Friday, September 24, 2010

Scott Walker, The Clear Winner Tonight

This debate was almost painful to watch. Tom Barrett attacked relentlessly and offered very little substance. Scott Walker, on the other hand, laid out a detailed agenda for restoring our state while staying above the petty sniping of Barrett. One of the most telling things during the debate was when it was announced that both campaigns were asked not to use footage from the debate in their ads. Walker's campaign had agreed and Barrett's had refused. As soon as I can get video of this debate I will post it.

On a slightly petty issue why was there so many American flags? This debate was for the governorship of the great state of Wisconsin. I would like to see some more state pride. If we are ever going to return to the 10th Amendment we have to start taking pride in our states again. This is one area where the South has an advantage over the North, there seems to be a natural instinct towards love of one's state and state symbols.

Founding Fathers Quote

Courage, then, my countrymen, our contest is not only whether we ourselves shall be free, but whether there shall be left to mankind an asylum on earth for civil and religious liberty.

Samuel Adams

Trimming The Fat - Bob Ziegelbauer's Budget Proposal

If Bob Ziegelbauer is successful the 2011 county budget will trim a little fat. One of the biggest obstacles to balancing the budget could be unions, big surprise. If they cannot come to an agreement on where to cut expenses then layoffs may be on the horizon. I hope the unions don't put their own interests before those of the workers, like we have seen in situations with other unions.

In today's economy cutting back is necessary and expenses are on the rise. As a former municipal employee myself I faced the possibilities of budget cuts every year such as having to pay a portion of my insurance when I hadn't before. When cuts have to be made, not only does someone have to be brave enough to call for them, but those being asked to make those cuts need to be willing to do their part so everyone wins in the end.

When a budget can no longer sustain growing expenses it is better to make small sacrifices then to face unemployment. I applaud Rep. Ziegelbauer for his leadership and call for support of his 2011 budget proposal when it is finished. We have all seen our paychecks shrinking in the wake of Obamacare and the stimulus spending; government and municipal workers should not be exempt from having to cut back to make ends meet.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Important Endorsement For Scott Walker

The National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund endorsed Scott Walker. Really, though, Scott Walker is the only candidate who supports the 2nd Amendment in the race for governor. I have a feeling once Walker is sworn in as governor Wisconsin citizens will no longer have to fear harassment for exercising their Constitutional rights. The only thing that will guarantee our liberty is an armed and educated population.

In Case You Missed It: NRA-PVF Endorses Scott Walker For Governor in Wisconsin

Date: Tuesday, September 21, 2010
Contact: Jill Bader (414) 453-2010

Fairfax, VA -- The National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) is endorsing Scott Walker in the Wisconsin gubernatorial race on November 2.

“Scott Walker has earned the NRA-PVF endorsement for his unwavering pro-gun record throughout his political career,” said Chris W. Cox, chairman of NRA-PVF. “His commitment to preserving our Second Amendment rights and hunting heritage makes Scott Walker the clear choice for Wisconsin gun owners.”

Walker strongly supports the right-to-carry in Wisconsin and has vowed to sign a “shall issue” bill into law. He supported an amendment to the Wisconsin state constitution that would guarantee the individual right to keep and bear arms and efforts to ensure uniformity in state gun laws and prevent a patchwork of confusing local ordinances and regulations across the state. Walker also voted for a state constitutional amendment to protect the right to hunt and fish. Because of his consistent support for individual gun ownership rights, Scott Walker has earned an “A” rating from the NRA-PVF.

In contrast, Walker’s opponent, Tom Barrett, has earned an “F” rating from the NRA-PVF for his long history of anti-gun activism and his lengthy anti-gun record as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives. Barrett has worked closely with anti-gun New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg as a member of the anti-gun front group “Mayors Against Illegal Guns.” He opposes right-to-carry in Wisconsin and supports gun bans and state gun registration. Barrett also supports legislation that would regulate gun shows out of business.

“Voters in Wisconsin value their freedom, and they can count on Scott Walker to fight for them,” Cox continued. “His strong dedication to freedom means that gun owners can count on Scott Walker to continue to support their right to hunt and to keep and bear arms. We urge all Wisconsin gun owners and sportsmen to vote Scott Walker for Governor on November 2."

