Friday, January 14, 2011

Incredible News On The States Rights Front

The times are truly getting exciting. Several states are moving forward with nullifying several of the Federal government's unconstitutional power grabs. Now fives states are even considering arresting federal agents. Read about it in this informative article.

I think anyone who follows news regularly has probably come to the conclusion that the solution will not come from DC. It will have to come from the states. After reading the article please contact your state representatives and encourage them to do the same in your state.

Gearing Up For The 2012 Presidential Campaign

I don't know about you, but I am already looking forward to the next presidential election. It is not too early to prepare for the political battle for America's soul. I already know who I want to run, who I am voting for, and who I pray we get the chance to call Mr. President; Rep. Ron Paul.

He is from Texas, he is a strict Constitutionalist, he is libertarian, he is honest, he is willing to make the hard decisions, and he loves America the land of the FREE and the home of the BRAVE.

I know this video is outdated, from the last election, but the message is not. It rings true today and louder than ever before. We need a champion of the Constitution; we need a leader to take us back to what this Republic was meant to be; we need President Ron Paul.

Semper Vigilo, Paratus, et Fidelis - Always Vigilant, Prepared, and Faithful.

Huge Palin Fan

The Degradation Of The Wisconsin Family Under Democrat Rule

Wisconsin State Sen. Glenn Grothman details the degradation of the Wisconsin family under the Democrat rule, and RINO betrayal, we have suffered under. The opportunistic and parasitic effects of their socialist agenda are painfully apparent in our state's current statistics.

When an unwed welfare mom can sap more and more benefits from the state by having illegitimate child after child and have all her expenses paid while hard working, loving families must chose to have fewer children due to the financial strain things are very wrong. Sure families can chose to give up some creature comforts for the sake of a larger family, and some do, but why are we the only ones making sacrifices?

State Sen. Grothman puts forth in detail how we can change our state's welfare and assistance programs to promote the family rather than destroy it.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Founding Fathers Quote

Honor, justice, and humanity, forbid us tamely to surrender that freedom which we received from our gallant ancestors, and which our innocent posterity have a right to receive from us. We cannot endure the infamy and guilt of resigning succeeding generations to that wretchedness which inevitably awaits them if we basely entail hereditary bondage on them.

Thomas Jefferson

The First Amendment To The Constitution

Since our leaders in government seem not to be able to understand the Constitution, here is the First Amendment again. The key part being Congress shall make no law. Apparently, there is a failure to understand what no means.

First Amendment

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

State Sen. Glenn Grothman Calls For Necessary Budget Cuts

In a bold and greatly needed move Wisconsin State Sen. Glenn Grothman calls on Gov. Scott Walker to do the right thing for our state and make necessary budget cuts. In a Dec. 28, 2010, release he makes an enterprising suggestion to cut the state funded 4K program, which cost state and local tax payers over $220 million last year alone. A pretty expensive babysitter for parents who chose spend their time and efforts elsewhere rather than with their children.

Those parents who believe it is beneficial that their child attend this exorbitant program should know that there is no program that can ever be conceived by government that can replace the love and example of that parent in their child's life and education. Declining reading scores in 4k children prove this. I applaud State Sen. Grothman for being a leading voice in this call to start reigning in our out-of-control state government and bring balance back to Wisconsin.

The release in its entirety follows:

Walker Must Put an End to 4-K Expansion
By: State Senator Glenn Grothman
December 28, 2010

As frequently reported, the state has a potential $13 billion deficit in the two-year budget beginning on July 1st. An obvious place to look for reductions is in new programs which have only been in existence for the past 10 years. Since most people felt government was too big and costly in the year 2000, it’s hard to say that any program started since then is completely necessary.

One of those programs is 4-year-old kindergarten (4-K). In the past 10 years, the number of children enrolled has more than tripled. Last year this program cost the state $140 million in state tax collections and cost local property tax payers another $82 million.

In many districts, 4-K started because of an unintentional glitch in the state school revenue limits. Every district is assigned an annual revenue limit that it can spend on each student. For explanatory purposes, let’s set that limit at $9,000 per student times the total number of students enrolled. This is the amount the district spends from state aid and your property taxes. A school district can also spend additional money from other sources like federal aid. Districts are allowed to spend $9,000 for each full-time student whether the child is age 6 or age 18. A child who is in school for half a day counts as one-half of a student and a school district may therefore spend $4,500 for each half-student in our hypothetical district.

