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RELEASE: In Final U.S. Senate Debate, Which Tammy Baldwin Will Show Up?

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In Final U.S. Senate Debate, Which Tammy Baldwin
Will Show Up?

# 1 Ranked Liberal in Congress or Dishonest Candidate
Madison, WI – Former Governor Tommy Thompson will square off against Madison liberal Tammy Baldwin in the last of three debates in the U.S. Senate race tonight. But one question will be at the forefront of viewers’ minds: Which Tammy Baldwin will show up?

Since Baldwin announced she was running for the United States Senate she has been distancing herself from her extremely liberal record and lying to Wisconsin voters to cover it up. However, in recent weeks Baldwin has been forced to own up to her record and has been caught in a web of lies trying to explain her difficult to defend votes. Now, two weeks out from Election Day, Wisconsin voters are finally seeing the real Tammy Baldwin.

Just yesterday, Baldwin was caught red-handed trying to walk back her 14-year support for a complete government takeover of health care. Baldwin even stated that the very issue that has defined her career in Congress was now “irrelevant” and that the “debates of a decade ago or even more recently,” don’t matter. Sadly for Baldwin, they do matter to the families she has been lying to this entire time.

“Madison liberal Tammy Baldwin has been running from her extreme record this entire election,” said spokeswoman Lisa Boothe. “Now, two weeks out from Election Day, Baldwin has finally been caught in her web of lies. Over the past two weeks, Baldwin has been confronted with the outrageous votes she has taken. From her decision to politicize a vote over honoring the victims of September 11 to her desperate attempt to walk back 14 years of support for a single-payer system, Baldwin’s liberal record has finally been exposed. With the final debate tonight, Wisconsin voters are wondering which Tammy Baldwin will show up: the liberal Congresswoman or the dishonest candidate. Wisconsin voters will be watching.”

The Facts:


Dishonest Candidate Says: “The idea that anybody would question my commitment to going after the terrorists, honoring the victims and their families, supporting the first responders, is outrageous.” (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 10/24/12)

Liberal Congresswoman Does: Baldwin Voted Against A House Resolution Commemorating The Fifth Anniversary Of The September 11, 2001 Attacks. “Adoption of the resolution that would express the sense of the House recognizing Sept. 11 as a day to remember those who died in the 2001 terrorist attacks, extend sympathies to their loved ones and honor those who aided the victims and risked their lives following the attacks.” (H. Res. 994, CQ Vote #440: Adopted by a vote of 395-22: R 226-1; D 168-21; I 1-0, 9/13/06, Baldwin Voted Nay)
  • Baldwin Was One Of Only Twenty-Two Member of The House To Vote Against The Resolution Commemorating The Fifth Anniversary Of 9/11. “Madison’s Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin was one of only 22 members of the House of Representatives who voted against a resolution to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.” (“Baldwin Rejects 9/11 Tribute,” The Capital Times, 9/14/06
Iranian Sanctions
Dishonest Candidate Says: “I take the threat of a nuclear Iran very seriously. I agree with the President’s policy which says every option is on the table but that starts with increasingly tough sanctions.” (Rep. Tammy Baldwin, Milwaukee Press Club Newsmakers, 10/05/12)
Liberal Congresswoman Does: Congresswoman Baldwin continually demonstrated her weak stance on Iran by voting against sanctions.
  • PolitiFact Gives Baldwin A Full Flop On Iran Sanctions Votes. All of our experts, whose views on sanctions vary, agreed that it was inconsistent to vote in favor of tougher sanctions in 2012, and was not a logical policy evolution based on the specifics of the bill. Was it based on the changing political landscape, the heightening of tensions, the electoral calculus of the Senate race? All of the above? Something else? Whatever the reasons, this amounted to a major reversal of position.That’s a Full Flop on our meter.” (“After votes against major Iran sanction bills, Baldwin has voted in favor,” PolitiFact Wisconsin)
  • Baldwin Was 1 Of Only 6 Democrats To Vote Against The Comprehensive Iran Sanctions, Accountability, And Divestment Act Of 2010. "Berman, D-Calif., motion to suspend the rules and adopt the conference report on the bill that would impose new sanctions on companies doing business with Iran. It would expand the list of available sanctions for the president to impose on companies that engage in certain trade with Iran relating to petroleum and gasoline production and refinement. It would cut off international financial institutions from the U.S. banking system if they do business with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps or facilitate Tehran's efforts to acquire weapons of mass destruction. The measure would require the administration to investigate and issue findings on possible violations, but also give the president the ability to waive many of the provisions if doing so is necessary to the national interest." (H.R. 2194, CQ Vote #394: Motion agreed to (thus clearing the measure for the president), by a vote of 408-8: D 241-6; R 167-2, 6/24/10, Baldwin Voted Nay)
  • Baldwin Was 1 Of Only 9 Democrats to Vote Against The Iran Refined Petroleum Sanctions Act of 2009. "Berman, D-Calif., motion to suspend the rules and pass the bill that would impose sanctions against companies that supply Iran with, or support its domestic production of, gasoline and other refined-petroleum products." (H.R. 2194, CQ Vote #975: Motion agreed to a vote of 412-12: D 241-9; R 171-3, 12/15/09, Baldwin Voted Nay)
Defending Israel and the Holocaust

