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Founding Fathers Quote

Let us recollect that peace or war will not always be left to our option; that however moderate or unambitious we may be, we cannot count upon the moderation, or hope to extinguish the ambition of others.

Alexander Hamilton

Protect America: The 4 Percent for Freedom Petition

April 2, 2008
Providing for the Common Defense: Why 4 percent?

by The Heritage Foundation
White Paper

1. How can the U.S. afford to spend 4 percent of GDP on defense if there is an economic recession?

Traditionally, America has spent more than 4 percent of its GDP on defense—in bad and good economic times. So there's no question about affordability.

The question implies that defense is the best place to start cutting if economic woes force Congress to reduce federal spending. That's both inaccurate and unfair. The question also implies that poor economic performance is unaffected by government policy.

The Heritage Foundation has recommended an overall economic policy, which accounts for the 4 percent commitment to defense, that is designed to promote higher economic growth. This broader policy recognizes that the United States will cease to be a superpower if its economy declines. The Soviet Union demonstrated the devastating effects of a bad economy on military strength in the 1980s, which took place in the context of frantic attempts by the Soviet government to sustain high levels of defense expenditures in the face of chronic economic decline. [
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Catholic League Chatterbox

Newsweek Likes Swinging

Jessica Bennett, writing in a July 29
web column on polyamory, puts the most positive face on swinging yet to appear in a mainstream media outlet. She maintains that having multiple partners among consenting adults is at the cutting edge of the new sexual revolution. The article ends with a quote from a swinger named Scott who feels sorry for the rest of us. “The people I feel sorry for are the ones who don’t ever realize they have any other choices beyond the traditional options society presents,” he says. So thoughtful.

The only problem these folks seem to acknowledge is parenting. Yes, that can be difficult at the breakfast table the next morning. As for how children fare, Bennett found a professor (we knew she would) who said the kids do just fine in poly families.

What was not mentioned, of course, is that the bed jumpers have a much higher rate of sexually transmitted diseases than the rest of us. It would be interesting to know if Scott thinks that is unfair and who is to blame. Or is genital herpes just the cost of doing business? And talking about costs, perhaps under the new health care bill we should levy a surcharge on those whose diseases are behaviorally driven. We could call it Donohue’s stimulus plan!

President Barack Obama Awards Abortion Advocates With Medal of Freedom

by Steven Ertelt Editor
July 30, 2009

Washington, DC ( -- President Barack Obama today named 16 recipients of the 2009 Presidential Medal of Freedom, which is the highest civilian honor that can be bestowed on its citizens. Obama's group of recipients includes abortion advocates who have repeatedly earned condemnation from the pro-life movement. [
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Polls Show Pro-Abortion Barack Obama at All-Time Low, Drops on Health Care

by Steven Ertelt Editor
July 30, 2009

Washington, DC ( -- Three new polls all have very bad news for pro-abortion President Barack Obama and they show him at all-time lows since taking over the White House in January. The surveys also have bad news for Obama on the health care front as Americans trust him less on the thorny issue. [
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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rep. Cantor Release

ICYMI: Cantor: "A Larger Bipartisan Majority Against The Plan Right Now Than There Was Even Yesterday"
July 30, 2009
Contact:Brad Dayspring

“But I tell you one thing, after reading the preliminary reports of what's in this deal, there is likely even a larger bipartisan majority against the plan right now than there was even yesterday.” – House Republican Whip Eric Cantor

House Republican Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA)Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” July 30, 2009
Fox News’ Gretchen Carlson: “I have a feeling somehow, just in the back of my head, that you're going to say that the new deal that the Blue Dogs came up with, at least some of the Blue Dogs, that you don't think it's enough cuts?”

Rep. Eric Cantor: “Well, in so many words Gretchen, I think I would agree with you. There is just a little nibbling around the edges here, and some have even suggested it may be a little Kabuki dance being played to try and get some reason back into this bill. But I tell you one thing, after reading the preliminary reports of what's in this deal, there is likely even a larger bipartisan majority against the plan right now than there was even yesterday.”

Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade: “Wait, how could that be because they said they cut a $100 billion out of the trillion dollar proposal? They said that they have a situation now where the public option will be forced to compete and bid on against private insurers, and they're going to postpone it until September. How would that create more friction?”

Rep. Cantor: “First of all, the one good thing Brian that you talked about was that maybe we're going to slow down here and begin to read the details of the proposal and let people in this country have a look at what's actually being proposed. But we know now what happened last night in the Progressive Caucus. There’s Barney Frank and there’s George Miller and others who became very, very excited now about what was being done and what was being given by Chairman Waxman to the Blue Dogs. So you've got now I believe a revolt on the left in the Majority caucus as to their perception about this public plan. But let's remember, the government option was always that. But we believe very strongly you can never have a government compete with a private sector and have an even playing field.” …

Watch the full interview HERE

Heritage In Focus: Myths About Defense Spending Part 1-4

China Sees 13 Million Abortions Annually, Most Done on Young Single Women

by Steven Ertelt Editor
July 30, 2009

Beijing, China ( -- China sees as many as 13 million abortions done on an annual basis, official state media are reporting today. The information is rare as the nation's family planning agency, which endorses the country's one-child policy that involves forced abortions, rarely releases such information to the public. [
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Founding Fathers Quote

Society in every state is a blessing, but government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one; for when we suffer or are exposed to the same miseries by a government, which we might expect in a country without government, our calamity is heightened by reflecting that we furnish the means by which we suffer.

