Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mayor Jim Schmitt And Local Reaction To The NFL's Defrauding Of The Packers

I wanted to give my opinion on the game and some of the responses I have seen. Mayor Jim Schmitt, who I am proud to say I endorsed in the last election, has sent a letter to the NFL expressing the potential economic impact the league's decision could have on the Green Bay area as well as the integrity of the League. Despite some local radio hosts saying the Mayor should not have sent the letter, I think not only is the letter appropriate, but in my opinion was needed. What has happened to our Packers affects the whole area and not just the team.

We do not have a rich owner who can get the Commissioner's attention or funnel money into the organization. Of all the team's that could have been affected by a decision like this, due to the above mentioned reasons, it hurts us the worst. I, for one, will make sure that when I shop I will be picking up some extra Packers merchandise and our family will be taking another trip to the Packer's Hall of Fame to support the team.

I have heard a lot of talk about boycott; that is only going to hurt local businesses and our team. I completely understand where these fans are coming from, in my opinion we were obviously defrauded, but we should use that as a catalyst to bring more support, not less, to the Packers to overcome any potential financial losses; if because of this, we lose home games during the playoffs.

I want to discuss the reaction I have seen on local and state media compared to national. I could not compliment the national media more for understanding how serious the implications of this game really are. As for our local and state media, it has been very hit and miss. While many have expressed their outrage, others have blown it off as not that serious or something just to get over. Talk about sell-outs with no backbone. I don't understand how you wouldn't have local pride and the fortitude to stand up and defend the state's greatest franchise. Ultimately, you just played to the stereotype that national media is more professional and informed. You also played to the NFL's assumption that people would quickly move on.

Another thing I find irritating was when ESPN went for local Green Bay reaction and then flips to some blowhard down in Milwaukee. Milwaukee could not be further from Green Bay, ideologically or geographically. Milwaukee is more like a little brother to Chicago. It is bad enough that we even have to acknowledge they are a part of the state of Wisconsin, let alone having them speak for us. Northeastern Wisconsin is an independent and proud people, we do not need Milwaukee to speak on our behalf.

One local TV station, NBC 26 WGBA-TV, had a hilarious segment with a replacement weatherman, which proves some locals in the media know how to be loyal.

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