In the real world it costs much more to educate an 18-year-old than a five-year-old. Due to extra-curriculars, science equipment, etc., it may cost $12,000 to educate an 18-year-old but $7,500 to educate a five-year-old. The critical point for taxpayers to note is that the district makes money on the four and five-year-olds and loses money on the high school students. This encourages districts to adopt 4-K as well as go from half-day to all day 5-K. While not many district administrators publicly give this as the reason for why they want 4-K, several have told me privately that this is why they do it.

Perhaps it would be appropriate to keep funding 4-K if studies showed it helped. As it happens, we know a lot more about the effect of 4-K (preschool) today than when this fad caught on about 20 years ago. The teacher’s union has persuaded several states to dramatically increase 4-K since that time. In 2008, an article listed Wisconsin as having the 7th most students in 4-K. Wisconsin, which used to be considered a state with some of the best schools in the United States, has taken a step backward in academics in spite of an increase in students enrolled in 4-K. In 1992, only three states had better reading scores than Wisconsin fourth graders. The most recent studies show Wisconsin’s Caucasian students are now below the national average.

National studies continuously show that 4-K is not helpful. Oklahoma was one of the most publicized states to dramatically increase funding for 4-K in 1998 and has what was considered to be the model program, spending over $7,000 per child. After 11 years, their fourth grade reading scores have dropped while the rest of the country went up. Oklahoma, the poster child for universal preschool, used to be better than the national average and now they’re worse. Georgia, which spends nowhere near as much did have scores that went up, but over the last six years they haven’t gone up as much as the national average. The reason is simple – by teaching four-year-olds to read or count, the child will do better as a five-year-old, but by the time they’re seven, eight or nine, the difference disappears.

This is why studies can’t find a benefit to Head Start, the federally-funded program for disadvantaged four-year-olds that’s been around for 40 years. Both the Brookings Institute and the United States Department of Health and Human Services found no benefit to the Head Start children by the time they get to the second or third grade. It should be pointed out that even if Wisconsin were to discontinue 4-K, most low-income students would be eligible for the federally funded Head Start. This will not be good enough for the teacher’s union, however, since Head Start teachers are not unionized.

While studies on social development have not been done, numerous studies do indicate the harmful effects of daycare on children. Given its similarities to daycare, it’s likely that 4-K may have some of the same effects. There is not a paid caregiver that can equally substitute the love and affection of a mother or grandparent.

Given the economic harm 4-K will continue to have on our state, and lack of any credible evidence that 4-K programs are beneficial to young children, Governor Walker should immediately announce he will not provide any more money for four-year-old kindergarten. Schools are now putting together their budgets for the 2011-2012 school year. If Walker doesn’t act soon, more school districts will begin 4-K. The gigantic Madison school district has already announced plans to start a new 4-K next year. Either the state will have to come up with millions to fund their share, or property taxes will skyrocket. Considering our current budget crisis, there is no excuse not to act now.

Please let me know what you think on this issue. Contact me in Madison at 1-800-662-1227 or email me at

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

STRATFOR Dispatch: Western Focus on Belarusian Opposition


Obama Continues His Destruction Of Our Energy Sector

Well, here is yet another story of Obama crippling our energy companies. This administration has to be doing it on purpose; no one is this ignorant. While, China expands it's energy reserves and contracts our president works to halt America's energy sector. After all, it was him who said the following:

Obama: My Plan Makes Electricity Rates Skyrocket

Politics Being Played With The Navy

It seems the Secretary of the Navy would like to name a San Antonino class ship after the late Rep. John Murtha; a man who wrongly accused US military personnel during a time of war and had political scandals on top of it. All of the San Antonio class are named after cities, not Democrat members of Congress. If fact, one of them is the USS Green Bay; a name sake the city has great pride in.