Thomas Paine

Stolen Worcester Baby Found Alive

The baby of Darlene Haynes of Worcester, MA was found alive last night. She is receiving medical care at a New Hampshire hospital. An aquaintance of Darlene's, Julie A. Corey, has been arrested. Please pray for Darlene's baby girl and for her family.

Catholic League News Release


Catholic League president Bill Donohue addresses the uncertainties surrounding the eight-month old baby who was cut from her mother’s womb in Worcester, Massachusetts:

When Barack Obama was in the Illinois state senate, he led the fight to deny health care to babies born as a result of a botched abortion. It is not certain what he would say if asked whether the baby who survived being cut from the womb of Darlene Haynes should be attended to by physicians.

Nor is it certain what one of his science advisors would say. John P. Holdren, director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, co-authored a book in the 1970s wherein he maintained that an unborn child “
after birth, will ultimately
develop into a human being.” (My italics.) This would seem to indicate that this baby, in particular, isn’t a human being. Holdren is also on record saying that he supports the right of trees to sue: In the 1970s, he wrote that “natural objects” like trees should be given standing in court. He maintained that by allowing trees to sue, it would have a “most salubrious” effect on the environment.

In other words, it is questionable whether kids who survive an abortion or a murderer’s knife are entitled to health care, but it is about time we granted rights to weeping willows. And this was supposed to be the most ethical administration in American history. It just doesn’t get any sicker than this.

Susan A. Fani
Director of Communications
Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights
New York, NY 10123
212-371-3394 (fax)

Ron Paul: The Immorality of Taxpayer Funded Abortion

Healthcare continues to dominate the agenda on Capitol Hill as House leadership and the administration try to ram through their big government healthcare plan. Fortunately, they have been unsuccessful so far, as there are many horrifying provisions tucked into this massive piece of legislation. One major issue is the public funding of elective abortions. The administration has already removed many longstanding restrictions on abortion, and is unwilling to provide straight answers to questions regarding the public funding of abortion in their plan. This is deeply troubling for those of us who do not want taxpayer dollars funding abortions.

Forcing pro-life taxpayers to subsidize abortion is evil and tyrannical. I have introduced the Taxpayer’s Freedom of Conscience Act (HR 1233) which forbids the use of any taxpayer funds for abortion, both here and overseas.

The most basic function of government is to protect life. It is unconscionable that government would enable the taking of it. However this is to be expected when government oversteps its constitutional bounds instead of protecting rights. When government supercedes this very limited role, it cannot help but advance the moral agenda of whoever is in power at the time, at the expense of the rights of others. [
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Rep. Michele Bachmann On Health Care

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Catholic League Chatterbox

Unborn Child Stolen

On July 27, Darlene Haynes was found mutilated to death in Worcester, Massachusetts. Her child is reported missing: the murderer cut her uterus open and stole the 23-year-old’s baby of eight months.
Now the woman’s aunt, Sandra Grandmaison, is demanding “we want our baby back,” explaining, “We want our grandchild back, and we want to know why.”

We’d be curious to know what the pro-abortion community would say to Ms. Grandmaison. We’d also like to know if her grandchild would be covered by the universal health-care bills currently being considered.

More Jobs For Louisiana

Gov. Jindal continues to bring in more jobs and improve the work environment through out Louisiana. This is what conservative leadership can accomplish. While Obama has been touting Michigan's Governor Granholm, who has presided over the destruction of Michigan's economy, he ignore the example set by conservative governors like Jindal, who actually are creating jobs. [read the rest]

Catholic League News Release


Catholic League president Bill Donohue discusses Section 1233 of H.R. 3200, the health care reform bill that was introduced in the House:

There is language in this section of the bill that implies that the federal government may become involved in euthanasia. So over the past two days, July 27-28, Catholic League staff contacted the following persons, committees or offices looking for clarification:

Rep. Nancy Pelosi; Rep. John Dingell; Rep. Rob Andrews; Rep. Frank Pallone, Jr.; Rep. Charles Rangel; Rep. Pete Stark; Rep. Henry Waxman; Rep. George Miller; Rep. Dale Kildee; Rep. Carolyn Maloney; Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius; HHS Center for Faith-Based and Community Initiatives; HHS Office of the Assistant Secretary for Aging; HHS Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Legislation for Discretionary Health Programs; HHS Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Legislation for Mandatory Health Programs; HHS Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation; HHS Congressional Liaison Office; HHS Office of Human Services Policy; HHS Office of Disability, Aging and Long-Term Care Policy; HHS Office of Planning and Policy Support; HHS Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Legislation for Human Services; Ways and Means Committee; Education and Labor Committee; Energy and Commerce Committee; Oversight and Government Reform Committee; Budget Committee; White House Health Reform Office.

