Friday, October 01, 2010

Way Up North: Going Galt?

Way Up North: Going Galt?

If you're like most of the readers of this and other conservative blogs, you're painfully aware of the ongoing fight for the soul of this country.

The stirrings of the latest conservative revolution began in 2008 - too late to have any impact on the national elections - and exploded onto the national awareness in 2009. The Tea Parties and town hall meetings, where average citizens finally got fed up and decided they'd had enough, made it very clear that the political winds were changing ... not that the elitist politicians paid any attention, but that's another story. [read more]

A must read too much is at stake to back down now.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ron Johnson Extends His Lead To 12

The latest Rasmussen poll shows Ron Johnson's lead has expanded to 12 points over Russ Feingold. An astonishing lead. Back when the experts were telling us Feingold could not be beaten I knew they were wrong, however I never thought that he might be blown out in a double digit loss. Let's hope these polls end up being accurate come election day.

Pence: 2010 Ends with Massive Deficit, 2011 Begins with No Budget

“The American people want leaders who are more concerned about creating new jobs than they are about campaigning to save their own jobs.”

Washington, DC - U.S. Congressman Mike Pence, Chairman of the House Republican Conference, released the following statement today, the final day of the federal government’s 2010 fiscal year:

“Washington’s spending is out of control. This year’s
deficit will exceed $1.3 trillion and Democrats didn’t even propose a budget
plan for the fiscal year that begins at midnight.

“American families and
small business owners are sacrificing and making hard choices to make ends meet
during the worst economy in my lifetime. But when they look to Washington, they
see a government that spent almost $6 trillion in the first 20 months of the
Obama presidency, that has no budget plan for the next 12 months, and that is
poised to impose a massive, job-killing tax increase on the American people in
less than 100 days.

“The American people have said, ‘Enough is enough.’
They want a sensible federal budget, an immediate end to tax increases for
families and job creators, and leaders who are more concerned about creating new
jobs than they are about campaigning to save their own jobs.”

Ron Johnson TV Ad: "57"

Pence Supports Boehner Call to End Earmarking As We Know It

“It’s past time for Congress to make the hard choices that are necessary to break Washington’s spending addiction.”

Washington, DC - U.S. Congressman Mike Pence, Chairman of the House Republican Conference, released the following statement after House Republican Leader John Boehner said, in a speech today at the American Enterprise Institute, that it is time to “end earmarking as we know it and bring fundamental change to the way in which Washington spends taxpayers’ money:”

“Earmarks have become emblematic of everything that is wrong
with spending in Washington D.C., and I am proud to stand with Leader Boehner in
calling for an end to earmarking as we know it.

“House Republicans made
a strong statement when we agreed to a one-year moratorium on all earmarks. As
we go forward, closing the ‘favor factory’ is just one of the steps that
Republicans will take to reform how Congress spends tax dollars. It’s past time
for Congress to make the hard choices that are necessary to break Washington’s
spending addiction, and ending earmarks as we know them is a step in the right

Rebecca Kleefisch's Miracle

Rebecca Kleefisch, who is running for Lt. Governor and is a solid Conservative, has been dealing with a health crisis privately. Well, today there is good news; she has been cured and is doing well. God is great. Cancer is a scourge that I believe most families have had to suffer, but miracles do happen. I have a friend whose family just received horrible news involving cancer. I hope this will uplift them. This is the email that Kleefisch sent out today.

Dear Friends,

About two and a half weeks before I became Scott Walker’s
running mate, my life changed. No doubt my life changed the night of the
primary, too, but what happened before is something I want to share with you.

Statewide campaigns are a rigorous business. I had traveled Wisconsin
time and time again getting to know you. I was eating on the run, drinking a lot
of coffee, and keeping a demanding schedule. My excuse for exercise was 8
consecutive Independence Day parades!

That’s why, when I started having
stomach cramps and feeling tired, I blamed it on my schedule. I went to my
doctor a couple of times and he agreed that I probably needed a lifestyle
adjustment after the election.

A few weeks before the primary, I told my
doctor that I was sick. Not just campaign-sick. Really sick. He ordered some
blood tests and called me with the results. He wanted to know how I was feeling.

“Fine,” I told him.