Dishonest Candidate Says: “We must all recognize, as I do, that Israel is our most important friend and ally in the world, but certainly in the Middle East.” (Rep. Tammy Baldwin, Conversation With The Candidates, 10/14/12)

Liberal Congresswoman Does: Baldwin Voted Present On A Resolution Condemning Statements from Ahmadinejad:
  • Baldwin Voted "Present" On A Resolution Condemning Ahmadinejad's Statements Denying The Holocaust And Advocating The Destruction Of Israel. "Watson, D-Calif., motion to suspend the rules and adopt the concurrent resolution that would call on the U.N. Security Council to charge Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with violating the 1948 Genocide Convention, call on the Security Council and U.N. member states to consider ways to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear
Single Payer

Dishonest Candidate Says: "We have a bill (the Affordable Care Act) that was passed. I worked on it. I voted for it. That's what our task is going forward. It doesn't matter the debates of a decade ago or even more recently. We have passed a bill. I voted for it and now we need to put it to work and make it work for Wisconsin." (Rep. Tammy Baldwin, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 10/25/12)

Liberal Congresswoman Does: Baldwin Co-Sponsored A Single-Payer Bill In Every Congress Since 2003
  • In 2000, Baldwin Introduced A Bill That Would Provide Health Care Coverage For All Americans. Baldwin: “During the last two years I have prioritized this issue and worked to pass a strong patient bill of rights, to get a prescription drug benefit, and ultimately I recently introduced legislation that would provide health care for all.” (ABC’s WKOW News, Wisconsin 2nd District Debate, Madison, WI, 10/21/00; H.R.4992, Health Security For All Americans Act, Introduced 7/27/00)
  • In 2000, Baldwin Said Democrats Must “Create The National Will” To Support A Single-Payer Health Care Bill. Baldwin: “It will not happen until we create the national will way to make it so. If the millions of Americans without health insurance found their political voice today and spoke as one and demanded health care for all we would have it. Help them find their voices.” (2:40, Tammy Baldwin, Democratic National Committee Convention, Los Angeles, CA, 8/15/00)
  • In 2000, Baldwin Said She Wanted To “Reignite A Debate Over Health Care For All.” Baldwin: “I believe that we have such an opportunity and one of the things that has been such an honor for me over the last two years is to try to reignite a debate over health care for all.” (ABC’s WKOW News, Wisconsin 2nd District Debate, Madison, WI, 10/21/00)
  • In The 111th Congress, Baldwin Co-Sponsored H.R. 676, The “Expanded And Improved Medicare For All Act.” (H.R. 676, Introduced 1/26/09)
  • The Bill Would Entitle Every United States Citizen To Universal Health Care. “All individuals residing in the United States (including any territory of the United States) are covered under the USNHC Program entitling them to a universal, best quality standard of care. Each such individual shall receive a card with a unique number in the mail. An individual’s social security number shall not be used for purposes of registration under this section.” (H.R. 676, Introduced 1/26/09)
The Bill Included Several Tax Increases.
  • “Increasing Personal Income Taxes On The Top 5 Percent Income Earners.” (H.R. 676, Introduced 1/26/09)
  • “Instituting A Modest And Progressive Excise Tax On Payroll And Self-Employment Income.” (H.R. 676, Introduced 1/26/09)
  • “Instituting A Small Tax On Stock And Bond Transactions.” (H.R. 676, Introduced 1/26/09)
  • The Bill Created A 15-Member National Board Tasked With The “Establishment Of Universal, Best Quality Standard Of Care” Achieved By Appropriating Staff Levels And Medical Technology, As Well As By Implementing Best Practices. (H.R. 676, Introduced 1/26/09)
  • The Bill Could Eliminate The VA After A 10 Year Transition Period. “This Act provides for health programs of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs to initially remain independent for the 10-year period that begins on the date of the establishment of the USNHC Program. After such 10-year period, the Congress shall reevaluate whether such programs shall remain independent or be integrated into the USNHC Program.” (H.R. 676, Introduced 1/26/09)
  • The Bill Also Relied On Money Taken From Existing Medicare Funding. “Notwithstanding any other provision of law, there are hereby transferred and appropriated to carry out this Act, amounts from the Treasury equivalent to the amounts the Secretary estimates would have been appropriated and expended for Federal public health care programs, including funds that would have been appropriated under the Medicare program under title XVIII of the Social Security Act, under the Medicaid program under title XIX of such Act, and under the Children’s Health Insurance Program under title XXI of such Act.” (H.R. 676, Introduced 1/26/09)
  • In The 110th, 109th, 108th Congresses, Baldwin Co-Sponsored H.R. 676, The “Expanded And Improved Medicare For All Act.” (H.R. 676, Introduced 1/24/07; H.R. 676, Introduced 2/8/05; H.R. 676, Introduced 2/11/03)

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