No one with whom we spoke said the government is entering the business of euthanasia. But this is not enough. We need to know exactly what is meant by the following: “An explanation by the practitioner of the continuum of end-of-life services and supports available….” We also need to know exactly what is meant by “The Secretary shall publish in the Federal Register proposed quality measures on end of life care and advanced care planning….” The public has a right to know exactly what is meant by terms like “end-of-life services” and “quality measures.” Now is the time to settle this issue.


Susan A. Fani
Director of Communications
Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights
New York, NY 10123
212-371-3394 (fax)

Know Me - The Great I Am

I see the world in turmoil
I see the destruction of innocence
And I am forced, in pain, to recoil
And lower my head in shame.

My heart is broken each time
One of my own children leave
The protection of arms that are mine
And harden their hearts against me.

In my name they commit unspeakable sin
Against their brothers and sisters.
They plot and plan from within
And carry out their abominable intentions.

They speak with forked and silver tongues
And deceive the weak among them;
Convincing them their sins against my sons
Does not betray my instruction.

They presume to speak for me
Hideousness I would never utter and teach
Actions from which I ask you to flee
And thoughts I command you to resist.

Are there not any left who listen and hear?
Is anyone left who sees and knows the great I am?
Step out of the shadow and lend me your ear
Be a light onto the world so they might again know me.


"We The People Are The Sovereigns Of The States"

Tim Baldwin has written an absolutely stunning article on the Sovereignty of the people and the states and who the power really sits with. Our own Federal government has become a neighborhood bully stealing power it matter of factly does not have and the states have meekly melted away from conflict far too long. This tolerant, weak-kneed behavior of our states giving the feds and the judiciary non existent powers must end and that Revolution has already begun.

Thomas Sowell: Disaster in the Making?

Will America pay the price for Obama's racial arrogance? Thomas Sowell has an interesting take on how Obama's policies are tearing apart our Republic and how (if we are not careful), like many other countries through out history, we could be headed for an ethnic civil war baited by our own leaders.

On The Lighter Side

5-year-old boy plays "Folsom Prison Blues" by Johnny Cash

Good Morning, America

What a beautiful morning it is. I actually got good sleep last night, breakfast and coffee this morning, and have a full day ahead of me. The sun is out, the temp is nice, and things are good. With so many ominous issues looming on the horizon it is nice to have a mental break and an emotional recharge.

You start to lose motivation and direction after too many days of doom and gloom. With all the pretentious fops we have in our government today trying to take over every part of our lives it is good to have a shot of optimism in our arms once in a while. We still can run our own affairs better than big brother ever could and we can never forget that.

So have a wonderful, healthy, and blessed day. See you on the battlefield soon;-)

U.S.S. of A.

Chilling video, but if you listen to the words they are spot on to where we are headed as a nation.

h/t: Rev. Paul, Way Up North

The Abandonment Of Our Marines

During the campaign the Democrat Party claimed that Afghanistan was the appropriate war, yet now that they have total control of our government Afghanistan seems to have fallen to the back burner. Our Marines are struggling just to get the funds they need. As for the media, they are a national embarrassment. We are losing Marines at an increased rate and other than the death toll we get almost no news out of Afghanistan.

When the bravest among us are literally sacrificing their lives you would think the media could give them appropriate amounts of coverage and Congress needs to get off their backside and starting funding our Marines. Let's keep our armed forces in prayer, especially our Marines.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sarah Palin's Backbone And The Talking Heads' Lack Of One

The narrative that Sarah Palin is a whiner for taking on the media is really getting old. If you tell the truth about the Democrats they start screaming and protesting, but they can outright lie with the help and support of the MSM about Republicans and we are just supposed to take it. For years I have seen weak kneed Republicans and our own talking heads back down and allow themselves and our beliefs to be walked all over.

Now, here comes this little known governor from Alaska who dares demand honesty and integrity from the media and the Democrat Party and everyone starts screaming, including our own side, that she is a whiner. That is only because they don't recognize a backbone when they see it. They are so used to squirming under a rock the first time anyone disagrees with them that they have no understanding whatsoever of principles and intestinal fortitude.

This Conservative is sick of seeing Republicans and our talking heads acting like a bunch of yellow bellies. It would figure that the biggest man in the room would be a woman. They can keep whining about her all they want; she is on a mission and they don't have the cajones to stop her. My recommendation would be they either shut up and get out of her way or grow a pair and get behind her.

