Tuesday, May 20, 2008

15 Steps Towards A Lawful Immigration System

Jeff Sessions has been the leading advocate for creating a lawful immigration system in America. In a major policy address to The Heritage Foundation recently, Jeff laid out 15 steps towards reaching that lawful system and challenged the candidates for President of the United States to commit to following them. The president is the Chief Enforcement Officer of the land who alone has the power to truly fix our broken immigration system. From completing the Border Fence to ending Catch and Release and moving toward a Merit-Based immigration system, these 15 steps are a roadmap for demonstrating to the American people that our future president will be committed to moving toward a lawful system.

A Roadmap for Demonstrating Presidential Credibility on
One of America's Most Important Issues

Secure The Border

1. Border Fence and National Guard: Secure the border, including completing construction of the 700 mile southern border fence required by the Secure Fence Act, construct more miles if needed, and keep the National Guard on the border until it is secured.

2. Border Prosecutions: Deter illegal entry by expanding the already successful Zero Tolerance Prosecution Policy (Operation Streamline) from 3 to all 20 border sectors, and support statutory mandatory minimums for the crimes of illegal entry, reentry, and reentry after deportation for any felony

3. Control Visa Overstays: Give our immigration system integrity by completing the 10-year past due exit portion of The USVISIT (Visitor and Immigrant Status Indicator Technology) system and eliminate other weaknesses in the system so that future visa overstays can be identified [
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