Chris W. Cox is NRA's chief lobbyist. He also serves as chairman of NRA-PVF. The National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund is responsible for political candidate rankings. These are based on candidate voting records, public statements and responses to NRA-PVF questionnaires.

Scott Walker Ad: "Day One"

New York Senate Polls Show Pro-Life DioGuardi Catching Pro-Abortion Gillibrand

by Steven Ertelt Editor
September 23, 2010

Albany, NY ( -- New polls in New York in the race for Hillary Clinton's old Senate seat finds pro-life former congressman Joe DioGuardi catching up to pro-abortion candidate incumbent Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand. The race has not been in the limelight the way other close Senate races have been but the new polls may change that. [
read more]

Minnesota Pro-Life Group Endorses Tim Tinglestad for State Supreme Court

by Steven Ertelt Editor
September 23, 2010

St. Paul, MN ( -- Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life, a statewide pro-life organization opposing abortion has endorsed candidate Tim Tinglestad for the Minnesota Supreme Court. The election for the seat is important given the state high court's decision to stick taxpayers with the bill for abortions for poor women. [read more]

Carly Fiorina Ad: Sir


Wisconsin Senate Race Heats up

Founding Fathers Quote

If it be asked what is to restrain the House of Representatives from making legal discriminations in favor of themselves and a particular class of the society? I answer, the genius of the whole system, the nature of just and constitutional laws, and above all the vigilant and manly spirit which actuates the people of America, a spirit which nourishes freedom, and in return is nourished by it.

James Madison

Pence and House Republicans Offer "A Pledge to America"

Washington, DC - U.S. Congressman Mike Pence, Chairman of the House Republican Conference, issued the following statement today as House Republicans presented a new governing agenda called A Pledge to America:

“House Republicans have been listening to the American people. At town halls, small business roundtables, online, and at venues all across the country, Republicans have heard that the American people want our government to get the economy moving again, while reining in spending and rolling back the failed economic policies of this administration. A Pledge to America lays out the agenda that the American people want Congress to enact now. The American people have been saying, ‘We can do better.’ House Republicans agree and are calling on the Democrat leaders of Congress to bring this agenda to the House floor and let the voice of the American people be heard.”

Background: “A Pledge to America” was built upon the priorities of the American people. This document is the result of months of engagement with the public through the America Speaking Out project. The agenda offers concrete solutions that can be implemented immediately to tackle the issues that are most important to the nation, including job creation, spending restraint, national security, health care, values and reform to Congress itself. It can be downloaded in PDF format at

Pence Discusses "A Pledge To America" On Fox and Friends

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ron Johnson Up By Six

According to a CNN poll released today, Ron is leading Senator Feingold by a 51-45 margin.

New GOP "Pledge to America" Calls for Tax-Funded Abortion Ban, HCR Repeal

by Steven Ertelt Editor
September 21, 2010

Washington, DC ( -- House Republican leaders plan to officially released the 21-page "Pledge to America" on Thursday morning, but advance copies of the yet-to-be-approved document show it includes a call for a ban on all taxpayer funding of abortions and an aggressive strike against the ObamaCare law. [
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Paul Ryan Disagrees With "Truce" Between Pro-Life, Fiscal Issues in GOP

by Steven Ertelt Editor
September 22, 2010

Washington, DC ( -- Congressman Paul Ryan, a respected Republican leader on the health care debate, had pro-life advocates recalling the words of governors Mitch Daniels and Hailey Barbour in recent comments -- but he said today he doesn't agree with a so-called "truce" between social and fiscal issues within the GOP. [
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Blogger Round Up

I decided to bring back my Blogger Roundup again, which was extremely popular in the past. There are simply too many good blog posts for me to get to the all so I will highlight a few must-reads around once a week. These are the bloggers I read daily and respect:

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Local Listening Sessions In Manitowoc County

I recently attended a evening listening session in Manitowoc County where some local politicians gathered to speak with and listen to local citizens. This was done to give more citizens access to their politicians. The Republican meetings are normally held during the day when a lot of people are working and are unable to attend. They are considering holding these sessions on a more regular basis. If you are interested in attending a future session you can contact Manitowoc County Board of Supervisors Chairperson Paul Tittl, State Senator Joe Leibham, or Representative Bob Ziegelbauer.

