Saturday, March 12, 2011

Utah On Its Way To A Gold Standard

Very interesting story out of Utah. It seems the legislator will be deciding if gold and silver can be used as currency. I think this is a huge step in the right direction, one hopefully many more states will follow. With the Fed determined to destroy the value of the dollar, the states are left with little other choice than to amass as much gold and silver in their populations hands as possible.

The approach the Utah legislator is looking at is the right way to go about it, make it legal and the people will turn to it on their own, no need for a government mandate.

DC still has not learned that the states will no longer stand by and do nothing as the Republic crumbles around them.

STRATFOR Red Alert: Japan Warns of Possible Nuclear Meltdown

Japanese officials are cautioning that a nuclear meltdown may occur at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant near the town of Okuma. According to Japan’s Jiji Press, some of the reactor’s nuclear fuel rods were briefly exposed to the air after the reactor’s water levels dropped through evaporation. A fire engine is currently pumping water into the reactor and the water levels are recovering, according to an operator of the Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO), which operates the plant. A TEPCO spokesman said the company believes the reactor is not melting down or cracking and that workers are currently attempting to raise the water level.

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If a meltdown takes place — essentially the core of the reactor overheating and damaging the fuel rods themselves — it would be the first since the Chernobyl disaster in 1986 and the Three Mile Island incident in 1979.

The Fukushima Daiichi power plant was shut down automatically on March 11 due to the magnitude 8.9 earthquake that hit Japan. The on-site diesel backup generators also shut down about an hour after the event, leaving the reactors without power and thus without the ability to cool down the core. Japanese officials were operating the cooling system via battery power and were flying in batteries by helicopter to keep the temperature regulated, and TEPCO said early March 12 that it has installed a new mobile generator at the plant to enable the cooling system to operate even after the batteries are exhausted.

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An unchecked rise in temperature could cause the core to essentially turn into a molten mass that could burn through the reactor vessel. This may lead to a release of an unchecked amount of radiation into the containment building that surrounds the reactor. This building could be breached if enough pressure builds, or, in this case, if the containment building was already breached through the earlier effects of the earthquake.

At the moment, it would appear that Japanese authorities are still trying to contain the reaction inside the reactor. That indicates that the core has not completely melted and that the reaction has not yet gotten out of hand. However, the situation could quickly become uncontrollable and the added water being pumped into the reactor could rapidly evaporate if the temperatures rise too quickly to be cooled off.

Read more: Red Alert: Japan Warns of Possible Nuclear Meltdown | STRATFOR

MacIver Institute: Walker Signs Budget Repair Bill that Includes Union Bargaining Changes

Friday, March 11, 2011

Tom Woods On Nullification

It's All Over Gov. Walker Signs Budget Repair Bill

The Democrats who tried to hold the state hostage have lost Gov. Walker just finished signing the budget repair bill. This victory will help save jobs and restrained out-of-control public unions. I am still a firm supporter of right to work and I hope that eventually we get there, but this is a great step in that direction.

The battle is far from over though the Democrats will still be attempting recall elections and we have our own Democrats to recall. Please make sure that you give your time and money in support of the Republican Party of Wisconsin. We demanded that our elected officials stand for real fiscal restraint and they've come through for us. Now let's shown that we can out fund raising and volunteer the Democrats any day of the week. It's not going to be easy it's very obvious this whole things being orchestrated out of the Obama White House. So the Democrats will have national money and volunteers pouring in.

This is our state let's not surrender it to a out-of-control Washington government that has no clue what's good for Wisconsin.

I say Wisconsin for Wisconsinites now and always.

Update On Wisconsin's Supreme Court Race

As this article on the latest Supreme Court race forum shows, it's vitally import that we reelect Justice David Prosser. If he is defeated the far left will reclaim the Supreme Court. It'll mean that there'll be constant activism on the court and nonstop attacks against Gov. Walker's agenda. Please get involved and support Justice David Prosser take nothing for granted, for the future of the state is at risk.

