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A Little Southern Wisdom

"The withdrawal of a State from a league has no revolutionary or insurrectionary characteristic. The government of the State remains unchanged as to all internal affairs. It is only its external or confederate relations that are altered. To term this action of a Sovereign a 'rebellion' is a gross abuse of language

Jefferson Davis

RSC Video: Price Requests Moment of Silence for Those Who Will Lose Job Because of National Energy Tax

The Battle Waging On American Soil

Many may not see it, or maybe they just don't want to admit it; if they speak the words maybe they feel their world will somehow tear apart at the seams. All this fear over something that has already begun is beyond my understanding. The unknown, confrontation, and life changing events have always been met with resistance by most people, some people welcome it as a way of cleansing out what has gone wrong in our lives and getting back to a more basic, godly, and cleaner life.

Days are coming when the lines between good and evil will be drawn and clear; we are already pretty much there. So many evils have infiltrated and taken over so much of what we know. It has been happening right under our noses since Adam and Eve were run out of the Garden of Eden. Some of it we see and most of it goes unnoticed. It is so prevalent now, though, that we can no longer sit on the sidelines and just watch and the forces of good that are gathering together in strength.

No this is not a religious lesson or post, but no one who stands on principle and morals cannot deny that we are forming the lines of spiritual battle and that skirmishes have been occurring all over our world with greater purpose and with greater significance. With liberalism, socialism, and fascism taking over more and more governments who are baring down harsher and with greater ferocity upon principled and moral people to harm and destroy them the final battle is inevitable, in fact I believe it has already begun.

Every day the assault upon our freedoms and liberty continues from our Congress and legislature. There are barely enough left with the good sense and moral foundation to resist and fight back. Laws and budgets undermine our freedom and our ability to prosper. But, we do have those in leadership that are willing to wage those battles for us every day. However, we have failed them. We failed to support them and refresh their numbers by voting in new and strong replacements and battle buddies. In '06 and '08 we failed to see the real battle and surrendered to the other side. A failure that is haunting our economy and our children's future today.

Those who survived the brutal legislative cleansing did not give up on us, they are standing between the Obama administration and complete dictoral cleansing of Conservatism. We must be willing to see and admit that there are battles of good and evil waging every day on Capital Hill; battles that, if lost, could destroy everything you have including your family. So many have been unknowingly lulled by the promises of comforts and riches that they cannot even see that those things are reserved only for the liberal elite. The civilians on Conservatism's side have abetted and aided the liberal agenda in a vain attempt to preserve a lifestyle of comfort and apathy; leaving only the fighters and leaders to face certain confrontation.

It is time for those who believe in the principles and morals of our founding fathers, those who follow God and his teachings, and those who long for the freedoms and liberty that were intended from our very foundation to stand behind the true fighters and leaders of our party and take back what was meant for us; a free and limited government. It will not happen until all have chosen their side and refuse to sit out or back down.

We cannot allow another election to go by without getting out and voting for true Conservatives and it certainly will not happen as long as conservative and principled people chose to throw our leaders to the dogs when the stumble and fail from time to time. We are all human and everyone who throws even one stone of judgement at one of our own politicians deserves an avalanche to be heaped upon themselves for their own iniquities. Let's not be holier-than-thou enough to allow ourselves to be fooled into thinking that God has not forgiven those who have sinned. Hate sin, not the sinner; accept a plea of forgiveness and keep your eyes on the battlefield. You don't figuratively shoot your own man in the back if you expect to win.

Another Police Officer Killed Due To Open Borders And Illegal Immigration

First of all our prayers go out to the officer's family. You can read the details here, but the bottom line is this officer would be alive today and with his family if our borders were secure and our laws were enforced. There is hardly a day that goes by now where we don't read or hear about a drunk illegal killing someone or a multitude of other crimes including sexual assault on children. Every crime committed by an illegal is a crime that could have been prevented; and that is the bottom line.

How many more police officers and US citizens have to be killed or brutalized before our politicians put special interests aside and uphold the oath they took? Of course we all know, the politicians currently in office won't. Those who are on our side should be re-elected, but those who have fought against the interests of the American people should be voted out of office. They obviously don't have the interests of their constituents in mind.