There was a small group of concerned citizens and small business owners who had attended to express their concerns and ask questions of those representing them. Considering the population of our area the turn out, in my opinion, was disappointing. We had an opportunity to speak directly to people like State Senator Joe Leibham, Representative Bob Ziegelbauer, Representative Mark Gottlieb, and Manitowoc County Board of Supervisors Paul Tittl and David Korinek.
When speaking about the current condition of our state and how the upcoming elections could bring about much needed change Rep. Zieglebauer reminded us that we "aren't going to solve everything in one election... We will win this inch by inch and by never stopping."

We were encourage to become involved and hold our representatives accountable by Rep. Mark Gottlieb who stated "You have to work to elect the candidates you want... Once you elect them you have to hold them accountable." Rep. Gottlieb informed the group that we need to support good, conservative candidates like Andre Jacque running for State Assembly in the 2nd District.

When asked if they seen Wisconsin leading in the movement back to states' rights and in what ways State Senator Leibham acknowledged that we have work to do to turn our state in a new direction. In an attempt to lead this turn to state sovereignty he has brought forward a legislative resolution to reaffirm that sovereignty. Unfortunately, the State Senate has refused to even hear it under the control of the Democrats. State Senator Leibham will be re-authoring the bill in January and will attempt to get a hearing on it.

I have asked for a copy of this resolution so that our Wisconsin readers can read it and contact their state senators and demand that they support it. This is a very important step in the direction back to states' rights in Wisconsin. We need to let our leaders know this is the direction we want them to go and hold them to it. As State Senator Leibham commented "I love casting a vote and being accountable."

The bottom line is that Wisconsin needs to be a friendly place to live and to do business and as Rep. Ziegelbauer stated "A path to prosperous community is freedom." "We need this interest to grow and not to melt away on November 3rd... it takes persistence and patience." Our state needs to be free to determine its own destiny. This will only happen by electing the right people to office and holding them accountable.

Is Your Public School A Place For Children?

I want to know how it is that there are school districts that are getting away with placing your child in danger, indoctrinating them with destructive, liberal agendas, and using them as cash cows. This morning I have a particular issue in mind; busing. I don't know how it is in your school district, but the one we currently live in does not bus children who live within 2 miles of their school.

That may not be as big of an issue for a high school student, but what about a first grader? Here in kindergarten it is required that a parent be present at the bus stop so how is it that over the period of one summer this school district feels your first grader is suddenly old enough to walk 2 miles to and from school every day?

Now, I understand there was a day and time when children walked many miles to school every day; we don't live in that time and day anymore. We live in a day and time where adult women are kidnapped and murdered in broad daylight; so how is it there are people who work with children who feel they are equipped to protect themselves? Keep in mind these, in many cases, are people who believe it is alright to murder your own child and call it abortion.

We are in a situation where we have 3 children in two different schools and 3 children at home. I am unable to drive my children due to my job schedule. I drive the only vehicle to work and my husband, due to health reasons, is unable to walk them. The school recommended that we have the kids walk by themselves and many local children do. Since there are registered sex offenders who live in the area we would never consider letting them walk by themselves.

There are school districts who bus children even if they live across the street from their school so they will not have to be put in danger by crossing a street. We have stood up to our school district and have been told we are paranoid and that the good of the collective takes precedence over the individual. Really?

This is a school district that stated on their website that a bus pass could be purchased for students who live in that 2 mile radius and we asked to purchase one for our children and was originally denied that right because the bus company did not want to make an extra stop. We of course fought it tooth-and-nail, but this is the last year they will give in so I guess it is time to consider moving. If that is what it takes to keep my children safe that is what we must do.

Why aren't more parents questioning and demanding these things change? Is it because they have been indoctrinated to accept liberalism in school? Conservatives would not teach these liberal agendas to their children so why is it they accept a public school system to do it? We question and contact our childrens' schools on a regular basis and they are very obviously not used to it. I ask that conservative parents get more involved in one of the most important parts of their child's life; their education. The public school system will not change until they do.

Catholic League News Release

September 21, 2010


On September 15, President Barack Obama addressed the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute's 33rd Annual Awards. In his remarks, he made reference to the Declaration of Independence. He said, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, endowed with certain inalienable rights: life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on the president's words:

There are several errors here, though only one that really matters. On a small scale, Jefferson chose "unalienable" instead of "inalienable," and following the word "rights" there is no colon: instead it should read, "that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness." What really matters, however, is the omission of any reference to God: after "equal" it should read, "that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights…."

