Saturday, March 27, 2010

DC Intrusion

Not satisfied to control healthcare the feds are also concerned about Kentucky's highway signs. It seems to not matter to them if they are on private property. The bottom line is, if we want to return to limited government we are going to have to start saying no to federal money. That money doesn't even come from our government or our overtaxed citizens, but from China and I, for one, don't want to be indebted to a communist country.

Pence: "You Can't Fix A Government Takeover Of Health Care. Repeal and Start Over."

House Republicans have definitely been impressive since losing their majority and Mike Pence is at the top of my list of true Conservatives. No one is perfect, but this speech comes as close as you will get.

Where We Are And Where We Could End Up

We are at a crossroads now. November will be crucial for the fate of the Republic. We will either regain the majority and put a roadblock to Obama's socialist agenda or he will continue unchecked. The question is, where are we now and where could we end up? I feel Rev. Paul of the Way Up North blog has articulately answered that.

Threats, Violence, and Voters

Threats? Violence? Broken windows, phone calls ... so NOW they're listening?The sheer arrogance of the Congress-critters is astounding. They've ignored their constituents, ignored the calls and letters, ignored e-mails, massive protests, and personal visits. Most recently, they've locked their doors and refused to even meet with the very folks who pay their salaries & whose votes they might need. [read more].

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Despicable "Family Guy" Hate Piece

Few things have ever moved me to rage as deeply as the injustice of the judicial execution of our beloved Terri Schindler Schiavo in 2005. The drama leading up to her unwarranted killing had all the barbarism of the brutal war on unborn babies with all its deceitful propaganda and murderous manipulation. Of course we expect that this is the way pagan killers operate, but we don't have to sit back and let it take over our culture. As we approach the 5th anniversary of Terri's death on March 31st, we now face a new outrage that has been perpetrated by the forces of evil that inhabit Secular City.

Last Sunday's prime time cartoon "Family Guy" episode renewed a malicious defamation of Terri's dignity and suffering. I say "renewed" because calumnies and mockery were rampant in the media when she was being executed. The "Family Guy" show featured a mindless group of children on stage acting out a mocking play about the person and manner of Terri's death referring to her with vicious epithets. I almost couldn't watch the few minutes that it took for them to shame to the depths of hell the sanctity of her life and death. I am not going to describe to you the hate-filled scene; you can look at it on the link if you wish, but suffice it to say, this kind of hate speech will never be called to task by the regulatory agencies of the pagan administration in power right now. Decent people like you and me have to object to it.

The "Family Guy" defamation is a piece of satanic cultural trash, and it needs to be called what it is. Any producer, artist, sponsor, advertiser, public relations agent or salesman who has or had anything to do with it should be utterly ashamed of their connection to this piece of filth. Television networks should cancel the show outright because it poses a danger to any other category of persons that FOX and such groups will target in the future. Networks will be complicit in the discrimination and hate such efforts represent. It is not ironic that the episode appeared the very night that the government's healthcare takeover launched into our land abortion funding, the prospect of "death panels" and aggressions against rights of conscience. The "Family Guy" defamation of Terri goes way beyond innocent poking fun. It is evil and it is a shot across the bow to the rest of us who hold life sacred. Not only do these people not respect life, they mock it and defame all those who protect it. The malicious cretins connected with it will all be tarred with the same brush on the Day of Judgment and will receive the same sentence as Judge Michael Greer who put Terri to death by judicial decree and Terri's ex-husband, Michael, who took the 30 pieces of silver and ran with it to his lover. Jesus endured His maledictions at Calvary too, but neither history nor, I imagine, heaven will be kind to those who maliciously put the Holy Innocents to death.

All who still hold out hope for an American society based on godly values need to make a response to this and boycott those businesses that sponsored the death of conscience that appears in that hateful "Family Guy" episode. The culpable Pontius Pilates appear below and should hear from you - soon.

In the wake of this scandalous mockery on "Family Guy" I am renewed in my desire to put a stop to this. Please know that HLI will never stand for mainstreaming such diabolical works into our culture and will fight it to the death. We stood up for Terri with every ounce of strength and passion then, and we have to do the same now. Join me and Terri's family in making our voices heard in honor of Terri, knowing that she looks down upon us from her heavenly home.

