Thursday, February 17, 2011

Democrats Side With Unions Over Taxpayers - UPDATED

We have now learned that Democratic State Senators are refusing to come to the floor to vote on Gov. Walker's budget fix. The Assembly Democrats are wearing ridiculous orange shirts to show their solidarity with the unions. Mobs of angry union members have descended on the Capital Building.

I have received two emails from staff in the Capital building both reporting the same thing, that police have advised them to lock their doors. Large groups of protesters are screaming and baning loud drums inside the building. Other protesters are banging on the glass windows. One of the emailers has asked for prayers for the state. I can think of nothing more needed right now.

We are learning that national Democrats are involved. We have Obama's comment against Gov. Walker and I just heard on the radio that elements in Obama's former campaign apparatus are helping organize the protests. It seems a little convenient to me that a Democrat government official and unions helped by the media spread false rumors that the governor was going to sick the National Guard on them. Now the appear to be attempting to force the governor's hand. What happens if the police have to intervene and start making arrests?

We need to not only let our representatives know that we support the governor, but please consider a donation to the state Party; let's put our money where our mouths are. We all screamed for Gov. Walker and our new majorities in the state senate and assembly to govern as conservatives; their doing that now we have to be there for them. We are seeing real leadership out of Gov. Walker and the Fitzgerald brothers and we are seeing mob tactics from the Democrat Party. Keep that in mind in the spring election and in 2012.

Don't ever forget that school students are being denied an education right now by the unions and their Democrat supporters. I also heard that parents whose students attend private schools may not receive a hot lunch today if the public schools around them close. How many parents will be aware of this and how many students will go hungry?

Pray for the great state of Wisconsin the unions have shown who they are. Let's just be done with them and move to a right to work state. Their leadership is too out of touch with reality. Obama and his cronies in DC need to stay out of what is a purely state issue. Once again the feds are intruding and they have no business stirring up an already volatile situation.

If Gov. Walker gets his budget fix passed it will send shock waves through out the Republic and be an example to other states; that is why passions are so high. The left is seeing their strangle hold on the states challenged and are trying to dictate the outcome.

620 WTMJ just reported that Republican Sen. Alberta Darling has heard that the Democrats have boarded a bus and are leaving the state. The final betrayal of the taxpayers. The Democrat Party has shown you what they think of you. Never for that they just abandoned the state. Since they show no interest in representing the state they should resign. At the very least voters should recall them.


Rev. Paul said...

That's an incredible story - and the Democrats' response is disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Terminate them this is an illegal strike.

Nebraska George said...

I don’t think that the greedy unions are going to get much sympathy from the voters in Wisconsin. The Unions have out lived their usefulness.

Call Me Mom said...

They have approximately zero sympathy in the rest of the state, but Madison is a world unto itself. I grew up there and I can tell you, it is not the real world.