Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Obama The Worst President In My Lifetime

It is amazing how quickly one determined man can destroy a Republic. Obama's far from the first president to work towards the destruction of our Constitution. But he is continuing at a ever-increasing pace to divide this Republic and the consequences are not what the left is hoping for. I believe the left is so arrogant and naive to believe that they will create a socialist utopia as long as they can rid themselves of the Conservatives and Constitution. Instead more likely they'll end up with a war of independence among several states. The result of which will be panicked liberals begging for protection from their conservative neighbors.

Only a fool would purposely trying to destroy the greatest Republican the history of this Earth. Obama is actively destroying our energy sector in the process devastating states like Alaska and Louisiana. While billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of jobs are lost throughout our country Obama sits back and enjoys himself without a care in the world some might even say without even a thought. As gas races toward four dollars a gallon every day people are struggling to feed and clothe their families. And they can thank Obama and the radical Democrat party along with their willing accomplices in the Republican Party; you know like Lindsey Graham.

It's time we call Obama out regularly as not only the worst president but as the decisive, backstabbing,  intellectual-lightweight that he is. We cannot afford to allow the liberal historians to write the history of this presidency because it's a dangerous presidency one that threatens our our way of life. We must learn from this mistake and vote this divider and chief out and make sure that no socialist, racist lightweight ever gets elected to the presidency again. Our votes are sacred, hopefully more Americans will start to notice. I don't know if we can save the Republic, it could be too late but don't you want to go down fighting? I know I would.


Rev. Paul said...

I linked to this one.

DR said...

Thank you.

LUCKY said...

I struggle with what to say. Being that I'm an officer now I have to respect my commander in chief. I feel that things are quickly spiraling out of control and I don't know what to do other than prepare my little family for the worst. A war of Independence being fought again frightens me to no end. It frightens me because I don't know which side I would stand on.

TJIC said...
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TJIC said...

Worst president merely of your lifetime?

Who's been worse, ever?

FDR, arguably.

Anyone else?

DR said...


As a veteran, I understand your dilemma. I told my wife, when Obama was first elected that you respect the office. If you actually respect the office, then as soon as Obama violated his oath of office he is an illegitimate president. Obama has repeatedly violated the Constitution, against his oath, including with, but not limited to, Obamacare. If our government was still credible, Obama would have been impeached already. Since the House and Senate have failed it is up to the voters to vote him out in 2012.

We must remember that our rights come from God and not from government. Every time the government tramples our God-given rights they are violating the Constitution. I don't think anyone on our side wants a war-for-independence, it is the left who is pushing for violence or submission.

Paul - Berry Laker said...

I'll keep fighting and know we will take this country back.

Keep up the GREAT work and have a GREAT week

DR said...


In my opinion, there have been two worst presidents. FDR, his manipulations of the Supreme Court top the list of his atrocities against the Constitution. And, the worst president in history, in my opinion, was Abraham Lincoln. Our founding fathers' vision for American died with his presidency. It is undeniable that states had the right to secede. Not only did Thomas Jefferson and James Madison believe this, but several Southern states ratified the Constitution on the assurance that they could leave the union if it became abusive.

Lincoln's dictorial rule also included the Northern states. He ended Habeas Corpus, ignored the Supreme Court, and declared total war on civilians.

This is just a fraction of what happened during his short presidency. As bad as Obama is he hasn't taken our gold yet, stocked the Supreme Court, or invaded the states. So, I would put these two presidents ahead of Obama; for now.

DR said...

Paul - Berry Laker,

Thank you and keep up your principled fight up North. Those recalls are vital to our state.