Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Un-American Way

I am fed up with school, experts, and our government telling us what to think, feel, say, and do; and those who don't comply being labeled right-wingers, tea baggers, extremists, racist, dangerous, and narcissists. We are so indoctrinated from school on up that most Americans have fallen into a blind, sheep-like trance of complete acceptance.

At least when I was growing up politicians had to do their dirty deeds behind closed doors and schools had to keep the appearance of restraint and Conservatism when it came to socialist infiltration of our society. Now they freely and proudly profess their progressive agendas and tout them as acts of salvation of the masses. Now they institute practices in our public schools to contaminate entire generations with their socialist rubbish.

They are teaching your children that they are not individually special, that they cannot accomplish anything meaningful on their own, that being themselves and individualism is nonconstructive and unacceptable. They are teaching your children that if they are not a part of a group, that if they do not participate in a mob mentality then they cannot succeed in life and will amount to nothing. They are teaching your children that their group, their community, comes before God and their family.

They are prepping generations of mindless followers who will not question or oppose their complete bondage of the American people. It is brilliant! Our enemy is very sly and efficient. Make the people afraid to question then you can make it illegal to question. If you want to destroy an enemy you must do it from within. If you want to change the anatomy of an entire nation you must start with the children. If you want to enslave an entire people you must conquer them by force or by deception. You must alter their beliefs and disarm them; then you can take away their very freedom, their very lives, and get away with it.

Their are those among us who have made the un-American way, the very things that Americans have fought against through out our history, the progressive and accepted way of life. People must open their eyes now because the time is coming when we will no longer be able to ignore or accept what is happening just as changing times. We will have to see it for what it is; the un-American way has become our way of life.

When parents are not allowed to raise or even name their children in a manner of their choosing without their ability to even raise their children being questioned, when your government makes laws that punishes ethnic groups unequally for hate crimes, when your leaders who are sent to protect and represent you stab you in the back every chance they get and contemplate taking away your protected rights to bare arms, to privacy, to states rights, to protection against a rogue government then you are no longer American.

Remember where we came from and you will no where we must go. You cannot a take a restrained government and set it free and expect it to not to crush the life and liberty from the people until it utterly enslaves every soul and controls their very breath they take; that is its natural tendency and ultimate destiny. That government must obliterate any opposition; that is the un-American way and it is rearing its ugly head whether we like it or not.