Please contact FOX about this travesty:

Ms. Gail Berman, President
FOX Broadcasting Company
P.O. Box 900
Beverly Hills, CA 90213
(310) 369-1000

Gaude Lydia Paez, Vice President Communications
FOX Broadcasting Company
Phone: (310) 369-3276
Fax: (310) 369-1283

FOX Broadcasting Company
10201 West Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90035
Phone: (310) 369-3553


Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer,
President, Human Life International

Copyright 2010 - Human Life International
Permission granted for unlimited use. Credit required.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

McCotter Floor Remarks on Obama: So this is what change looks like...

CG brought this video to my attention. The House Republicans have really been impressive during this healthcare debate. Don't forget, even during Bush's term House Republicans passed many conservative pieces of legislation on the financial institutions and energy amongst other things only to have the Senate not take it up or fail to pass it.

Founding Fathers Quote

No people will tamely surrender their Liberties, nor can any be easily subdued, when knowledge is diffused and Virtue is preserved. On the Contrary, when People are universally ignorant, and debauched in their Manners, they will sink under their own weight without the Aid of foreign Invaders.

Samuel Adams

Congressman Ron Paul Vs. Fed Chair Ben Bernanke

The fed chairman rivals Obama for arrogance.

Financial Services Hearing March 25

Lame Duck

Catholic League News Release


Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments today on the front-page article in today's New York Times about priestly sexual abuse:

Media requests to deal with this subject make it difficult to provide an adequate response to today's article by Laurie Goodstein. But the time has come to ask some serious questions about why the Times is working overtime with wholly discredited lawyers to uncover dirt in the Catholic Church that occurred a half-century ago. Those questions will be raised in an ad I am writing that will be published in next Tuesday's New York Times; a rejoinder to the article will also be made. All I can say now is that this is the last straw.

Jeff Field
Director of Communications
Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights
New York, NY 10123
212-371-3394 (fax)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

NE Atty Gen Jon Bruning On Health Care

Catholic League News Release


On Saturday, March 27, Tarleton State University in Texas will host a performance of "Corpus Christi," the Terrence McNally play that was the subject of a major street demonstration launched by the Catholic League in 1998 when it opened in New York City.

Catholic League president Bill Donohue explains his position:

There are three things wrong about this event: (a) the play is hate speech directed at Christians and is far more than just a "gay Jesus" play (b) it is being shown at a state university, and (c) it is being performed on the eve of Palm Sunday.

I saw the play, led the demonstration against it, and debated its supporters when it came out in 1998. Jesus is depicted as the "King of the Queers" who says to the apostles, "F--- your mother, F--- your father, F--- God." The apostle Philip asks Jesus (called Joshua in the play) to perform oral sex on him, and at the end of the play Jesus condemns a priest for condemning homosexuality. Crotch grabbing, simulated urination, etc. color the performance. No wonder even the gay-friendly New York Times slammed it as an artistic bomb.

Tarleton is funded by the taxpayers, most of whom are Christians. That they should have to underwrite hate speech against their religion, on the brink of Holy Week, is not an accident—it is a deliberate act of provocation. No doubt this same university would put aside free speech concerns if students wanted to erect a nativity scene on campus, or sing "Ave Maria" at a university event. They only seem to invoke academic freedom when it suits their ideological agenda.

It's up to the employees and students at Tarleton State to register a protest. Texas taxpayers, and Texas lawmakers who appropriate funds to the university, also have a right to have their voice heard.

Contact Tarleton president F. Dominic Dottavio:

Jeff Field
Director of Communications
Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights
New York, NY 10123
212-371-3394 (fax)

Obamacare: Taxes, Spending, and Kickbacks

This is an absolutely great video.

Rep. Mike Pence: "This Fight Is Not Over"

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rand Paul's Money Bomb Today

Donate today to support limited government and a return to fiscal responsibility. If we are ever going to repeal this unconstitutional healthcare bill we are going to need Rand Paul and many more true conservatives in the Senate.

Update from the House Republican Study Committee (RSC)

RSC Update: Tuesday, March 23, 2010

From the Chairman
Late Sunday night, 219 House Democrats ignored the will of the American people and passed their government takeover of health care, which will be signed into law today by President Obama. This week, Republicans begin the hard work of repealing the terrible policies contained in this bill.