Some are blaming the president for this error, but it is his speech writers, and those who vetted his address, who are to blame. The prepared remarks, as released by the White House, omit the word "Creator." Since this got by so many in the White House, it makes us wonder whether only incompetence was at work. While Obama may be given a pass, it is striking nonetheless that this omission got by a former constitutional law professor.

There are four references to God in the Declaration. God is the author of the "laws of nature and nature's God"; he is the "Creator" who "endowed" us with "unalienable rights"; he is "the Supreme Judge of the world"; and he provides "the protection of Divine Providence." As a former professor of political science, I made sure my students understood this, but evidently none of those who write or vet the president's speeches learned this in college. They should pay more attention, especially given the suspicion that Obama likes his religion lite.

Jeff Field
Director of Communications
The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights
450 Seventh Avenue
New York, NY 10123
212-371-3394 (fax)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ron Johnson Now Leads By 11

According to the latest Public Policy Polling for Daily Kos Ron Johnson has expanded his lead to an amazing 52 to 41. I wouldn't want to be anywhere near Russ Feingold today. No doubt he is not liking the trends in all the recent polling.

That is what happens when you ignore the will of your constituents for years on end. I think a good way to celebrate would be to go to Johnson's website and donate.

John Raese Now Ahead By 3 In West Virginia, As Expected

Encouraging news, Public Policy Polling now has John Raese ahead by 3, which is in the margin of error. Early on it was obvious West Virginia would be a possible pick up for Republicans. They have never liked Obama and his radical agenda did nothing to improve that. However, I don't want to understate how helpful it has been that John Raese is the candidate. A solid Conservative that immediately put out his plan for bringing jobs back to West Virginia. Here is his plan and if you like it, please consider a donation.

The Raese Plan for Job Growth

The core of the Raese for Senate campaign is completely focused on the single fact that our government must immediately be disciplined so that it works for us – the citizens – not the other way around. Any government, which ceases to reflect the will of its citizens, must be challenged and then replaced.

We are determined to carry this truth into the 2010 U.S. Senate race in West Virginia. We are happy warriors and steadfast advocates for bringing fiscal sanity to Washington, D.C. and creating an environment that will foster an explosion of well-paying private sector jobs across our state and nation. This is necessary if we are ever to escape the ravages of the current severe recession:

Unshackle our businesses, small and large, by eliminating unnecessary regulation and taxes while streamlining those that will remain. West Virginia businesses will respond by increasing their production, services, and hiring. Misguided “stimulus” packages create debt obligations that misdirect resources and create debt obligations that will only hinder confidence and burden following generations.

Attack big government spending, by holding up to public scrutiny those federal government projects which are merely political favors and pork barrel projects which exist solely to re-elect incumbent members of Congress. We must eliminate all unnecessary government spending if we are serious in reducing the average American’s tax burden and creating opportunities – not debt burdens for the next generation of Americans. (And isn’t it about time?)

Protect and stimulate American competitiveness, both here at home and around the world. But we won’t get there by propping up businesses with huge bailouts. Rather, a renewed competitive spirit must be fostered through creating a dynamic business environment. Our government must begin acting in a fair and predictable way toward our job creators. Such an environment will give our businesses the opportunity to compete and win in the global marketplace or on Main Street, U.S.A.

THIS IS AMERICA! We invented creativity and drive in the 20th Century marketplace, and we can do so again. To do so, we must have the political change necessary to create the environment where private sector jobs are created to overcome Obama’s continual recession. Your participation is essential – no matter where you are, what you do, or whether you have ever before been involved in a political campaign.

2010 is the year when you have the chance to make a huge difference in the future of West Virginia.

Join us by electing John Raese to the U.S. Senate on August 28th (Primary special election with early voting from Friday, August 20 to Wednesday, August 25) and November 2nd (General special election). Let’s send John to Washington where he can fight every day for a better economic future for all West Virginians!

He will do it.

Founding Fathers Quote

A nation of well informed men who have been taught to know and prize the rights which God has given them cannot be enslaved. It is in the region of ignorance that tyranny begins.

