Saturday, February 02, 2008

THEY SAID IT!: Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) Says That On Immigration "My Position Has Been Very Similar To John McCain's"

Saturday, Feb 02, 2008

Sen. Barack Obama: "I think they [Republicans] will pounce on any issue that has to do with immigration. But as I said, my position has been very similar to John McCain's, who's maybe the likely Republican nominee. And if he wants to try to parse out this one issue of driver's licenses, an issue of public safety, my response is that we have to solve the overall problem." (ABC's "World News Tonight," 2/2/08)

To watch Sen. Obama, please see:

Governor Mitt Romney On Victory In Maine

Saturday, Feb 02, 2008

Kevin Madden (857) 288-6390

Boston, MA – Throughout the state of Maine, people have gathered at their local caucus site over the last two days and cast their vote for conservative change in Washington. With only a few caucus sites left to report tomorrow, Governor Romney issued the following statement concerning his victory in Maine:

"Today, the people of Maine joined those from across the nation in casting their vote for conservative change in Washington. All across the state, men and women gathered to help chart the future course of our country. Tonight, they have made their voice known and have endorsed our conservative vision for a stronger America. Like many Americans, the people of Maine are tired of Washington promises made but broken.

"The need for change in Washington is even more apparent today. With our economy facing uncertain times, we need a leader who actually understands how the economy works and how jobs are created. We also need a leader from outside of Washington who is ready to meet the long-term challenges facing our country. With a career spent working in the economy, creating jobs, turning around faltering institutions and imposing fiscal discipline, I am ready to bring conservative change to Washington. In this campaign, I am proud to have the support of the people of Maine."

John McCain: Deceitful, Petty, and Arrogant

While the whole video is good, if you are pro-life I suggest you start watching at 5 minutes 28 seconds.

Romney For President Announces Opening Of Minnesota Headquarters

Saturday, Feb 02, 2008

Romney Press Shop (857) 288-6390

Boston, MA – In advance of Governor Romney's visit to Minnesota today, the Romney campaign announced the opening of its Minnesota Headquarters. The office, located in Oakdale, will serve as a hub for volunteer activity leading into Tuesday's caucuses.

Romney supporters interested in volunteer opportunities can call 651-556-1827 or stop by the office between 9:00am and 9:00pm every day between now and the Tuesday caucuses.

7200 Hudson Boulevard
Suite 100
Oakdale, MN

Brian Sullivan, Co-Chairman of the Minnesota Statewide Steering Committee, said, "We're very excited to announce the grand opening of our Minnesota headquarters, especially on the same day as Governor Romney's visit to the Twin Cities. Support for Governor Romney across Minnesota is strong and growing every day, and this office will allow us to channel that support into the volunteer get-out-the-vote operation that is essential to a strong showing in the Minnesota Caucuses."

Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) Endorses Governor Mitt Romney

Saturday, Feb 02, 2008

Kevin Madden (857) 288-6390

Boston, MA – Today, just days ahead of Alaska's Caucus, Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) announced her endorsement of Governor Mitt Romney for President of the United States. Senator Murkowski joins a strong Romney for President team that includes Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell.

"Governor Romney is the proven executive that Alaskans and all Americans need in the White House. At this time of economic uncertainty, we need a leader who actually understands how the economy works and why jobs are created. That leader is Mitt Romney. Furthermore, he has promised to tackle some of our country's most long-standing challenges, including energy independence. Like most Alaskans, he also supports opening up ANWR," said Senator Murkowski. "On Tuesday, Republicans in Alaska face a critical decision, and the choice is Mitt Romney."

Announcing Senator Murkowski's support, Governor Romney said, "Senator Murkowski has been a strong voice in the United States Senate for confronting the long-term economic challenges confronting her state and our nation today. She understands the importance of making our country independent of foreign oil and recognizes we can do that by developing more sources of domestic energy. In the coming days and months, I look forward to working with her to build a stronger America."
[read more]

The Looming Euthanasia Of Lauren Richardson

by Steven Ertelt Editor
February 1, 2008

Dover, DE ( -- A Delaware woman has become the next Terri Schiavo as her parents engage in a massive legal and philosophical debate about whether to subject her to euthanasia. Richardson is a 23-year-old woman who overdosed on heroin in August 2006 while she was three months pregnant with a baby girl.

Doctors kept Lauren on life support until she delivered her baby in February 2007. Shortly thereafter, her parents began a fight that is reminiscent of the battle over Terri's life and death.

As in the Terri Schiavo case, physicians have been quick to label Lauren as having a persistent vegetative state -- something Terri's family called dehumanizing and medically inaccurate as patients have recovered from it.