I remember a couple of years ago, while at the museum with my family, we viewed an exhibit of the USS Green Bay complete with a model and photos. Partisan politics should never enter into the naming of Naval vessels and traditions should not be so lightly disregarded. However, this is what we have come to expect from the Democrat Party and this administration.

photo of the USS Green Bay

STRATFOR Dispatch: U.S. Defense Secretary Gates Visits China


Paul Ryan: Health Care Law A Fiscal Train Wreck

Way Up North: It's My Turn

Way Up North: It's My Turn

to weigh in on the M1911A1 vs. whatever-else-ya-got debate.

Say Uncle links to an article claiming that 1911s are good business for gunsmiths. Perhaps.

It's a proven & well-tested platform. It has a 100-year-old record as an effective sidearm. Many have complained about the reliability (?), the problems ... oh, they have problems galore, to hear them tell it. Failure to feed, failure to eject, poorly-designed magazines (I don't get that one at all), and the litany goes on and on. [read more]

Founding Fathers Quote

How prone all human institutions have been to decay; how subject the best-formed and most wisely organized governments have been to lose their check and totally dissolve; how difficult it has been for mankind, in all ages and countries, to preserve their dearest rights and best privileges, impelled as it were by an irresistible fate of despotism.

James Monroe

Sarah Palin: America's Enduring Strength

Please click here to view the video of this statement.

Like millions of Americans I learned of the tragic events in Arizona on Saturday, and my heart broke for the innocent victims. No words can fill the hole left by the death of an innocent, but we do mourn for the victims’ families as we express our sympathy.

I agree with the sentiments shared yesterday at the beautiful Catholic mass held in honor of the victims. The mass will hopefully help begin a healing process for the families touched by this tragedy and for our country.

Our exceptional nation, so vibrant with ideas and the passionate exchange and debate of ideas, is a light to the rest of the world. Congresswoman Giffords and her constituents were exercising their right to exchange ideas that day, to celebrate our Republic’s core values and peacefully assemble to petition our government. It’s inexcusable and incomprehensible why a single evil man took the lives of peaceful citizens that day. [
read more]

For Our Female Readers

I read this article earlier and I thought that some of our female readers who are also Second Amendment supporters might find it interesting; Five Concealed Carry Methods For Women.

NASA Image of the Day

Venus Rising

This hemispheric view of Venus was created using more than a decade of radar investigations culminating in the 1990-1994 Magellan mission, and is centered on the planet's North Pole. The Magellan spacecraft imaged more than 98 percent of the planet Venus and a mosaic of the Magellan images (most with illumination from the west) forms the image base. Gaps in the Magellan coverage were filled with images from the Earth-based Arecibo radar in a region centered roughly on 0 degree latitude and longitude, and with a neutral tone elsewhere (primarily near the south pole). This composite image was processed to improve contrast and to emphasize small features, and was color-coded to represent elevation. Gaps in the elevation data from the Magellan radar altimeter were filled with altimetry from the Venera spacecraft and the Pioneer Venus missions.

Image Credit: NASA/JPL/USGS

Opinion: Daniels, Barbour Should Heed RNC Candidates Pro-Life Unity

by Steven Ertelt Washington, DC 1/11/11 2:36 PM

The president of a pro-life women’s group has a message for potential presidential candidate Mitch Daniels and Haley Barbour, the governors of Indiana and Mississippi. [
read more]

Shutdown Costing Alaska Millions - UPDATED AND BUMPED

The shutdown of the trans-Alaska pipeline is more proof that we need to expand our energy development. Due to the federal government's ridiculous regulations and out-of-control land grabs little of our natural resources are open to development. Unless we get serious about developing our God given resources we will continue to suffer under outrageous energy costs while losing thousands of jobs and billions in potential revenue. The fed should not be able to steal the resources of any state. If Alaska was allowed to develop all of her resources she would not be so dependent on the trans-Alaska pipeline.


There are two updates; the first one is not good news. You can read about it here. The second is a huge victory for those of us who want to see the states, in this case Alaska, develop their natural resources. Obama's own panel sided against his moratorium.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Shell Arctic Exploration Program: The Next Chapter in Alaska's Oil and Gas History

Founding Fathers Quote

The sacred rights of mankind are not to be rummaged for, among old parchments, or musty records. They are written, as with a sun beam, in the whole volume of human nature, by the hand of the divinity itself; and can never be erased or obscured by mortal power.

