Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Alaska National Guard Officially Discharges WWII Veteran

U.S. Army: In Bethel, Alaska, the Alaska National Guard discharged a living member of the Alaska Territorial Guard from WWII. PVT (ret) Paul C. Charles, lying about his age, enlisted at 12 years-old into the ATG to protect the territory of Alaska from the Japanese during WWII. He has been waiting 65 years for this day.
DR - This is great news, but why did it take the Army so long to recognize these veterans?


Rev. Paul said...

Most of them were only awarded their Territorial Defense campaign ribbons in the last three years. The Army (and every other government agency, for that matter) has long thought of Alaska as only a staging area for their equipment.

DR said...

There is no excuse for overlooking these brave men. It makes me wonder, were all these men denied their veterans' benefits all this time?

It is obvious, even to someone in the lowere 48, that Alaska, at best, is an afterthought for most of the population. Perhaps Alsakans should consider that if there is ever a vote on independence.