Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Way Up North: It's My Turn

Way Up North: It's My Turn

to weigh in on the M1911A1 vs. whatever-else-ya-got debate.

Say Uncle links to an article claiming that 1911s are good business for gunsmiths. Perhaps.

It's a proven & well-tested platform. It has a 100-year-old record as an effective sidearm. Many have complained about the reliability (?), the problems ... oh, they have problems galore, to hear them tell it. Failure to feed, failure to eject, poorly-designed magazines (I don't get that one at all), and the litany goes on and on. [read more]


Rev. Paul said...

Thanks for the linky-love. :)

DR said...

No problem, I have had a love affair with 1911A's since I was a little kid and shot my grandfather's. Reliable and all that stopping power.