As our economy continues to crumble perhaps more Americans will get tired of hearing the false argument that illegals only take jobs Americans won't do. There never has been nor will there ever be a job an American won't take.

This administration is getting ready to push amnesty again. We stopped their attempt last time under Bush; we can stop this new attempt under Obama. NumbersUSA, I have found, is the best group out there at providing an easy platform for anyone to get involved and make their feelings apparent to their elected representatives.

Louisiana Stands Up

The great state of Louisiana has passed their own Tenth Amendment legislation. This is yet another shot across the bow of the ever over-reaching federal government. Let's hope they take notice. I am extremely proud of all the states who are standing up, but they also have to back it up.

When the feds pass unconstitutional laws and mandates the states have to refuse to implement and enforce them and to challenge the legislation or mandate by every means available to them. We don't require a court's opinion on if the Constitution has been violated. The Constitution is written in a way that every citizen is capable of easily understanding it.

Gov. Sanford Should Not Resign

I am getting tired of all these people instantly trashing Gov. Mark Sanford for a sin that many of these hippocrates have committed. It is a sin and he must answer to God for it, but he also has a commitment to the people of South Carolina.

He ran for election and won, the people expect him to fulfill his term. If there is any corruption involved in the affair, then he should resign. That doesn't seem to be the case so far. Gov. Sanford has proven to be a principled and dedicated leader, and in my opinion the best Governor in the country. That should not all be forgotten.

I am continuing to pray for him and his family daily. I hope y'all will remember them in your prayers.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Rep. Cantor Release

Cantor on National Energy Tax
June 26, 2009
Contact:Brad Dayspring

WASHINGTON, D.C. – House Republican Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) today issued the following statement on H.R. 2454, Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Cap-and-Tax bill:

“The Democrats’ Cap-and-Tax bill is the wrong bill at the wrong time for all Americans. While families and small businesses are struggling, Speaker Pelosi ignored the trepidation of moderates in her own party and rammed through a crippling national energy tax. After a year of higher electric bills, gas prices, and food costs, Americans will remember this vote in 2010.

“The American Energy Act, a comprehensive bill designed to ensure our energy independence, is a common-sense Republican solution to help families overcome the challenges they face. It is important that we diversify energy sources for both our economic and environmental security, and the American Energy Act shows that being conservative and green go hand in hand. Republicans are ready to work together on smart, focused policies designed to get America back to work and restore the financial security that so many families have lost. Yet, policies far outside the mainstream like the Speaker’s cap and tax bill reinforce the extreme disconnect between Washington and the American people.

“A cap and tax bill will have devastating effects upon working families, particularly those in lower income households, by increasing costs by thousands of dollars. The impact on businesses and jobs is equally dismal, with studies showing that this legislation will cost millions of jobs at a time when families and workers are already facing tremendous challenges. This bill will kill jobs, not create them – and that is senseless.”


• February 13, 2009: Democrat House passes s$787 billion timulus without Republican input.

• February 17, 2009: $787 billion stimulus signed by President Obama.

• February 23, 2009: Bipartisan budget summit (Total debt outstanding: $10.839 trillion).

• March 11, 2009: $410 billion appropriations bill enacted, with over 8,500 earmarks.

• March 11, 2009: President announces earmark reforms after passage.

• March 24, 2009: Presidential prime time news conference (Total debt outstanding: $11.046

• April 20, 2009: Presidential $100 million savings announcement (Total debt outstanding:
$11.189 trillion).

• April 29, 2009: House passes irresponsible $3.6 trillion budget.

• End of April, 2009: Administration bails out Chrysler.

• May 7, 2009: President submits savings proposal of .5% of the budget (Total debt outstanding: $11.256 trillion).

• End of May, 2009: Administration purchases GM (approx $50-$70 Billion).

• June 4, 2009: House Republican propose $375 billion in common-sense taxpayer savings ti Administration.

• June 9, 2009: President holds a PAYGO summit.

• June 15, 2009: CBO announces that the Kennedy-Dodd Govt. Healthcare bill would cost more
than $1.3 trillion over ten years.

• June 16, 2009: House Democrats pass $100.9 billion Supplemental spending bill, plus $108 billion in “loans” to the International Monetary Fund.

• June 23,24,25, 2009: U.S. Treasury forced to auction a record $104 billion in Treasury notes
to cope with America’s debt obligations.