We will work to repeal: the unconstitutional individual mandate; the job-killing employer mandate and taxes; the taxpayer funding of abortion; the Medicare cuts that take choices away from seniors; the unfunded mandates on States which will burden already-strained budgets with billions in new spending obligations; the new government czars charged with deciding health care coverage; and the shady backroom deals made to buy off votes from Members of Congress who otherwise would not have supported this bill.

Prior to passage of this bill, the biggest concerns for most Americans were rising premiums and the rising cost of care. The Democrats’ bill, with all its disastrous policies, does not curb skyrocketing costs. And, premiums will go up under their plan.

To improve access to quality, affordable health care, we must look to patient-centered reforms based on the principles of choice and innovation.


Congressman Tom Price
Chairman, Republican Study Committee

RSC Media Activity – Republican Study Committee members work hard to ensure that the conservative viewpoint is well-represented in all corners of the media. Visit our Media Center for more.
· Rep. Eric Cantor (VA-07): Obama's Mideast Double Standard; Politico, March 18.

· Chairman Tom Price (GA-06): Cutting Medical Costs Without Obamacare; Washington Times, March 18.

· Reps. Sue Myrick (NC-09), Lamar Smith (TX-21), and Gary Miller (CA-42): Reclaim 8 Million Jobs; Daily Caller, March 19.

· Rep. John Campbell (CA-48): The Healthcare Bill's Bipartisan Opposition; Orange County Register, March 22.

House Floor Activity – The following key legislation came through the House of Representatives last week.
· Sunday night, House Democrats passed the Senate version of Obamacare by a vote of 219-212 and a related budget reconciliation package by a vote of 220-211. For a look at the true costs of the bill that will become law tomorrow, read this summary.

Outlook – Here is a preview of upcoming Democrat proposals to advance their big-government, anti-taxpayer agenda.
· While President Obama will sign the Democrats’ health care takeover into law today, the budget reconciliation package must still be debated and passed by the Senate without any changes before it goes to the President’s desk. If the Senate makes any changes to the bill, it will come back to the House for another round of debate and voting.

RSC Reports
· Each week, the RSC Budget and Spending Taskforce compiles a weekly report on the latest budget and spending news. Additionally, the RSC Money Monitor tracks how bills passed by the House affect authorizations, mandatory spending, and federal government revenue.

House Republican Study Committee
Rep Tom Price, M.D., Chairman
Paul Teller, Executive Director
Brad Watson, Policy Director
Natalie Farr, Professional Staff
Emily Henehan Murry, Professional Staff
Bruce “Fez” Miller, Professional Staff
Jonathan Day, Director of Member Services and Business Outreach
Alex Shively, Director of Conservative Coalitions
Ryan Murphy, Communications Director
Brian Straessle, Deputy Communications Director
Curtis Rhyne, Research Assistant
424 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
(202) 226-9717

Founding Fathers Quote

How prone all human institutions have been to decay; how subject the best-formed and most wisely organized governments have been to lose their check and totally dissolve; how difficult it has been for mankind, in all ages and countries, to preserve their dearest rights and best privileges, impelled as it were by an irresistible fate of despotism.

James Monroe

Obama's Milestone

Rep. Michele Bachmann On Health Care

Monday, March 22, 2010

Bill O'Reilly Is An Idiot

The questionable claims against Tea Party protesters from Congress members with ulterior motives was the topic of the Bill O'Reilly's show today with Dana Loesch as his guest. These are the same members of Congress whose identity is wrapped up in racial politics and Bill is the same idiot who defends Obama and we are supposed to take their word that this incident occurred, as they claim, when the reports that there was an arrest for the spitting incident was false?

Bill you're an idiot; if you talk like a liberal, and you walk like a liberal, you are a liberal. These member's of Congress' credibility is certainly questionable and Bill doesn't have a clue. Dana, you go girl. Your Southern steel certainly showed tonight when you refused to back down from your astute observations on this matter?

