Thursday, September 15, 2011

Obama's Prison Nation; The Computer Fraud And Abuse Act

Are you ready for the feds to break down your door, guns drawn, shooting your pet, and imprisoning you for trying to protect your identity online? No? Well, have you ever given the wrong DOB, name, address, for any reason to protect your identity online? Have you ever used your initials or an alias to write under or obtain travel or other information? Ever used a fake name, altered or fake photo, given false information on Facebook or a dating site? Have you ever used an alternative name for your child online to protect their real identity? Have you ever written an article using information from another source, later to find out that source was wrong? (which is almost always in the case of mainstream media) Ever used your work computer to go online or check your personal email when no one was around? Ever use a friend or neighbor's microchipped device, even those not connected to the Internet, like a game console, telephone, or coffee maker without express permission?

Any one of these or an unlimited number of other unintentional or protective actions could land you at the end of the barrel of a fed's gun, as a criminal to be charged as a felon and imprisoned; if the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act proposal gets through your regimist, big government Congress. President Obama would have the power to imprison any person, for anything that is or can be twisted as a lie posted on the Internet.

Even a completely truthful person who never intentionally posted any false information could be targeted and imprisoned for inadvertently typing a wrong number in a DOB, phone number, misspelled word, misused word; after all, it is how badly a tyrant wants to twist the law to target any one they consider unworthy, wrong, a political enemy or opposition, kooky, extreme, or bigoted. Get the picture? For any reason they decide.

It is called the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and, just as murdering an unborn baby with an abortion was twisted from saving a mother's health/life to any reason you so choose it will be abused and twisted to fulfill the agenda of whatever tyrant decides to wield it.

The Judiciary Committee was to meet earlier today to vote on making the penalty for an offense a felony. Since the feds tend to prefer going after felonies, rather than misdemeanors, making the penalty for breaking the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act a felony instead of a misdemeanor, like it is currently, means a lot more innocent, honest, conservative people would become felons.

 We are already a prison nation. How does Congress plan on paying for the flood of new felons that this proposal will produce? Will you be paying a 40% to 70% tax rate or do they plan on releasing murderers and rapists on the streets to make room for these evil doers?

 If you do not contact your congressman you may end up on a fed's target list. If you wait until then to wake up, it is already too late.

Michigan's Socialist Republican Governor Goes After Children

Gov. Rick Snyder apparently feels that it is the state's job to have pediatricians spy on children and report their weight and height to the state.  First, I want to make it perfectly clear that the government has no right to do this.  My secondary point, is that the BMI, which will be used, is inaccurate.  Each person is unique.  Everyone's body is different and cannot be judged by a one-size-fits-all measurement system; as the article points out.

As I have said before, when addressing the BMI, when I was on active duty I was in perfect shape and never made BMI weight.  Even after I was severely ill, and experienced dramatic weight loss, I had to be taped, which I always passed with flying colors.  The BMI is simply not an effective way of tracking everyone's height and weight.

I am tired of big government Republicans continually expanding government involvement in our lives.  If this was a Democrat governor Republicans would be outraged; let's show the same outrage now.  If you live in Michigan, let your governor know that he does not have parental rights over your children.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Oil Industry Could Generate Over 1 Million Jobs by 2030, Report Says |

Oil Industry Could Generate Over 1 Million Jobs by 2030, Report Says

Rick Santorum to Brody File Post Debate: “The more I find out about Rick Perry the more concern I have.”

Rick Santorum to Brody File Post Debate: “The more I find out about Rick Perry the more concern I have.”

Founding Fathers Quote

Contemplate the mangled bodies of your countrymen, and then say, 'What should be the reward of such sacrifices?' ... If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animating contest of freedom, go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen!

Samuel Adams

Michele Bachmann Wins Debate Hands Down

First, I have to compliment CNN and the Tea Party on an outstanding debate. Every candidate got questions; legitimate questions at that. The losers of the debate, I would say first, Rick Perry. his fake exterior of conservatism was completely unmasked. He had to defend a big government, in many ways a Democrat approach to governing.

Another loser was Rick Santorum. In many ways he looked like a wing-nut who somehow escaped his chain. When he wasn't kissing up to Newt Gingrich, he was defending our massive world-wide intervention.

