Thursday, July 24, 2008

URGENT!!! ACTION REQUIRED!!! - The House To Debate Bills That Threaten Your Parental Rights - And Your Family

As a Catholic mother I found the following to be very disturbing and unfortunately more and more expected from our ever growing nanny-state government.

As if the horror stories you hear about CPS and their intrusive, abuse of powers, and threats to innocent families across the country were not intolerable enough wait until you hear about these two bills coming up for debate in the US House of Representatives: the Pre-K Act (HR 3289) and the Education Begins at Home Act (HR 2343).

These vague and subjective bills will give the government an almost unlimited ability to send government workers into your homes to screen your babies for emotional and developmental issues and evaluate the family possible causes. These bills are being portrayed as tools to educate and prevent abuse in military families, and families who fall below state poverty levels.

As with every power ever given to, or taken by, our government these bills will be abused and used to promote liberal agendas and persecute conservative and homeschooling families, those with stay at home parents, Christians, and those with beliefs contrary to the liberal agendas set forth by the government because we all know that the only people who abuse their children are conservative, Christian, military, and poor families, right?

Their rouse to intrude in your home and life is to close the achievement gap between poor and middle class children, but they are working on a belief that if you are poor you are abusive and incapable of parenting with the same ability than that of your richer counter parts.

These bills hide a malevolent agenda that will have catastrophic results for many loving and innocent families. Many will believe this could never happen in America and that the bills must surely provide limitations to protect families from subjective persecution by government workers invading your homes and taking control of your children; but they language is vague and open to any interpretation where it exists at all. I am telling you now that the House is going to debate this and if you do not contact your Representative and demand that they vote these bills down it will happen.

This seriously ill-written and misleading legislation conveniently leaves out parental permission and has the makings of legalized invasions of your privacy, your home, and your rights. They will have access to your medical and financial records, they will database and access your social life, and parenting practices. Parental permission would be a thing of the past, with no language to protect it; so administration of drugs and treatment given to your child would be out of your hands.

Our federal government has no constitutional right to intrude in the education and parental rights of our families, yet they steal that power right out from underneath us. The Pre-K Act will steal children away from their parents as close to birth as they dare and place them in educational programs with slanted curriculum pushing agendas that parents have no say over and push mothers out of their homes and away from their children to work.

These bills go too far and leave out too much. Supporters will portray these programs as progressive strides toward identifying, educating, and treating families that need help. Don't be fooled, this opens a door that would never be closed. God instructed parents to train their children in the way they should go, not hand them over as government property. Just imagine the result of a worker with preconceived views of conservative, Christian, and homeschooling families coming into your home with almost unlimitless ability to control and rip apart your family. Would a worker with different religious beliefs be capable of being unbiased toward a family from a differing religion? You would have no choice, no control, no appeal, and no recourse for any wrong or suffering your family is put through by an unchecked, unaccountable government worker.

For the sake of those precious little angels in your home don't let this happen to your country and your family. Contact your representatives and fight these bills. Vote conservative candidates into every level of government and take back control of your government.

Our government was for the people and by the people. If our Founding Fathers knew that the government they established would turn into such a glutenous nanny-state they would have scrapped it for another. They actually included direction to over throw and reestablish an out of control government. I say this is beyond what they could have ever imagined as out of control and Federalism and Conservatism needs to take it back. That can begin November 4, 2008!

Catholic League News Release


University of Minnesota professor Paul Z. Myers made good on his pledge to desecrate the Eucharist today. According to his statement on the subject, “I pierced it [the Host] with a rusty nail (I hope Jesus’s tetanus shots are up to date). And then I simply threw it in the trash.”

Saying he did not want to “single out just the cracker,” Myers also tore pages from the Koran along with a few pages from Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion and nailed them to the Host. He then said, “They are just paper. Nothing must be held sacred. (His emphasis.) Question everything. God is not great, Jesus is not your lord, you are not disciples of any charismatic prophet.”

Catholic League president Bill Donohue responded as follows:

“A formal complaint against Myers has already been made. What he did—in both word and deed—constitutes a bias incident, as defined by the University of Minnesota. The policy says that ‘Expressions of disrespectful bias, hate, harassment or hostility against an individual, group or their property because of the individual or group’s actual or perceived race, color, creed, religion…can be forms of discrimination. Expressions vary, and can be in the form of language, words, signs, symbols, threats, or actions that could potentially cause alarm, anger, fear, or resentment in others…even when presented as a joke.’

“The University must now take action and apply the appropriate sanction. We are contacting the president, Board of Regents and the Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Office at the school, as well as Minnesota’s governor and both houses of the state legislature; the Catholic community in Minnesota is also being contacted. Moreover, we are also contacting Muslim groups nationwide.

“It is important for Catholics to know that the University of Minnesota will not tolerate the deliberate destruction of the Eucharist by one of its faculty. Just as African Americans would not tolerate the burning of a cross, and Jews would not tolerate the display of swastikas, Catholics will not tolerate the desecration of the Eucharist.”

Contact Myers at

Contact President Robert Bruininks at

Susan A. Fani
Director of Communications
Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights
New York, NY 10123
212-371-3394 (fax)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Who Says We Cannot Take Back The House?

The media and talking heads are trying to convince us that conservatives can't win this fall; it is a hopeless cause and Nancy Pelosi will rule over the House for the rest of our lives. Well, just like most things, they are wrong.