Benjamin Franklin

Guard the Change

Scott Walker's Plan For Restoring Wisconsin

I have been complaining that I want plans from Scott Walker. No more, I am extremely pleased with what Walker has announced. He will immediately call a special session and start working on our state and bringing jobs back. Here is the details.

Walker: “My First Act As Governor Will be to Call an Emergency Special Session on Job Creation”

Monday, September 20, 2010

Contact: Jill Bader (414) 453-2010

Announces Tax Cuts for Small Business to Spur Job Growth

Download Scott's Plan

Wauwatosa – Scott Walker, Milwaukee County Executive and Republican nominee for governor, today at EDL Packaging in Green Bay announced that on his first day in office he will declare an economic emergency and call the state legislature into a special session focused entirely on helping small businesses create jobs. 

The emergency jobs plan will the foundation for Walker's plan to bring 250,000 new jobs to Wisconsin. 

"People are scared about the economy," said Walker, "and they're angry at the inaction from state government. Our plan will make jobs the priority on day one - literally."

"I'll call the legislature in for a special session and not let them out until they pass a plan to help small businesses create jobs," said Walker, "this plan will kick start our efforts to create 250,000 new jobs in Wisconsin."

The declaration of an economic emergency and the calling of a special session on jobs will be Walker's first action as Governor.

Emergency Jobs Plan

Putting Wisconsin Back to Work

“People create jobs, not the government. However, government can kill jobs, and has been for the last eight years. My first official act as governor will be to declare an economic emergency and call a special session of the legislature to immediately make the necessary changes to help the private sector create jobs. This can’t wait for the state budget, Wisconsinites need help now.”
-- Scott Walker

Without question, the top concern for families across Wisconsin is the economy. As I travel our state, people tell me they’re scared. They’re scared about losing their jobs, about paying their bills and about caring for their families.

People are frustrated and uncertain about the future – with good reason. Wisconsin has lost more than 150,000 jobs since 2008. With reports showing August one of the worst months of the year for job growth, it’s clear the problem isn’t getting better either.

Yet, too many politicians seem intent on offering only more of the same big-spending and big-taxing plans that increase bureaucratic red-tape and make it even harder to create jobs. Worse, some politicians have spent their career telling us one thing during an election and doing something completely different when they get in office. These politicians have lost the trust of their constituents by paying nothing but lip service to creating jobs.


My first official act as governor, within minutes of taking the oath of office, will be to implement my comprehensive Emergency Jobs Plan.

Emergency Jobs Plan Summary

1. Immediately declare an economic emergency and call a special session of the legislature to begin on inauguration day and not end until the legislature passes measures including, but not limited to:
a. Cutting taxes on small businesses;
b. Curbing Frivolous lawsuits that drive costs up;
c. Eliminating the state tax on Health Savings Accounts; and
d. Reforming the Department of Commerce into a true Economic Development Agency.
2. Immediately convene Waste, Fraud and Abuse Commission to trim wasteful spending.
Emergency Special Session on Jobs

Fixing the Doyle Disaster can’t wait, not even one day. That’s why my first official act as governor, minutes after taking the oath of office, will be to declare an economic emergency and call a special session of the legislature on jobs.

I will call on the legislature to meet on Day One and work until the job is done. I will ask to send to my desk legislation lowering taxes on job creators, curbing frivolous lawsuits that drive-up costs, eliminate the tax on health care coverage and cutting bureaucratic red tape that kills job growth.

Wisconsinites need jobs and there simply is no time to waste.

Cut Taxes on Small Businesses

Small businesses form the backbone of our economy. Some reports estimate that as much as 80% of job growth in our nation is from small businesses alone.

In Wisconsin, small business owners often file their business taxes as individuals. This means that a husband and wife who own a convenience store often pay the same tax rate as the CEO of a Fortune 500 company.

I think that’s wrong. That’s why, as part of the emergency special session, I will ask the legislature to pass an immediate tax cut for small businesses employing 50 or fewer workers.
I will call for a tax cut of as much as 20% off the small businesses that provide most of the jobs in Wisconsin. That’s money that can be used to hire more workers at small businesses here in Wisconsin.