US Senate Candidate Marco Rubio On Tampa Bay Fox 13

Marco Rubio is exactly the type of Conservative we desperately need in the Senate. He is principled, well spoken, and informed on the issues of the day. There is really no comparison between him and RINO Charlie Crist, who appears to be unprincipled and ignorant on economic and energy issues.

This is an important opportunity to replace a RINO, who isn't running for re-election, and change the make up of the Senate. If Florida voters decide to send Charlie Crist to the Senate instead of Marco Rubio, they will only be continuing the failed policies of the Democrat majority and the Obama administration. For all of us Conservatives who do not live in Florida this is the perfect opportunity to support a candidate who upholds our values and would be a voice for all Conservatives.

I currently live in the blue, socialist state of Wisconsin. I have two of the worst Senators in Feingold and Kohl and as of today it doesn't look like the Republican Party is going to put anyone of substance up against Feingold in 2010; so I am putting my energy into getting good Conservatives like Marco Rubio elected. If you would like to support this principled Conservative click here.

Rep. Cantor Release

Cantor: Reject The "My-Way-Or-The-Highway" Approach On Health Care
July 28, 2009Contact:Brad Dayspring202-226-5249

"And we continue to wonder why it is the President and the Speaker have taken the approach of now-or-never. This is not the type of ‘change’ I think people wanted. And certainly the ‘my-way-or-the-highway’ approach that is being followed is not offering the hope that people deserve." – House Republican Whip Eric Cantor

House Republican Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA)Remarks At A Press StakeoutJuly 28, 2009

Rep. Eric Cantor: “House Republicans absolutely reject the status quo in terms of healthcare. And as we talk about the prospects of reform, we are trying desperately to get it right. And we continue to wonder why it is the President and the Speaker have taken the approach of now-or-never. This is not the type of ‘change’ I think people wanted. And certainly the ‘my-way-or-the-highway’ approach that is being followed is not offering the hope that people deserve.

“So what we’re doing toward that end is we’re going to bring together some small business people today and part of the Republican leadership of the House. These are small business people from around the country, many of them from districts represented by some of the Blue Dogs that obviously have been speaking to the centrists on the other side who say, ‘Look, the healthcare approach on the table is bad policy. It’s bad for business, and in these times of economic difficulty, why should we be adding to payroll taxes? Why should we be adding to the burdens of small businesses?’

“So we stand ready again to continue to work with our colleagues. As we know, there are 68 on the other side who have voiced some concerns over this bill. We stand together with them to try and get this healthcare reform right, not to rush it, but to make sure that we can deliver, ultimately, the kind of reform the American people want.”

Watch the video HERE

American Life League Press Release


28 JULY 2009


My Dear Friends,

Last Thursday night, a near impossibility happened: The Pence Amendment to defund Planned Parenthood of Title X tax funding made it to the House floor for a vote!

We heard over and over again that the House Rules Committee was bound to kill it before a vote – that nothing introduced by pro-lifers would break out of the pro-abort-controlled Committee.

We asked for your help, and together, we stormed the halls of Congress with phone calls and visits to our legislators, asking them to convince the Rules Committee to allow the Amendment onto the floor for a vote.

Then, Thursday night, we rejoiced to hear that it made it through the Committee and would get a vote early on Friday.

Deo gratias! No matter the outcome, Planned Parenthood would be exposed! Congressman Pence gave a highly articulate, compelling account of Planned Parenthood for all the world to hear on the floor of the House.

You responded so overwhelmingly to our action alerts Friday morning before the vote! Legislators received thousands of phone calls and e-mails from you.

Despite all this, by a 183–247 vote, Congress struck down the Amendment. They chose to ignore the will of the people and throw tens of millions of dollars to the nation’s largest abortion chain.

Make no mistake: The members of Congress know a majority of Americans are pro-life. They know that Planned Parenthood is the enemy of human rights, the enemy of personhood for all human beings. They know Planned Parenthood is putting our children in danger, wasting our tax dollars, targeting minority populations and arming child predators.

The majority of Americans are pro-life. Period. 247 representatives betrayed the will of the people Friday.

The representatives who voted against the Amendment chose to give up on democracy, chose to hand our tax dollars to a greedy, death-peddling organization and chose political expediency over truth. They will hear from their constituents – from you, from me and from every other patriotic voter who does not want our tax dollars paying for the intrinsic evil of abortion.

Here is a link to the Roll Call vote. Find out how your representative voted and then call and thank them for their brave stand against Planned Parenthood or let them know how you feel about their cowardly support for an organization that puts every man, woman and child in America at risk.

Because of you, the heroic work of U.S. Rep. Mike Pence, and the bipartisan support of the 183 representatives who voted against this organization, Planned Parenthood has been exposed for thousands more to see.

No more can politicians use the excuse that they didn’t know about Planned Parenthood’s record of criminal behavior.

Thank you for joining us in the ongoing battle to protect the human rights and personhood of all human beings – born and preborn. Thank you for helping us work to DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD!