The test results were not as fine. He said
that I was bleeding somewhere, that I might have an ulcer and that I needed an
endoscopy right away, and probably a blood transfusion. I hung up the phone and
got back behind the camera to shoot my “Mom with a Minivan” ad.

I didn’t
want a blood transfusion.

The next day, I had an endoscopy that revealed
no ulcer, but instead of being excited, my doctor told me I needed a colonoscopy
the next morning.

It was August 26th. Two and a half weeks before the
primary I woke up from my colonoscopy to my doctor telling me, “Becky… you have
colon cancer, but, 9 years ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer, and
I’m here to tell you about it.”

He was like an angel, giving me the bad
along with hope. He refused to guess what stage the cancer was.

years earlier, my dad died of pancreatic cancer, and I was so thankful the
doctor hadn’t said “pancreatic cancer.” Regardless of the stage, I knew I could
beat colon cancer. I went straight to get a CT scan and transfusion.

That weekend I researched my disease and the treatments available. I
found the best colorectal cancer surgeon around: Dr. Kirk Ludwig. He was
internationally renowned and taught others how to remove colon cancer
laparoscopically. He was at Froedert Hospital and the Medical College of
Wisconsin…amazingly, just 30 minutes away.

I saw him Monday morning. My
tumor was the size of a grapefruit, he said. When I asked whether he would still
be able to take it out laparoscopically, he said it wouldn’t be a problem.

“And in ten years…?” I said.

“In ten years, you’ll look back on
this and say, ‘Oh, that wasn’t so fun.’ And that’s it.”

The next day
when I went for genetic testing I started bleeding and was admitted Wednesday.
Thursday morning, around the same time I got my diagnosis the previous week, the
cancer was gone.

Dr. Ludwig sent my tumor to pathologists to determine
the stage of the disease. After I had been home for a day, he called with the
results: despite the fact that the tumor had broken through my colon wall and
was creeping up my side, despite the fact that it looked like it had compromised
lymph nodes, all the nodes tested negative. I had survived Stage 2 cancer. It
was like a miracle.

Last week, the genetic test results finally came.
“No mutation detected” they said. I will not pass this on to my daughters.
Another miracle.

I’m telling you because perhaps you’ve been touched by
cancer. If you have, you know that the stories of hope, of beating it, are the
ones you hold on to. Just like my doctor awakened me with a story of hope, I
hope you will share my story with someone who needs it.

My story also
illustrates how dire my future might have been if we had socialized medicine.
What if the government had told me I had to wait in a 6 month line to get a CT
scan? Or that I couldn’t have Dr. Ludwig perform the surgery? That’s
unacceptable to me and my family.

So please hug your family tonight and
be thankful for your blessings. I have a renewed gratefulness for each day. And
please join me in fighting for healthcare reform that keeps us in charge of our
choices. After a hard-fought primary and cancer, Tom Barrett doesn’t seem very

Rebecca Kleefisch

P.S. – Last night, my
husband Joel and I shared our story on WISN12 News in Milwaukee (the news
station we both used to work for). You can watch the video
Paid for by
Friends of Scott Walker, John Hiller, Treasurer

Andre Jacque's Opponent Running Scared

Andre Jacque who is running for the 2nd Assembly District would like to allow the voters to hear where the candidates stand. Apparently his opponent, Democrat Rep. Ted Zigmunt, is unwilling to face the voters. Perhaps it is because his record is too far to the left for the 2nd Assembly District.

A Republic only works when the politicians realize that the voters are the boss. Rep. Zigmunt appears to have forgot that. Our state deserves better and the voters of the 2nd Assembly District deserve to be represented by someone who will actually make themselves available to the voters and defend their voting record. Click here for Andre Jacque's press release.

Congressman Pence Goes "On The Record"

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Is It November Yet?

I cannot wait for November to get here. I honestly believe we will pick up 80 plus seats in the House and 13 in the Senate. In my own state of Wisconsin all of the momentum is on the Republican side. I live in a very Democrat neighbor and every election season I am the only one with Republican signs out. Almost every other neighbor has their yards blanketed with Democrat signs. Not this year.