Catholic Prayers

In humble reverence we ask of you Lord God to keep mom in your loving hands as she faces surgery. Give her peace and comfort before hand and grant her grace and mercy in her healing. Guide the hands of the doctor during the surgery and pour out your rejuvenation through nurses who will care for her. Ensure the success of this procedure and quickly reunite her at home with her family. We claim your protection over her and thank you for her healing.
In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Babylon 5 Declares Independence

Prayer Request

Just found out that my mom is going in for surgery to have a pacemaker put in any day now. I wanted to request prayers for her safety and quick recovery.

My Thoughts

First of all, I have been trying to get the blogging back up to the standards that our regular readers are used to. However, the reason I have not been getting to comments quite as fast isn't due to lack of activity. I decided to tweet through the weekend's healthcare vote. I have never been a big fan of Twitter; that has definitely changed after this weekend.

I was completely amazed with how fast you get relevant information. I was able to tweet, or re-tweet over 800 times this weekend and expand our reach. I really think this is going to be a valuable tool as we move closer to election day and I hope to bring information to the blog in a faster, more timely manner. For example, Major Garrett from Fox News tweeted the following today:

On future legal challenges to #hcr Gibbs says WH Counsel's office advises:
"we'll win these lawsuits." WH will defend on Commerce Clause.

The only way the White House is right is if they get an activist judge to hear the case, which considering all the activists who sit on the bench that is likely to happen. However, the Commerce Clause has been abused and perverted for years by both Congress and the Courts. If the Courts do not correctly rule in this case it will be up to the new Republican majorities, should we retake Congress, to repeal the healthcare bill and reinstate the true meaning of the Commerce Clause.

Something that also needs to be addressed is activist judges. The Senate has the power and responsibility to impeach and remove judges who violate their oath of office and the Constitution. It will not be enough to repeal just one law, we must repeal all unconstitutional laws while reigning in federal agencies.

This can actually be accomplished with just a few new laws restoring the states' authority and restating the boundaries of federal authority. The American people are thirsty for limited government. We must not waste this opportunity for we may never have it again. We will all flourish with more freedom and liberty and I believe will readily embrace conservative, limited government.

V for Vendetta Speech

Catholic League News Release


The U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal by a high school student who sought to sue her school for banning the instrumental version of “Ave Maria” at her 2006 graduation. Therefore, the decision of the Ninth Circuit stands: the court agreed with school administrators that the song was obviously religious.

Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on this today:

Now that students need to be protected from hearing “Ave Maria,” what will school administrators do if there is a request to play Beethoven's “Missa Solemnis” at a school concert? Will they resort to another gag order? What if the request is to play Duke Ellington's “Sacred Concert”? Will they censor that one, too?

The same civil libertarians who routinely defend obscene speech in high schools offered no help to this student. In other words, “Ave Maria” is obscene speech to them—not the “F” word. And they say they don't make moral judgments.

Jeff Field
Director of Communications
Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights
New York, NY 10123
212-371-3394 (fax)

House Republican Leader John Boehner's Leader Alert

Governors Slam Democrats’ Government Takeover of Health Care
“Massive Unfunded Mandate,” “Gross Federal Overreach,” “Public Policy at its Worst,” “Rationing of Health Care”

Washington, Mar 22 - Yesterday Washington Democrats “made history” by imposing a job-killing government takeover of health care on the American people - against their will. Their health care bill will raise taxes, cut Medicare, impose unfunded mandates on the states and, for the first time in more than 30 years, allow public funding of abortions. The American people didn’t want this bill – but Democrats refused to listen and arrogantly passed it anyway. As House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) noted in his floor speech yesterday, the American people “are angry that no matter how they engage in this debate, this body moves forward against their will.”

Outside of the Beltway, however, the people’s representatives are listening. States and Governors have heard the American people – and they’re moving to sound the alarm and block a government takeover of health care. As the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) noted today:

"Thirty-eight states have either filed or announced their intentions to file
ALEC’s Freedom of Choice in Health Care Act, model legislation that would ensure
a patient’s right to pay directly for medical care and prohibit an individual
from being penalized for not purchasing health insurance. The Virginia and Idaho
legislatures have already enacted the legislation, and the Arizona measure will
appear on the November ballot."

