Friday, September 07, 2012

Gov. Nikki Haley Proving Why She Is The Best Governor In The Country, Again

Here is a great video and article showing Gov. Nikki Haley, once again articulating how pathetic the Democrats' war on women tactics really are. Does anyone really believe that any woman spends her day worrying about nothing but contraception?  How sad is it that the only thing the Democrats are willing to talk about is killing defenseless babies.

When you contrast that with they hypersensitivity towards the Earth and animals, it really makes one wonder how the Democrat Party is taken seriously. When did we get to the point where a fish or tree has more meaning and value than one's own child? I hope the voters soundly reject the Democrat Party's socialist, pro-death agenda for our Republic.

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Anonymous said...

I think the Lt. Gov. should take over and Nikki Haley should be charged with job abandonment - she is NEVER at work.
his is beyond absurd - I would like to know when Nikki Haley DOES work. I
would like to request an audit of her days worked since she announced
she would be backing Mitt Romney - better yet - go back to the Paris
trip. These are SC taxpayer dollars that are being wasted on this woman -
she has not accomplished one thing since she took office except spend
money. Only 4 governors out of 50 are going - that should tell you
something - 46 governors don't think it is worth spending their taxpayer
dollars on a junket such as this.Do you really think Michael Haley is
going to pay his own way. How many guard people do you know that is
supposedly going to Afghanistan would be able to get out of training to
go to a fun trip to Japan? Nikki Haley pulling strings?