military power in history. Our Armed Forces were cut 30 percent on average. Army combat power was reduced by nearly half, the Air Force down-sized considerably, and the Navy could not maintain 300 ships, much less the 600-ship Navy that President Reagan once envisioned. We are still feeling the effect of these reductions today.

No one will ever doubt the quality of those who serve our nation in the Armed Forces. The brave men and women who comprise our military have answered every call to duty and defended our freedom with honor. During my days in the Senate, I had the privilege to spend time with them as I traveled abroad to meet with world leaders, visit global hotspots, and gain a better understanding of events on the ground in far-away places. Whether at an outpost in Kosovo with U.S. Army troops; watching flight operations with the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps aboard an aircraft carrier in the Indian Ocean; meeting at a darkened Afghan airfield with special operations forces shortly after 9/11; or flying aboard a cargo aircraft with the U.S. Air Force in South America and South Asia. I am always inspired by the courage, competence, and commitment of our men and women in uniform.

But we are fighting a war in two theaters today, against an enemy not bound by borders, using 20th century equipment in a 21st century war. And our material support for our troops has not matched the demands we have placed on them. Their readiness and capabilities could soon be in doubt. We simply have been asking too few troops to do too much for too long.

It is time for real change, not half measures. As we consider the threats we face today, and the ones we may need to confront tomorrow, we must re-evaluate how we look at our priorities. The first responsibility of the federal government must be the security of the American people and the defense of our nation. This should be reflected in everything we do in the federal government, including, most importantly, the budget. Defense spending declined significantly at the end of the Cold War to levels approaching 3% of GDP, despite the fact that America has historically spent well over 5% of GDP on defense. Over the last several decades our economy has proven strong enough to enable 5.1% spending during the Gulf War, over 6% during the Reagan build up, and over 8% during the late 1960s. As a nation, we must be prepared to spend more on defense than what we do today - and have done in the past 15 years - in order to revitalize the military and develop the capabilities necessary to promote peace, security and stability for future generations of Americans.

To address the problems and challenges faced by our Armed Forces today, the following initiatives will put us on the path to revitalizing our all-volunteer military over the coming years, enable the United States to advance its interests abroad, and ensure the long-term security of our nation for decades: [read more]

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Statement from Major General James E. Livingston on Mitt Romney's Military Spending Proposal

McLean, VA - The Friends of Fred Thompson campaign released the following statement from Veterans for Fred Chairman, Major Gen. James E. Livingston about Governor Mitt Romney's military spending proposal he addressed yesterday at Fort Des Moines:

"Governor Mitt Romney's proposal to increase military spending is just numbers with no specifics, no rationale, and no articulation of the challenges our country faces. This plan shows a lack of understanding of what must be done to revitalize our armed forces so they are able defeat the terrorists, deter adversaries, and preserve the peace in the years ahead.

"Our troops, veterans and their families deserve a Commander in Chief who is ready on Day One, not someone who needs on-the-job training when it comes to foreign affairs and national security.

"Fred Thompson will be ready to lead the minute he is sworn in, and that is why I am supporting him for President."

General Livingston is a Medal of Honor recipient who did three tours of combat duty in the Vietnam War and was awarded the Purple Heart and three other awards, the Navy Distinguished Service Medal, the Silver Star, the Superior Service Medal and the Bronze Star and serves as National Co-Chair of Veterans for Fred Thompson.