In the LORD Who IS Life,

Judie Brown,

President,American Life League


American Life League was cofounded in 1979 by Judie Brown. It is the largest grassroots Catholic pro-life organization in the United States and is committed to the protection of all innocent human beings from the moment of creation to natural death. For more information or press inquiries, please contact Katie Walker at 540.659.4942.


Catholic News Agency: U.S. House votes down Pence Amendment intended to defund Planned Parenthood
(24 July 2009)

# # #
Katie Walker
Director of Communication
American Life League
1179 Courthouse Road
Stafford, Virginia 22554

House Republican Leader John Boehner Press Release

Boehner Blasts Censorship of Chart Detailing Democrats’ Government-Run Health Care Labyrinth

The American People Deserve the Truth” About Democrats’ Trillion-Dollar Health Care Takeover, GOP Leader Says

Washington, Jul 28 - In a speech on the House floor this morning, House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) blasted Democratic leaders’ efforts to censor a
chart that illustrates the bureaucratic labyrinth that would result for American health care with enactment of Washington Democrats’ proposed trillion-dollar government takeover of health care. Democratic leaders have attempted to block Members of Congress from using the chart, produced by Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) and the Republican professional staff of the Joint Economic Committee (JEC), in official communications with their constituents. Full video and transcript of Boehner’s remarks follow:

“Mr. Speaker, Democrats in Congress don’t want the American people to see this chart. This is the chart that outlines the Democrat proposal moving through the House of Representatives that contains as many as 53 new Federal programs, Agencies and Commissions. That’s right; they’re trying to restrict Members of Congress from showing this to their constituents. They say it’s misleading. Well, there’s nothing misleading about it. They just don’t want anyone to see it.

“Well, here it is. I’m using it. Are they going to turn out the lights, are they going to turn out the cameras? Why don’t they want the American people to see this?

“Well, I think the American people deserve the truth about the Democrats’ $1.6 trillion takeover of our
of our health care system. More bureaucracy, more taxes, more mandates - and more government involvement in your life.

“And guess what? It also means less jobs for Americans. According to a model developed by the President’s own Council of Economic Advisors Chairperson, this proposal will cost Americans some 5.5 million jobs over the next 10 years; the National Federation of Independent Business says that at least a million small business jobs will be lost; and, even the Congressional Budget Office over the weekend made it clear that this will cost low-wage workers an opportunity to get a job.

“Listen, after the ‘stimulus’ didn’t work, most of my constituents are continuing to ask the question, ‘where are the jobs?’

“We have a ‘stimulus’ that’s not working, we have a national energy tax bill that came through here this month that will cost millions of Americans their jobs, and while this will ruin the health care system that we enjoy in America, let’s not forget, it will cost us millions of American jobs when most Americans continue to want to know, ‘where are the jobs?’”


Using Race, Fear, And Hate Mongering For Political Gain

Maybe President Obama should live the old adage - see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. The President and Liberals have long benefited from race baiting and creating the illusion of massive rifts of racism in America. Many politicians and average Americans have learned that instead of working for and obtaining what they have through honest, hard work they can take the lazy and dishonest route of using race for their own gain.

For many of them, when they are confronted with the opportunity to earn a position, status, or gain of some sort, it is more appealing to use the race card to achieve it instead of hard work, education, and skill. They speak with a forked tongue; they know just what to say in public to twist the neck of society into submission. They want you to believe that you can somehow make amends for something you have not done if you just give them everything they ask for; including your freedoms and rights. America has sunk into a rotting bog of apologetics and white guilt for trespasses most have never committed.

Are we going to start using stand in's for criminal sentences now? Can you send a scapegoat to prison in your place to make amends for a crime you committed? Would you willingly serve the prison term of a murderer out of some twisted sense of guilt? It is absurd and unhealthy for a people to believe such non sense.

What are you apologizing for America? Why do you wear sackcloth and throw ash on your backs and bow at the feet of liberals who would rather see your destruction over having to live with and tolerate you? Take the time to see what their lives have produced; you are known by the fruit you bear. The fruit they bear is rotten and stinking, yet you choke it down because they use catchy phrases, pains of guilt, and pretty dreams of hope. Instead remove the cloud of guilt from your eyes and see them for the rotten fruit they are.

You don't have to take any one's word for it; all you have to do is Analise their life with an open mind. All the signs were there to anyone who was unimpeded by existing racial beliefs or perceptions of imaginary guilt. So many voters feel lied to and deceived by Obama and his agenda. He was very active with his agenda, as was his wife, and the truth was quite transparent with a little effort to self educate.

What it comes down to is this: If it walks like a duck, and sounds like a duck, and looks like a duck it is a duck (even if I call it a cow). Liberals can make all the claims in the world that Conservatives are the racists, but it is the Liberals who are benefiting from their racism and race baiting. A true Conservative is more open-minded, accepting, and visionary than a true Liberal could ever stand to be.