• June 26: Speaker Pelosi brings cap & tax legislation - that will cost millions of jobs and impose a crippling energy tax upon working families - before House of Representatives.

The First And Second American Revolutions

And the Third may be on its way.

Cap And Trade - An Attempt To Destroy America: UPDATED

The Democrats' vicious assault on America continues as the House leadership attempts to jam through their Cap and Trade monstrosity. RedState has been on top of it all day and is updating, continually, a list of representatives needing a call. To motivate you before you call you Representative consider this; rural monthly energy rates will increase 43% in Wisconsin, 58% in Missouri, 57% in Louisiana, 65% in North Dakota, 70% in Utah, and the list goes on and on. Click here to find out the increase in your state. Looking at the states that will be effected the worst two things jump out right away; the South, the West and the Midwest will be devastated and second California, New York, and New England will virtually be unaffected; the most extreme liberal areas of the country.

If bills like this are forced upon the American people against their will, the ultimate outcome is obvious to any student of history. Get involved, contact your representative, and then pray for our Republic.


RedState just posted that House Minority Leader, John Boehner is filibustering the Cap and Trade Bill. Especially exciting since we are talking about the House and not the Senate. I don' think I have ever heard of a filibuster in the House.


The House passed the Cap and Trade bill 219 to 212 with loud shouts of joy. This is the difference between the socialist Democrat Party and the Republican Party, even at its worst. I hope everyone who voted for the Democrats or sat out the '08 election are proud of what they have brought upon our Republic. Congratulations to Nancy Pelosi and Congressional Democrats, you just guaranteed the Republicans the House in 2010.

Don't get discouraged, they still have to pass this in the Senate and they are in no way certain to have enough votes. Start calling your Senators offices right away, don't wait.


Here is the story from Drudge.

Sarah Palin Leads Republicans in Ratings as Obama Keeps Promoting Abortion

by Steven Ertelt Editor
June 26, 2009

Washington, DC ( -- With President Barack Obama aggressively promoting abortion, pro-life voters long for 2012 and the opportunity to replace him with a pro-life president. A new Pew poll finds Sarah Paling leading four Republicans who could be seen as presidential candidate, though not all potential candidates are included. [
read more]

Rep. Cantor Release

Cantor: "This Is The Wrong Bill At The Wrong Time"
June 26, 2009
Contact:Brad Dayspring

“This is the wrong bill at the wrong time. As the Leader says, votes for this bill on the other side will come at a significant cost.” – House Republican Whip Eric Cantor

House Republican Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA)
Press Conference Remarks
June 26, 2009

Rep. Eric Cantor:
“Speaker Pelosi’s national energy tax is wrong for America. It is the wrong bill at the wrong time. It is so far outside the mainstream that I think the public is awakened now and understands there are huge costs and consequences to this bill. There will be millions of jobs lost due to the imposition of a national energy tax on small businesses and working families.

“And frankly, the reason why the bill is so wrong is it represents yet a third attempt to try and reduce carbon emissions in a way that has proven unsuccessful in the past. Most of the industrialized world got together in 1992 in Rio, attempted to put goals out there to reduce carbon emissions in this manner and the result was failure. In 2000, Kyoto occurred, and we all know we’re on a course for significant failure in terms of that goal setting as well and its costing hundreds-of-billions of dollars to the global economy.

“We can do this. We can make the earth a cleaner place. But the way we do it is to reduce the cost of alternative fuels - to make cleaner those fossil fuels at a reduced cost than what we have today. That is simple economics, that’s how we sustain a cleaner environment and promote a green economy.

“This is the wrong bill at the wrong time. As the Leader says, votes for this bill on the other side will come at a significant cost.”

Watch the video HERE

Rep. Michele Bachmann Video: Bernanke, Bank of America, and Merrill Lynch - The Need for more Transparency in the Fed

A Little Southern Wisdom

“The unjust war commenced against us in violation of the rights of the States, and in usurpation of power not delegated to the government of the United States, is still characterised by the barbarism with which it has heretofore been conducted by the enemy. Aged men, helpless women and children, appeal in vain to the humanity which should be inspired by their condition, for immunity from arrest, incarceration or banishment from their homes. Plunder and devastation of the property of non-combatants, destruction of private dwellings and even of edifices devoted to the worship of God, expeditions organised for the sole purpose of sacking cities, consigning them to the flames, killing the unarmed inhabitants and inflicting horrible outrages on women and children are some of the constantly recurring atrocities of the invader.”

