Saturday, August 30, 2008

Fund Raising Update

Since his introduction of Sarah Palin McCain has brought in $7 million in donations. These fund could not have come in at a better time since McCain only has until Thursday to bring in private donations.

This obviously indicates the base's support of Palin as VP and should put doubters in their place. That kind of money in a day and half is more than enough proof.

Make a Contribution.

McCain Press Release

For Immediate Release
August 29, 2008

ICYMI: U.S. Representative Heather Wilson On The Selection Of Gov. Sarah Palin

"You know, Governor Palin has more executive experience than Senator Obama, Senator Biden, and Senator Schumer combined because those guys have never run anything." -- Rep. Heather Wilson

U.S. Rep. Heather Wilson (R-NM)
August 29, 2008

MSNBC's Peter Alexander: "There were several women spoken about as possible vice presidential candidates, Kay Bailey Hutchinson from Texas, Meg Whitman from eBay, Carly Fiorina, why Governor Palin?"

Rep. Heather Wilson: "She's a chief executive of a state. She's a governor, former mayor of a city in Alaska. She's been a businesswoman. She helped her husband run the family fishing business. She's a mom of five and she's a reformer. She's not a Washington insider. She's been a reformist governor and very strongly supported in Alaska."

"You know, Governor Palin has more executive experience than Senator Obama, Senator Biden, and Senator Schumer combined because those guys have never run anything. So I find that quite amusing."

"I was very disappointed with Senator Obama's choice of a running-mate. He chose somebody else who's a Washington insider from the East Coast who knows nothing about the west and Senator McCain surely does. I'm also very pleased that he's chosen as his vice president, the chief executive of the oil producing state in America, strong energy credentials and the energy issue is very important to Americans."

Watch Rep. Heather Wilson

Founding Fathers Quote

A republic, by which I mean a government in which the scheme of representation takes place, opens a different prospect and promises the cure for which we are seeking.

James Madison

Fund Raising Update

After announcing Gov. Sarah Palin as his VP pick yesterday, the McCain campaign received an astounding $4.49 million in online contributions alone. This does not include donations by traditional means. Many were holding back contributions as a protest and some waiting to see if McCain picked a true pro-life conservative for his VP. He did not let us down, in fact he went above and beyond his call to duty and gave us the ideal personification of our founding principles.

Democrat Attacks Are Hypocritical And Chauvinistic

I have been trying to get the point across that Gov. Sarah Palin would unite women on both sides of the aisle. Here is proof; Kirsten Powers is a liberal woman with whom I almost never agree with and in many cases find myself frustrated with her. She has written an article calling out and condemning the Democrats for attacking Sarah Palin. I am telling you now, the Democrats (as they always do) are underestimating the might of their opponent and they are going to lose the election because of their arrogance. No matter what attack they use against Palin, their hypocrisy and chauvinistic attitudes will boomerang right back at them.

The Sniveling Begins - Palin Hijacks The Democrats Confidence

Sarah Palin gave a vibrant, bold, and refreshing speech. She jumped out of the starting gate with a determination and strength needed to win the race. Voters everywhere are thrilled about McCain's VP choice and rightfully so. Most importantly we now have someone who can unite women voters in the wake of Hilary's defeat. She has made a career out of going after government corruption and putting the people first. She is right on the issues and she is right for the ticket. Since this morning's announcement McCain has already brought in $3 million; I'd say that is pretty convincing proof.

I noticed today that right from the start (we all expected it) the Democrats and Liberals are attacking Sarah Palin with everything they have. The Sarah Palin pick completely upstaged Obama's speech on Thursday and any bounce he would have received was deflated, just like their ego. They have, to their demise, grotesquely underestimated her and her effect on women voters on both sides of the aisle. They insist on putting all women in the same bag as being pro-choice. This is part of their reasoning in believing that McCain/Palin will not win in November; because all women or at least a majority of women must be pro-abortion, right? They actually believe their own lies.

It is amazing how they make up statistics and skew the polls then shove it down the public's throat and expect to be thanked for it. As a minority, a mother, and a woman I am telling them to shove their medicine down their own throat and get a dose of reality. Not only are we (women) pro-life by nature, but we are proud of it. Those women who would chose to kill their own child are an undeniable minority. They just kick harder and scream louder when their agenda is attacked.