End Frivolous Lawsuits that Drive Up Costs

Wisconsin faces a crisis when it comes to health care costs for families and employers. One of the key reasons is frivolous lawsuits that drive up costs.
Frivolous lawsuits force doctors to practice defensive medicine by ordering expensive and unnecessary tests instead of focusing on what’s best for patients. They cause malpractice insurance rates to skyrocket, costs which get passed onto patients.
By passing true lawsuit reform, we can ensure that patients are protected while making health care affordable for families and employers.

Eliminate the Tax on Health Care Coverage

Many small businesses want to provide health insurance for their employees but can’t afford it. In other states, tax-exempt Health Savings Accounts offer an affordable alternative for small businesses and family farmers, but Wisconsin is being left behind because we continue to tax these accounts, eliminating nearly all of the benefit for small employers to use them.
As part of the emergency special session, I will call on the legislature to eliminate the tax on Health Savings Accounts, taking effect immediately.

Create a True Economic Development Agency

During the last eight years, Wisconsin’s Department of Commerce has become a bureaucratic mess more focused on increasing red tape than on creating a state where employers will create jobs.

Working with the legislature and through executive order, I will replace DOC with a true economic development agency.

Instead of a traditional cabinet secretary, I will hire an experienced economic development professional as Executive Director. All regulatory functions will be transferred to other agencies. Existing economic development functions of state agencies, like the Department of Workforce Development, and state affiliated entities, like the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority, will be consolidated within the new agency.

The new consolidated agency, focused entirely on the promotion of commerce, can immediately become a rapid-response agency to shepherd job creators through state government, expedite backlogged permit applications and help them put Wisconsin citizens back to work.

Waste, Fraud and Abuse Commission

Wisconsin’s state budget now spends more than $62 billion, a 33% increase since Gov. Doyle took office. Put simply, government has grown beyond the ability of the taxpayers to pay for it.
When I was first elected County executive, I promised to spend tax money as if it were my own. It’s time the state did the same.

In August, I announced I would create a Waste, Fraud and Abuse Commission to examine state government from top-to-bottom to find wasteful spending to trim.

As part of my Emergency Jobs Plan, I will issue an executive order on my first day in office, creating this commission, directing it to meet within one week, and giving it the authority to access the books of all state agencies and go through them line-by-line.
I will appoint a tough, private-sector chairman who will bring common sense to government spending and ensure that taxpayer money is being spent efficiently and effectively.
I will instruct the Commission to report by the end of January so I can immediately begin saving money to lower taxes and balance the budget.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Endorsement For State Senator Joe Leibham

I am proud to announce my endorsement for State Senator Joe Leibham. I have volunteered for him in the past and had several dealings with him. He is a dedicated public servant and a much needed conservative presence in the State Senate. Here is where Leibham stands on the issues.
Job Creation and Economic Development

Senator Leibham has worked to enact a wide range of policies that would
advance policies that will develop our economy and create jobs. Senator Leibham
was a leading sponsor of the Job Creation Act of 2003.

Wisconsins Tax Burden

Senator Leibham has worked to enact tax
cuts that will spur our economy and remove Wisconsin from the list of
highest-taxed states in America. Many of the initiatives that Senator Leibham
has specifically authored have become law, including the elimination of the
state tax on Social Security benefits, tax deductibility of health insurance
premiums and a permanent one-cent gas tax reduction. Senator Leibham is a
consistent voice in the State Senate on overall fiscal responsibility and
spending restraint, advocating for policies that would root out waste, fraud and
bureaucratic excess in state government.

Protecting our Rights
and Freedoms

Guided by a firm belief that each legally-cast
vote deserves to be counted once, Senator Leibham has become a leader in the
effort to restore integrity to our state elections process, authoring the most
comprehensive state election reform package in a generation and pushing for a
photo ID requirement at the polls.

Senator Leibham has also worked to
protect private property rights and the right for law-abiding citizens to
protect themselves.

Showing Appreciation to our

Senator Leibham believes it is our responsibility to
show our appreciation for the servicemen and women who have put their lives on
the line for our country. As a result, Senator Leibham has authored a number of
bills to enhance the current veterans benefits available to those who have
bravely served our nation in the Armed Forces, such as enhancing the veterans
property tax credit and the Wisconsin G.I. Bill.

In addition, Senator
Leibham has provided a strong legislative voice for area sportsmen and women and
people with disabilities.