We live in a time where, if left alone, Americans are more accepting and tolerant then they ever have been. There will always be unsophisticated trash from all spectrums of culture who are barbaric and closed-minded in their beliefs; they don't make up the whole and the whole will not pay for their crimes and trespasses. Put an end to the Liberal reign of fear and hate mongering and take the time to self educate yourselves as to truth; then vote them all out of office. They do not belong in DC if they do not have this Republic's best interest in mind over their own personal and political gain.

Note: The link in this post is to an article by Thomas Sowell, a well respected leader in the Conservative realm.

Founding Fathers Quote

It is important also to consider, that the surest means of avoiding war is to be prepared for it in peace.

Joseph Story

States' Rights Movement Is Alive And Well

There is some interesting momentum out of the states' rights movement. First of all, a friend of this blog Webster's Blog had an informative post on Oklahoma and the direction they are headed.

The prospect for secession looms ever nearer

I'm self-admittedly a bit biased on this topic, but y'all really do need to pay particularly close attention to the goings on in Oklahoma. I flatter myself that I have a pretty good sense of the general attitude of the citizenry in this state. I may be a bit more radical and outspoken about my intentions than most Okies are comfortable with, but you can write it down that there really is a "silent majority" here in Oklahoma that the other side is currently doing all it possibly can do to provoke to action. [read more]

We also have interesting news out of my wife's home state of Texas; Gov. Perry is standing up to DC over socialized medicine. Gov. Perry is no true Conservative. It appears to me that this whole states' rights rhetoric coming from him is for personal and political gain only. However, having someone with as much stature as Gov. Perry championing our cause does help us; even if his heart is not in it.

What is not receiving a lot of attention though, is the actions of Arizona who is actually standing up to the Federal government with not only the Tenth Amendment bill, but also by opting out of the climate-change bill and Obama's socialized medicine plan. Arizona should be commended. Nancy Morgan has all the details in a must-read piece. If you don't receive her email updates I highly recommend them; they are well worth your time.

Sarah Palin Steps Down as Alaska Governor, New Poll Has Huckabee Leading GOP

by Steven Ertelt Editor
July 24, 2009

Washington, DC ( -- Sarah Palin stepped down late Sunday as the governor of Alaska , saying her reasons for doing so "should be obvious." Palin decided against serving the remainder of her term in office in part because political opponents kept dogging her about leaving the state to keep her name in the national limelight.[
read more]

Heritage Foundation Video: This Week in Washington

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Talking Heads Still Just Don't Get It

I have been amazed watching the media coverage of Gov. Palin stepping down yesterday. I would like to say that they are just trying to destroy her, but I think it is more than that. The media is just as disconnected from every day Americans as our political class. Since Gov. Palin is one of us, they will never be able to understand her or give an accurate analysis.

I think Gov. Palin is about to reshape the political landscape of our Republic and the DC crowd doesn't even see it coming. This is an exciting time to live in; our defining moment is upon us. We must make sure that we don't sit out this important struggle. We must support Gov. Palin early and often.

Update from the House Republican Study Committee (RSC)

RSC Update: Monday, July 27, 2009

Chairman Price Tells Obama to Quit the Health Care Blame Game

Click to watch:

RSC Media Activity
Every week, Republican Study Committee members work hard to ensure that the conservative viewpoint is well-represented in all corners of the media.

· Rep. Joe Barton (TX-06) and Rep. Michael Burgess (TX-26): A Better Remedy for Health Reform; Dallas Morning News, July 20.

· Rep. Pete Hoekstra (MI-02): Intelligence Games; New York Post, July 20.

· Minority Whip Eric Cantor (VA-07): Appropriations Rules Dishonor House Traditions; Politico, July 21.

· Rep. Marsha Blackburn (TN-07) and Rep. Phil Roe (TN-01): TennCare Lessons For Modern Health Care Reform; RealClearPolitics, July 22.

· Rep. Phil Gingrey (GA-11): Health Reform Doesn’t Need Public Plan; Politico, July 27.

RSC Legislative Activity
RSC members have made it a priority to introduce productive, conservative alternatives to the Democrats’ reckless agenda.

· Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer (MO-09) has introduced H.R. 3129, legislation that would prohibit U.S. contributions to the United Nation’s International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

· Rep. Pete Olson (TX-22) introduced legislation to delay the latest job-killing federal minimum wage increase for one year. More information on the detrimental effects of minimum wage mandates can be found below.

· The Nuclear Energy Institute endorsed the RSC’s Energy Innovation Act. H.R. 2828 is a comprehensive energy plan that encourages innovation, conservation, and production of American energy.

Here is a preview of upcoming Democrat proposals to advance their big-government, job-killing, anti-taxpayer, agenda.

