Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Shutdown Costing Alaska Millions - UPDATED AND BUMPED

The shutdown of the trans-Alaska pipeline is more proof that we need to expand our energy development. Due to the federal government's ridiculous regulations and out-of-control land grabs little of our natural resources are open to development. Unless we get serious about developing our God given resources we will continue to suffer under outrageous energy costs while losing thousands of jobs and billions in potential revenue. The fed should not be able to steal the resources of any state. If Alaska was allowed to develop all of her resources she would not be so dependent on the trans-Alaska pipeline.


There are two updates; the first one is not good news. You can read about it here. The second is a huge victory for those of us who want to see the states, in this case Alaska, develop their natural resources. Obama's own panel sided against his moratorium.


Rev. Paul said...

While I debated whether to write anything about the shutdown, due to a leak, you got right in there.

Go for it.

DR said...

I have been getting Alaskan updates for about a year so I decided to start covering it more. Thanks to what you and I were talking about today.