Monday, January 25, 2010

Service And Duty

I grew up with the belief that we live in the greatest Republic ever created; even with all of her faults I still believe it. One of the things that makes her so great is the willingness of millions to serve and defend her. I am also a life-long Red Sox fan so it was with great excitement that I read an article about Terry Francona's, Red Sox manager for non baseball fans, son had been commissioned in the Marine Corps.

He could have taken a cushy office job with his education, and especially with his dad's connections; instead he decided to serve the Republic. Even though he likely faces deployment to a war zone.

I want to take this opportunity to salute him and all those like him. God bless him and the Marine Corps.

h/t: Curt Schilling

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Republic Has Awakened

For years the Democrats have gotten away with their big government policies and progressive agenda. No longer, they have woken the sleeping electorate and there will be a price to pay in the 2010 elections. Here is a moving video. I am not sure who emailed it; it was sent to me with no information.


Favre Gets What He Deserves

Brett the purple traitor ends his season with an interception, just like he ended his Packers career. Both of these interception occurred, of course, in NFC championship games.

Favre should always be remembered as a traitor in Green Bay and it was fun to watch him fall apart in a playoff game like he did so many times for the Packers. When I think of all the playoff games we should have won if not for a foolishly thrown Favre interception my heart hurts, but this one was enjoyable.

Good luck to the Saints in the Super Bowl; I will be rooting for you.

Go Pack, go!

Catholic League News Release


Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on the way religion is being implicated in the Proposition 8 trial contesting the constitutionality of the California resolution affirming the traditional view of marriage:

Lawyers for the anti-Prop 8 side are touting Stanford University professor Gary Segura’s testimony that religious groups which supported Prop 8 constituted 34 percent of the nation’s population, while only 2 percent of religions opposed it. His comment was grossly misleading.

First, far more than 2 percent of religions support gay marriage: Buddhism has no official position but it is well known that Buddhists in California worked against Prop 8; the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America supports gay marriage, just so long as the term “marriage” is not used; the Episcopal Church opposes all state and federal bans on gay marriage, therefore putting it on the side of the anti-Prop 8 forces; Hinduism has no official position on gay marriage, though those who follow Hindu texts like Kama Sutra are fine with it; Reform and Reconstructionist strands of Judaism support gay marriage; the Presbyterian Church (USA) is similar to the Evangelical Lutherans in supporting gay marriage just so long as “marriage” is not used; Unitarian Universalist Association is pro-gay marriage; the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches is pro-gay marriage; the United Church of Christ also supports gay marriage.

Second, over 100 faith-based organizations, listed on the website of Vote NO on Prop 8, support gay marriage and worked hard to defeat Prop 8.

Third, though there are many religions opposed to gay marriage, there is nothing analogous to the coordinated effort of the National Religious Leadership Roundtable—it enlists the aid of all the aforementioned religions, and even includes Quakers, Baptists, Eastern Orthodox and Methodist members.

In short, if they want to drag religion into the trial, let’s have an honest debate and not rely on homosexual activists and academics for data.

Susan A. Fani
Director of Communications
Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights
New York, NY 10123
212-371-3394 (fax)

Don't Throw Away The Republic

I have been dismayed as I have read several posts recently that attack pro-Constitution candidates for attempting to revive the Founding Fathers' original intent. Many of these posts were posted by people who share our limited government, Constitutional beliefs, but are so disgusted with Washington that they see no hope of reviving it so they belittle those who have sacrificed and ran for office in an attempt to renew the Republic.

I believe that secession may, one day, be necessary; and probably sooner rather than later. However, it is my prayer and desire that the Republic be saved. I believe there to be no way that one can read our true history and not see God's hand and intervention in every bit of it. We are such a small part of the world, population wise, yet few nations in the history of the Earth has had as much influence in the direction of events.

Has Washington betrayed us? Yes. Is almost every power the federal government assumed unConstitutional? Yes. Have our leadership rebelled against God? I believe, yes. But, instead of attacking those who put themselves out in front to fend off the attacks from the establishment we should be tirelessly working on their behalf to help save the Republic.

Why should we surrender and give the progressives our Republic? A Republic for which so many of us and our ancestors have shed their blood and sacrificed in service for. This Republic was created on the natural law, our rights come from God and cannot be taken from us. The only reason Washington has grown is because so many have willingly laid down their rights without even a whimper. When the South did stand up and say 'no longer' they were brutally crushed and occupied. Now a time has come again where the electorate will either get involved, as it appears they are doing, or we will hand victory to those who pervert our Constitution and work to undermine our Christian heritage.

Should the day come when we break apart, I want to be able to stand before my maker and say that I did everything I could to save the Republic, without selling out my beliefs or the Constitution.

You will notice the word Republic used often on this site; it is not because of a limited vocabulary. It is because it is very important that we reclaim our Republic status. We are not a democracy. There is a huge difference and I challange you to give up the word democracy when referring to these United States.