The only thing that will keep Nancy Pelosi in power is if you sit by and allow it to happen. We have good candidates running that we can all feel comfortable getting behind. Here in Wisconsin we have John Gard. In Pennsylvania they have Lou Barletta. In Florida they have Gayle Harrell. And, in Texas they have Pete Olson just to name a few. So instead of listening to all the talking heads, let's get out and do something or at least go down fighting. Also keep in mind 2010 is set up perfect for conservative candidates when you look at the Governorships, Senate seats, and of course the entire House.

It is time to take back the House.

Favre Stabs Packer Fans In The Back

Well, it now appears that the reports are accurate that Brett Favre had contact with Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress. Not only is this unethical, but Favre's first instinct was to run to most Packers' fans mortal enemy; the Minnesota Vikings. I say good riddens to Favre and may the Aaron Rodgers era begin.

Unfortunately, Commissioner Goodell stepped in on Favre's behalf and that will hurt the Packers because now all of the teams know they need to trade him. Hopefully we can get a first round draft pick for the old man. Go Pack!

Obama's Iraq Problem: Change That Works For Him

America cannot afford on the job training or a far left agenda.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Difficult Decision At A Difficult Time

This has been a hard couple of months. After Fred Thompson dropped out, I supported Mitt Romney, though not with as much enthusiasm. I see our country at a cross roads and if we continue on this path I think we will lose our Republic. For all the issues I disagree with Sen. McCain they pale in comparison to my differences with Sen. Obama. So, I have reluctantly decided to support Sen. McCain for President. For all of his faults, and they are many, Sen. McCain loves the United States; I honestly don't know that Sen. Obama does.

I served under two Presidents in the Military and I can tell you that President Clinton had destroyed morale and readiness. A lot of us felt that the White House was hostile towards the military. For all of President Bush's mistakes, it is obvious that he cares about the military. Sen. Obama would be even worse than Clinton. I have heard him describe the deep cuts to our military that he has planned at a time when the military should be grown and resupplied. We cannot afford to have the most liberal Senator in the White House.

There is not a major issue facing this country that Sen. Obama is not on the wrong side of. Where at least Sen. McCain is right on tax policy, health care, and a number of other issues. When I differ with Sen. McCain on issues like amnesty and global warming I will stand up against those agendas. I also believe for this reason, it is important that we elect conservatives to all levels to keep McCain on the right path and bring our government back in line. Remember, our Republic is worth the effort and contrary to what the media reports the voters decide who will control Congress.

One of the reasons this has been such a hard choice is because McCain's campaign, in my opinion, has not reached out to conservatives. While he has been busy pandering to extremist groups such as La Raza he has almost forgotten about the conservative base. His campaign needs to get their act together; he needs to support drilling in ANWR, he needs to articulate a detailed vision on issues facing this country like strengthening our military, and cutting the size of our government.

The most important thing he can do, though, is nominate a true conservative Vice President. The sooner the better. I personally like Gov. Sarah Palin, Gov. Bobby Jindal, Gov. Mark Sanford, or Gov. Mitt Romney. All the other names mentioned by the media, in my opinion, are too liberal to even be considered and probably would cost Sen. McCain my support. Unlike previous elections the Vice Presidency has never meant more to me. Let's face it, at Sen. McCain's age he is probably a one term President and we need a true conservative ready to take over and give all of us conservatives who have worked so hard for the Party over the years hope again.

Here is Sen. McCain's latest ad "Obama Love V2", unlike his earlier ones this one is funny.

Catholic League News Release


On July 15, Catholic League president Bill Donohue called attention to the way Professor Paul Z. Myers of the University of Minnesota treats Catholicism and Islam: the biologist’s pledge to desecrate the Eucharist contrasts starkly with the deference he has shown to Islam.

Now Myers says that “Thanks to all those who have demanded that I treat that silly book [the Koran] with disrespect, I’ll have to treat both equally.”

Donohue responded today:

“The latest threat by Myers only makes matters worse. Instead of treating Catholicism with the respect he has previously shown for Islam, he now pledges to disrespect Islam the way he pledges to disrespect Catholicism (once again!). This is his idea of equal treatment.

“Much has been written about the moral vacuity that marks the Darwinian vision of society that Myers embraces. He now has a grand opportunity to rebut those critics. Or sustain the perception. So which will it be, Professor Myers? I will let Ibrahim Hooper at the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) know of your latest bluster. And I sincerely implore you to drop both threats now.”

Contact Myers at

Contact CAIR’s communications director at

Susan A. Fani
Director of Communications
Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights
New York, NY 10123
212-371-3394 (fax)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mexico Gives Award No American Should Ever Want To Kennedy

On Friday, Mexico presented the Aztec Eagle honor to Democrat Senator Edward Kennedy. The honor was bestowed upon him for his support for immigrant rights. Wow, now not only are foreign countries committing acts of war by violating our sovereignty and invading our land by the millions including drug dealers, gang members, murderers, and rapists, but now these foreign countries are awarding honors for the treasonous support of these enemy infiltrators.

Consider the name of the award; the Aztec were indigenous people of part of Mexico that committed human sacrifice. These sacrifices involved the professional removal of the victims heart and even the cannibalism of the victims limbs. Not exactly an award any patriotic American would ever want to be associated with. I am sure, though, that Kennedy's loose, liberal agenda allows him to sleep soundly at night. He might not want to sleep too soundly if those same illegals start moving into his neighborhood.

Their choice of this symbol should raise red flags for Americans every where. It definitely strikes me as barbaric and unpatriotic, but I have also noticed that many who claim to be conservative are showing signs of a yellow belly when it comes to standing up for America and its real foundations.

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