Crushing the Children

Sen. Rand Paul on Consumer Choice in Energy Committee Hearing

Sen. Rand Paul is masterful in laying liberal hypocrisy out for all to see.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Finally Victory Is In Sight: Updated

In a bold move Wisconsin's Republican state senators have passed the budget fix. You can read about all the details here and here. Now Walker and the Republicans need to aggressively move forward with concealed carry, repealing the Planned Parenthood sex ed law, and the rest of the conservative agenda.
This state cannot afford to be stagnant so that a group of 14 crybabies can hide out-of-state and pretend they won the election. I hope Wisconsin remembers the meddling of the White House, because you know they'll be begging for votes in 2012.


The leader of the 14 crybabies is upset. Are we supposed to take Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller serious, he and the other Democrats put this state in crisis. They made a joke out of our state government showing they have no respect for the voters or the rule of law. It'll be interesting to see who really needs to fear the recall elections, I have a feeling some Democrats should be worried like Senator Dave Hansen and Senator Jim Holperin.



h/t: Way Up North

Fiddling Around

McConnell: Democrats Aren't Up to the Challenge on Spending, Deficit Reduction

Fight Fire with Fire Wisconsin, No Compromises

So it appears that Gov. Walker has been trying to negotiate with derelict senators on his budget fix. There is no negotiating with terrorists. These senators and unions have held hostage the state of Wisconsin and its taxpayers. They are using their and intimidation tactics to subdue Gov. Scott Walker's administration into a surrender and any negotiation is just that, surrender.

Gov. Scott Walker needs to know that Wisconsin taxpayers are behind him all the way, but that we want a governor with a backbone like we've never had before. Our future is at stake in this, you can not negotiate spending someone else's money. The most important fact in this whole situation is still being overlooked it's not their money it's ours and we're saying no.

It's amazing how in America you can try to take over a government and get away Scott free (no pun intended.).  In any other country the military would've been called in to deal with insurrectionists but here, knowing that unions and the Obama administration are interfering and controlling the situation, we want to negotiate? We all know Constitutionally the states are more powerful than the federal government so why are we allowing any interference to continue?

If you give in on even one issue then they will expect you to cave on every thing every time. Now that you've proven that you will cave, even a little, you sent them the message that any time they want something all they have to do is threaten to make it uncomfortable for you; and that is what they will do every time they want their way. It's our side that has taught them that these tactics work by our caving; it's called classical conditioning.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Recycling: If You Want To Do It - You Pay For It Yourself

I am sick to death of listening to Wisconsinites whine about mandated recycling.  This is America, not China, we are free to do as we chose; don't dare tell me what I can and can not do.  If your community wants to provide recycling services then your community is responsible to pay for it.  I am not going to have the garbage Nazi's steal my paycheck to pay for cheapskates in another community that doesn't want to fund theirs.  I write out a check every three months to pay for mine.  I have recycling bins lining my kitchen.  I chose to do it and I don't expect anyone else to pay for it. 

Stop lying about Gov. Walker wanting to make it a choice in Wisconsin.  Gov. Walker is a hero for the taxpayer here; he is standing up to those who would lie for profit.  Recycling centers make big money off of it; if anything they should be paying us for the materials we are providing them.  There is no BUT people.  There is no BUT when it comes to taking away our rights.  I DON'T CARE what reasons you give, there is NEVER an excuse to mandate anything or take away any right and we need to stop putting up with it.  Praise Gov. Walker for giving you back your rights or never complain again about governmental bondage.

Former Gov. Sarah Palin Supports The Recall Of Wisconsin's Cowardly Democrats

I completely agree the Democrats should all be recalled. As I said in the title they're cowards and they're failing to do their job. When they ran for election I'm quite certain the voters thought they were getting someone who would represent them in Madison, not flee to the Democrat stronghold of Illinois. In Wisconsin we don't like Chicago politics. If they like Chicago politics, I say they take up residency in Illinois permanently, and run for election there.