Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Americans Savagely Killed - UPDATED

Once again, as has happened too many time throughout history, vicious and cowardly thugs have killed American citizens and our government response is predictable.  First, apologies to the murderers and now some sort of wishy-washy non-stance.  Obama and his entire national security team have failed this country and especially the citizens who continue to die while our government continues to provide military and financial aid to the very countries that seem to hate us.

We really need to ask ourselves what is going on.  We have an administration supporting countries in the Middle East who do not tolerate free speech or God given liberties.  While at the same time our own standing in the world has been diminished.  I cannot stand Neocons and their constant push to be the policemen of the world, but when you have an enemy attack you over and over you have an obligation to respond and protect your citizens.  The Bush and Obama administrations have been too worried with offending, or seeming politically incorrect.  It is time we end those practices, remove the lawyers from the Pentagon, and allow our military to fight and win the wars we send them to. 

Our prayers go out to the Americans brutally killed. 

I agree with this point by Breitbart, there has to be an investigation into where were the Marines.  Had they been deployed in significant force and allowed to defend the Embassy and Consulate?  It does not do any good to deploy forces if they are not allowed to defend themselves and do their job.  It should not be forgotten in this tragedy that Hillary Clinton runs the State Department.  I have not heard anyone, so far, question if under her leadership security has lapsed in the Embassies.


Hillary and Obama have released new information showing that some may have tried to save the Ambassador.  Apparently, under Obama's administration we don't protect our ambassadors.  America must show that we will protect our ambassadors and sovereign American soil, which every American embassy and consulate is. 

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