· The Democrats ended last week in disarray, as President Obama’s primetime press conference failed to assuage opposition from members of his own party regarding health care reform. Although Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has announced that the Senate will not vote on health care this week, it remains possible that Speaker Nancy Pelosi will attempt to pass the House version this week over the opposition of her own party members.

· The House will most likely finish the first round of the appropriations process this week with consideration of the Defense Appropriations bill. The House Democrats’ leadership will once again trample on the rights of every single Representative by severely restricting the amendment process. This marks the twelfth of twelve appropriations bills on which the Democrats have trivialized the process of spending taxpayer funds.

· Last Friday, the federal minimum wage rose to $7.25 per hour. Although proponents of minimum wage mandates claim they help workers, the truth is they simply make job opportunities disappear. Since the Democrats took control of Congress in January 2007, the federal minimum wage has increased by over 40% and the unemployment rate for workers without a high school degree has increased by nearly 130%. Click here more info from the RSC.

House Floor Activity
The following key legislation came through the House of Representatives last week.

· Last week, the Democrats passed a sham PAYGO bill, H.R. 2920. PAYGO is supposed to enforce a policy of “pay-as-you-go” on Congress. Unfortunately, the Democrats idea of PAYGO is so littered with loopholes that it could actually result in even higher deficits!

· In contradiction to their alleged dedication to fiscal responsibility, the Democrats also passed two more appropriations bills last week, authorizing big spending increases in both the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development bill and the Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education bill.


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Rep. Cantor Release

ICYMI: Cantor: "There Is A Bipartisan Majority Against The Current Health Care Bill In Congress"
July 27, 2009
Contact:Brad Dayspring

“I know Steny agrees with me, the status quo is unacceptable. … But the real problem is, and the Majority Leader knows this, there are 68 Democrats who have expressed concern about this bill. And so, obviously, there is a bipartisan majority against the current health care bill in Congress. And there's a reason for that. The American people are not behind it. So, I don't see why it is that over the next three days we've got to rush to see this thing come to the floor when there are so many concerns being voiced by folks on both sides of the partisan aisle.”House Republican Whip Eric Cantor

House Republican Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA)
CNN’s “Situation Room”
July 27, 2009

Cantor: “I Know Steny Agrees With Me, The Status Quo Is Unacceptable”…

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer: “If there's a public option, a government health insurance company, Congressman Cantor, is that acceptable in some form to Republicans?”

Rep. Eric Cantor: “Wolf, the thing is I don't think anybody believes that you can have a government compete with the private sector. There just can't be an even playing field. And I think this is where the divide begins. And I'd rather look to see where we can work together, because there are a lot of points that we agree on. I know Steny agrees with me, the status quo is unacceptable. We've got to institute some insurance reform. We've got to make it so that health insurance costs are brought down, and we can work together and do that without having to expand government's role in the decision-making as far as families and health care.”

Cantor: “Everyone Knows That A Government Bureaucrat’s Not Going To Be Able To Keep Down Costs And Keep Up The Kind Of Quality Of Care That Most Americans Are Used To”…

Rep. Cantor: “And, Wolf, if I could say something right now, we don't want to put the control in the hands of some bureaucrats here in Washington. That's why, when you start to ask about a government plan, there is such resistance not only on the part of the Republicans here in Congress but across the country. Everyone knows that a government bureaucrat’s not going to be able to keep down costs and keep up the kind of quality of care that most Americans are used to.”

Cantor: “There Is A Bipartisan Majority Against The Current Health Care Bill In Congress”…

Blitzer: “I'll give Congressman Cantor the last word. It looks like that he's saying, and I'm just reading between the lines, that they'll get it through the committee but not necessarily pass it on the floor before the recess.”

Rep. Cantor: “Well, I mean, listen, Wolf, first of all, you know, we've got to get it right and that has to be the ultimate goal here. It is too big. It affects every American. But the real problem is, and the Majority Leader knows this, there are 68 Democrats who have expressed concern about this bill. And so, obviously, there is a bipartisan majority against the current health care bill in Congress. And there's a reason for that. The American people are not behind it. So, I don't see why it is that over the next three days we've got to rush to see this thing come to the floor when there are so many concerns being voiced by folks on both sides of the partisan aisle.”

Watch the full interview HERE

Rep. Michele Bachmann Video: FSC Hearing with Secretary Geithner on Regulatory Reform

Sarah Palin's Farwell Speech

We here at the Maritime Sentry want to take the opportunity to thank Sarah Palin for her loyal and honorable service to Alaska. We have been supporting Sarah Palin from the beginning of the Draft Sarah Palin movement and over time we have come to know more and more about her; the more we know the more we love her.

We did not have the privilege of having Sarah Palin as our governor, but all the same we now share a connection and a love for the great state of Alaska. Sarah is so full of life, down to Earth, and unwavering in her stands that she naturally draws those seeking a restrained and limited government and more personal freedom to her.

