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RELEASE: National Rifle Association Announces Support forTommy Thompson for U.S. Senate

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National Rifle Association Announces Support for

Tommy Thompson for U.S. Senate

Tammy Baldwin Has a Long History of Opposing Second Amendment Rights

Madison, WI - Today, the National Rifle Association announced its support for former governor Tommy Thompson for United States Senate over Madison liberal Tammy Baldwin, citing his unwavering record upholding the Second Amendment rights of Wisconsinites.

"The National Rifle Association is proud to endorse Tommy Thompson for U.S. Senate," said NRA President, David Keene. "Tommy has a lifetime 'A' rating because he supports the rights of gun owners in Wisconsin, and across America. By helping to enshrine the Right to Keep and Bear Arms in the State Constitution and his continued commitment to protecting gun owners from the overreaching arm of government, Tommy has proven he is a true fighter for our freedom.

"Congresswoman Baldwin has made a career out of infringing on our constitutional freedoms and liberty," continued Keene. "From voting against a constitutional amendment to guarantee Wisconsinites' right to Keep and Bear Arms in the State Legislature to voting against legal gun ownership in the House, Baldwin has made it clear, she does not support or understand our proud heritage."

"I am proud to have the endorsement of the National Rifle Association, Wisconsin chapter of the NRA and sportsmen across the state," said Thompson. "I am an avid outdoorsman and dedicated protector of our Second Amendment, Constitutional rights. As governor, I signed a law to wipe out 35 undermining ordinances, helped enshrine the Right to Keep and Bear Arms in Wisconsin and support and exercise conceal carry. Tammy just doesn't understand the proud heritage of hunting and fishing in Wisconsin and has rightfully earned her 'F' rating from Gun Owners of American and the NRA. As Senator, I will continue to support national reciprocity for Wisconsin permit holders, oppose Baldwin's proposed gun grabs and support a national Sportsmen's Heritage Act."

The NRA charted association, Wisconsin Firearm Owners, Rangers, Clubs and Educators as well as the has also come out in support of Thompson, knowing Congresswoman Baldwin's overreaching and anti-sportsman agenda.

"Time and time again, Congresswoman Baldwin has proven she flat-out opposes Wisconsinites' Constitutional Rights," said Jeff Nass, President of Wisconsin Firearm Owners, Ranges, Clubs, and Educators (Wisconsin FORCE) the NRA's chartered state association. "She voted against legal ownership of firearms and against the private sale of firearms at gun shows. Tommy Thompson is a true protector of our sporting traditions and is the only choice for Wisconsin gun owners."

Thompson is a life-long NRA member. He earned the endorsement of the National Rifle Association in all four of his gubernatorial elections and holds a lifetime "A+" rating from the state chapter, and has an "A" rating from the national-the highest grade possible.


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