Friday, April 22, 2011

Where Is The Conservative Agenda

Conservatives were excited when Scott Walker won the governorship and the Republicans took the State Senate and Assembly. After the election Democrats provide us with the perfect opportunity, throwing one of their tantrums they fled the state. Did Gov. Walker and the Republican majorities take advantage of this and pass the conservative agenda? No they wasted that opportunity.

Now we're headed into the State Supreme Court recount and we still have no voter ID law. It's time our Republican majorities prove that they're worthy of the seats they hold. Here is a list of the agenda items an Milwaukee radio host and state conservatives compiled last November. As you read through the last ask yourself how many of these items have the Republicans even attempted to do anything about.

An Agenda To Move Wisconsin Forward

Yesterday on Jay Weber's radio show he had callers give their agenda for the Republicans in Wisconsin. It was an exciting segment and he was kind enough to type up the list and put it on his website. I put the list below and agree with basically every suggestion.

One suggestion that I did not see was some sort of parental rights legislation. I think too many places have been meddling in roles that rightfully belong to the parent.

1. Pass voter ID.
2. Eliminate same day voter registration.
3. Pass conceal carry.
4. Join the national lawsuit to repeal Obamacare.
5. Repeal combined reporting and pass a package of pro-business legislation.
6. Kill off the high speed rail project and all wasteful commuter train projects.
7. Kill off the Regional Transit Authority Board. Don’t create any boards that have taxing authority.
8. Bring back TABOR or some taxpayer bill of rights.
9. End the minimum markup law.
10. End all state mandates and subsidies for Ethanol.
11. Get rid of the mandatory emissions test for Wisconsin autos.
12. End the state tax on Health Savings Accounts.
13. Repeal the Planned Parenthood sponsored Sex Education bill.
14. Allow school districts to negotiate for health insurance on the free market.
15. Create a rainy day fund from excess or unexpected revenues that pour into the state coffers during boom times.
16. Eliminate the state income tax on retiree pensions to help keep them in Wisconsin.
17. Freeze the property taxes of retirees to keep retirees in Wisconsin.
18. Move on reasonable Tort reform.
19. Undo the mandatory car insurance law that Doyle and the democrats passed as a gift to the trial lawyers.
20. Ten percent across the board pay cuts for all state employees.
21. Repeal the law that allows the state to kill off Indian team nicknames.
22. Investigate and reform the state’s child welfare system.
23. Go after the fraud in the Food Shares program.
24. End early retirement for public employees, so they can no longer live off of a state pension longer than they ever worked at the job.
25. Change the state law to make MATC and other tech school boards elected positions and accountable to the taxpayers.
26. Reinstitute the QEO for teacher pay.
27. Eliminate the rule that has Wisconsin taxpayers paying for 2/3 of the cost for all school building projects.
28. Drop the residency requirements for Milwaukee school teachers and city workers.
29. Negotiate new or different compacts with the Wisconsin Indian tribes.
30. Require Wisconsin cities to enforce immigration laws. No Sanctuary cities.
31. End any state funding of National Public Radio.
32. Stop the excessive building of roundabouts.
33. Reform the DNR. End gimmicks like. Earn-a-buck and the wholesale slaughter of herds as a ‘management tool’ for CWD.
34. Change the law to require DNR wardens to get search warrants before they can search cabins and property.
35. Repeal the statewide smoking ban.
36. End the ridiculous rule that says every state building project needs to set aside one percent of the total cost of the project for artwork.
37. Expand and/or allow for statewide School Choice.
38. Expand and/or allow for more Virtual Schools.
39. Increase the reimbursement rate for doctors who see patients on welfare.
40. Review, reform and reduce the number of people on Badgercare.
41. Review and repeal the so-called ‘smart growth’ environmental requirements and restrictions, which have hit the point of absurdity.


Rev. Paul said...

An impressive list, many of which could be used here, too. Speaking of "excessive" roundabouts - the main road a block from my house will now have THREE roundabouts in a three-block stretch, including the highway interchange. Apparently the traffic engineers in Anchorage love them; I personally endorse the idea to make them drive in circles around the same intersection until they run out of gas, daily.

Call Me Mom said...

I have taken this opportunity to re-submit the legislation that was rejected on the grounds that the teaachers and law enforcement unions didn't like it and that parents might actually step up to defend their children.

So far, Sen. Leibham has asked me if I ever submitted my account of my own experience to the Atty General's office, as they have been helpful in collaborating on legislative attempts in the past.

I'm thinking it's a big runaround at the moment(Since I already came up with language for the legislation and submitted it), but have submitted most of my documentation just in case.

DR said...

Unfortunately Call Me Mom there appears to be little interest for parental rights in our state government.

Call Me Mom said...

Well I am interested in them, and you are. In addition, The legislation I want is not just about parental rights, it's about the God given Constitutional rights of our children.

I think our legislators had best GET interested. I may not be rich, famous or powerful, but I am persistent. Eventually they will do the right thing or they will retire to avoid me.

DR said...

That is why I am becoming more libertarian. I have noticed that Republicans don't seem interested in true liberties like parental rights. Both SR and I will support you on our blog.

Call Me Mom said...

My thanks to you both.