Jefferson Davis

Catholic League Chatterbox

“The Stoning of Soraya M”

In a society where pushing the envelope has become sport, it is increasingly difficult to move audiences. But “The Stoning of Soraya M” is evidence enough that art can still be a provocative medium.

The movie is the dramatic story of an Iranian woman falsely accused of adultery by her husband. Her stoning by a mob, which includes her father, husband and two sons, would be sickening in a science fiction film. That it actually happened—and continues to happen—makes it all the more surreal.

The movie, which opens today, is a gripping statement about man’s capacity for injustice. It deserves a wide audience.

-Bill Donohue

Rep. Michele Bachmann Video: Concerns With The 2010 Census

Thursday, June 25, 2009

EPA Ignores Scientific Integrity

The EPA has suppressed evidence that was not to their liking; it did not support their agenda. Alan Carlin, Senior Operations Research Analyst at NCEE presented findings that were contradictory to their greenhouse gases endangerment findings, after which they refused to release stating his findings would have a very negative impact on their office. They have suppressed his information even though most of his references comes from peer reviewed publications.

They know most Americans already don't believe in climate change or don't care about it. This would be like a death blow to their credibility because they have thrown out scientific integrity to embrace global warming.

Founding Fathers Quote

Statesmen my dear Sir, may plan and speculate for Liberty, but it is Religion and Morality alone, which can establish the Principles upon which Freedom can securely stand....The only foundation of a free Constitution, is pure Virtue, and if this cannot be inspired into our People, in a great Measure, than they have it now, They may change their Rulers, and the forms of Government, but they will not obtain a lasting Liberty.

John Adams

Grace And Mercy - The Way God Intended - Even For Gov. Sanford

I was deeply disappointed, to say the least, when Gov. Mark Sanford announced his infidelity and his betrayal of his wife. It is even more disappointing to watch the public reaction. I have heard him called, weird, odd-ball, extremist, and a hypocrite.

Let's think about what we actually witnessed today. In my opinion we witnessed a genuine apology and remorse. Something sorely lacking now-a-days. Only God truly knows the Governor's heart and only God can be his judge. I pray that the Governor and his wife reconcile. It does not really matter if he has a political future; all that matters is his family.

I hope that we would all pray for the restoration of their marriage and for his wife and children. We all fall short and just because we may fall short in different areas doesn't make our sins less before the Lord. Instead of rejoicing in the downfall of yet another politician, let's learn from his failures and work on ourselves.

One important lesson, right off the top, that I can think of, is don't confide martial problems with a person of the opposite sex. That is why we have the Church. It seems that by forgetting the authority of the Church and the love and grace of our Lord and Savior we leave ourselves open to temptations that could easily be avoided.

King David was a powerful example for all of us. I never understood, growing up, how the Lord could say such a flawed man could be after his own heart? Now that I am older and more experienced, I believe it was because David truly repented of his sins; feeling great remorse and shame. He did not feel persecuted when it came time to endure the many consequences of his sin including the loss of several of his children.

A Little Southern Wisdom

"Secession belongs to a different class of remedies. It is to be justified upon the basis that the States are Sovereign. There was a time when none denied it. I hope the time may come again, when a better comprehension of the theory of our Government, and the inalienable rights of the people of the States, will prevent any one from denying that each State is a Sovereign, and thus may reclaim the grants which it has made to any agent whomsoever."

Jefferson Davis

Time To Bring Accountability To The Fed

Well doesn't this sound crazy; actually holding the Fed accountable to the people. What is next? Is Ron Paul going to claim that the government is accountable to the people?

Catholic League Chatterbox

Nixon on Abortion

A news report shows that when the infamous Roe v. Wade
decision was granted by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1973, President Richard M. Nixon worried that abortion would promote “permissiveness.” But he also thought that abortion would be justified in cases of interracial pregnancies. “When you have a black and a white,” he said, “abortion is necessary.”

No one in the pro-abortion camp has any principled reason to object to Nixon’s selective justification for abortion. Indeed, pro-abortion advocates cannot logically claim that abortion is morally neutral and then object to abortions for reasons they find objectionable.