Now Palin is here and she has already begun to drown out their shrill protests and they can't stand it. She will bring forward a new era where women will be free to be who they are naturally without being attacked for it. Women from both sides of the aisle are flocking and pledging their votes for Palin. A defection, in mass, is beginning; an Exodus, you might say, for women and the Democrats are spitting mad because of it. They will stop at nothing to save their bid for the Presidency and it will come back to bite them. We all learned with Hillary, you cannot attack a woman without consequences. The Democrat Party turned its back on Hilary and her supporters are lashing back and many are even considering voting for Palin.

Having a woman VP would be a history altering event. Denying the desire of women to see one of their own second in power will be the down fall of the Democrats in November and lumping us all into one stereo type is unacceptable. McCain will win and Palin provided the boost his ticket needed to get there. Women who know about my political activities have been seeking me out to ask me about Sarah and what she stands for. They are excited and energized about the election; some for the first time. I have had liberal and moderate leaning and Independent friends tell me they are going to vote for Sarah Palin. Even women who were not going to vote at all are planning to vote for her. McCain was brilliant, he finally gave women someone they could vote for instead of just voting against Obama.

A little friendly advice to the Democrats who would are so quick to attack and attempt to destroy Palin, it's not nice to pick on girls; especially when they can clean your clock at the polls. By the way, women statistically out number men; tick us off and we'll be wearing more than the just the pants;-)

Friday, August 29, 2008

Why Sarah Palin Is The Right VP For Women And Conservatives

I just had to take the opportunity to give my thoughts on Sarah Palin as the VP pick. Being a woman and a mother I have never been so proud and exuberant when it comes to a candidate. What an extraordinary and revolutionary opportunity this presents for women in our society. We may finally break through to frontiers women have only dreamed of.

People like Mort Kondracky who are already attacking Palin are scared and jealous sexists. Those arrogant enough to make the claim that she does not have enough experience are the very people who support untested Barack Obama. Palin has been tested and the time she has spent governing Alaska has prepared her and given her more experience than all the time Obama could ever spend in the Senate. Running a state requires skills and decision making that a Senator would never be called upon to deal with. His experience cannot even begin to compare. The liberals are just seething at the thought of a conservative Republican woman being the first to break the Caucasian male dominance of the Presidency.

They keep raising the question to try and lure voters away by stating that women won't vote for her because she is pro-life are dreaming. Since the majority of women (including Democrats) do not support unlimited abortion this is not even a factor, only a convenient figment of the liberal imagination. It is a woman's natural instinct to protect and nurture a child, and those who are void of the natural, God given part of their personality have deep seeded issues that cause them to defy God and his creation; these are, by far, the minority of women. Sarah's qualifications perfectly compliment McCain's. Her pro-life values (proven by the birth of her son with Downs), energy and economic policies, and her belief in limited government make her a conservative's utopian candidate. The McCain/Palin ticket is a dynamic partnership that Obama/Biden can never formulate.

I cannot even begin to articulate the significance of this ticket or do it justice with any words I can put to it, but in my best effort I just want to say: My prayers go out to you, John McCain, and your families, may God Bless you and your goal of achieving the Presidency/Vice Presidency and know that he has a purpose for you in bringing this Republic back to it's founding principles. In recent history when the Republican Party has put up a true conservative candidate for the Presidency they have won in more than a landslide; I am quite sure that having Sarah Palin on the ticket will have a similar effect and that when a great majority of us place our vote in November it will be for the conservative, Sarah Palin.

Thank You To Adam Brickley

I just want to take a moment to personally thank Adam Brickley for his outstanding work. While many of us joined him in his efforts to Draft Sarah Palin for VP no one put in the time and energy that he has. He literally started the effort and because of him, I believe, we now have the best VP candidate in history. I have never, ever before been excited about a VP pick.

Gov. Sarah Palin

McCain picks Alaska Gov Sarah Palin as VP

Palin: Let's shatter the glass ceiling that Hillary cracked

h/t: Hot Air

Fidelis Press Release: Palin a ‘Natural Choice for Catholics’

August 29, 2008

CHICAGO – John McCain’s decision to pick a pro-family and pro-life running mate will make the McCain-Palin ticket a ‘natural’ for Catholic voters, said Brian Burch, President of Fidelis Political Action.

