Friday, October 26, 2012

A Catholic Mom in Hawaii: Prayer For Our Nation

Prayer to St. Joan of Arc for Our Nation - Start Today

by Jean Auguste Dominque Ingres

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Mahalo to Mary Jane!
We urge you to pray the following "Prayer to St. Joan of Arc for our spiritually embattled Nation", especially over the next two weeks. . Make copies and pass them out to friends and neighbors. Ask your Pastor to include the prayer in your Sunday bulletin.

Prayer to St. Joan of Arc for Our Nation

Dear St. Joan of Arc, you who led the armies of France to victory when called by God to save your land from the domination of foreign aggressors, we call upon you now that the courage and strength you showed in rallying the French troops may inspire courage and strength in the people of the United States to oppose any and all attempts to undermine our democracy and erode our liberties as a free people.

Please, St. Joan of Arc, invoke the assistance of the holy ones whom God sent to call you to action: St. Margaret, St. Catherine and the Archangel Michael. With your intercession and the prayers of these saints, may the Holy Spirit pour forth on our people the gift of wisdom and knowledge of the truth, that the leaders we choose will serve the sacred cause of life, freedom of conscience and deliverance of our country from the prevailing forces of death, darkness and lies.

We thank you for hearing our prayer and we beg you to inspire us to be warriors in the defense of life, light and justice as the Spirit of God inspired you so long ago.

St. Joan of Arc, defend us!
St. Joan of Arc, pray for us!
St. Joan of Arc, lead us to victory!

May God bless you and keep you safe all the days of your life.
Bob Sanders, for
Father John Hampsch, cmf
Claretian Teaching Ministry
20610 Manhattan Pl.
Torrance, California 90501-1863

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