There is not a single Democrat sign in anyone's yard and two of my neighbors have Republican signs in their yard including my neighbor who I have written about a few times; he is the one that nailed the "No new taxes" sign to his tree and then put an Obama sign in his yard. Every year he supports the Democrat running. This year he has a Ron Johnson for Senate, a Scott Walker for Governor, and a Joe Leibham for State Senate sign in his yard; all Republican candidates. I couldn't help commenting, "Did hell freeze over and nobody told me?"

So despite the propaganda Obama's team staged in Madison the other day Wisconsin is going red and in a big way this year. The latest Fox News poll has Johnson leading Russ Feingold by 8. If you had asked me two years ago I would have never thought Feingold would be vulnerable, but things change quickly when people realize their Republic is being destroyed.

Democrats to Push Bill After Elections Allowing Abortions at Military Base Hospitals

by Steven Ertelt Editor
September 28, 2010

Washington, DC ( -- Democrats are expected to push a bill in the Senate after the elections that would authorize abortions at taxpayer-funded military base hospitals. The bill is one of a couple dozen measures they plan to seek votes on during the lame-duck session after an election that is expected to result in gains for pro-life advocates. [
read more]

Ohio Sees Pro-Life Candidates Kasich, Portman Leading for Governor, Senate

by Steven Ertelt Editor
September 29, 2010

Columbus, OH ( --
The two pro-life candidates in Ohio continue to lead their respective races for governor and the U.S. Senate. Republican John Kasich now holds an eight percent lead over Democratic incumbent Ted Strickland while pro-life GOP candidate Bob Portman leads his Senate race. [read more]

Pence: "Congress Should Not Adjourn Until it Stops Tax Hikes On All Americans"

“Democrats are poised to embrace one of the largest tax increases in history in one of the worst economies in my lifetime and it must not stand.”

Washington , DC - U.S. Congressman Mike Pence, Chairman of the House Republican Conference, gave the following remarks on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives today:

“Mr. Speaker I rise in opposition to the Rule, not just for what’s in it, but for what’s not in it. This rule will allow a vote on three separate pieces of legislation, none of which will allow the Republicans or Democrats in Congress who support extending all current tax relief to have an up or down vote before we adjourn. The truth is, what’s happening in Washington, D.C., this week is just unconscionable. Democrats are putting their politics over your prosperity.

“The economic policies of this administration have failed. Fifteen million Americans are unemployed, millions more have given up even looking for work, but now Speaker Pelosi and the Democrat majority want to impose one of the largest tax increases in our country’s history on job creators in less than 100 days. And they won’t even allow a vote on the floor to extend all tax relief.

“Mr. Speaker, raising taxes on job creators won’t create jobs, but Democrats are poised to embrace one of the largest tax increases in history in one of the worst economies in my lifetime and it must not stand. The American people deserve to know—Washington Democrats are putting saving their jobs ahead of saving yours.

“Mr. Speaker, higher taxes won’t get anybody hired. Congress must not vote to adjourn, we must not leave this chamber before we permit a fair and open, up or down vote to prevent higher taxes on any American in January of next year. House Republicans say, ‘no extension of all tax relief for every American, no adjournment.’”

Discruntled Packers Fan

You know, if Monday night wasn't embarrassing enough, the NFL network has decided to rebroadcast the game tonight. This is one game I would love to forget. Not only did our coaches and players disgrace themselves, they tarnished our legacy. We will never, ever get that game back.

I don't think the coaches and players will truly understand the torment I have had to go through the last couple of days. You see, I am married to a Bears fan who has managed to keep her mocking to a minimum. However, she has now influenced my oldest son, who said before the game he was going to root for the bears only this time.

I was firmly confident that once we trounced the Bears this foolish phase he was going through would never repeat itself. Then the team went on and played like they were a bunch of amateurs off the playground instead of the Packers. I have now had to endure two straight days of Bears talk from him. I think he may be permanently lost to the Darkside. I will never forgive the Packers for that.

On a serious note, Coach McCarthy had better figure out how to limit these penalties because they are costing us games and he should remember his job depends on winning.

Founding Fathers Quote

They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

Benjamin Franklin

The Only Job

Monday, September 27, 2010

Prayers Needed For Wisconsin

Many in our great state are being affected by flooding. I would ask that you keep them in your prayers. It is important that those of us who support a return to states' rights be there for those affected. Too many have become conditioned to run to the federal government. That won't change overnight, but we can slowly begin to make progress by making sure we are there for those in need.