Who are they to decide what is a good reason or a bad reason? Who are they to decide that a woman’s right to choose must accord with liberal rationales for abortion? Ultimately, if extracting a baby from a mother’s womb is the moral equivalent of a tooth extraction, then all abortions are morally equal.

Remember a while back when liberal gays learned that a “gay gene” may exist? They were scared to death that prospective parents might elect to abort such kids. Now we have the prospect of those who will condemn Nixon on this issue.

Ironically, the man who sits in the White House is just the kind of guy Nixon thought our society would be better off without. That the current occupant is also a pro-abortion extremist makes the story all the more bizarre, if not sickening.

Susan A. Fani
Director of Communications
Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights
450 Seventh Avenue
New York, NY 10123
fax: 212-371-3394

Rep. Cantor Release

Cantor On "Cap-And-Tax's" Impact On Coal Country
June 24, 2009
Contact:Brad Dayspring

“The ‘cap and trade’ bill will impose a national energy tax. And I think that coming at this point especially demonstrates that this bill is disconnected to the reality facing so many of America’s families and certainly families in the regions where coal is a big part of the economy. It is about jobs, it is about the economy, it is about families’ financial security right now where Congress should be focused. This bill goes in the wrong direction.” – House Republican Whip Eric Cantor

WASHINGTON, DC – House Republican Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) today made the following remarks at a press conference with several coal-state House Republicans to discuss the “cap-and-trade” bill’s impact upon coal country:

“This week is obviously very focused, not only on the spending process her, but really on what will turn out to be, if passed and enacted into law, the largest tax increase in the country’s history. The ‘cap and trade’ bill will impose a national energy tax. And I think that coming at this point especially demonstrates that this bill is disconnected to the reality facing so many of America’s families and certainly families in the regions where coal is a big part of the economy. It is about jobs, it is about the economy, it is about families’ financial security right now where Congress should be focused. This bill goes in the wrong direction.

“And there’s a lot of discussion right now about what the impact of cost is on families due to this bill. Initially, we had heard from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) that it was over $1,600 per family of four. There are studies out there from MIT, one that says over $3,000 impact when you see the increased cost of electricity. There’s a recent CBO score that is out that is 1/10th of the score that CBO had two weeks ago. Again, I think that calls into question the validity of this particular study because clearly this is a job killer. When you impose costs the way that this bill has on these states, as Shelley points out, there will be a tremendous impact on family wealth, a tremendous impact on the ability to get a job.

“So what we’re hearing is that the proponents of this legislation, Speaker Pelosi and Mr. Waxman, have maybe 190 votes, and that falls way short of the necessary 218. And I believe that is the case, if those numbers are correct, because the American people are growing very weary. They’re growing very weary of the cost and consequences of the Democratic agenda in the House. It is about jobs. It is not about pursuing some type of extreme agenda. That’s why I’m glad that Shelley is here, and others, who know the impact that will occur in the regions of this country that are so reliant on fossil fuels. And at the end of the day, if we’re going to do something positive to reduce carbon emissions, we have got to ensure that the alternative sources, we’ve got to make sure that not only they, but coal as well, becomes less expensive to use, not more expensive. And that’s exactly what this bill does, makes it more expensive, and less competitive and will shut down an industry.”

Watch Rep. Cantor’s remarks

Rep. Cantor Release

Cantor on Unprecedented Spending, Debt
June 24, 2009
Contact:Brad Dayspring

WASHINGTON, D.C. – House Republican Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) today issued the following statement in response to the U.S. Treasury auction of a record $104 billion in bonds as America’s debt continues to rapidly increase:

“Middle class American households understand the notion of having a budget and living within their means and Washington ought to have the same disciplined approach. Sadly, the Administration and Congress continue an unprecedented spending binge, forcing a record setting auction of $104 billion of Treasury bonds this week to sustain our debt. To put this in perspective, yesterday America signed on to pay approximately $900 million over two years just to borrow $40 billion, much of it from other nations.

“As the real cost and consequences of the Democrat agenda have become evident, Americans grow more uncomfortable by the day. The Administration and Congress simply cannot keep spending money as the answer to every challenge facing our country.