“A presidential candidate’s first major executive decision is selecting a running mate and John McCain’s unexpected choice of Sarah Palin inspires real confidence that a McCain Administration will be a strong ally in the pro-life and pro-family cause,” said Burch. “Governor Palin is the most pro-life vice presidential candidate ever to run. We are thrilled with this choice.”

“John McCain and Sarah Palin have matched their public defense of life with their own personal commitment to life,” said Burch.

Burch noted that earlier this year Palin made news with the birth of her fifth child, whom she welcomed into life despite a pre-natal diagnosis that revealed the child had Down Syndrome. The governor made national headlines when she proclaimed: “I’m looking at him right now, and I see perfection. Yeah, he has an extra chromosome. I keep thinking, in our world, what is normal and what is perfect?”

John McCain also matched his 20-year pro-life voting record with his family’s own commitment to life. John and Cindy McCain brought two orphaned girls from Bangladesh to receive medical treatment in the United States. The McCain family adopted one of them, Bridget. McCain’s friend adopted the other girl.

“In both cases, we see true pro-family leaders. They stand up strong for life in the halls of power but also live the message of life in their families,” said Burch.

“The inspired choice of Sarah Palin highlights the radical views of Obama-Biden on life and marriage. Catholic voters couldn’t have a starker contrast this November,’” said Burch.

“Catholics, like most Americans, are cautiously optimistic that the troop surge has calmed Iraq. Catholics will naturally turn their attention to which candidate will stand strong on behalf of families,” said Burch.

“Barack Obama is not that candidate. Barack Obama wants to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act. His first act as President has nothing to do with energy or Iraq. He wants to enshrine the right to abortion in federal law by signing the Freedom of Choice Act,” said Burch.

“Barack Obama is so extreme on abortion that he thinks that babies who survive an abortion and are miraculously born alive should be refused food and water and be left to die,” said Burch.

“John McCain, together with Sarah Palin, is a natural choice for Catholics. McCain has a strong pro-life record and he has made a commitment to selecting judges who will respect the Constitution. McCain has even bucked his own party on immigration and torture. We think these positions align John McCain closer to Catholic teaching and we are proud to stand with him as he prepares for a very difficult election ahead,” said Burch.

“The stakes of this election are too large to ignore. Abortion supporters are awaiting the opportunity to eliminate years of progress on pro-life legislation by electing a President who supports abortion. There are six justices on the Supreme Court over the age of 68, and granting President Obama the opportunity to fill possible vacancies would be disastrous. America needs the experienced leadership of John McCain and Sarah Palin.

Who Is Sarah Palin And What Does She Bring To The Republican Ticket?

For those of you who have not been involved in the push for Sarah Palin to be VP or who may not know anything at all about the Governor of Alaska, here are some headlines and information about this amazing woman who has become McCain's running mate. She has a well established record of being pro-life, and standing up to government corruption. Her limited government stands, energy policies, and experience as governor make her the perfect choice. Well done, McCain!

Club for Growth PAC on Possible Palin Pick:
Click here.

Fred Thompson on Palin:
Click here.

McCain Veep is Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin:
Click here.

Alaska Gov. Palin Moves to National Stage:
Click here.

What Palin does for McCain, and to Obama:
Click here.

Press Release: John McCain Selects Alaska Governor Sarah Palin As Vice Presidential Running Mate

For Immediate Release
August 29, 2008 Contact:

John McCain Selects Alaska Governor Sarah Palin As Vice Presidential Running Mate

ARLINGTON, VA -- U.S. Senator John McCain today announced that he has selected Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to be his running mate and to serve as his vice president.

Governor Palin is a tough executive who has demonstrated during her time in office that she is ready to be president. She has brought Republicans and Democrats together within her Administration and has a record of delivering on the change and reform that we need in Washington.

Governor Palin has challenged the influence of the big oil companies while fighting for the development of new energy resources. She leads a state that matters to every one of us -- Alaska has significant energy resources and she has been a leader in the fight to make America energy independent.