Texas today became the 39th state to act and introduce similar legislation. Moreover, Virginia is already moving to stop the Democrats’ unconstitutional “individual mandate,” as this morning’s Richmond Times-Dispatch reported:

"Virginia will file suit against the federal government charging that the
health-care reform legislation is unconstitutional, Virginia Attorney General
Ken Cuccinelli’s office confirmed last night. Cuccinelli is expected to argue
that the bill, with its mandate that requires nearly every American to be
insured by 2014, violates the commerce clause of the U.S. Constitution. The
attorney general’s office will file suit once President Barack Obama signs the
bill into law, which could occur early this week."

Virginia isn’t alone in expressing its disgust at the Democrats’ government takeover of health care. Following are statements from governors across America on the Democrats’ government takeover of health care:

• Governor Sean Parnell (R-AK): “This is public policy at its worst. I am very concerned with the impacts this bill will have on Alaska’s seniors, families, small businesses, and physicians. For the many Alaskans currently unable to afford insurance, this legislation will do nothing but require that they purchase health insurance. This bill will increase insurance premiums and do very little to ensure that patients have access to needed health care professionals.”

• Governor Haley Barbour (R-MS): “I hope this healthcare plan covers hearing aids, because it’s clear Democrats who voted for it have not heard the majority of Americans who didn’t want government-controlled healthcare crammed down their throats. States cannot sustain another massive unfunded mandate, senior citizens are threatened by enormous cuts to Medicare, and American taxpayers and businesses can’t afford huge tax increases in the midst of the worst economic slump since the Great Depression.”

• Governor Mitch Daniels (R-IN): “Our two best hopes for more jobs are investment and small business. The new ‘health care’ bill raises taxes drastically on both, and will harm our economic prospects badly. Hoosiers will also face higher state taxes as Medicaid rolls explode. It will raise by trillions the crushing debt we already are leaving young Americans; any claims to the contrary are worse than mistaken, they are knowingly fraudulent. In a life of optimism about America and its future, this morning I am as discouraged as I can remember being.”

• Governor Tim Pawlenty (R-MN): “Democrats rejected needed, common sense reforms in favor of an overreaching, extraordinarily expensive, government-centric plan that gives more and more control to an already bloated and bankrupt federal government.”

• Governor Linda Lingle (R-HI): “The $1.2 trillion government takeover of health care will cost Hawai’i residents, conservatively, an estimated $300 million over five years in added costs to our Medicaid programs, which are already hemorrhaging red ink. This legislation will impose new taxes totaling $569.2 billion that will burden Americans for generations to come. It will also raise premiums, necessitate the rationing of health care, impede economic growth and job creation as well as require cuts to Medicare.”

• Governor Rick Perry (R-TX): “As passed by the U.S. House, the bill will cost Texas taxpayers billions more, and drive our nation much deeper into debt. Congress’s backroom deals and parliamentary maneuvers undermined the public trust and increased cynicism in our political process. Texas leaders will continue to do everything in our power to fight this federal excess and find ways to protect our families, taxpayers and medical providers from this gross federal overreach.”

• Governor Sonny Purdue (R-GA): “The current bill also includes an extension of the Medicare tax on all non-wage income. This means that small business owners will see their top rate increased by 20 percent and investment income taxes will increase 60 percent. I can think of no better way to slow our nation’s economic rebound. Sadly, most Americans are unaware of these and other provisions in the healthcare bill because Congress has kept the bill hidden from them and did not unveil until the last possible minute for a Sunday vote. We’ve seen backroom, sweetheart deals like the Cornhusker Kickback and the Louisiana Purchase, examples of what citizens dislike most about politics today. These provisions mean Georgians will pay not only for increased healthcare costs here, but in other states as well.”

Last year, Leader Boehner and Reps. Devin Nunes (R-CA) and Mike Rogers (R-MI) launched the State Solutions project, an initiative aimed at highlighting solutions put forth by reform-minded governors and state officials outside the Beltway. Through the State Solutions project, House Republicans have been working with state officials, ALEC, and grass-roots activists to advance state-level legislation declaring individual citizens’ freedom against intrusive health care mandates from the federal government.

Founding Fathers Quote

A feeble executive implies a feeble execution of the government. A feeble execution is but another phrase for a bad execution; and a government ill executed, whatever may be its theory, must, in practice, be a bad government.