Alexander Hamilton

Liberal Hatred Knows No Bounds In Aftermath Of Arizona Shootings

No surprise to Conservatives that left wing liberals cannot contain their hatred and disdain for all that is good with America and jump at the chance to attempt to use the Arizona shootings to their advantage. When they are called out for their actions of using a crisis to push their harmful agendas by the parents of Christina Taylor Green in their plea that no one use her death to push regulations or strip away our freedoms a sickening display of political carnage was unleashed towards her grieving parents.

A particular journalist went so far as to proclaim them unfit parents for using horrors for their own gains, in the case of the death of their daughter, because they dare appear to in interviews. This occasional AOL writer makes a living on using horrors for their own gains so what does that make them?

Cot-Side Chat: Chaffetz Opposes Bailout of State/Local Government Employee Pension Funds

First Responders

Spineless Republican Betray The Republic

Here is a ridiculous story about how Republicans in the House are going to tone down their rhetoric when it comes to repealing Obamacare in the aftermath of the Arizona shootings. Well, I am calling them out. This is a bunch of hotair. Just as the Democrats were waiting for an excuse to attack the 1st and 2nd Amendments the yellow-bellied Republican Party were waiting for an excuse to return to being the lapdogs for the Democrat Party.

These apparent cowards have their excuse and now they think they are going to get away with it. Well we sent them to Congress with a strong message of repealing Obamacare and returning the federal government to its limited Constitutional role. If they cannot find the intestinal fortitude to keep their word then we will defeat them at the ballot box come the next election; replacing them with someone who can keep their word.

Just a reminder, it is not just the Democrats jumping on the anti-Second Amendment band wagon. Here is a Republican leading the charge. We are not going to forget those who betray their principles. They will be challenged in the primaries and voted out. Of course, the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, and every freedom loving American doesn't support violence. We will not allow a fake argument to render us silent as our government destroys our rights one by one.

Our 5,000th Post

This is our 5,000th post; I would never have imagined it. When we first started blogging it was just a side hobby. More than three hits a day was impressive. Now we have had just over 3 million. I want to thank all of our readers and commenters who made this not only possible, but enjoyable; some of whom I count as friends now. This experience truly has been a blessing. On behalf of SR and myself I say thank you and God bless the Republic.

Reading the Constitution

Monday, January 10, 2011

Founding Fathers Quote

We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.

Benjamin Franklin

Update from the House Republican Study Committee (RSC)

Monday, January 10, 2011

RSC Update: Pausing to Honor the Victims of a Horrible Tragedy

From the Chairman
A horrible tragedy occurred on Saturday when a gunman killed six people and wounded 14 others at a public event put on by Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in Tucson, Arizona. Although the investigation is still ongoing, murder charges were filed against Jared Lee Loughner today in federal court. The attack is believed to have been an assassination attempt targeting Rep. Giffords, who suffered a traumatic head wound. Her condition remains critical, and I pray she and the other wounded can make full recoveries.

In the wake of this tragedy, all legislation previously scheduled for debate in the House this week has been postponed. Instead, the House will take up only a single resolution honoring the victims of this shocking attack. These schedule changes will allow us to pay respect to the fallen while also evaluating whatever security changes may be necessary.

Yours truly,

Congressman Jim Jordan
Chairman, Republican Study Committee

RSC Media Activity – RSC members work hard to ensure that the conservative viewpoint is well-represented in all corners of the media. Visit our Media Center for more.
· Rep. Joe Pitts (PA-16): Cooking the Books; The Daily Caller, January 7.

· Rep. Tom Cole (OK-4): New Congress Begins with Spending Cuts; Weekly Column, January 10.

RSC Member Activity – RSC members make it a priority to introduce productive, conservative solutions for America’s future.
· Rep. Jason Chaffetz (UT-03) introduced H.Res. 23, declaring Congress’s opposition to federal bailouts of state and local government employee pension plans.

