Tuesday, September 30, 2008

McCain's Rein Ad


lara said...

Yea, but why is McCain backing this bail-out plan that, ultimately, we'll have to pay off. The word I got was that the Conservatives in Congress blocked it for that very reason. What's he doing--has he already forgotten who has been doling out the dollars to him lately?

And Bill Clinton backing Republicans suddenly. Maybe I just never forgave him, but has he finally grown up or is he just jaw jamming for Hilary's run in 2012?

DR said...

Well, unfortunately McCain is a moderate; but still a million times better than Obama. Luckily we have Gov. Palin to look forward to in four years. I also understand that the Senate version will have significant tax cuts and other goodies to attract Republican votes. The market has already rebounded a little today, I don't think we need this and I think it is socialism.

Ah, Bill Clinton! He can always be counted on to love himself above all else. Ever since Obama used the race card on him Clinton has been looking for payback. I think he just got it. I never thought I could ever applaud anything Bill Clinton did, but this will definitely help McCain and it was no doubt done on purpose.

lara said...

Thanks for the clarification--at least I know for sure now that Clinton's still a cad--

Reading around the blogosphere, I'm noticing that more Dems are commenting on Obama's inconsistencies. One wrote, and I'm paraphrasing, that maybe this portrayal of Obama as the anti-Christ by the Republicans 'has some truth to it.'

Duh (but I was grateful to read that just the same).

DR said...

I have also been reading similar things. I am really wondering if these polls are accurate at all. With so many disgruntled Democrats, we should have and opportunity.