Joseph Story

Chuck DeVore Statement On Obamacare Passage

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- Chuck DeVore, California Assemblyman and candidate for United States Senate, issued this statement upon the U.S. House of Representatives's narrow passage of the Obamacare bill:

"The passage of this phony healthcare 'reform' is a tremendous blow to the cause of fiscal restraint, limited government, Constitutional principles, and free enterprise. In short, it strikes directly at America's core principles. This is shameful moment in the history of our country -- and especially the Democratic Party, which has apparently come unmoored from whatever remaining attachment it had to the ideals of our Founders. In place of a dedication to 'life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,' there is only a rapacious impulse to ever-expanded state control, and an avaricious imperative to seize ever-more of your rightful possessions.

"The Democrats are beyond reason. They are beyond appeals to common sense and patriotism. The corrupt milieu that produced President Barack Obama has metastasized and seated itself in Washington, D.C. -- and we saw it on full display in the razor-thin passage of this healthcare 'reform.' Every trick, every pressure, every shameless deal was done. Down to perverting the rules of the American Congress, the Democrats stopped at nothing.

"Perhaps most pathetic was the spectacle of Michigan Congressman Bart Stupak, who exchanged his pro-life principles for a hollow promise from the most pro-abortion President in American history. That executive order won't stand up to judicial scrutiny -- the President cannot override the law by fiat -- and pro-life organizations like National Right to Life and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops understand that it's a worthless scrap of paper. Yet Rep. Stupak's desperation for thin cover to do the wrong thing is useful in one way: it illustrates the union of moral vacuum and maneuvering deception at the core of the Democratic effort for Obamacare.

"That's why the American people will throw them out of office this November.

"When Americans vote this fall, they'll vote for candidates who stood strong against Obamacare from the start -- and who will overturn it once in office. In California, I am the only U.S. Senate candidate of either party who fits that bill. I've been speaking out against the government takeover of American healthcare since the President first mentioned it. There are so many simple steps we could take to make healthcare more affordable, more accessible, and more efficient -- without expanding the reach and control of the federal government. They include, but are not limited to:

"-- Allowing interstate competition between health care plans.
"-- Revising the tax code to reward and encourage purchases of coverage and healthcare saving.
"-- Curtailing junk lawsuits that drive up healthcare costs -- and not coincidentally, line the pockets of Democratic contributors.
"-- Attack fraud in medical billing.
"-- Encourage a restructuring of American health insurance toward an individual-policy market rather than an employer-mandate system.

"Obamacare accomplishes none of these goals. One of my first priorities in the United States Senate will be to repeal it and start over. The American people are profoundly unsettled by today's vote, and they deserve no less.

"The movement to turn back the Democrats' takeover of American healthcare has already begun: but it will only happen if Republicans select the right candidates for the job. In the U.S Senate race in California, I am that candidate. I'm the only one who signed the Club for Growth's 'Repeal It' pledge ( that commits its signatories to 'sponsor and support legislation to repeal any federal health care takeover passed in 2010, and replace it with real reforms that lower health care costs without growing government.' Neither Tom Campbell nor Carly Fiorina joined me in this. Worse, Carly Fiorina has been telling audiences that though she opposes this particular bill, she agrees with President Obama's 'goals' for healthcare reform. As recently as late October, she said she had no opinion on Obamacare -- surely the only public figure in America to have remained ignorant of this signal issue.

"I do not agree with President Obama's 'goals.' I am pledged to overturn what he's done today. I'm the only person in this race who can say that. And if I am sent to the United States Senate -- it will be job one."

The DeVore for California campaign is online at

For more information, please contact:

Leisa Brug Kline, 949.413.4447 or

Joshua Treviño, 415.578.5487 or

Founding Fathers Quote

The danger from legislative usurpations, which, by assembling all power in the same hands, must lead to the same tyranny as is threatened by executive usurpations.

James Madison


WASHINGTON – Republican Party of Texas Chairman Cathie Adams released the following statement tonight:

“This evening, following a series of backroom deals and arm twisting, President Barack Obama and Speaker Nancy Pelosi convinced their members to support a $2.5 trillion dollar government-run health care bill that increases taxes, raises premiums, slashes Medicare and does nothing to control the cost of healthcare. This bill does nothing to help Texans struggling with rising insurance premiums, but instead is loaded with sweetheart deals and kickbacks for special interests, which seems to be just business as usual in Nancy Pelosi’s Democratic Congress. This bill saddles Texans with over $24 billion in new spending over the next ten years, spending which the Democrats in Washington are mandating but will not cover and which Texas cannot afford. This bill creates a new army of over 16,000 IRS agents to enforce its oneruos new taxes and Democrat-imposed mandates. This bill is not reform.

