Friday, June 11, 2010

Does Obama Hate The South?

I think it is very apparent that Obama has, either knowingly or subconsciously, a hatred for the South. Every disaster that has occurred since the start of his presidency, in the South, has basically been ignored or mishandled by his administration.

Ice storms in Kentucky devastated that state, yet you did hear about it from Obama because he was too busy being praised and worshipped. We had the flooding in Nashville and again Obama did the bare minimum. Now we have this devastating oil spill that is wrecking the economies of several Southern states and again Obama has dropped the ball.

Now some say it is because he didn't want to give Republicans, Gov. Jindal, any credit for handling the disaster. Others say he is just incompetent. Let me float a new theory; what if he just doesn't like the South? What if he sees the South as standing between him and his radical agenda.

After all, all those racists in the South are stopping him from enjoying the approval ratings that a man of his greatness should automatically receive from the people. The only thing his administration appears willing to do is use the oil disaster to push his anti-drilling policies; even if it means deliberately misleading the American people.

Bottom line, if you live in the South you better pray nothing happens in your state because this administration doesn't care. Remember that come November 2012. You may also want to let a few of his friends know your displeasure this November; you know, Harry Reid and Blanche Lincoln, to name two.


Rev. Paul said...

I think it's fair to say (and I'm not the first to say it) that he hates America. The London Daily Telegraph recently published a lengthy article on just that topic.

Does he hate the South? Probably. He seems to bear a distinct grudge against anyplace that didn't vote for him when he was campaigning. (Okay, in fairness, he hasn't STOPPED campaigning - it is, after all, the only thing he's ever done.)

He bears a grudge against Alaska because Sarah Palin is a thorn in his side, and probably anyplace where he perceives opposition. But you're right - the floods and tornadoes in the South have been ignored by the White House and its willing accomplices in the media.

But rather than seek to win over those who voted against him, he continues to hold a grudge. It's the Chicago Way.

DR said...

True, and Democrats do generally hate the South and belittle the West, and Obama is hardly the first president to ignore Alaska. But, I think this man literally hates certain segments of this society.