Edith Towers, Lauren's mother, wants to remove her feeding tube and starve and dehydrate her to death in the same manner that Michael Schiavo subjected Terri. [read more]

"I cannot believe that any parent could even consider doing this to their own child. A person willing to starve another to death does not deserve the gift of life bestowed upon themselves. I guess it is a good thing that God does not always reap immediate vengeance upon those who are deserving of it.

I don't want to hear the BS that Lauren did not want to live in that state either. That is what her mother claims, no one really knows what Lauren wanted. There is no justification for activly seeking the death of your own child. I highly doubt if you asked Lauren before this happened if she wished to be starved and dehydrated for possibly weeks until she died that she would agree to it.

Further more it has been reported that this mother was awarded custody not only of her daughter, but her grand daughter; anyone with so many suggestions of death should not be awarded custody of anyone." -SR-

Pro-Life Groups Say FDA Must Address China Abortion Drug Health Concerns

by Steven Ertelt Editor
February 1, 2008

Washington, DC ( -- Pro-life groups are alarmed by news that the Chinese government-owned pharmaceutical company that makes the abortion drug sold to thousands of women in the United States also manufactures a contaminated leukemia drug that has caused paralysis in hundreds of people. They say the FDA has an obligation to investigate.

Dr. Randy O'Bannon, the director of research and education for National Right to Life, talked with on Thursday about the problems.

"It's disturbing but not surprising," he said. "Apparently everybody involved here was cutting corners."

He pointed the finger at the Clinton administration, which hurriedly approved the abortion drug towards the end of his tenure, and Danco Laboratories, the distribute of the abortion pill in the U.S.

O'Bannon also said the FDA is to blame for the possibility that the abortion drug is causing health problems for women because of the serious concerns about its Chinese manufacturer. [read more]

Tagg Romney Continues to Campaign in Maine

Tagg Romney will continue to campaign in Maine for the Maine Republican Party PresidentialNominating Caucuses.

9:00 a.m.

Tagg Romney Attends the Androscoggin County Caucus
Lewiston Multipurpose Center
145 Birch Street
Lewiston, ME
NOTE: Be prepared for natural sound.

10:15 a.m.

Tagg Romney Attends the Kennebec County Caucus
Farrington School
249 Eastern Avenue
Augusta, ME
NOTE: Be prepared for natural sound.

12:15 p.m.

Tagg Romney Attends the Sagadahoc County Caucus
West Bath School
126 New Meadows Road
West Bath, ME
NOTE: Be prepared for natural sound.

2:00 p.m.

Tagg Romney Attends the Lincoln County Caucus
Great Salt Bay School
559 Main Street
Damariscotta, ME
NOTE: Be prepared for natural sound.

3:30 p.m.

Tagg Romney Attends the Knox County Caucus
Samoset Resort
220 Warrenton Street
Rockport, ME
NOTE: Be prepared for natural sound.

Press Info:
This is an open press event. With questions please contact Romney for President,Inc Press Shop at 857-288-6390.

*All Times are Eastern Standard Time

[Get more info or get directions]

On Saturday, February 2nd, Governor Mitt Romney's wife, Ann Romney, will campaign in North Dakota

5:30 p.m.

Ann Romney Visits a Romney for President Phone Bank in Fargo
Goldmark Building
1711 Gold Drive
Fargo, ND
Note: Be prepared for natural light and sound.

6:30 p.m.

Ann Romney Holds a Meet and Greet with Fargo Area Voters
Ramada Plaza Suites
1635 42nd Street, SW
Fargo, ND
Note: Be prepared for natural light and sound.

Press Info:
This is an open press event. With questions please contact Romney for President,IncPress Shop at 857-288-6390.

*All Times are Central Standard Time

[Get more info or get directions]

Saturday, February 2nd, Governor Mitt Romney will campaign in Minnesota

5:00 p.m.

Mitt Romney Holds a Media Availability
Signature Flight Support
Second Floor Training Room
3800 East 70th Street
Minneapolis, MN
Note: A mult-box will be available

7:30 p.m.

Mitt Romney Holds a "Change Begins with Us" Edina Tour Stop
Frauenshuh, Inc.
7700 France Avenue
Edina, MN
Note: A mult-box will be available

Press Info:
This is an open press event. With questions please contact Romney forPresident,IncPress Shop at 857-288-6390.

*All Times Are Central Standard Time

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Friday, February 01, 2008

In Case You Missed It: The Denver Post Endorses Governor Mitt Romney

Friday, Feb 01, 2008

"GOP Nominee: Romney Would Be A Better Executive"
The Denver Post
February 1, 2008

"Republicans have weeded a diverse and talented field of presidential candidates down to two finalists and a beguiling but quirky pair of also-rans, Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul.

