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RELEASE: Baldwin’s Reckless Record on Defense and Veterans Issues Proves Dangerous for America


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Baldwin's Reckless Record on Defense and Veterans Issues Proves Dangerous for America

Puts Radical Agenda Above Our Troops and Veterans

Madison, WI
- Despite working with some of the most radical anti-military, anti-veterans groups - like - Madison liberal Tammy Baldwin will attempt to deceive voters today as she meets with veterans in Appleton. What Baldwin will surely neglect to tell these veterans, though, is that while our brave soldiers were trying to defeat terrorism and defend America, she consistently voted to cut their funding.

Baldwin is not just anti-troops; she has also proven that she is anti-veterans as well. Rather than giving our returning service members the heroes' welcome they deserve, Baldwin voted against funding their medical services and against VA extended-care facilities. And soon, Baldwin and President Obama will cut $500 billion from the Defense Department, which will weaken our military and kill approximately 36,000 jobs in the Badger State.

"Madison liberal Tammy Baldwin's radical record on defense and veterans' issues is shameful," said spokeswoman Lisa Boothe. "Not only did she vote to slash funding for our troops while they were in combat, but she also voted against providing our veterans with the necessary health facilities and care that they deserve. Unfortunately for our brave men and women in uniform, it appears Baldwin has put her ties with left-wing groups like M above their well-being. Madison liberal Tammy Baldwin is too extreme for Wisconsin's troops and veterans."



Baldwin Voted Against The Sequester Replacement Reconciliation Act Of 2012. "Passage of the bill that would cancel $98 billion in automatic discretionary spending cuts that would go into effect in January 2013. It would replace the sequester with a $19 billion reduction in the discretionary cap for fiscal 2013 and with reconciliation savings from mandatory programs recommended by six House committees. It also would eliminate the separate cap on defense spending for the year to allow for higher spending levels. The bill would modify mandatory programs to save $19.7 billion through fiscal 2013 and more than $310 billion over 10 years, including by decreasing benefits and eligibility for the food stamp program, reducing and repealing elements of the 2010 health care law, and requiring all current and future federal workers to pay an additional 5 percentage points of their salary toward their federal pensions." (H.R. 5652, CQ Vote #247: Passed by a vote of 218-199: R 218-16; D 0-183, 5/10/12, Baldwin Voted Nay)

· According To A Study By George Mason University, The Defense Spending Cuts In Sequestration Would Result In Wisconsin Losing 36,555 Jobs.
(Stephen S. Fuller, "The Economic Impact Of The Budget Control Act Of 2011 On DOD And Non-DOD Agencies," Report, 7/17/12)


Baldwin Voted Against Adding $22 Million In Funding For Veterans' Medical Services.
"Amendment that would add $22 million for veterans' medical services. It also would reduce by $50 million funding for the 1990 military base closure account." (H.R. 2642, CQ Vote # 494: Rejected In Committee Of The Whole 154-260: R 138-50; D 16-210, 6/15/07, Baldwin Voted Nay)

Baldwin Voted Against Adding $10 Million In Funding For VA's Construction Of Extended-Care Facilities.
"Amendment that would add $10 million for Veterans Affairs Department (VA) grants to states for the construction of extended-care facilities, offset by a reduction for VA general operating expenses of the same amount." (H.R. 2642, CQ Vote # 496: Rejected In Committee Of The Whole 206-211: R 161-28; D 45-183, 6/15/07, Baldwin Voted Nay)


Baldwin Voted Against The 2013 Defense Department Appropriations Bill. "Passage of the bill that would provide $605.8 billion for the Defense Department in fiscal 2013. The total includes $518.1 billion in discretionary funding and an additional $87.7 billion for overseas contingency operations, including those in Afghanistan. Of the combined funding, approximately $239 billion would be provided for operations and maintenance, $110 billion for procurement and $70 billion for research and development. It would provide $34 billion for defense health programs and about $142 billion for military personnel, including a 1.7 percent pay raise." (H.R. 5856, CQ Vote #498: Passed by a vote of 326-90: R 225-11; D 101-79, 7/19/12, Baldwin Voted Nay)

Baldwin Voted For An Amendment That Allocated $31 Billion For Operations In Afghanistan But Prohibited Any Funding To Be Used In Iraq. "Obey, D-Wis., motion to concur in the Senate amendment with House amendment no. 2. The House amendment would provide $31 billion for operations in Afghanistan and prohibit the funds from being used for operations in Iraq." (HR 2764, CQ Vote #1172: Motion agreed to by a vote of 206-201: D 201-18; R 5-183, 12/17/07, Baldwin Voted Yea)

Baldwin Voted To Override The President's Veto Of A Bill, Which Funded The War In Iraq While Setting Timeframes For Redeployment Of Troops.
"Passage, over President Bush's May 1, 2007, veto, of the bill that would provide $124.2 billion in fiscal 2007 emergency funding, as well as set as a goal of redeploying most U.S. combat troops in Iraq by the end of March 2008, if the president can certify the Iraq government is meeting benchmarks, and by the end of 2007 if he cannot. The measure would provide $95.5 billion for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, $6.8 billion for hurricane recovery and relief, $3.5 billion in crop and livestock disaster assistance and $2.3 billion for homeland security anti-terrorism programs. It also would raise the minimum wage to $7.25 per hour over two years and provide $4.8 billion in small-business tax incentives." (H.R. 1591, CQ Vote # 276: Rejected 222-203: R 2-196; D 220-7, 5/2/07, Baldwin Voted Yea)


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