“We stand ready to work together on smart, focused policies designed to get America back to work and restore the financial security that so many families have lost. However, to preserve our long-term fiscal stability strength and growth for generations to come, we must act to stem the irresponsible spending that is going on in Washington.”

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Gov. Sanford And Where I Stand Now

First of all, I offer my prayers to Gov. Sanford and his family. I can't imagine the betrayal and humiliation his wife is suffering. One of the things I don't blog about is that I am in daily pain because my bones are disintegrating. It has become harder to blog every day. One of the things that motivated me to continue was my belief that Gov. Mark Sanford was the only candidate who could become president and save our Republic because of his strict devotion to our founding fathers' vision.

The bottom line is that people despise the government for taking unconstitutional power. President Bush and Obama have both made this situation much worse. We needed and still need a president who believes in the Constitution and will actually fight for our founding fathers' vision. I don't see any other candidates out there who fits that.

I fear for my children's future because I believe we are headed into the breakup of our Republic and the likelihood of that happening just increased today. I will admit, I am completely heart broken; I have been supporting the Governor for a while posting on message boards and other blogs advocating for him. In a way our position has been undermined. The Democrats and many big government Republicans were beside themselves with joy the second the rumors started swirling. They despised Gov. Sanford for his unflinching devotion to Libertarian, Conservative principles; now he has given them the perfect weapon to destroy him and they are using it.

I have supported a lot of politicians over the years, but I can count on one hand how many I actually believed in. Now I am not sure it is really worth it. Call it over simplifying if you want to, but I see no way our Republic stays together if our choice is between a socialist Democrat Party and a big government Republican Party.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

This Week in Washington: 6/22/09

Update from the House Republican Study Committee (RSC)

RSC Update: Monday, June 22, 2009

Chairman Price Introduces the RSC Sunset Caucus

Click to Watch:

Want to suggest a program to target for elimination? Let us know about it here.

RSC Media Activity
Every week, Republican Study Committee members work hard to ensure that the conservative viewpoint is well-represented in all corners of the media.

· Minority Whip Eric Cantor (VA-07): Bam’s Mortgaging Our Future; NY Daily News, June 15.

· Chairman Tom Price (GA-06), Rep. Jeb Hensarling (TX-05), and Rep. Scott Garrett (NJ-05): No More Bailouts; The Wall Street Journal, June 18.

· Rep. Steve King (IA-05): Democrats Continue to Protect ACORN; Human Events, June 19.

RSC Legislative Activity
RSC members have made it a priority to introduce productive, conservative alternatives to the Democrats’ reckless agenda.

· The RSC unveiled its new Sunset Caucus, co-chaired by Rep. Kevin Brady (TX-08) and Rep. Jason Chaffetz (UT-03). The RSC Sunset Caucus is dedicated to right-sizing government by identifying and eliminating wasteful and duplicative programs that do not serve the best interests taxpayers. Click here to offer your suggestions for programs to target for elimination.

· Rep. Jeff Flake (AZ-06) and other RSC Members will send a letter to President Obama in response to recent statements by Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood indicating that the Highway Trust Fund will require another bailout. The Trust Fund was given $8 billion less than a year ago, and this letter will request that any further bailout of the fund be paid for through corresponding spending cuts elsewhere.

· Rep. Steve King (IA-05) and Rep. Connie Mack (FL-14) introduced H.R. 2900, the Davis-Bacon Repeal Act. The bill would repeal the Depression-era Davis-Bacon law that often forces federal contracts to pay above-market, union wages. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act required the payment of Davis-Bacon wages for all of the construction projects it funded, inflating the cost to taxpayers of completing these projects by $17 billion.

Here is a preview of upcoming Democrat proposals to advance their big-government, anti-taxpayer agenda.

· House Democrats will continue to push huge domestic spending increases while shortchanging national defense. The three main pieces of legislation on the schedule this week are the Homeland Security Appropriations Act, the Interior and Environment Appropriations Act, and the National Defense Authorization Act for FY 2010. Last week, the Democrat majority refused to allow the free and open amendment debate that is traditional for appropriations bills, and they have given no indication that this week will be any different.

House Floor Activity
The following key legislation came through the House of Representatives last week.