"Arizona Sen. John McCain, now the frontrunner, is an American hero, a foreign-policy expert and a veteran of the Washington trenches. But with a volatile economy overtaking Iraq as a chief concern among voters, we believe that Mitt Romney is the best choice for Colorado Republicans.

"As a governor of Massachusetts, a skilled businessman and the savior of the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Romney possesses the executive acumen necessary to implement policies that produce results. Wouldn't that be a strange change in Washington? [
read more]

Governor Mitt Romney On Today's Job Numbers

Friday, Feb 01, 2008

Kevin Madden (857) 288-6390

Boston, MA – Today, Governor Mitt Romney released the following statement regarding new job numbers:

"The news out of the Labor Department today that job losses are spreading and wage growth is slowing underscores the importance of the economy in this year's election. Knowledge of the economy is my strong suit. It's where I spent my career. We can get our economy moving again by cutting taxes on individuals and businesses and by making it easier for people facing foreclosure to refinance into more stable mortgages. I will fight for every job and to make America prosperous again."

To read about Governor Romney's economic stimulus plan, please see:

Governor Romney Gets Laura Ingraham's Vote

Former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) Endorses Governor Mitt Romney

Friday, Feb 01, 2008

Kevin Madden (857) 288-6390

Boston, MA – Today, former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) announced his endorsement of Governor Mitt Romney. Senator Santorum served two terms in the United States Senate where he was also Chairman of the Senate Republican Conference, the third-ranking member of the Republican leadership.

"In a few short days, Republicans from across this country will decide more than their party's nominee. They will decide the very future of our party and the conservative coalition that Ronald Reagan built. Conservatives can no longer afford to stand on the sidelines in this election, and Governor Romney is the candidate who will stand up for the conservative principles that we hold dear," said Senator Santorum. "Governor Romney has a deep understanding of the important issues confronting our country today, and he is the clear conservative candidate that can go into the general election with a united Republican party."

Announcing Senator Santorum's support, Governor Romney said, "I am honored to have Senator Santorum's support. Throughout his career of public service, he has always led with a steadfast commitment to our party's conservative principles. He has fought for life, marriage, tax cuts and a stronger national defense. In the coming days, I look forward to working with him as we fight for our party's conservative foundations."
[read more]

Governor Romney Gets Sean Hannity's Vote

Romney For President Totals Over $27 Million In Total Receipts For The Fourth Quarter

Thursday, Jan 31, 2008

Kevin Madden (857) 288-6390

$90 Million In Total Receipts For The Year

Boston, MA – Today, Romney for President announced it reported over $27 million in total receipts for the Fourth Quarter, ending December 31, 2007. The Campaign again opted to raise no general election funds and reported $9 million in primary contributions. The total receipts include Governor Romney's loan of $18 million.

For the entire year, Romney for President had total receipts of $90 million. In the past month, Governor Romney's message of conservative change in Washington has resonated with people across this country. Governor Romney has won three states, placed a strong second in another three and had a strong showing in South Carolina.

In the Fourth Quarter, Romney for President focused on growing its network of grassroots support ahead of the critical early caucus and primary states. For the year, Romney for President will report more than 119,000 contributors to Governor Romney's effort. In the Fourth Quarter, Governor Romney focused on meeting with voters across the country and campaigning.

"Over the past year, our campaign expanded Governor Romney's grassroots support across the country, and we have seen Americans rally to his message of bringing conservative change to a broken Washington. As this campaign progresses and more Americans cast their vote, we will continue to build Governor Romney's network of grassroots support," said Romney for President national spokesman Kevin Madden. [
read more]

California: Mitt Asks for Your Vote

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Excellent Blog Award

This Excellent Blog Award was presented to The Maritime Sentry by A Catholic Mom in Hawaii.

The rules: By accepting this Excellent Blog Award, you have to award it to 10 more people whose blogs you find Excellent Award worthy. You can give it to as many people as you want but please award at least 10. Thank you out there for having such great blogs and being such great friends! You deserve this! Feel free to award people who have already been awarded…

This is a wonderful opportunity for me to recognize some of my favorite blogs. Here is a list of the blogs I present this Excellent Blog Award to:

1. Michigan Redneck
10. And of course A Catholic Mom In Hawaii

This is just a list of some of our favorite blogs, not in any particular order, that we chose to present this award to.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Governor Mitt Romney On The Florida Primary

Tuesday, Jan 29, 2008

Kevin Madden (857) 288-6390

St. Petersburg, FL – Tonight, Governor Mitt Romney made a strong showing in the Florida Primary. In St. Petersburg, Governor Romney spoke about the need for change in Washington so that we can build a stronger America for future generations. With the announcement of today's results, Governor Romney made the following remarks to supporters, volunteers and the American people:

"Almost, but not quite. You guys are my heroes. You took this campaign from nowhere to the very top tier. You worked your hearts our and you made me a contender and for that, Ann and I and our family will be forever grateful. Thank you so very much.