“Unfortunately for all Texans, our Democratic representatives in Congress ignored the consistent pleas of their constituents, asking them not to vote for such a reckless piece of legislation, and instead chose to stand with their party bosses in Washington. Make no doubt about it, come November the people of Texas will come to the ballot box in droves to vote for Republican candidates who will listen to them and focus on creating an enviroment that promotes jobs in the Lone Star State – not a government takeover of their healthcare.

To those Obama-Reid-Pelosi Democrats in Texas, today we send a message: In November, Texans will remember. It's time to fire Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House, and the surest way to do that is to vote Republican in November.”


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Founding Fathers Quote

Independence of the will of the nation is a solecism, at least in a republican government.

Thomas Jefferson

We have failed to listen to America. And We have failed to reflect the will of our constituents

The Constitution Is Dead In DC

We now have a Congress and soon a President who will have passed and signed an unconstitutional law, violating their oaths of office. Until they are all voted out of office, or impeached, or the states stand together and nullify this and all unconstitutional laws passed by Congress our Constitution will lay in tatters.

House Passes Pro-Abortion Senate Health Care Bill After Executive Order Deal

by Steven Ertelt Editor
March 20, 2010

Washington, DC ( -- The House of representatives tonight approved the pro-abortion Senate health care bill on a 219-212 vote with a 34 Democrats joining Republicans against it. The bill contains massive abortion funding and promotion that pro-life Democrats hope an executive order will mitigate. [
read more]

Congress Ignores the American People and Passes Health Care Overhaul

Washington, D.C., Mar 21 -

U.S. Representative Michele Bachmann (MN-06) issued the following statement tonight as House Democrats passed their trillion-dollar health care bill despite the American people's overwhelming objection to it:

“On August 13, 1800, Thomas Jefferson wrote the following:

"‘Our country is too large to have all its affairs directed by a single government. Public servants at such a distance, and from under the eye of their constituents, must, from the circumstance of distance, be unable to administer and overlook all the details necessary for the good government of the citizens, and the same circumstance, by rendering detection impossible to their constituents, will invite the public agents to corruption, plunder and waste. And I do verily believe, that if the principle were to prevail, of a common law being in force in the United States…, it would become the most corrupt government on the earth…What an augmentation of the field for jobbing, speculation, plundering, office-building, and office-hunting would be produced by an assumption of all the State powers into the hands of the General Government.’

“Poignant words, and as our federal government expands its grip over one-sixth of our nation’s economy with the passing of this legislation, maybe now President Obama and Speaker Pelosi will finally take the time to find out what’s in it.

"This past year, the President and Democratic leaders in Congress gathered in back rooms away from the American people and twisted arms to get just enough votes through deals and handouts to pass their legislation. They broke promises of open debate and transparency, and instead of working with Republicans and implementing common sense reforms that wouldn’t break the bank, they went it alone and spent more money we just don’t have.

"Future generations will pay the price for our government’s arrogance and recklessness, and the American people won’t ever forget the irresponsible actions of this Administration and Congress. After all, government answers to the people, not the other way around, and the fight for the soul of this nation continues on.”


McConnell Statement on House Passage of Partisan Health Spending Bill

‘Senate Republicans will now do everything in our power to replace the massive tax hikes, Medicare cuts and mandates, with the reforms our constituents have been calling for throughout this debate’

WASHINGTON, DC - U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell made the following statement regarding House passage of the partisan health spending bill:

“Today’s vote will go down in history as the culmination of a year-long quest by a partisan majority to force its will on the public over bipartisan opposition. And it marks the beginning of a backlash against Democrats in Washington who lost their way and lost the trust of the people who elected them. Americans rejected the process and the special deals that brought us to this point, and they are demanding an explanation. A bill that had a simple goal — to lower the cost of health care — became instead a monstrosity held together by special deals, a rejection of the clear will of the voters, and Presidential appeals to put party first. That’s not reform.