· Last week, the House passed the first two of twelve appropriations bills authorizing spending levels for FY 2010. The Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act spends $64.4 billion – a nearly 12% increase over last year’s funding level. The Legislative Branch Appropriations Act spends $3.7 billion – more than 6% higher than the FY 2009 bill. RSC Members offered numerous amendments to reduce the price tags of these initiatives but were overwhelmingly rejected by the Democrat majority. The RSC did succeed in ending a $100,000 bicycle program for House staffers that cost taxpayers an average of $22,000 per bike.

· H.R. 2346, the emergency war supplemental also passed the House last week. Because the bill was laden with irresponsible expenses unrelated to troop funding, such as a $108 billion bailout of the IMF and the “Cash for Clunkers” language, RSC Members opposed this final version of the bill.

· The House passed H.Res. 560, a bipartisan resolution expressing support for the protests taking place in Iran and condemning the Iranian regime’s brutal repression of its own people.


House Republican Study Committee
Rep Tom Price, M.D., Chairman
Paul Teller, Executive Director
Brad Watson, Policy Director
Natalie Farr, Professional Staff
Emily Henehan, Professional Staff
Bruce “Fez” Miller, Professional Staff
Jonathan Day, Director of Member Services and Business Outreach
Alex Shively, Director of Conservative Coalitions
Brendan Buck, Communications Director
Brian Straessle, Deputy Communications Director
Stefan Alvarez, Staff Assistant
Curtis Rhyne, Staff Assistant
424 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
(202) 226-9717

Rep. Cantor Release

Cantor on Administration Press Conference
June 23, 2009
Contact:Brad Dayspring

WASHINGTON, D.C. – House Republican Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) today issued the following statement after the President concluded another news conference in an attempt to revive a stalling agenda:

“The West Wing press conference is the latest public relations effort to combat the American people’s growing discomfort with the actions of this Administration. The disconnect between the Administration’s goals and those of Congressional Democrats only serve to make matters more cloudy at a time when we all should be focused on jobs, economic growth, and financial security.

“Plain and simple, the American people are concerned about the economy, job creation and the incredible debt obligations incurred in the last 6 months. Republicans have offered common-sense ideas and solutions that would have created real jobs, improved our economy and spent less tax dollars.

“The President continues to push for a government healthcare plan that will increase costs, reduce patient choice and flexibility, and lower the quality of care. Now we hear that Speaker Pelosi intends to pass the Cap & Tax plan this week which will impose a hard-hitting tax upon families and small businesses costing our struggling economy thousands of jobs.

“We stand ready to work together with the President to get America back to work, but we refuse to sit by idly as the Democrat majority tries to force this unfocused assortment of tax increases and job-killing policies upon the American people. Democrat-controlled Washington is completely disconnected with the reality faced by millions of Americans who are growing weary with the lack of focus, accountability and results."


• February 13, 2009: Democrat House passes stimulus without Republican input

• February 17, 2009: $787 billion stimulus signed by President Obama

• February 23, 2009: Bipartisan budget summit (Total debt outstanding: $10.839 trillion)

• March 11, 2009: $410 billion appropriations bill enacted, with over 8,500 earmarks

• March 11, 2009: President announces earmark reforms after passage

• March 24, 2009: Prime time news conference (Total debt outstanding: $11.046 trillion)

• April 20, 2009: $100 million savings announcement (Total debt outstanding: $11.189 trillion)

• April 29, 2009: House passes irresponsible $3.6 trillion budget

• End of April, 2009: Administration bails out Chrysler

• May 7, 2009: President submits savings proposal of .5% of the budget (Total debt outstanding: $11.256 trillion)

• End of May, 2009: Administration purchases GM (approx $50-$70 Billion)

• June 4, 2009: House Republican propose $375 billion in common-sense taxpayer savings

• June 9, 2009: President holds a PAYGO summit

• June 15, 2009: CBO announces that the Kennedy-Dodd Govt. Healthcare bill would cost more than $1.3 trillion over ten years.

• June 16, 2009: House Democrats pass $100.9 billion Supplemental spending bill, plus $108billion in “loans” to the International Monetary Fund

• June 23,24,25, 2009: U.S. Treasury forced to auction a record $104 billion in Treasury notes to cope with America’s debt obligations.

Gov. Huckabee Endorses Marco Rubio

Catholic League News Release


The bill by New York State Assemblywoman Margaret Markey that would suspend the statute of limitations for one year for cases of child sexual abuse (victims must be 53 or younger) will not pass this year unless a special session is called and the bill is put to a vote.