In Alaska, Governor Palin challenged a corrupt system and passed a landmark ethics reform bill. She has actually used her veto and cut budgetary spending. She put a stop to the "bridge to nowhere" that would have cost taxpayers $400 million dollars.

As the head of Alaska's National Guard and as the mother of a soldier herself, Governor Palin understands what it takes to lead our nation and she understands the importance of supporting our troops.

Governor Palin has the record of reform and bipartisanship that others can only speak of. Her experience in shaking up the status quo is exactly what is needed in Washington today.

It Is Gov. Sarah Palin!

This is an unbelievable pick! McCain has obviously listened to his base and given them what they asked for. Sarah Palin would be the first woman VP ever. This will advance the causes of conservative women everywhere. This also helps McCain with energy and the pro-life community. Here are a couple of stories that are out. I will post more later.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The McCain Campaign Is Botching The VP Selection

I know we don't know who the VP is yet, but in my opinion McCain's campaign has badly underestimated how vital the pro-life issue is to the Republican base by allowing the speculation to continue that he would pick a pro-choice VP. He has caused the base to question if they should donate, volunteer, or if they could even vote for him.

This is a fight that did not need to take place. Especially considering McCain's already shaky ground with Conservatives. In my opinion, this also wasted time where McCain could have been articulating a detailed agenda for the future, which is what we are all anxious to hear. The five second talking points don't cut it when dealing with national security, energy, education, border security, and tax policy to name a few.
We will probably find out soon that he has went with a pro-life VP and this was all a complete waste of energy. We need strong leadership, not more political maneuvering.

Catholic League Chatterbox

Dems Love Sex

The Democratic National Convention is awash in sexuality. On Monday, there was a “Sex, Politics and Cocktails” party hosted by Planned Parenthood that, naturally, passed out tons of condoms. It got a lot of competition from a Rolling Stone-Trojan Condoms bash that featured a “Condomvention” on sexual health; it was held right near their inflatable penis-shaped tent.

The pro-abortion contingency was represented by the presidents of NARAL and Planned Parenthood, both of whom spoke at the Convention. Emily’s List sponsored a select gathering of pro-abortion women and there were diversity parties everywhere for the LGBT crowd.

Many notables attended these events, though no one reportedly saw either Eliot Spitzer or John Edwards.


McCain's Remote Control Ad


Founding Fathers Quote

Government, in my humble opinion, should be formed to secure and to enlarge the exercise of the natural rights of its members; and every government, which has not this in view, as its principal object, is not a government of the legitimate kind.

James Wilson

Adopt A Member Of The Military

A Catholic Mom In Hawaii sent me the information on a wonderful program where you can adopt a member of the military to pray for. As a veteran, I can tell you knowing that people are praying for you makes every day easier.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Catholic League News Release


Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments today on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s continued dispute with the Catholic Church:

“On August 24, Pelosi contested the fact that the Catholic Church has always been unequivocally opposed to abortion. After being roundly criticized by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, and many individual bishops—led by Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput—as well as ten Catholic congressmen, the Catholic League et al., Pelosi’s office admitted yesterday that ‘Catholic teaching is clear that life begins at conception’ Unfortunately, after this confession of ignorance, the statement continued by offering the quip that ‘many Catholics do not ascribe to that view.’ The release also said she shared the view of St. Augustine on the subjects of abortion and ensoulment.

“Cardinal George Pell, Archbishop of Melbourne, Australia, wrote in his 1997 book,
Issues of Faith and Morals
, that St. Augustine ‘believed that the embryo was ensouled at 46 days. Nevertheless, he also believed that it was gravely wrong to kill a formed or unformed fetus.’ It is instructive to note that philosophical discussions about the soul, and research on embryology, continue to advance beyond the knowledge available in the 5th century. In any event, Pelosi will find no relief for her bizarre reasoning by citing St. Augustine, or any other Church Father.

“Nor does her argument gain strength by pointing out that not all Catholics agree with the Church on this subject. So what? There are plenty of Catholics living a life rife with sin that seek to justify their behavior by saying they disagree with the Church on the source of their delinquency. What the House Speaker doesn’t get is that the Church is no more a democracy than the Democratic and Republican parties are: none arrive at conclusions based on referenda. Moreover, in the instance of the Catholic Church, the Magisterium is not the functional equivalent of the DNC or the RNC.