Sarah is truly "one of us" in a way no other before her could ever have been. When it comes to our leadership their privileged lives usually disconnects them from the people; how can one govern for and by the people if they are so disconnected? They cannot, which is why we are in the predicament we are with the current administration.

Sarah stands strong for personal freedom, limited government, states' rights, and ending corruption. She truly is one of the people. She truly understands what it takes to make it as an average American. She understands how everything this overgrown government does effects our ability to provide for our families. She truly understands, and still believes in, the Constitution and that our rights are God given and cannot be taken away by a greedy, power hungry government micro-managing our lives and taxing us into the grave.

Thank you Sarah for giving us true hope again in America and the will to stand and defend her from fading into the ocean of liberal progress, tolerance, and socialism. Thank you for loving our Republic enough to make the sacrifices you have and will.

{PART 1} Sarah Palin's Farewell Speech As Governor Of Alaska

{PART 2} Sarah Palin's Farewell Speech As Governor Of Alaska


National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Thwarted Despite Bipartisan Majority Vote

Friday, July 24, 2009

On Wednesday, July 22, by a margin of
58-39, a bipartisan majority of the U.S. Senate voted in favor of an amendment offered by Senators John Thune (R-SD) and David Vitter (R-LA) to provide interstate recognition of Right-to-Carry permits. The amendment to S.1390 -- the National Defense Authorization Act -- would acknowledge that the right to self-defense extends across state lines. Under this provision, individuals with carry permits from their home state, or who are otherwise allowed to carry a firearm in their home state, could carry in any other state that issues permits.

Despite the bipartisan majority of votes, the Thune-Vitter amendment did not pass because it fell just two votes short of the required 60 votes for approval. This 60-vote approval threshold was decided upon by a procedural agreement between Senate leaders. The agreement was, in part, used to avoid a filibuster and any hostile amendments to the Thune-Vitter amendment.

"Today's strong majority vote in the U.S. Senate was an important step forward in the National Rifle Association's decades long effort to make Right-to-Carry and national reciprocity the law of the land," said NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre.

In a news release, Senator Thune said, "Today, overheated rhetoric and fear mongering overcame common sense. My amendment would allow responsible firearms owners to protect themselves while obeying the firearms laws of the states they visit. The individual right to self-defense should not end at the state line. Despite today's defeat, this amendment had bipartisan support and I hope the Senate will reconsider this important issue in the future."

Expanding Right-to-Carry enhances public safety, as criminals are deterred from attempting crimes when they know or suspect that their prospective victims are armed. A U.S. Department of Justice study found that 40 percent of felons had not committed crimes because they feared the prospective victims were armed. The Thune-Vitter amendment recognized that competent, responsible, law-abiding Americans still deserve our trust and confidence when they cross state lines.

Passing interstate Right-to-Carry legislation would not only reduce violent crime by deterring criminals, but -- most important of all -- would protect the right of honest Americans to protect themselves if deterrence fails.

"While we are disappointed that the 60 vote procedural hurdle was not met, the vote shows that a strong bipartisan majority agrees with the NRA," said NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris W. Cox. "We would like to thank Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.), Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) and Sen. Jim Webb (D-Va.), along with all senators who voted in favor of this amendment on both sides of the aisle. The efforts of these senators were not in vain, as the NRA will continue to work tirelessly to ensure this important legislation finds the right avenue to come before Congress once again."

If your U.S. Senator was among the 58 who voted for the Thune-Vitter amendment, please be sure to contact them and thank them for their support. To see how your Senators voted, please click here.

To find contact information for your U.S. Senators, please click here, or call (202) 224-3121.

Copyright 2009, National Rifle Association of America, Institute for Legislative Action.This may be reproduced. It may not be reproduced for commercial purposes.

China Allows More Exceptions to One-Child, Forced Abortion Family Planning Rules

by Steven Ertelt Editor
July 24, 2009

Beijing, China ( -- The Chinese government is allowing more exceptions to the forced abortion family planning policy that prohibits couples from having more than one baby. Although the Asian nation is not getting rid of the controversial program, it is allowing additional exceptions for some couples. [
read more]

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Must Read Post

Rev. Paul has written a moving, must-read post at Sunday Prayer Corner

There Is Still Time To Save The F-22

Our leaders' lack of vision is now threatening our national security. They refuse to see the looming threat of an arming Russia and China who are increasingly aligning themselves as a counter balance to American exceptionalism and leadership.

We can still save the F-22 program if the House does not back down in conference negotiations. Obama has threatened to veto the defense authorization bill if the F-22 funding is included. Politically, that would be very risky for him. Thousands of American jobs depend upon the F-22 program and American air dominance is guaranteed with its continuance.

Founding Fathers Quote

There is a rank due to the United States, among nations, which will be withheld, if not absolutely lost, by the reputation of weakness. If we desire to avoid insult, we must be able to repel it; if we desire to secure peace, one of the most powerful instruments of our rising prosperity, it must be known that we are at all times ready for war.

George Washington