"Now, I just got off the phone with Senator McCain, and I offered him my congratulations. I'm sure that you are excited here this evening, but a little disappointed as well, and my guess is when you left your home this evening, you put a son or a daughter to bed, and probably that's happening across the country. Moms and dads are putting kids to bed, or they already have, and they're sleeping peacefully. They're probably a bit like my grandkids, full of big dreams and plans, excited by every tomorrow.

"I remember when I was growing up, I always knew that America was the greatest nation on Earth: first nation on the Moon, our cars and movies and technology were the envy of the entire world, and freedom and opportunity was just like the air, it was everywhere I went. I believed there was nothing I couldn't do, and I knew there was nothing that America couldn't do because we led the world.

"Now, America's leadership didn't come without cost. It was won by the Greatest Generation in the history of the world. They defeated fascism, and they built the world's strongest economy. My Mom and Dad are gone as maybe yours are as well. What they and their generation left us is the greatest nation in the history of the entire planet. [read more]

Governor Mitt Romney Announces Montana Legislative Leadership Team

Tuesday, Jan 29, 2008

Romney Press Shop (857) 288-6390

Boston, MA – Today, Governor Romney announced the endorsement of eight Montana Legislators who will form the Montana Romney for President Legislative Leadership Team. This team will help build Governor Romney's grassroots organization in the state and help campaign for his message of strengthening the economy and brining real conservative change to Washington.

"These legislators share in my optimistic vision to strengthen our economy," said Governor Romney. "I look forward to working with them to bring real conservative change to this country. Together, we know that Montana and this nation will be stronger if we cut wasteful government spending, reduce the tax burden on businesses and middle income families and secure the border."

"Governor Romney is the only Republican candidate with the proven record and leadership to turn around Washington," said State House Speaker Pro Tempore Debby Barrett. "He has proven he as the experience needed to do the job in the private sector, at the 2002 Winter Olympics and as Governor of Massachusetts. I would encourage every Montanan to join us in supporting this true conservative as our next president."
[read more]

HA2007 - Queen of Heaven

New Jersey Conservative Leaders Join Romney For President

Tuesday, Jan 29, 2008

Romney Press Shop (857) 288-6390

Boston, MA – Today, Governor Mitt Romney announced that 14 New Jersey conservative leaders have joined the Romney for President Team. Many of these leaders joined Romney for State Chairman State Senator Joe Kyrillos at a Romney for President event held in Parsippany today.

In making the announcement, Governor Romney said, "I'm glad to have the support of so many conservative leaders in New Jersey. People all over the country are concerned about the uncertainty in the economy, and I have the experience and the plan to keep our economy strong. I believe we need to cut personal and corporate taxes, improve education and make health care more accessible. I look forward to working with these leaders to make sure we earn the support of as many New Jersey voters as possible leading up to the February 5 primary and beyond."

"Washington is broken and we're not going to fix it by sending the same people back just to have them sit in different chairs," State Senator Joe Kyrillos said. "Governor Romney has a proven record of success in his 25 years in the business sector, as the CEO of the Olympics, and as Governor of Massachusetts. Governor Romney has the experience needed to fix Washington, and I will work with my friends and colleagues to make sure his message gets to as many voters as possible."
[read more]

Catholic League News Release


Equinox fitness clubs are rolling out a series of new ads that are being displayed in its gyms, as well as in publications like Boston Magazine. One of the “Happily ever” ads features attractive young women dressed as nuns in habit sketching a naked man; all are staring at his crotch.

Catholic League president Bill Donohue responded as follows:

“Twenty years ago, the ad agency that Equinox recently acquired to develop this ad, Fallon Worldwide, lost $22 million when major U.S. corporations stopped doing business with the company: an ugly series of racist and sexist incidents involving senior Fallon employees set off a firestorm. It is not likely that Fallon’s latest overture will garner the same reaction, though it makes one wonder why Equinox didn’t choose a more reliable ad agency.

