Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tsar, Czar, Zar, Imam, Sahib, or President - Which Title Will Obama Emulate?

Here are a couple of thoughts:

How would you like to live in Communist China with the government telling you how many children you may have, forcing abortions on women as a means of population control? How would you like to have lived in Nazi Germany where your government decided if you were worthy to live or fit for the gas chamber? How would you like to have lived in the USSR where the government chose your job and how much of your paycheck would be redistributed to others, keeping the poor oppressed by poverty and making the elite even richer? Would you choose to live with a cult that forces values on you that you do not hold yourself and required that you to live at third world standards so the leadership could indulge in limitless luxuries?

If Obama wins the General Election these scinerios are more conceivable than you may want to accept. Obama would have to chose which mantle he would wear as leader of the FREE world. His title would officially be President, but which philosophy would he rule by? Yes, I said rule! He has already proven that his dictoral agenda would rob every American of freedoms from the very first day of his totalitarian rule, I mean Presidency. His stands come straight from a Socialist and iconoclast agenda, as do those of his would be comrades like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Ried.

From his 0-5 Day Care plan, to nationalized health care, to his global warming theories, to taxation of oil profts, to his platform on abortion and partial birth abortion, to his support for open borders, and finally to his indifference toward Isreal.

Be mindful of the CHANGE that Obama and his cohorts really stand for. Learn the history of what similar ideologies have done to those crushed under the heels of change; change is not always beneficial or good and can have adverse and detrimental effects on those who blindly follow like sheep.