Thursday, March 24, 2011

Senator Glenn Grothman And Representative Andre Jacque Move To Put Children First

I wanted to pass along this release from State Sen. Glenn Grothman and Rep. Andre Jacque to allow more parents the option of sending their kids to religious or independent schools. Many will no doubt have the reaction I first had that it doesn't go far enough, however we must slowly chip away at the educational bureaucracy. We simply don't have the support to make the changes that we need all at once. Please let these two hard-working public servants know that you appreciate their work on behalf of Wisconsin's students and that you will support their bill.

For Immediate Release March 24, 2011

Senator Glenn Grothman - 262-689-8421-cell
Representative André Jacque – 920-819-8066

Legislators Aim to Expand Educational Options and Opportunity

Grothman, Jacque Offer Tax Credit Proposal for Increased Access to Independent and Religious Schools

Today, Senator Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend) and Representative Andre Jacque (R-Bellevue) announced they will be introducing legislation providing a non-refundable tax credit for religious and independent schools beginning in school year 2012-2013. The credit will start at $1,500 per year for every first grade student and $2,500 for every ninth grade student. The following year, second and tenth graders will be added to the program with additional years added each year until all students will be covered by the 2021 school year.

“With the government already subsidizing private education by up to $6,500 per year for Milwaukee residents, the proposal would offer assistance, albeit a lesser amount, for outstate parents who want an alternative to the public schools for their children,” said Grothman. “Whether their concerns are Wisconsin’s declining test scores, a radical new sex education program pushed through the Legislature last year, or public school teachers proselytizing a liberal political agenda in their schools, it is unfair not to provide a little assistance to independent-minded parents.”

“The taxpayers already provide over $12,000 per year per child in the government schools, so any parent who is persuaded to enroll their children in the private schools creates a huge tax savings for Wisconsin’s taxpayers,” said Grothman.

“As a proud supporter of charter school expansion, open enrollment for public schools, and non-public school choice it is very important to be consistent in offering families in my district, and across the state, access to the full range of educational alternatives. When it comes to educational instruction, one type doesn’t fit all,” said Representative Jacque, further noting that the proposal would not reduce state public school funding. “We should always look at enhancing our state educational offerings to benefit students,” added Jacque.

“Private school enrollment has declined in recent years in part because of the proliferation of 4-year-old kindergarten. The current budget, which allows for a further expansion of 4-year-old kindergarten despite the state’s fiscal shape, will have a further negative impact on private school enrollment,” said Grothman.

“This is a frugal and modest proposal that can make a dramatic impact. Just this week, we’ve heard a bill dedicating $7,500 in government funds to parents who send their children to charter schools,” said Jacque.

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In the release there is a mention of the new sex ed bill the Democrats pushed through last year. I want to make absolutely clear that many of us donated, volunteered and voted for Republican majorities so that bills like this ridiculous sex ed bill would be overturned. Let's hope the Republican majorities in the state senate and assembly do not forget the priorities of the voters.

Founding Fathers Quote

If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.

Samuel Adams

STRATFOR Dispatch: The Baltic Region's Nuclear Energy Politics

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Those Who Would Die Under Obamacare

A touching article by Ron Johnson exposing the truth about Obamacare and those who will suffer under it. 

Today is the first anniversary of the greatest single assault on our freedom in my lifetime: the signing of ObamaCare. As we consider what this law may do to our country, I can't help but reflect on a medical miracle made possible by the American health-care system. It's one that holds special meaning for me.

Some years ago, a little girl was born with a serious heart defect: Her aorta and pulmonary artery were reversed. Without immediate intervention, she would not have survived....

New Pages

I have added some new pages to the blog; Movies, TV, and Book Club.  Check them out to see some of the things that catch our interest and get a peak into some of what makes us tick.  Enjoy!

Snow Day!

How ridiculous!  It is the later part of March and the kids have a snow day; no school today due to ice and snow.  I wonder if Alaskan's have a snow day today because I kind of feel like I went to sleep in Wisconsin and woke up in Alaska.  If Wisconsin is going to be as cold as Alaska it should at least be as free!  Oh well, since I had the day off of work anyway I get to spend time with the kids I normally would not have. 

Monday, March 21, 2011

China Flexes Its Military Muscle

Here is a shockingly good report by CNN on China's growing military clout, including current operations off of Libya.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A lack Of Leadership

I find it very interesting that while Obama is vacationing with his family other world leaders are being more active. Take Russia's Putin for example he is in Russia's Far East reassuring residents about radiation concerns, making sure energy projects are speeding toward completion and increasing energy sales to Japan.

Contrast that with Obama who has put most of our energy producing lands off-limits, stealing countless potential jobs from American citizens in the process. Also Alaska is not far from Japan why is he not up there consoling Alaskan residents about the potential threat from radiation. I actually believe we're naive to think that there is no radiation threat. The truth is we won't know for years how much Japan's nuclear disasters will affect the rest of the world. Obama has a history of ignoring states that voted against him in the presidential election when they faced disaster, however California and Oregon face radiation concerns and I don't see him out there either.

For all intents and purposes he is an absent president. His leadership style is very much that of one who leads from behind. Now while Russia will be able to pump billions of hard currency into their economy by increasing oil exports the United States will continue to send billions of dollars overseas to import oil. Who has the better long-term strategy?. Don't get me wrong I believe Putin is absolutely ruthless but he's schooling Obama on how to look out for your own national interests.