“In any event, this patently stupid ad that Equinox is floating suggests that it must hype its edgy image in order to compete. That’s too bad—apparently their targeted demographic group isn’t lured by the prospect of more barbells and fruit bars. Hence, the need to rip off Catholic imagery in a sophomoric soft-porn ad.

“Of course, Equinox could have asked Fallon to replace the nuns with Islamic women covered with veils. But that was probably too edgy, even for these trendy types. Guess there are some envelopes that no one wants to push these days. How telling.”

Kiera M. McCaffrey
Director of Communications
Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights
New York, NY 10123
212-371-3394 (fax)

Liz Cheney: Gov. Romney Ready To Lead

My Vote - Captain's Quarters

Over a year ago and many times since, I wrote that I could give no endorsement, because I had honestly not made up my mind about which candidate to support. I also told the CapQ community that if I did make a decision, I would announce it as soon as I made it so that they knew where I stood. The deadline for that decision rapidly approaches, since Minnesota caucuses on February 5th, and I have decided to caucus for Mitt Romney.

This decision did not come easily. Some have complained about the choices available to the Republicans, but I have seen the field as a collection of highly accomplished, experienced candidates, almost all of whom I could support -- enthusiastically -- in a general election. That made the decision as hard as it was, and it forced me to analyze what I want to see in a nominee. [read more]

Monday, January 28, 2008

Governor Mitt Romney Announces Support Of Wisconsin RNC Committeewoman Mary Buestrin

Monday, Jan 28, 2008

Kevin Madden (857) 288-6390

Boston, MA – Today, Wisconsin Republican National Committeewoman Mary Buestrin announced her endorsement of Governor Mitt Romney. Committeewoman Buestrin has a long history of working in Wisconsin Republican politics to promote conservative policies and candidates with proven conservative principles of leadership.

"Committeewoman Buestrin is a dedicated Republican leader and her support will be a big help as we campaign across Wisconsin talking to voters about bringing real conservative change to Washington," said Governor Romney. "I look forward to working with her to share my optimistic vision for the future of our country."

Committeewoman Buestrin added, "Governor Romney has impressed me with his leadership and his optimism as he discusses our nation's future. We need real change in Washington, and Governor Romney is the candidate who will roll up his sleeves and get to work on day one to strengthen the economy, the military and our families. He has done this in the private sector, at the 2002 Winter Olympics and as Governor, and I know he will do the same as President. I encourage Wisconsin voters to join me in supporting the candidate with the experience we need, Governor Mitt Romney." [
read more]

Governor Romney Addresses The Potential Economic Damage Of McCain-Lieberman

Monday, Jan 28, 2008

CONTACT: Kevin Madden (857) 288-6390

West Palm Beach, FL – Today, Governor Mitt Romney addressed members of the media about Senator John McCain (R-AZ) McCain-Lieberman bill and the economic burdens this bill would put on Florida families. Below are Governor Romney's remarks as delivered:

"On a very different topic, we're at a gas station. And the reason for that is that I want to underscore the fact that Senator McCain's McCain-Lieberman would be a very expensive bill for the people of Florida. By our calculation, a family of four would have to spend about an extra $1,000 a year if McCain-Lieberman became law. And again that's because gasoline would rise in price by approximately .50 cents a gallon and natural gas would rise about 20 percent. The burden on Florida homeowners would obviously be excessive.

"And what's particularly troubling about the bill is that the effect on the global environment would be negligible, and that's because the bill does not require other nations to participate in order for the regulation to be promulgated. And the effect of that would be that high emitting industries would simply move from a country like ours that had these limits to a country like China that did not. And the net effect would be that emissions had just moved from one country to another and also jobs had moved from one country to another. And what is left behind in our country would be the burden of paying for the entire cost of this symbolic act. [
read more]

Mitt Romney on Islamic Jihad

By Adel Zaanoun in Gaza City

January 26, 2008 02:23am

AN Israeli air strike killed the Hamas military commander for the Gaza-Egypt border town of Rafah overnight (AEDT), the latest in a spate of deadly raids on the Islamist-controlled Gaza Strip.

Mohammed Harb was killed along with one of his lieutenants when an Israeli missile struck their car, according to medical sources.

On Thursday night (local time), two other members of the military wing of the Islamist Hamas movement were also killed when two Israeli missiles slammed into their jeep.

Over the past 10 days, Israel has killed 45 Palestinians, most of them militants, in ground and air attacks on Gaza. In turn, armed groups have fired some 200 rockets or mortar rounds into southern Israel, slightly wounding 10 people.

An Israeli army spokeswoman confirmed the latest raids saying that they had hit "Palestinians implicated in acts of terrorism". [read more]