· Reps. Steve King (IA-05), Phil Gingrey (GA-11), Gary Miller (CA-41), and Rob Woodall (GA-07) introduced H.R. 140, “The Birthright Citizenship Act of 2011,” a bill to end the practice of automatically granting American citizenship to “Anchor Babies” born in the United States to illegal alien parents.
· Congressman Doug Lamborn (CO-05) this week reintroduced two bills to ensure that taxpayer dollars no longer subsidize NPR, ending all federal funding for both the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) and NPR.
· Reps. Barton (TX-06), Michael Burgess (TX-26), and Blackburn (TN-07), and other RSC members reintroduced the Better Use of Light Bulbs Act or BULB Act, H.R. 91, to repeal the ban on the incandescent light bulb.

House Floor Activity – The following key legislation came through the House of Representatives last week.
· The House passed a Rules package for the 112th Congress, H.Res. 5, which contains changes long advocated by members of the RSC. The new rules require legislation to be publicly available for three days before a vote, impose term limits on Committee Chairmen, require all bills to cite their Constitutional authority, replace PAYGO with CUTGO, and more.

· The House also passed, H.Res. 22, a resolution streamlining the operations of the House and cutting its budget by 5% ($35 million).

Outlook – A quick look at what’s on the horizon.
· The RSC is currently putting together a major spending reduction bill, which will be unveiled later this month.

· Due to the tragic attack in Arizona, the previously scheduled vote on H.R. 2 to repeal ObamaCare has been postponed. Instead, the House on Wednesday will take up a resolution honoring the Rep. Giffords and the other victims.

RSC Reports
· Each week the House is in session, the RSC Budget and Spending Taskforce compiles a weekly report on the latest budget and spending news. Additionally, the RSC Money Monitor tracks how bills passed by the House affect authorizations, mandatory spending, and federal government revenue.

House Republican Study Committee
Rep. Jim Jordan, Chairman
Paul Teller, Executive Director
Brad Watson, Policy Director
Bruce “Fez” Miller, Professional Staff
Curtis Rhyne, Professional Staff
Wesley Goodman, Director of Conservative Coalitions and State Outreach
Brian Straessle, Communications Director
Ben Miller, Deputy Communications Director
Cyrus Artz, Research Assistant
1524 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
(202) 226-9717

STRATFOR Dispatch: Polish-Russian Relations and Implications for the


Gun Owners of America E-Mail Alert

Efforts to Politicize Arizona Tragedy Highlight Importance of Proposed Senate Rules Changes

Gun Owners of America E-Mail Alert
8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102, Springfield, VA 22151
Phone: 703-321-8585 / FAX: 703-321-8408

Monday, January 10, 2011

First of all, our prayers go out to the families and victims of the horrific tragedy that took place in Tucson over the weekend. We pray that God will bring comfort to them in this time of trial.

The political left is trying to pin this tragedy on gun owners and conservative talk radio. Never mind the fact that this creep hated the Bible and the U.S. flag, loved the Communist Manifesto and Mein Kampf and, according to his friends, was a drug abusing lefty.

But why let the facts get in the way?

Already, we see the pattern we witnessed in Columbine, with liberal politicians flocking like vultures to pick political advantage from a tragedy. Some have blamed people who, like us, are outraged at the unconstitutional, anti-gun contents of ObamaCare.

And New York Congressman Carolyn McCarthy has already announced her intention to suck political benefit from the shootings by introducing anti-gun measures. These apparently include a magazine ban and a gun show ban, notwithstanding the fact that Jared Loughner bought his firearm from a retailer and underwent a Brady Check. (The Instant Check is an unconstitutional requirement in itself, which has failed to stop "gun violence," but that's an issue for another day.)

The calls for banning or restricting gun shows have also spread to the state level. Over the weekend, Virginia State Sen. Janet Howell called for closing the so-called "gun show loophole" and then put GOA in her crosshairs.

"I think it is imperative that my constituents understand that the Virginia General Assembly is yielding on every gun issue to a fringe group called the Gun Owners of America. They make the NRA look reasonable," she said.

Thanks, Senator Howell, we'll take that as a compliment.

A week ago we would have predicted that congressional Democrats would be loath to try to ban firearms in the wake of the 2010 elections. But we can no longer assume that an assault on the Second Amendment is not forthcoming.

Following the Columbine shooting, we utilized long-standing Senate rules to slow down and eventually defeat such an anti-gun assault. But liberal Democrats in the Senate are currently pushing proposals to change the Senate rules to make it easier to ban guns.