Recently, Senator Leibham was recognized by
Milwaukee Magazine as the hardest working legislator.

Out of respect for
his constituents who are going through struggling economic times, Senator
Leibham is currently returning the salary increase provided to all state

While Senator Leibham respects and understands the need for
an efficient government, he is guided by the firmly-rooted principles of
liberty, individual responsibility, hard work and self-determination. He
strongly believes that individual free people are best able to determine their
own future success, happiness and prosperity.

Time To Fight The Dream Act

The Democrats are at it again. They will never give up on amnesty; they are trying to push the Dream Act. The vote is tomorrow. Please call your senators and immediately let them know that you will not stand for this. Remember, several of these senators are seeing their poll numbers drop so while they may not have been responsive in the past there may be an opening now; if enough pressure is brought to bear.

Remember, also, to contact your senator if they are Republican. The Democrats have tucked this nasty little act into a defense authorization bill hoping to force the Republicans to vote for it. Please take the time to call; the Republic is literally at stake.

Endorsement For Bob Ziegelbauer

I am proud to announce my endorsement for Bob Ziegelbauer who is running for re-election to the 25th Assembly District. Since I have lived in Wisconsin Ziegelbauer has been my representative. He immediately impressed me with his constituent services. His response to phone calls and emails is unbelievably swift. He surely sets the standard when it comes to responding to concerns or legislation.

The most impressive thing, though, is that Ziegelbauer was willing to lose his chairmanship rather than surrender his principles. This is truly a rare thing in life, let alone in politics. If you want a principled politician then Ziegelbauer is your man. During his career Ziegelbauer has consistently been on the side of the taxpayer; fighting against outrageous spending, fees, and taxes.

Due to local politics Ziegelbauer has run as a Democrat, however he is without a doubt a Conservative. Well, he has finally rid himself of that party and is running as an independent. So, when you are voting for Scott Walker and Ron Johnson this November, if you live in the 25th Assembly District, remember to vote for Independent Bob Ziegelbauer.

Founding Fathers Quote

Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blind-folded fear.

Thomas Jefferson

Scott Walker on "Fox and Friends"

When Law Enforcement Becomes As Bad As The Criminals

Wisconsin's state constitution allows for law abiding citizens to open-carry, however some law enforcement seem to relish harassing those who practice this constitutional right. Here is the latest incident; this one happened in Madison. Besides the obvious constitutional issues, think of the manpower that was wasted going after law abiding citizens.

I really hope law enforcement through out the Republic re-evaluates their role. They are not thugs to descend upon law abiding citizens to push a political agenda. Luckily for us most law enforcement are constitutional-loving patriots who follow the law.

Update from the House Republican Study Committee (RSC)

RSC Update: Monday, September 20, 2010

From the Chairman
18 of the 31 leading economists recently surveyed by CNN say the best thing Congress can do to help the economy is to save taxpayers at every income level from the impending 2011 tax hike. Only 3 support the Obama-Pelosi plan for a $700 billion tax increase on our most successful small businesses. And no wonder.

The Obama-Pelosi tax hike is a job-killer according to The Heritage Foundation, which ran the numbers through an economic model used by government agencies and Fortune 500 companies. Over the next decade, this tax increase would reduce employment by an average of 693,000 jobs per year. It would reduce U.S. GDP by $1.1 trillion during the same period.

Rank-and-file Democrats are starting to run away from this tax hike plan in droves. If Speaker Pelosi allows the House to take an up-or-down vote, a bipartisan majority will vote to prevent this job-killing tax increase from occurring. Of course, that is only if the vote takes place before Election Day.

There is no telling what retiring or defeated Members might do after November 2, and far too many Democrats have voiced plans to pass things like tax hikes, card check, and bloated spending packages in a Lame Duck session. That is why last week I once again offered legislation pledging that the House not meet for a Lame Duck session except in the case of an unforeseen, sudden emergency. A vote on this resolution will likely occur this week.

Thanks so much for your support!

Congressman Tom Price
Chairman, Republican Study Committee

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· Rep. Joe Wilson (SC-02): Democrats Might Use Lame-Duck Period to Force Job Killer; The Hill, September 14.

· Rep. Spencer Bachus (AL-06): The Administration’s “Bailout Authority”: Assume We Have a Can-Opener?; CNBC, September 15.