“Maybe that’s the source of Pelosi’s confusion—she really doesn’t understand the difference between the teaching authority of the Catholic Church and the DNC.”

Susan A. Fani
Director of Communications
Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights
New York, NY 10123
212-371-3394 (fax)


Catholic League News Release


Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on Sen. Bob Casey, Jr.’s speech last night at the Democratic National Convention:

“It was billed as the breakthrough moment: the Democratic National Convention, which prohibited Gov. Bob Casey, Sr. from making a pro-life speech at the 1992 Convention, allowed his son to speak last night on the subject. But what happened? Casey blew it: The best he could do was to offer the standard cliché about promoting the ‘common good’ by seeking ‘common ground.’

“Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. never settled for a ‘common ground’ approach to fight racism—he sought to win. Similarly, Gov. Casey did not seek to fight abortion by looking for ‘common ground’: He knew that the ‘common good’ could only be achieved by protecting the lives of innocent human beings. Moreover, when it comes to human trafficking, the Democratic Party Platform does not seek ‘common ground’—it wants ‘strong legislation and enforcement.’ But when it comes to abortion, the Party jettisons a legal strategy, offering instead the tired mantra about achieving ‘common ground.’

“The Casey collapse can only be understood against the forces he must deal with on a constant basis. For example, the Democratic National Convention has already been host to the presidents of NARAL and Planned Parenthood, and yesterday featured an Emily’s List event. Emily’s List is the nation’s richest PAC, and it only gives money to abortion-rights women candidates for office. At its special gathering on Tuesday, it was able to attract the most radical pro-abortion women in America: not surprisingly, Hillary and Michelle were there. That this is the only venue where those two could ever find common ground speaks volumes. It also explains why Casey settled for clichés.”

Susan A. Fani
Director of Communications
Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights
New York, NY 10123
212-371-3394 (fax)


McCain's Tiny Ad

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Over 500 Suspected Illegal Aliens Detained In Mississippi - UPDATED

No doubt, over the next couple of days we will hear endless sob stories about these poor illegals. I think the important thing to remember is that over 500 stolen jobs were just returned to American workers. I would like to hear what sanctions this company and its owners will face. It needs to be severe enough to deter other US companies from giving away American jobs to illegals. Click here to read about the raid.


More details are coming out including an exact number of 595 suspected illegals. Click here for details.


Sob stories.

More Catholic Leaders Speak Out On Nancy Pelosi's Distortion Of The Catholic Faith

I am proud that so many Catholics have spoken out on this matter.

Archbishop Wuerl on the Church’s Constant Teaching on Abortion

August 25, 2008

The following statement is from Washington Archbishop Donald W. Wuerl:

On Meet the Press this past Sunday, August 23, 2008, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi made statements regarding the teaching of the Catholic Church, human life and abortion that were incorrect. [read more]

Bishops respond to House Speaker Pelosi’s misrepresentation of Church teaching against abortion

WASHINGTON--Cardinal Justin F. Rigali, chairman of the U.S. Bishops’ Committee on Pro-Life Activities, and Bishop William E. Lori, chairman of the U.S. Bishops’ Committee on Doctrine, have issued the following statement:

In the course of a “Meet the Press” interview on abortion and other public issues on August 24, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi misrepresented the history and nature of the authentic teaching of the Catholic Church against abortion.

In fact, the Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches, "Since the first century the Church has affirmed the moral evil of every procured abortion. This teaching has not changed and remains unchangeable. Direct abortion, that is to say, abortion willed either as an end or a means, is gravely contrary to the moral law." (No. 2271) [read more]

Thought Provoking!

Daniel Pipes has written a brilliant piece titled "Barack Obama through Muslim Eyes". This is a must read. I learned so much through out the entire article. No doubt the author will be ridiculed by liberals everywhere, but elections have consequences and it is important to inform ourselves before we vote.

