Saturday, April 24, 2010

Oust The Liberals Out Of Our Party Before They Destroy It

I am spitting mad right now. I just read the most liberal piece of trash article I have seen written by a so-called Republican. It was so full liberal love that it wreaked of foulness no human should ever be exposed to. In fact, I will never believe it was written by a Republican; a Democrat infiltrator maybe.

As a Hispanic American I am appalled that anyone would support trashing the Constitution while incorrectly invoking it, and anyone who would support breaking the laws of our land should be very mindful of the consequences that result. Americans are suffering under the unbearable burden caused by the liberal drivel being crammed down the throats of hard working families and constantly regurgitated by mindless liberal morons who don't have a clue how life really works.

Every immigrant should be compelled to acquire documentation, permission, and cessation of their visit. Every immigrant wishing to become an American should be given an equal and fair chance at applying for and receiving citizenship in exchange for their integration into American society; not a multi-cultural, multi-lingual, affirmative action melding pot. A true, unspoiled, traditional America standing sovereign under her Constitution restraining her federal government with the firm consent of will of the people.

People, like the indoctrinated infantile who wrote this liberal propaganda, should be ousted from our Party and made to admit who they really are; Democrats. Don't let them taint the Republican Party; the Conservative label. We out number them, or they would not have to use hate and fear to attempt to shut us down.

Any state that finally manifests its sovereignty and enforces or passes laws that make it easier for law enforcement to identify and purge illegals is a blessing onto its people and should be protected. No illegal has a right to any protection an American has, they do not have (nor do they deserve) protection from exposure and expulsion from our resplendent land. That is what made our nation so magnificent was that all who came to enjoy the benefits of her glory paid respect to her laws, integrated into her uniqueness, and remitted their former lives for a new beginning.

These wolves who pretend to be Republican,s while savagely attacking good and loyal Americans, should ashamed of their actions and should learn a lesson in true history. A society who does not require foreigners to integrate always falls. Liberals will have you believe that Hispanic Americans must now fear going out in public because of stricter immigration laws. No, I don't. I am an American, I can prove I am an American, and I don't have to fear any immigration law because I am not here illegally.

The only Hispanic families agonizing over this legislation are those who are either here illegally and need to be sent back to their own land or those sympathizers who have slipped into the empty abyss of a socialist la-la land. The racists are not those who want illegals held accountable, but rather those who condemn Americans for protecting their heritage and their land and expect us to turn a blind eye simply because the offender is a minority. Go back to the mire of the Democrat Party you came from and cease your scandalous dishonor of our proud and respectable Party.

Update On Baby

Not much news yet, but I wanted to let you know that Monday we will be at St. Vincent's to see a maternal medicine specialist. I ask for continued prayer. It is my prayer that the baby will be completely healed by this appointment. However it turns out we should know considerably more, though.

Wisconsin Legislative Update

Well, the last couple of days have been pretty good for all of us Wisconsinites. Not because good legislation was passed, but simply because the Democrats failed to pass their most extreme legislation.

We need to remember what their agenda has been the last couple of years this November and provide them all with a pink slip. I wanted to pass along a couple of updates that I think you will find useful. Remember, local politics will always affect you the most.

The first update is from State Senator Joe Leibham:

Capitol Connection
By Senator Joe Leibham

~ Legislation Update ~

Early this morning, the regular session of the 2009-2010 legislative session came to a close. Following is a status update on various issues that many of you have provided input on over the past couple of weeks:

Failed to pass – Voter Registration/Election Reform – Senate Bill (SB) 640 and Assembly Bill (AB) 895 – Overhauling our elections and voter registrations systems to allow for Internet voter registration, an early voting system, permanent absentee ballots, use of campus dorm lists as official voter lists and many other provisions.

Failed to pass – Global Warming – SB 450 and AB 649 – Dramatically expanding government rules and regulations to reduce emissions from factories and automobiles and making many other regulatory changes.