· Reps. Joe Barton (TX-06), Marsha Blackburn (TN-07), and Michael Burgess (TX-26): Repealing the Ban on the Common Light Bulb;, September 16.

· Rep. Eric Cantor (VA-07): Restoring Madison’s Vision; National Review, September 17.

Outlook – Here is a preview of upcoming Democrat proposals to advance their liberal agenda.
· The House is scheduled to vote this week on H.R. 5297, a $30 billion mini-TARP that economists generally say won’t do much to help small businesses create jobs.

House Floor Activity – The following key legislation came through the House of Representatives last week.
· Last week, House Democrats passed H.R. 4785, which creates two duplicative federal energy efficiency programs at a cost of $5 billion.

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· Each week, the RSC Budget and Spending Taskforce compiles a weekly report on the latest budget and spending news. Additionally, the RSC Money Monitor tracks how bills passed by the House affect authorizations, mandatory spending, and federal government revenue.


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Pence On Fox News

I Want Your Money Trailer

h/t: The Badger Catholic

Reality Check Time For Professional Athletes

Perhaps professional athletes need a reminder of who pays their paycheck; it isn't their rich owners, it is their fans. No owner is going to spend a dime on anything if the fans are not showing up, filling the seats, and buying merchandise.

I was disgusted at the display on Sunday night football. Somehow a helmet ended up, from the player's hands, into the stands. Not bad enough that a fan could have been injured, but the situation was made worse when security descended on the fan and ripped the helmet from his hands.

This is just the latest in a long line of incidents where fans are mistreated by professional athletes and organizations. At the very least the fan should receive an autographed helmet and an apology. These organizations need to quit taking for granted their fans. We don't have to show up or buy their merchandise.

Scott Walker To Appear On Fox And Friends

Scott Walker will be on Fox and Friends today Sept. 20, 2010. Please tune in and support Walker who is the only candidate running that will reduce the size of state government and bring jobs back to Wisconsin.

Debate Schedule Announced For Ron Johnson And Russ Feingold

I am looking forward to these debates with great anticipation. When I first met Russ Feingold it was immediately apparent he is a smooth politician. He Could convince most people the Earth was flat. I believe those attributes will work against him this time. People know for themselves how bad the economy is and no matter how friendly Feingold is my experience with his staff, and from what I have heard from others, they could not be more unprofessional and demeaning. He has ignored the wishes of Wisconsinites for years. Now lets hope his role in the Senate is coming to an end.

Ron Johsnon is an everyday man who has worked hard and reaped the benefits. Dealing with the health issues of our new born son has made Johnson's personal story of his daughter's health issues all that more impactful. It makes perfect sense that after going through that a parent would put themselves through the torment of running for public office in order to safeguard our freedoms; including the right to run our own healthcare.

Johnson Announces General Election Debate

Posted September 15,

[Oshkosh, WI] Today, Oshkosh
manufacturer and Republican nominee for U.S. Senate Ron Johnson announced his
schedule to participate in debates with Senator Russ Feingold. In addition to
debating Senator Feingold, Johnson will continue to travel around the state of
Wisconsin to listen to and speak directly with the voters of Wisconsin.

“I look forward to debating Senator Feingold and allowing voters the
chance to contrast his record of a career politician next to my own record as a
job creator,” Ron Johnson said. “In a time of deep economic turbulence for
Wisconsin and the nation, I look forward to discussing with Senator Feingold his
partisan record of spending, debt creation and failed economic policies. These
debates will show voters that there is a clear choice between the politics as
usual offered by Senator Feingold and the common sense approach and fiscal
responsibility my background would bring to the U.S. Senate.”

Johnson has committed to the following debates:

Friday, October

8 p.m. – 9 p.m. in Milwaukee
Wisconsin Broadcasters Association (WBA)

Monday, October

7 p.m. – 8 p.m. in Wausau
Hosts: Wisconsin Institute for Public Policy and Service, Wisconsin
Public Radio (WPR), the Wausau Daily Herald, WAOW ABC-TV Wausau, and WSAW CBS-TV

Friday, October 22

6:30 p.m. – 8 p.m. in
Hosts: WISN-TV, Marquette University Law School,
Wispolitics, Channels 10/36, and network affiliates WKOW, WAOW, WXOW, and