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Unemployment Rises to 7.6%, While National Numbers Improve

Morgantown, WVThe West Virginia Department of Commerce announced the September statewide unemployment numbers. Not surprising, the unemployment rate rose again.

“Earl Ray Tomblin proves he’s been an utter failure on jobs. Earl Ray Tomblin is a career politician, who never created an honest job in his life. If we want any hope of creating West Virginia jobs again, we must get rid of Earl Ray Tomblin and his job-killing policies,” stated gubernatorial candidate Bill Maloney.

While unemployment improved nationally last month, West Virginia unemployment rose to 7.6% in September, including a loss of 500 jobs in mining and logging.

“From Obama’s War on Coal to Tomblin’s cap-and-trade law, the Obama-Tomblin team crafted policies that killed jobs. While Earl Ray continues to support Obama, I will work to defeat Obama and his policies and bring jobs back to West Virginia,” said Maloney.

This is the sixth consecutive month of rising unemployment. During Earl Ray Tomblin’s political career, West Virginia has lost 80,000 manufacturing jobs and 30,000 mining jobs. Additionally, Earl Ray Tomblin watched as 3,000 mining jobs were destroyed this year. During the past few weeks, the news has been peppered with additional job loss announcements like the loss of 74 jobs at Special Metals Corporation in Huntington.

“We need leaders to fix our state, not out-of-touch politicians like Earl Ray Tomblin who think West Virginia is on the ‘right economic path’. We need someone who will work to stop ObamaCare, not a career politician that fast-tracked ObamaCare. The choices are clear. The career politicians like Earl Ray Tomblin only protect their own jobs. As governor, I will protect the jobs of West Virginians,” added Maloney.

“In the past four years, unemployment has more than doubled in West Virginia. West Virginians can’t afford four more years of Earl Ray Tomblin. As a businessman who created West Virginia jobs, I know what it takes to create good-paying jobs. I have a plan to take on the career politicians so we can fix our economy and create jobs again,” concluded Maloney.

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Bill Maloney is a proven job creator. Maloney built his own businesses and provided jobs to hundreds of West Virginia families. Maloney isn’t a career politician, and he will bring real-world experience and a fresh approach to Charleston. He believes in lower taxes, smaller government and more opportunity. Maloney’s 'can-do' attitude helped to save the lives of 33 trapped Chilean miners recently. Maloney and his wife Sharon live in Morgantown and attend Chestnut Ridge Church. They have two grown daughters and recently welcomed their first grandchild.

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