“Americans had already rejected this bill before today’s vote, along with the unseemly power grab that led to its passage. They are tired of being treated more like obstacles to be overcome than constituents to be respected and heard. But they will be heard. Senate Republicans will now do everything in our power to replace the massive tax hikes, Medicare cuts and mandates with the reforms our constituents have been calling for throughout this debate.”


"Hell No You Can't!"

Rep. Pence Delivers Floor Speech on the Government Takeover of Health Care

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Dems Be Warned - We Know What You Are Doing To America And We Will Have Your Seats In November

The Dems have always done their dirty deeds behind closed doors; they always had an information gap to hide their actions. Today, in a world of available information, their works and agendas have been exposed. With the healthcare bill threatening our quality of care, our freedom, and for many their very lives from lack of life saving treatment the Democrats stand warned; we will never accept socialism and we will never accept the intrusion of our own government into our private lives and certainly not in our examination rooms.

Every single Representative that votes for this abhoration of a bill will be noted and we will take those seats that are up in November away with those votes; there will be a political price to pay, how much is your seat worth to you? If you pass this bill against the people's will then your seat means nothing to you. We're watching you and we do not forget. When we are suffering under the burden of more taxes to pay for your immorality, and when we and our family members are suffering and dying under your rationed healthcare system we will vote accordingly.

Rep. Kennedy yelling at us and throwing out counterfeit thank you's isn't going to convince anyone that redistribution and nationalized healthcare is necessary or even good for this Republic. He and his cohorts throw out their falsehoods and threats to get their destruction made the law of the land; bondage of Americans didn't work for the British and it won't work for the socialist Democrats. We are Americans from the land of the brave and the free, not subjects beaten down and disarmed by a totalitarian tyrant, and we will live accordingly despite your attempts to subdue and control us.

Rep. Peter Welch is spreading misinformation when he claims that someone who loses their healthcare has no other options and that we somehow have an obligation to provide for them when they don't provide for themselves. If that mother or father, he so irresponsibly throws about in his speech, has to work two or three jobs to provide for their children, just like the rest of us, then that is their own obligation. If someone is too poor by choice or by situation then they have that wonderful government coverage available through Medicaid.

Don't preach to us, the people, those whose hardworking backs you are walking over, that we should feel obligated to support a socialist government in the theft of money, freedoms, rights, or power that doesn't belong to it. Your lack of real world schooling shows in your belief that government entitlements and redistributions somehow count as Charity. Charity is the duty of the individual as moved by the spirit of God. Anything distributed or mandated by the government is called slavery and bondage; it is not Charity if there is no choice in it.

It is not the obligation of the many to provide for the lacking or laziness of the few. You can shed all the tears you want and lament for all the unfortunate people and you still will not convince us that you care one iota about what happens to them once you get your way and turn your backs. You see them as a drain on society and a scourge whose only use is to advance your agendas. Instead of empowering them to aspire to a greater life through hard work and perseverance you take away their will to fight and their dreams of a better way and tell them they are incapable of accomplishing anything on their own.

They have the same ability to go out and those work two or even three minimum wage jobs, just like those you want to steal your healthcare money from, if they truly wanted to provide for their families or themselves. They don't make this choice not because you have taken away their motivation to.

You Democrats, your agendas, and your willingness to use the people are the reason that those people are hurting and suffering. The entitlements you do begrudgingly provide are withheld from the good people who truly need it so you can throw it to illegals and abusers of the system. You are the ones who created the cracks in the system that those people fall into and you are the ones who need to change or get out of Washington.

Founding Fathers Quote

Nothing so strongly impels a man to regard the interest of his constituents, as the certainty of returning to the general mass of the people, from whence he was taken, where he must participate in their burdens.

George Mason

Pray For The Defeat Of Pelosi's Pro-Death, Unconstitutional Bill

With today being the Lord's day it is only appropriate that both the Tea Parties and House Republicans started the day off with prayer and worship to the Lord.

Rep. @Randy_Forbes (R-VA) leads a rare Sunday morning worship... on Twitpic

I hope you will join me and my family in prayer through out the day so that we may stop this pro death bill that would not only fund abortions, but lead to needless deaths to cut costs.