Monday, November 08, 2010

The Matrix: Red Pill, Blue Pill

The Glenn Beck Show, at 5 pm ET tomorrow on Fox News Channel is going to expose the underworld of George Soros and the movement toward a one-world-government. There are still those who believe that everything they see on news is the truth and that there is no agenda or coverup for the progressive movement. At no other time in our Republic's history have we been closer to losing everything that makes us American.

I personally do not want to live under a one world government, whose innermakings already exists and allows women and children to be abused and murdered (i.e. nake body scanners and pat downs at airports which expose them to life sucking radiation and sexual assault) and does not change it. I have a feeling that Glenn is right; after watching this show your eyes will be open and you will have to make the red pill, blue pill decision. Do you do something about it or do you turn your back and chose to be an ignorant participant in the Matrix with blinders over your eyes as if nothing is wrong?

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