Their proposals include:

* A measure to reduce the time for debate on nominations like Supreme Court nominees Sonya Sotomayor or Elena Kagan to two hours;

* A measure to block a Senator's ability to place a "hold" on anti-gun measures (a parliamentary procedure which allows Senators to slow down legislation); and,

* Several measures to restrict or entirely eliminate the filibuster. But as we saw during the fight over the anti-gun ObamaCare bill, the filibuster can be our greatest weapon. We only lost by one vote in the Senate -- and that's a vote that Harry Reid no longer has.

If the filibuster survives these rules changes, then it may be because of a "compromise" which will guarantee Reid three vote-buying amendments at the end of a filibuster. NOTE: The compromise would actually be worse, and it would lock out pro-gun senators like Jim DeMint from the ability to offer any countering amendments.

ACTION: Contact your two Senators. Insist that they oppose proposals to change the Senate rules that would open the floodgates on anti-gun legislation. You can use the Gun Owners Legislative Action Center to send your Senators the pre-written message below.

----- Pre-written letter -----

Dear Senator:

Efforts by anti-gun Rep. Carolyn McCarthy to pluck political advantage from the Arizona tragedy highlight the importance of the Senate rules.

Currently, liberal senators concerned that Harry Reid has not crammed enough unconstitutional legislation down the throats of the American people are pushing rules change proposals that include:

* A measure to reduce the time for debate on nominations like Supreme Court nominees Sonya Sotomayor or Elena Kagan to two hours;

* A measure to block a Senator's ability to place a "hold" on anti-gun measures; and,

* Several measures to restrict or entirely eliminate the filibuster.

If the filibuster survives these rules changes, then it may be because of a "compromise" which will guarantee Harry Reid three vote-buying amendments at the end of a filibuster. The compromise would actually be worse, and it would lock out pro-gun senators like Jim DeMint from the ability to offer any countering amendments.

Furthermore, all of this is being done via a procedure which, if carried to its logical conclusion, could allow a simple majority of the Senate to change the written rules at any time.

Please oppose all these rules change proposals.

I am informed that the rules votes will be rated as "gun" votes by Gun Owners of America.


Sarah Palin: "On The Tragedy in Arizona"

My sincere condolences are offered to the family of
Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and the other victims of today's tragic shooting in

On behalf of Todd and my family, we all pray for the
and their families, and for peace and justice.

- Sarah Palin

Time For Voter ID

OK Wisconsin, we mobilized and we voted the Republicans in, now it is time they pass voter ID before another election is held. They also need to make sure that our veterans get their absentee ballots on time or someone is held accountable when they don't. I received an email from the Wisconsin Prosperity Network and Wisconsin Prosperity Coalition and I wanted to pass the contents along because they are absolutely right; it is time for voter ID. We routinely see fraud in Wisconsin's elections. Voter ID would go a long way towards ending that.



We have a new governor and a new legislature in Wisconsin.
is the time to pass election reform legislation and it can be done
and signed into law before the April 5th election. Time is of the essence!


1. Ask them to co-sponsor
the Photo Voter I.D. Bill

2. Urge leadership to schedule joint
hearings of both the Senate and the Assembly to expedite the Photo Voter I.D.

3. Make it clear to your legislators that you want to have
Photo Voter I.D. in place by April 5, 2011.

4. Explain that other
election reforms need to be proposed and passed as soon as possible, but it is
important to implement Photo I.D. NOW!

Why the

In order to have Photo Voter ID in place for the spring
elections, the bill must be passed and signed into law by Governor Scott Walker
by February 15th. Time must be allotted for the required 30-day public posting
of the bill and to give municipalities time to implement it and comply. The
spring elections are very important for the State Supreme Court and local races,
and the 2012 Presidential primary is only a year away. Now is a perfect time to
bring Photo Voter I.D. to Wisconsin.


If you do not know the phone # of your legislators you
may call the Legislative Hotline:



This email was sent to you by the Wisconsin Prosperity
Network and Wisconsin Prosperity Coalition, PO Box 510626, New Berlin, WI

The Extremism Of The Radical Left

Anyone who has been politically active is well aware of the anger exhibited by those on the left. You can't even put a bumper sticker on your car or a sign in your yard without fear that some lefty will vandalize your property and they seem to get a pass. Michelle Malkin has put together a list of some of the left's more outrageous behavior. It is important to inform yourself so that you can pass the knowledge on, however because her post does deal with the left there is a lot of crude and vulgar behaviors on display.