ALL Report: Pill Goggles

McCain's 3 AM Ad

Founding Fathers Quote

Nothing is more certain than that a general profligacy and corruption of manners make a people ripe for destruction. A good form of government may hold the rotten materials together for some time, but beyond a certain pitch, even the best constitution will be ineffectual, and slavery must ensue.

John Witherspoon

American Life League Press Release

25 August 2008
CONTACT: Katie Walker
Washington, D.C. (25 August 2008) – American Life League congratulates Archbishop Raymond Burke, the newly appointed prefect of the Apostolic Signatura, for his clear and unequivocal teachings on the need to deny the Holy Eucharist to those who publicly support abortion.

Archbishop Burke, former archbishop of St. Louis, has made reverence for the Holy Eucharist a central theme of his role as a shepherd of souls.

"Archbishop Burke's great love and zeal for our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament compels him to send a clear message: Don't desecrate the Holy Eucharist by presenting yourself for Communion while persisting in your support of child murder," said Judie Brown, president of American Life League. "We are excited to see Archbishop Burke continuing to battle for the lives of innocent preborn children."

Archbishop Burke spoke to the Italian magazine Radici Christiane last week, specifically addressing the subject of "Catholic" pro-abortion politicians who "support abortion, which entails the taking of innocent and defenseless human lives."

"A person who commits sin in this way," he stated, "should be publicly admonished in such a way as to not receive Communion until he or she has reformed his life."

The archbishop then went on to explain that when ministers of Communion deny the sacrament to public officials who support abortion, "it is not with the intention of interfering in public life, but rather with the concern of the spiritual state of the politician or public official who, if Catholic, should follow the divine law in the public sphere as well."

"We thank Archbishop Burke for his clear teaching in regard to pro-abortion politicians who call themselves 'Catholic,'" said Brown. "It is our hope that more Catholic bishops will follow his lead and dispel the confusion and darkness of the culture of death in which we live. You cannot be Catholic and 'pro-choice.'"

American Life League was cofounded in 1979 by Judie Brown. It is the largest grassroots Catholic pro-life organization in the United States and is committed to the protection of all innocent human beings from the moment of creation to natural death. For more information or media inquiries, please contact Katie Walker at 540.659.4942.


Catholic News Agency: Catholics Who Support Abortion Should Not Receive Communion, Says Archbishop Burke (19 August 2008)

Spero News: Church Cracks Down on Pro-Choice Politicians (20 August 2008)

Catholic Online: The Holy Eucharist: A Right or a Gift (22 August 2008)

# # #

Katie Walker
Director of Communication
American Life League
1179 Courthouse Road
Stafford, Virginia 22554

Blogs For Borders Video Blogburst


Monday, August 25, 2008

Catholic League News Release


On yesterday’s NBC-TV show, “Meet the Press,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was asked to comment on when life begins. Here is what she said: “I would say that as an ardent, practicing Catholic, this is an issue that I have studied for a long time. And what I know is, over the centuries, the doctors of the Church have not been able to make that definition.”

When Tom Brokaw told her that the Catholic Church “feels very strongly” that life begins at conception, Pelosi said, “I understand. And this is like maybe 50 years or something like that. So again, over the history of the Church, this is an issue of controversy.”

Catholic League president Bill Donohue responded as follows:

“Here is what the
Catechism of the Catholic Church says: ‘Human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception.’ It also says, ‘Since the first century the Church has affirmed the moral evil of every procured abortion. This teaching has not changed and remains unchangeable.’ Looks like Pelosi didn’t study the subject long enough. But not to worry: We are sending her a copy of Catholicism for Dummies today (the Catechism
is like maybe a bit advanced).

“Whether Joe Biden is as ignorant of what his religion teaches remains to be seen. What is not in doubt is the enthusiasm which NARAL showed when he was selected to join the ticket. The radical pro-abortion group was delighted, as were the radical pro-abortion delegates to the Democratic convention: as reported in today’s
New York Times
, 64 percent of Americans reject abortion-on-demand, yet only 23 percent of the delegates do. It is only fitting, then, that NARAL’s president will speak today at the Convention and Planned Parenthood’s president will speak tomorrow.