The last loser is all of the talking heads who have tried to deceive the voters about Rick Perry's true record. No doubt, many voters will now look more deeply into Perry's background and they are not going to like what they find.

The winner of the debate, hands down, was Michele Bachmann. She was a constant advocate for empowering the people and limiting the scope of government. Easily conveying her points and defending her positions, while bringing up legitimate differences between her approach and the other candidates' approaches.

Rick Perry's defenders are already trying to say that this was a win for Romney or even for Perry himself, knowing that the only way Perry comes across as a conservative is if he is against Romney and not Bachmann or Ron Paul.

I thought Ron Paul had a good debate. Unfortunately, many voters are unwilling to hear that our actions have consequences. Even when we do the right thing, there are consequences.

Of the remaining candidates, I thought they all had a decent night. With Hermann Cane having his best debate so far. Hopefully, the other candidates were taking notes and will actually come up with some detailed plans of their own. Talk is cheap, I would much rather have a list of priorities that I can hold a candidate to.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Learning Nothing from 9/11

Learning Nothing from 9/11 This weekend the nation observes the 10th anniversary of 9/11, but what America has learned from the worst terrorist attack in this nation’s history is still highly questi......

Remembering 9/11: Life, Liberty & Truth

Repost: 9/11 - The Day America Stood Still

In reflecting on today and what I should post, I came to the conclusion that SR has already said it best.

We all remember what we were doing that awful morning terror rained down on our Republic; the recollections are countless. We all remember the feeling of that knife of horror and shock through our hearts as we watched helplessly while those terrible events unfolded, one by one. We all remember the sickening feeling in our very souls as we watched fellow Americans jump to escape the certainty of death they faced from the heartless flames. We held our breath and America stood still.

None of us will forget the brave heroes who selflessly gave their lives and those who answered the call of help with no thought of their own safety. None of us will forget the numbness we fell into when our emotions were all spent. None of us escaped feeling the loss of impregnable security we all thought we had or the sadness we felt for those who lost loved ones.

The most chilling thing of all isn't that it happened anymore; it is that so many don't care anymore. Even more abominable are those who use the memory of this day to camouflage their own inadequacies; personal and political. Liberals in Washington and all over this Republic will be making their speeches, holding their vigils, and expressing pseudo sentiments for a multitude of rationales. They will call for bi-partisanship, tolerance, quietude, and reverence for those who lost their lives that fateful day. The exquisitely choreographed pageants they will put on are sure to please any materialistic, comfort loving civilian.

As these performances manifest themselves across this land I have to wonder why the facade is so important to them when everyone knows the sentiment is not sincere, but a means to an end. Don't let your natural tendency to see the good in everyone deceive you; their agenda is their motivation not their sorrow for those who were lost.

Then there are the intrepid RINO's who believe they champion the desires of the new Republican Party to be united with their liberal brethren in a collaboration of illogicality. Their expectation will be our submission to their ambitions out of our sense of honor and what is appropriate. They will shamelessly flaunt their motivations because our leadership has proven that they will turn the other cheek and abuse their own before holding liberals accountable for their own misdeeds. They will execute a hatchet job on what they consider the weaker members in a vain attempt to win liberal approval.

So why then are they our leadership? Why do we allow them to be our voice when they have muzzled us and taken it upon themselves to decide what it is we want. Why have we made them our representatives when they do not represent who we are? The audacity of their assumption that they know better than ourselves what best for us should be our motivation to finally rid ourselves of these political marionettes and vote in leadership with integrity and honor to be our mouthpiece in our own government.

Today is new dawn for Conservatism; the beginning of a journey back to our foundations. A journey we will all take together because we cannot make it alone. We owe it to all of those who have been martyred and given their lives for this Republic to ensure that generations not yet born will know the original and authentic American dream of freedom and liberty. Today is a day of celebration, our mourning is over.

We will always remember and always honor those who died on this day and because their memory is more significant than some liberal's political aspirations. We will pay homage to their sacrifice by transcending what is appropriate or politically correct by doing what is right, what is truly patriotic, and what is genuinely American; fighting for freedom and subduing and insurgent government using the most foreboding weapon of all; our ballots and the ballot box.

Always remember the terror Al-Qaeda bestowed upon us. Never forget those who lost their lives on this day and pray to God that we are victorious in saving this Republic for our children and theirs. God bless and comfort you all.