Catholic League president Bill Donohue commented on the bill’s fate:

Right now it looks like this badly conceived legislation is dead in the water. But were it to pass eventually, I renew my pledge today to spend whatever it takes to alert the residents of New York State of their right to sue the public schools if they were ever sexually abused by one of its employees (provided they meet the conditions outlined in the bill).

Some have questioned my motive. Let me end the suspense: I am fed up with unscrupulous lawyers and their well-greased professional victims’ groups seeking to plunder the Catholic Church. Now that public institutions are finally included in the Markey bill, it is only just that potential claimants be informed of their rights. And guess what? A reality check has already taken place. Opposing the Markey bill are the New York State School Boards Association, the New York State Council of School Superintendents, and other civic groups.

Here’s more. An AP story today says 700 public school teachers in New York City are being paid full salaries to sit around doing such things as yoga and playing Scrabble while their cases are being investigated. The accusations include sexual abuse.

Still more. Today’s New York
Daily News
has a story about a teacher’s aide who was busted for molesting a first grader; the 6-year old girl is thought to be the third victim of the same employee. And so what have they done to him? He’s been reassigned to a desk job.

And people wonder why the Catholic League is pulling out all the stops. Believe me, we will never yield on our pledge.

Contact Markey at

Susan A. Fani
Director of Communications
Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights
New York, NY 10123
212-371-3394 (fax)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Rep. Michele Bachmann Leads By Example

Rep. Michele Bachmann takes an exciting and much needed stand against this administration's socialist agenda. As an unconstitutional census survey goes out with liberals blackmailing poor citizens with the threat of a $5,000 fine per unanswered or incorrectly answered question, Rep. Bachmann has announced that she will not answer anything beyond how many people live in her household.

This is what a census is for is to find out how many citizens live in America; as Rep. Bachmann points out this is all the Constitution calls for. It is liberal laws that have taken away your freedom and forces itself into your most sacred place; your home and your privacy.

I hope everyone who can afford to pay the fine makes the same stand.

These are the people who should be considered for leadership roles, those who will stand up to a dictoral administration who has stolen its power, unconstitutionally. Rep. Bachmann should be promoted to a leadership role and should consider running for higher office.

We need patriots to lead us back to our founding principles and the Constitution and its true intent; not the version taken over by activist justices.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

To all the fathers and husbands who faithfully and selflessly protect, nurture, and love their families as God instructed them to. In today's society where men are being emasculated and attacked for being loving and committed fathers and husbands these men are a true treasure and blessing from God; a blessing that is not to be taken for granted.

I wanted to take some time out of my busy schedule to honor my husband and the father of my children. DR is the most dedicated and selfless man I have ever met. He has been a rock of safety for our family. I have grown leaps and bounds in security and self confidence since the day we met. To listen to the excitement and knowledge he has about so many things is a never ending adventure.

I was never into politics very much until DR came into my life. Before him I just voted Republican because that was what my parents were and what they did. I didn't know what it meant to be Republican; I certainly didn't know there was a difference between Republican and Conservative. I didn't even know what a privilege being able to vote was. He certainly inspired my love and commitment to politics and being involved.

I was a sports fan wanna be at one time. DR has patiently taken the time to teach me all about sports and though I have much more to learn I can truly sit down and really enjoy a good game of football and even basketball now. Although not always teams he supports, I have my teams I root for and follow (he even buys my teams products for me and a Packer fan buying Bears merchandise is truly a rare thing).

DR has always encouraged me to be myself; no matter what. That is something I never got from my own parents. I never knew that you could find your soulmate and that with out that person you are truly incomplete. Sometimes we allow ourselves and life to change what God has planned for us and sometimes, despite our human need to intervene, he brings two souls together; souls that were made for each other.

I have also learned that even though people have their faults God has shown us grace and mercy so we might learn that we are just as imperfect as those we judge and that you don't give up when things seem bad. That is how I know that all is not lost just because Obama managed to steal the presidency; we will get it back.

This is my Father's Day wish to the wonderfully imperfect man that God so perfectly created for an imperfect me; may God always keep and bless everything you do and every soul you meet because the world is better off having you in it.