“So there we have it: the man running for president on the Democratic ticket supports selective infanticide, his running mate is a pro-abortion Catholic, the delegates are wildly out of step with Americans on abortion and the Speaker of the House hasn’t a clue what her religion teaches on the subject.”

Susan A. Fani
Director of Communications
Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights
New York, NY 10123
212-371-3394 (fax)


McCain's Debra Ad

Illegal Immigration Headlines

Wrongful Death Suit Filed Against Sanctuary City San Francisco

Join our allies in Denver on Aug 25 outside Democrat Convention!

Illegal Immigrants Returning to Mexico in Record Numbers

Immigration Agency Vows More Enforcement

New Poll: 69% Now Say Controlling the Border More Important than AMNESTY!

Let's Get Back To The Issues

During the next couple of days we are going to see a great stage show that will put the Democrats in the best possible light, but the reality is far darker. The Democrat Party is the Part of No, plain and simple. Unless it comes to the slaughter of innocent babies or tearing down our Republic the Democrats say no to domestic drilling, no to school vouchers, no to the Second Amendment, no to limited government, and the list goes on. Remember it is the issues that matter, not how great the show is.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

There Is A Consequence For Supporting Abortion And Being A Catholic Politician

Biden Should Be Excommunicated For Abortion-On-Demand Record / Pro-Life Anti-Abortion Video

Founding Fathers Quote

The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only legitimate object of good government.

Thomas Jefferson

McCain On Education; Vouchers And Homeschooling

I like what I heard except for I think we need to abolish No Child Left Behind; it is Big Government. But, I love his support for homeschooling and vouchers.

h/t: Sheri via A Catholic Mom in Hawaii

My Angel

My Angel

I know you are near
And hold my soul dear.

You come to me out of the dark
Your sweet voice doth hark.

When I am troubled you are there
To take my worries as yours to bare.

My world is warm and small,
And you are there when I call.

I talk with you each day
And you teach me God's way.

You prepare me for life,
That there will be strife.

Together we commune with Heaven
For these months numbered seven.

But now something is wrong,
My Angel, where have you gone?

Some evil of cold and steel.
In fear I pull away my heel.

Who has invaded my sanctuary?
Who, my Angel, I give query?

Who comes to take me away
And seeks to end my life today?

My Angel, how can this be
That my mother wishes rid of me?

My Angel, I beg and pray,
Ask God to save my life today.

I have not yet taken a breath
How can she wish for my death?

Can she not hear my cry
While at my body they pull and pry?

My Angel, where have you gone?
What sin or wrong have I done?

My Angel, I ask of you today,
Beg of God my mother's soul to save.

Forgive her for her iniquity
And those whose impropriety
Rips me from my mother's womb
And sends me to a rubble tomb.

My Angel, give me comfort unsurpassed
As my first breath becomes my last.


Biden And Obama Are Unacceptable For People Of Faith

All day long I have been listening to the Main Stream Media claim that because Biden says he is a Catholic it will help Barack Obama. I find that insulting and short sighted. That would mean that all of us Catholics are mind-numbed robots who would not actually check to see if Biden lived his faith. Biden is a strong supporter of abortion. He has actively attacked and voted against judicial nominees simply on his belief that they would not support Roe v. Wade. Is this how a practicing Roman Catholic would act? The Church is very clear that abortion is immoral. I, for one, am tired of so called Catholic politicians wanting all the electoral benefits that they associate with faith-based voters, but non of the obligation of actually living a faith-based life.

What makes Biden's pro-abortion stands especially hard to accept is that he agrees with Church teaching that life begins at conception; how can you agree with the Church that it is a life, yet support it's destruction? This is out right sanctioning the murder of a defenseless life in a cruel and grotesque manner. While there are many issues that make Biden unfit to be VP there are none as powerful to me as the fact that he will not stand up for the defenseless that have no voice, that he would allow their sanctuary to be invaded and their last living thoughts to be sheer living terror and pain. This man is as unfit as Obama to hold any public office.

I want to end with this; if they can so callously disregard an innocent life how could you ever trust them to be in charge of this country, making choices everyday that will literally affect every aspect of yours and your family's lives? It is my hope and prayer that Catholics, and all people of faith, would not blindly support a politician just because they claim to share your faith.

McCain's Passed Over Ad