There is a video on her post called "Obama Supporter Gets Violent". You will see the police stand by and do nothing on the first incident, while and Obama supporter becomes completely unhinged. If you have been politically involved you probably have seen and experienced some of this already, however a lot of people have not and don't follow politics. Which Party is the violent extremists? It is the left.

Father Of Nine Year Old Arizona Shooting Victim Pleas To Government

Listening to the heart-breaking interview of the nine year victim in Saturday's shooting in Arizona was also encouraging. As this father deals with the death of his baby girl he still takes a stand for our freedoms saying "She wouldn't want things changed, she wouldn't want things restricted". This father just did more than all the bloggers in America for freedom. It is easy to fight for freedom when you did not just have your whole world devastated.

The Republicans had better take a stand against the Democrat's efforts to push through long wanted restrictions on our gun rights and freedom of speech. They were voted in for a reason, to protect those rights, and if they cannot fulfill those duties they can be voted right back out. The gunman and the terrorists win when we lose our freedoms voluntarily.

Ron Paul: Toward Sensible Monetary Policy

Last week the 112th Congress was sworn in. I am pleased that I will be chairing the Monetary Policy Subcommittee of the Financial Services Committee, which has oversight of the Federal Reserve. Obviously, this position will facilitate my efforts to ensure the Fed provides the American people with more information about what they have been doing with and to our money. Not surprisingly, since my chairmanship was announced, apologists for the Fed have been recycling the old canard about how increased transparency threatens the Fed’s so-called political independence. [read more]

Dems And Mainstream Media Lose It Over Arizona Shooting

I posted a plea that people wait for all the facts to be sifted out over Saturday's shooting in Arizona. Rep Gabrielle Giffords is still fighting for her life; can we please just concentrate on this? We cannot change what he did; we can stop blaming and start healing.

Instead we are now seeing Democrats and journalists using this act by an obviously insane liberal anarchist to attack the Tea Party, Conservatives, and Sarah Palin? Are they experiencing bouts of paranoia and hysteria because they are ignoring the information available on the gunman. This information paints a picture of a man who took issue with all government and rule of law.

I am deeply disappointed in politicians, family members, and journalists who claim that Conservatives and the Tea Party have created an environment that encouraged this shooting. I also question their motive. Why would they make such claims and statements unless their intent was to shut their perceived political enemies up. That is the problem; the left sees the right as an enemy. They don't see us as fellow Americans with the right to express our opinion without fear or retaliation. They see us as obstacles to their agenda that must be destroyed and removed.

They don't even see that the right only wants to exercise their rights and freedoms without interference, without threats, or control. They don't see that the right for their tolerance, their concord, their desire for freedom, liberty, and the peace that comes with those things. All they see is that one of their own was attacked and their anger and rage at the right gaining ground back must be at fault. They try with all their might to paint us as the Party of death, violence, and destruction when they support abortion, death panels, and their supporters are responsible for endless instances of mobs of people destroying property and people's lives.

Seems to me the movement that has set the stage for such acts of violence is the one who believes that Americans don't have the right or the ability to control their own lives without government interference or intervention. Seems to me this gunman shared many of the same views as liberals, but despised any form of government intervention in his life.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Rodgers' Critics Are Ignoring The Facts

The best QB in the NFL, Aaron Rodgers, will take the field and destroy the Eagles today. I was tired of the pathetic comments about Rodgers this week. This post effectively handles those uninformed comments. No doubt, most of these comments come from Brett Favre supporters in the media who are still whining that his royal highness was sent packing.

Green Bay has been blessed with Rodgers; we couldn't have asked for a better QB. A lot of short sighted people should remember that while Favre was an impressive regular season QB he was disastrous in the playoffs year after year. Costing us dearly. I predict the Rodgers era will lead to more Super Bowl victories. Go Pack, Go.

Majority Leader Eric Cantor Delivers the Weekly Republican Address