Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bill Maloney: An Open Letter from Concerned West Virginia Coal Miners

An Open Letter from Concerned West Virginia Coal Miners

MORGANTOWN-- Today, we learned the terrible news of more coal miners being permanently layed off. The latest job losses come from Boone County, where an estimated 100 coal miners will no longer have a job.

These hardworking West Virginians join approximately 2500 others who have lost their jobs in coal mining, just this year. This is a travesty. We must end Obama's War on Coal, and Bill Maloney is the only candidate for governor who is not afraid to stand up to Obama and defeat his War on Coal. While Earl Ray Tomblin continues to support Obama and dodged the War on Coal, people lost their jobs, and West Virginia families suffered.

In response to these terrible facts, a group of Boone County coal miners have released the following open letter:

Dear Friend –

We are West Virginia coal miners. Together, we have more than 30 years working in the mines. We have worked in union coal mines and non-union coal mines. One of us recently lost his job in the mines. Neither of us represents a special interest, neither of us is a lobbyist. We are hard working West Virginians worried about our future.

Earl Ray Tomblin and Barack Obama have pursued policies which hurt West Virginia’s coal industry. We believe we can and should pursue policies which help our economy and job market but we can’t do that with politicians like Obama and Tomblin leading the way. If the two of them are re-elected, we fear some of West Virginia’s darkest days are ahead.

Since Earl Ray Tomblin took office, more than 3,000 West Virginia coal miners have lost their jobs. That’s 3,000 people, many with families depending on them to earn a living, who are now standing in the unemployment lines. That’s 3,000 people who buy groceries, go to restaurants and buy their clothes in their local communities. The jobs of thousands more coal miners are under constant threat. Times are tough, and they are getting tougher.

President Obama’s War on Coal is no big secret. Earl Ray Tomblin supports President Obama. President Obama supported Cap and Trade legislation in Washington which limits the amount of coal we can use in America. Following Obama’s lead, Earl Ray Tomblin sponsored and passed a bill that limits the amount of coal and natural gas we can use for power generation in West Virginia. This hurts coal miners. Unbelievably, just last year, Tomblin signed on to two letters urging President Obama and Congress to use more wind to create electricity, instead of continuing to use coal. That is just wrong – it puts West Virginia coal miners out of work and slows American job creation.

Our state’s unemployment rate is skyrocketing. More people don’t work in West Virginia than anywhere else in the country. On Earl Ray Tomblin’s watch we have gone from 2nd in terms of job creation, to 41st in the nation. While many West Virginia workers are cutting back and struggling to pay their bills, Tomblin’s budget spends more taxpayer dollars than any governor in history. That is the wrong way, Earl Ray!
Tomblin and his rich lobbyist buddies tell West Virginians we should “stay the course” and that we are headed in the “right direction.” Earl Ray and the small group of political insiders he represents are out of touch and just don’t understand the tough times of working West Virginians. The course Tomblin and the special interests want to stay on will take us right off the cliff, while lining the pockets of Earl Ray and his team of cronies. Sorry, but we aren’t falling for empty promises from Earl Ray this time. 37 years of failure from Earl Ray is enough.

We believe West Virginia deserves a brighter future. We need leaders in Charleston with real-world experience who aren’t career politicians who’ve spent their lives buying Cadillacs and luxury beach houses on the back of our tax dollars. The good news is that we have a choice.
We can elect a man – Bill Maloney – who has spent over 30 years working in the coal industry. Maloney understands the hard work and sacrifices that we mining families make. He knows what its like to meet a payroll, has spent decades creating good paying jobs in our state, and isn’t controlled by President Obama, lobbyists and special interests.

He worked in the field on his mine shaft drilling rigs and even helped rescue our 33 Chilean mining brothers who were trapped underground several years ago.

Bill Maloney has a plan to create jobs in West Virginia and improve the economy. Bill Maloney understands that West Virginia miners, West Virginia families, and West Virginia need more than empty promises. He understands that we’re tired of waiting decades for things to get better. He has a real plan for a brighter future.

We are supporting Bill Maloney for Governor and we hope that you will vote for him, too. The future of West Virginia depends on it.


Mark Nelson, Boone County
Vic Jarrel, Boone County
Josh Nelson, Boone County


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