Passed – Renewable Energy – SB 273 – Allowing new “light pipe” technology and solar water heaters to be included in Wisconsin’s Renewable Portfolio Standard. I served as a co-author of this bill.

Failed to pass – Protecting Children in Daycare – AB 413 – Authorizing a judge to impose a five-year imprisonment penalty enhancer if a licensed day care provider intentionally commits abuse against a child in their care. I served as a co-author of this bill.

Passed – Food Product Recycling – SB 268 – Adjusting current regulations to recognize the differences between traditional rendering and a specific process that converts meat waste to pet food. This will be used at a local business to create as many as 30 new jobs in Manitowoc County. I was the author of this bill.

Passed – Improving the CIP Program – SB 96 – Giving Medical Assistance-eligible seniors who would otherwise be forced to reside in a nursing home the option to live with more freedom in a less costly community-based assisted living-type facility. I was the author of this bill.

Failed to pass – Fox Valley RTA – AB 734 – Authorizing cities within the Fox Valley to hold referenda to create a Fox Cities Regional Transit Authority that could have the authority to impose up to a 0.5% sales tax in its area.

Passed – Raw Milk Sales – AB 434 – Allowing for a raw/unpasteurized milk pilot program ending on December 31, 2011, for the limited sale of raw milk under specified conditions and subject to specified regulation. I served as a co-author of this bill.

Failed to Pass – Snowmobile Registration – SB 406 – Makes several changes to Wisconsin’s snowmobiling laws, including a provision that would allow for a lower registration fee if you are a member of snow mobile club.

Passed – Race-Based School Mascots – SB 25 – Providing that a school district resident may object to the use of a race-based name, nickname, logo, or mascot by that school district by filing a complaint with the State Superintendent of Public Instruction. The State Superintendent will have sole authority make the determination.

Passed – School Reform – SB 437 – Authorizing the State Superintendent to direct a local school district to implement a new curriculum or instructional design, make personnel changes or adopt accountability measures.

If you have a specific legislative bill that you have been following and are unsure of its outcome, please contact me and I will provide you with an update on whether or not it was passed. You may also visit the legislature’s homepage on the Internet at

As always, it has been a pleasure communicating with you. Please remember to communicate with me and share your input by calling 888-295-8750, writing to me at P.O. Box 7882, Madison, WI 53707-7882, or by e-mailing me at You can also log on to the 9th Senate District on-line office at

This second update is from State Representative Mike Huebsch.

2009-10 Legislative Session Adjourns

Wisconsin’s legislative session wrapped up early this morning after the state Assembly worked through the night for the second time this week. With Democrats controlling both the governor’s office and the Legislature for the first time since 1986, the only thing standing in the way of an agenda 24 years in the making was them. While they united last year to approve
$3.1 billion in state tax and fee hikes, a 6.2% increase in government spending and a host of controversial new laws in a budget bill and a budget repair bill, competing priorities, policy divides and voter discontent tripped them up this spring. That’s both good news and bad news for Wisconsin families and employers.

With 262,000 Wisconsinites looking for work, every proposal before the state Legislature this session should have been judged with this question in mind: does it create jobs? Unfortunately, Democrat bills aimed at improving the economy were a precious few and
Republican bills on the topic were not even acknowledged. A telecommunications modernization bill designed to improve competition and improve the high-tech infrastructure businesses depend on died yesterday despite support from economic development professionals in every corner of the state. During the final weeks of session, the state Assembly spent countless hours on the regulation of payday loan stores, the use of Native American mascots and the sale of raw milk, while economic development initiatives were swept aside.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that there was an upside to their serial inaction. Thanks to disagreements within their own party that were fueled by fed-up voters, Democrats were forced to abandon their
global warming bill that would have added at least $25 billion to electric bills over the next 15 years. They also dropped changes to voter registration and absentee ballot laws that would have made the election fraud documented by Wisconsin prosecutors over the last several years look like child’s play.

Look for a comprehensive analysis of the 2009-10 legislative session and more information about the fate of high-profile initiatives in next week’s Update.